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Zambia to remain committed to ideals of the African Union

Headlines Zambia to remain committed to ideals of the African Union

Government says it will remain committed to the ideals of the African Union and fully subscribe to the idea of pan Africanism and the ultimate establishment of the African Union government.

Foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande, however, said the points of contention in the whole debate over the union government are the nature of the union government and the time frame for its establishment.

The Ministers remarks follow recent media publications following the firing of Zambia’s Ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala by President Mwanawasa after he published a controversial article on the formation of a Union Government.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Pande explained that like most member states of the African Union, Zambia subscribes to the gradual and incremental approach as opposed to the immediate establishment of the AU as advocated by some members.

He added that currently there are no established structures or mechanism for the establishment of the Union Government, which have to be worked out and agreed upon by all member states.

Mr. Pande said government is of the view to first attain political and economic regional integration adding that it is also critical to strengthen the regional economic communities as building blocks of the future union government.

He noted that since the union government is people driven, African governments need to consult its people and popularize the concept of the union government in order to carry them along the enterprise.

Mr. Pande also explained that governments stand point does not in any away run counter to the concept of pan Africanism, which, he described as the bed rock of the African Union.

He also pointed out that Ambassador Chitala’s utterances were not only his personal opinion but were also contrary to the terms and conditions of service for public service officers.

Mr. Pande added that the utterances were a breach of foreign service regulations and conditions of service, which regulate the conduct of officers in the Zambian Foreign Service.

He observed that Mr. Chitala’s attack on African states that advocate a gradual approach had obviously caused a dent to the relations of the countries singled out, which Zambia will have to repair.

Mr. Pande added that officials cannot therefore continue to serve in a government position while holding opposing views to those of the government they serve.


  1. I will not shed tears for Chitala.

    As an ambassador his terms of reference are clear….he is supposed to articulate Zambia’s foreign policy. Well he chose to articulate his own views and not those of the government he is paid to represent. Do these guys even attend some kind of induction before assuming their duties? Come on guys issues of diplomacy are serious and must not be confined to mere political cadres. What happened to the idea of the career diplomat?

  2. According to chitala’s views and that of the GRZ are one and the same.The only thing Chitala did wrong was not to praise Mwanawasa in his opiniated article. Next time before you write any personal opinions consult your god LPM.

  3. this i what you get for putting pipo who have no idea why they are living, in position of responsibility. pipo like Rupiah Banda,Chitala, katele etc are all spent force. i dont think they have anything new that will add value to the way a modern Govt is run.They have failed in life and yet we look up to them just because they are boot lickers.Zambia’s image has sufferred tremedeously because of conflicting statements issued by Chitala and the Govt. Iwonder who is telling the truth btwn the two

  4. For any sane person, with minimal education, to accept Chitala’s silly rantings is beyond my understanding. Put aside tribal, political orientations and whatever persoanl agendas people may have and you will realise that he was dead wrong to publish that paper, in whatever capacity

  5. Chitala is very ignorant,he was appointed by LPM, does he think he would survive that disrepute he has brought upon Zambia?He should be dismissed from Govt,we need men and women of repute to serve our nation. During KK his diplomats served with honour because they knew what they were upto,nowadays you can pick up a prostitute and send them out.you reap what you sow

  6. What is the difference between chitala and the govt position on pan africanism? Chitala erred by showing he knew better than mwanawasa.

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