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Zambia national team to play Tanzania away in international friendly

Sports Zambia national team to play Tanzania away in international friendly

Zambia will play Tanzania away in an international friendly on November 20. The match is the first pre-Africa Cup warm-up international friendly match confirmed by FAZ for Zambia before the tournament kicks off in Ghana on January 20.
Zambia will leave for Tanzania on Tuesday, November 21 and return home on the 22nd after playing the Taifa Stars in Dar es Salaam.
FAZ however did not say which foreign-based players they would call-up for the friendly since the match falls on a FIFA calendar date.
At the Ghana finals, Zambia are in Group C together with defending champions and record five-time winners Egypt, four-time African kings Cameroon and Sudan.
Meanwhile, the Zambia Under-23 team this afternoon beat a combined Midlands/Copperbelt select side 2-0 in a training game played at Nkoloma stadium this afternoon.
Konkola Blades midfielder Stophira Nsunzu put Zambia ahead n the first half while a shot deflected off Chambishi goalkeeper Joel Kambili handed the Under-23 the win.
Peter Kaumba and his team depart for Ivory Coast tomorrow at midday via Addis Ababa ahead of Sunday’s penultimate Olympic Games football tournament Group B qualifier against their hosts in Abidjan.
And Kaumba’s team was given a boost today with the arrival in Lusaka of three foreign-based players to the team.
The three, who all playing the South African second division, are goalkeeper Kalililo Kakonje of Nathi Lions , striker Given Singuluma of Bay United and Pretoria University FC defender Davies Nkausu.
Zambia must beat Ivory Coast on Sunday to remain in the hunt for a place at next years Beijing Olympic Games football tournament final.
Hosts Ivory Coast lead Group B on 9 points, two more than second placed Zambia with a home win over the weekend ensuring the former will book their flight to China next Summer on an unassailable 12 points.
And FAZ has confirmed that the Zambia Under-20 and Under-17 teams will host their Malawian counterparts in Lusaka in two friendly matches on November 24 and 25.


  1. A piece of cake is better than nothing,but be that as it may i think this is not a good opponent.How many times have we played tanzania and beat them at thier own turf.why dont we involve west and north africans

  2. Can anybody tell me has Tanzania qualified to AFCON 2008. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter, we need formidable friendlies. Why do we always have to struggle getting a decent friendly? If Namibia can play Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia etc, why can’t we. Surely how many times are going to struggle with this kind of situation. Always its a question money, and appeals to “well wishers”. Thats why we will never go far at AFCON. It will be the same old story again. They were mentioning of preparing

  3. ctd the team adequately and yet this what we are getting. Ba FAZ twapapata please, serious on this issue. You’ve dissapointed us a lot. But this time, beniko serious mwebantu. Twasebana pafula. What kind of a soccer giant are we if can not even play fellow soccer giants bane. Bushe ba FAZ tamumfwako nensoni when you meet at CAF meetings with other assiciations.

  4. No wonder the Chadian coach said ” Zambia is a finished giant”. No credible country would like to play us, no wonder we are turning to Taifa stars, its better than nothing. I blame the coach. Phiri should go, he is an old fashioned coach. i do not know why we chased kalu.

  5. These guys are cheap if you have noticed they play teams that are withing driving distance, Malawi, Botswana, and Congo DR and Tanzania so that they can just take a bus. To win a competition like AFCON you might wanna fly and play some meaningful opposition.

  6. Aini ba Chips. it is better not to play a friendly match if such teams are the only ones available. Just organise under 20 and 23 rather than going to Dar es Salaam. Play Zesco or Konkola Blades you are just wasting transport money. why!!!!! Tanzania, whats the FIFA ranking?

    Oh FAZ is a dissapointment!! all the time!

  7. It is interesting to hear that FAZ is signing a sponsorship deal with Supersport. Lets hope this deal will help improve the falling soccer standards in the country.Clubs will also benefit financially. They should join forces with GRZ and FAZ to change the faces of the country stadia. Imaging watching a league game played at Queensmead or Edwin Imboela stadium on Supersport channels.

  8. RN Pretoria, you right its really fun watching a league match on SS at Edwin Imboela. I really laughed.
    However this is good for Zambian football. It will hopefully force teams to improve the state of their playing grounds.

  9. You have got to love FAZ. Namibia will play Tunisia, SA has a game lined up with USA (though that doesn’t make sense)and what do we have? Tanzania!!! you have got to be joking. As for Supersport deal, it sounds good, but I wonder how much will really end up in the clubs’ coffers and how much will go into the Kalu’s of this world’s pockets. Come on ZED lets be serious.

  10. Rumour has it that GREAT Kalu was instrumental for the Supersport deal to materialise. If it is true, then hats off to the GREAT Kalu.

  11. I’d love nothing more than to have Trade Fiar Grounds beamed live in my home. Good job, this is a positive development. Out local talent can be exposed to the world now

  12. #9 Billy, that is what I had said earlier. When Zambia heard about RSA hosting the world Cup, they were quick to say we were going to take advantage and would host teams for training and for acclimatization purposes. But as matters are years after that announcement, German will be hosted at Edwin Imboela! We must be big jokers!

  13. These bagggers have failed. Failures coompltely useless. I knew this would happen. Faz you are crap. No stadium no nothing u frustrate me

  14. ba Coach (PP)alifye bwino BUT in ba FAZ ebashili bwino.PP was told that there is no money to travel to N&W Africa and they can only manage to sponsor the games with Lubumbashi stars and Limbe Leaf Wanderers (Malawi).Ala Muloonga lifwafwa sana mukumanikila Banda (I mean money).PP has been working under difficult circumstances with FAZ just like Kalu did.Muloonga must go and give give room to give pipo with fine thinking.He was told that the final team will go and camp in Germany for a month.

  15. Its the same old story. We are a joke? What happens in zed can pass for a very lively comedy. Are we in the same world with other countries or what?We need to change how things are done in zed.Let me say this-“At AFCON we wont go beyond the first round and if we do then it will be very surprising because the writing is on the wall” .Which serious team going to AFCON to compete can start playing Tanzania on a fifa date and using one proGod forbid.We shall forever remain Africa’s laughing stock

  16. Chips #5 I keep saying letting Lusha go was a big blunder. The man has great experience as a player which he could have passed on to those he was coaching. He needed to be given enough time to breed and grow a team for 2010. Anyway he has said in international tv interviews that he is still on track in forming a team for 2010 even as a FAZ manager. As for Supersport deal I wonder why Zambians think these deals drop from heaven! Whoever clinches the deal whether he is Kalusha has to be rewarded!

  17. That reward is not a kickback. Its part of business practice. If Kalusha makes money from it he deserves it. He is not the President of the country who is barred from such rewards. So stop being jealous and just enjoy the benefits of being on supersport Mr Watts in Namibia

  18. Guess we are going to Ghana to support teams that have been having proper preparation,no wonder we can not even get a coach that can work things out till now.Shame…..

  19. # 8,9,10,11 I remember when Kalu was busy negotiating for a superposrt deals, Mulonga sent his teamto Uganda to learn the deal that was struck between GTV and Uganga FA with the view to sponsoring FAZ. mulonga wanted to destruck everything that Kalu has been buildiing on. Congrat the great kalu. There is no harm in getting commissions after such deals are made, remember Khoza, Danny Jordan and others at PSL pockeeted millions after clinching a deal with ABSA. So let Kalu get something, no harm.

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