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Namulambe endorses FAZ games ban at Shinde stadium


-Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister Gabriel Namulambe has endorsed the decision by the football association of Zambia to ban football games at shinde stadium.

Mr Namulambe said the conduct by Mufulira supporters must be condemned by all soccer loving Zambians.

Speaking during the award presentation ceremony of the just ended Coca Cola High School football tournament, the Minister noted that riotous behaviour and hooliganism by soccer fans was unacceptable.

He said people must realise that football was about winning and losing and that supporters were not football experts.

He added that the punitive measures imposed on might Mufulira Wanderers should serve as a warning to other supporters who are in the habit of throwing stones.

Mr Namulambe urged Zambians to be peaceful even when things were not going their way in sport.

He also cautioned players from Ndeke Secondary school against boycotting matches when aggrieved.

The Minister noted that displine and respect for match officials was important in sport.

This was after Ndeke players protested in the 35th minute of the second half after the referee disallowed their goal from an indirect kick.

Mr Namulambe appealed to sponsors Zambia Bottlers to consider taking the tournament to rural areas next year.

He commended the company for sponsoring the K300 million rich tournament saying it provides an opportunity for identifying national team players.

And later at the same function, Zambia Soccer Association President Justine Mukuma appealed to the business sector to emulate Coca Cola by supporting the development of soccer and other sporting disciplines in the country.

Kalonga Secondary school of Kabwe emerged winners after defeating defending champions Ndeke High School 2-1 in a mouth watering final played at Kitwe’s Garden park stadium.

Kalonga walked away with K3.5 million while runner-up Ndeke pocketed K2.5 Million.

Charles Shamunjopa from Kalonga walked away with K300,000.00 after emerging player of the match while Chilawa Loyd of Chingola was the top scorer after netting 6 goals. He was given K300,000.00.


  1. congrats kalonga finally we have won the cup,shout out to who ever is the headmaster/mistress for supporting the boyz.former kalonga graduate in ATL

  2. Whate a loud mouthed nutter this Namulambe is,

    does he ever shut up!!!,always commenting on everthing, as a minister does he know what his job is,

    these are FAZ matters let them issue appropriate statements pls,

    this politics of popularism trying to show your toughness at every opportunity like Masebo is trying to do are so petty please

  3. Muna tamba Chelsea mailo, ba fik@l@?

    Kuli kantu, Manu Utd ni zee. This season … ni Chelsea all the way!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 6.You should be ashamed of yourself bringing insults on the blog when we are discussing a subject of great importance to soccer loving Zambians – school football. I’m sure there are other forums to discuss the English Premier league.

  5. good discipline for mufulila wandrers, next is Nkana. wusakile rioters hav jst failed to accept that their team is vanished. Go nchanga go.

  6. #6 Shame on you if you think your mouth ONLY produces insults then PLEASE keep off the blog we DO NOT need such language. Internet is world wide and please be civilised.Shame on you.

  7. # 6 viva chelsea good game watch this space..we have them players…but mind your language…LT editor sleeping on duty censorship needed.

  8. Hon Namulambe is completely off-side to take sides.

    Just a reminder to Hon Gabby.His office is the highest in line of sports appeal cases.
    Cases in the line of hearing and appeal.

    1.Faz Disp Committee.

    2.Faz Executive Appeals Commt.

    3.Faz Council Appeals Commt.

    4.National Sports Council.-which directly fails under Hon Gabby’s offc.So its prejudice to comment on this issue by u Hon.

    U should tell the nation how u prepared our team to the Olympics mwishooo please-shut up IWEE Namulambe.

  9. Congrats Kalonga and condolences Ndeke.Do not play with fame Ndeke that what cost the game.Hope Kabwe united will be revamped and reorganise so that we can see the Stanely Tembos in Kalonga sec coming into the once glaromous and giant killing side of Kabwe united.Heed my advice boys complete your education first then make a move please.Do not drop out of school and go to those clubs who promising manna now and after only a season with them you become worthless to them and no job baice ya likaba pa zed,kange first then kasaki panuma. Cheers Kalos and celebrate with honour.To Ndeke mourn with humility and dignity boys telyose fiwamina umo.Isaasa kuchijanya bane.Lesa wabonse bane.

  10. Hard luck Ndeke,i was supporting u all the way..fisanga abaume guyz,i know we still hav an enterprising young team..Ba Kumwenda naba Chirwa poseniko amano kubaiche abo not balelyafye amaule umo mu ndeke namu Ndeke Village…

  11. # 17. you have always been an ***** and so ever shall you be. why do you wantt to bring tribal quarrels with this stupid post. you shold first of all look at how ugly you are before disturbing the peace on this blog. why dont you go and get something useful to do. you are a fool left right and centre.

  12. I don’t subscribe to insults when we are supposed to be debating issues in a mature manner. So #6 please avoild such language. Muf. Wanderers is a team that has been hit by the wind of change( privatisation) as other big teams like Nchanga Rangers, Roan Utd, Nkana FC, Konkola Blades to name a few. ZCCM fully sponsered their teams and that is why Mighty, Nkana dominated in the 70’s and 80’s repectively. Now they are a shadow of what they used to be. Go to the various stadia and you heart will bleed at the sight of run down facilities.
    I don’t subscribe to hooliganism and Mighty got what was due to them

  13. Zambia is failing to emerge as a supporting due to to finnished polticaticians,tribalism( southern province)nO GOVERNMENT PLANNING,seriousness,lack of vission and corruption.Am scared for 2011

  14. Well done young boys.You need to keep on developing both discipline wise and techically in order for you to build a career in the game..Best wishes to you all

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