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MMD in Kafue asks Oasis Forum to partner with ZCID


 The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Kafue district has called on the Oasis Forum to join hands with the Zambia Centre for inter party Dialogue (ZCID) to ensure that the constitutional making process is successfully implemented.

MMD Kafue Constituency Chairman, Samson Kabaso, told ZANIS in Kafue today that it
was being unreasonable for the forum to reject the process President Levy Mwanawasa
has initiated and every Zambian is supporting.

Mr Kabaso said it was surprising that the Oasis Forum, which advocates for poverty
reduction and prudent use of public resource for the good of Zambians, is in the
forefront of wanting government to spend more money which can be channeled to other
areas of need in the country.

Mr. Kabaso stated that the position of government is the best as it is trying to
ensure that resources, which are taxpayers’ money, are used wisely and benefit all
areas of the economy. 

He said the best the Oasis Forum can do is to partner with government by monitoring
the whole process so that transparency prevails and the constitution is enacted.

Mr. Kabaso disclosed that the MMD in the district has embarked on a programme of
sensitizing its members and residents to support government so that the constitution
is enacted within the shortest possible time. 

He said the constitution is for every Zambian and government has the right to chose
a process which is manageable and easily understood by everyone.

Meanwhile Mr. Kabaso has described the death of late MMD District Party Secretary
Teddy Zulu as a  loose to the party. 

He noted that  Mr. Zulu was a strong supporter of the party and was always there
whenever the party needed him.

Mr. Kabaso said the late Zulu died on Wednesday in the early hours of the morning
after an illness at Kafue district hospital.



    The Zambian government has committed 1 million U.S. dollars to the Multi-facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) which will be established in south Lusaka. Commerce Minister Felix Mutati said the Zambian government had already allocated 2,000 hectares for the project.” We are beginning the process of feasibility studies for the physical plan of the economic zone so that it can be completed before the rainy season, “Mutati said, “This will enable us to start the construction of the economic zone next year.” He said this will provide local entrepreneurs with business opportunities to export finished products in the MFEZ.

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