Sunday, June 16, 2024

Zambia to benefit from US$89m floods aid


Zambia is among four countries selected from Southern African countries to benefit from the US$89 million sought by the International Humanitarian Community to respond to the floods that have hit these countries.

The other three countries are Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

According to an announcement by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OHCA) made yesterday in Geneva, the money would help address the devastation caused by floods on homes and crops of about 449,000 people who are in immediate need of humanitarian assistance.

The funds would also be used to prepare for a possible deterioration of the floods situation and effects in light of predictions continued rains, which could lead to even worse flooding, a development that would put another 805,000 people at risk.

A statement released to ZANIS by First Secretary at the Zambian Mission to the United Nations Moses Walubita, which quoted UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, John Holmes, stated that Zambia would get about US$18.5 million as response to the need of about 225,000 people that have already been affected or are at immediate risk.

Mr. Holmes said the most critical interventions include the pre-positioning of food and supplies, tents, water and sanitation items and medical provisions.

The statement indicated that Mozambique required US$37 million of the US$89 million to address the plight of the over 680,000 people are currently affected or are at immediate risk of being affected by the floods.

About 90,000 hectares of crops in Mozambique have been swamped, a situation that has destroyed livelihood of many subsistence farming families.

“The funds would be used to support the relief effort being led by the government of Mozambique by providing vital food, water and sanitation supplies, shelter, family kits, medicines and education materials,” Mr. Holmes said.

In Malawi, about US$17 million is required for the 15, out of 28 districts that have been affected by floods and 220,000 people affected, among which 700 cholera cases have been reported already.

The Malawian government asked for international assistance to bolster its own efforts to develop emergency preparedness, response and recovery measures.

Zimbabwe would get the least amount at US$15.8 million for 94,000 people who include those already affected and those at risk.

“Despite the scale of these floods, the governments and the international humanitarian community have so far prevented this crisis from becoming a catastrophe. Without addition funds, we might not be able to cope if the situation does get worse-and that would leave large numbers of people at greater risk,” Mr. Holmes said.


  1. Another donation into their pockets. What the hell is wrong with you guyz? May this one be for the intended purpose not meeting in Namibia, hospital bills in britain or any other. For once pliz do right you bilge water brained thieves.

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