Government will no longer issue contracts under FIDIC – Simbao


Government says it will no longer issue contracts under the International Federation of Consultants (FIDIC) because the country does not benefit from the institution.

Officiating at a consultative workshop on the status of the Zambian construction industry, in Lusaka today, Works and Supply Minister Kapembwa Simbao said Zambia does not subscribe to the institution and therefore no more contacts will be issued under FIDIC conditions.

Mr. Simbao said FIDIC conditions cannot work for Zambia because the European environment and resources are different from those obtaining in the country.

He said there is need to embrace contracts that the government and people of Zambia understand and suit them.

Mr Simbao noted that government has never failed to pay for any project saying the contractors themselves have failed to present convincing certificates for payments.

He also cautioned contractors to provide quality service to the nation and not to be driven by the lust for money.

Mr. Simbao warned that any contractor who is found guilty of perpetuating corruption will not only face the wrath of the law but will also be blacklisted from undertaking any government works in future.

He added that advance payments have since been stopped because some contractors disappear after being paid leaving the work unfinished.

Mr Simbao further said discussions will be held to clarify how many contracts a single company should handle at once.

Speaking earlier, National Council for Construction, NCC, chairperson Francis Ndilila

urged contractors to strictly adhere to the provisions in the contracts they are awarded in order to deliver according to government’s expectations.

And Special Assistant to the President for Policy Implementation and Monitoring Jack Kalala expressed concern at the low levels of patriotism among contractors.

Mr Kalala called on contractors to have the interest of the nation at heart each time they are awarded a contract to build a road, bridge or any other infrastructure.

He said use of sub-standard materials and shoddy work are tantamount to theft of public resources.


  1. So can the minister now state what type of contract they ll be using?
    No mention of this has been done.
    Some of us are curious!
    But of course the FIDIC is not the best contract document for the Zambian environment.

  2. What always bugs me is the lack of detail. Ministers make statements which often lack solutions or responses. We allow these weaknesses by not following up. Can the press consider following up on issues as well. I get ver irritated! Is it because they read statements that have prepared for them and that they have little or no understanding about what they say?

  3. FIDIC is not a format that creates corruption. On the contrary. It is only the people that do not want to be regulated that are suspect.
    The Minister has a viwpoint that is unprecedented in this world in which we also wish to live.
    We cannot stay behind for such very strange reasoning if we want the benefit of survival.
    It is not the average contractor that is corrupt, only those of good standing should receive contracts anyway.
    Leave FIDIC out of it.
    Stop official corruption.
    Corruption will otherwise grow until it strangles all those that get no benefit from it. These poor people are the victims and are also the lifeblood of the massive corruption.

    How can a comment be posted too quickly?

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