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MMD Acting president and Chairman warns senior party officials

Headlines MMD Acting president and Chairman warns senior party officials

MMD Acting president and national chairman, Michael Mabenga, has warned senior party members of stiff sanctions if they continue issuing policy statements on party affairs to the media without clearance from the national secretary or acting president’s offices.

Mr Mabenga, who is acting party president, said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that he was dismayed by the “complete breakdown of discipline” following the October 30 presidential election in which the MMD emerged victorious.

“I am directing that no statement on policy or administration of the party shall be entertained from any leader without clearance from the office of the national secretary or the acting president.

“This must be taken as a serious directive, a breach of which will attract stiff sanctions,” he said.

Mr Mabenga said some leaders from senior party organs had embarked on divisive campaigns by allegedly inciting party members to issue statements in the press that could create an impression that the MMD has no leadership or was deeply divided.

He said the party’s victory in last month’s election was a product of the collective efforts of the general membership and sympathisers.

Mr Mabenga said it was the sum total of every individual vote cast in favour of the MMD candidate, Rupiah Banda, that made him become fourth President of Zambia.

Mr Mabenga said the MMD campaign team that was managed by party election chairman, Mike Mulongoti, was cleared by the presidential candidate and appointed by national secretary, Katele Kalumba, under his authority as party acting president.

He said the recommended structures, which the campaign team utilised, did not create any vacuum in the party leadership or decision-making with respect to the campaign.

“I wish to note, however, that the press utterances that have been issued after MMD won the election have not pleased me and cannot be pleasing to any of our hardworking party members,” he said.

Mr Mabenga said the party leadership had not yet received a report from the campaign team for it to start making any statement on how the election strategy was conducted.

He said MMD senior members should recall that the late President Mwanawasa aborted a post-mortem of the 2006 elections to avoid divisions and accusations.

“As acting party president, I am awaiting a report from the campaign committee before the national executive committee meets. This report will show, in a judicious way, an account of how the team executed the campaign across the country,” he said.

Mr Mabenga said he had directed Dr Kalumba to table the campaign committee’s report after he had received and scrutinised it.

“I insist, however, that such an exercise cannot, with all objectivity, be conducted in the press,” Mr Mabenga said.
[Zambia Daily-Mail]


  1. #5 wake up from your fantasy dreams, in reality, Baby C is probably getting a good thrashing from her lover right now. Poor Anonymous, keep on dreaming…

  2. #12 No, my friend, I’m just trying to discourage platonic relationships on the blog. Africans are realistic people with real relationships unlike Europeans who believe in virtual reality. I know lots of Germans who spend their day in internet chatrooms but are too scared to go out and meet a real girl.

  3. We are waiting for the natioanl conversion and watch you and your cadres fight physically while Zambia police watch. It is the same old story just a different day.

  4. Hey Zedians – i hear that RB has a Press Conference at 10 hrs today saturday 22nd November 2008. Any news about the apparatus that RB wishes to put in place.

    I hear that Richard Chembe from BOZ is the new Economic Advisor at State House. He is sound but I dont know whether he will accept a salary that is 10 times less.

  5. very tired indeed…….nothing more or less that will come out of MMD till Zed is like Zim dollar.Waiting for the gunners game then me watch my team Man U get more points today

  6. Latest Nyama soya has appointed Machila as minister of agriculture this brings the no to 2.Chituwo will be in charge of co-operatives and machila fisheries,livestock and vet.Ben kapita special assistant to machila.

  7. At the moment the party looks to have no mouth piece. any memebr is at liberty to issue anything. we are tired of hearing trash if you do’nt have matters to inform the publiic keep quiet as a party, it is healthy that way.

  8. Voice of reason – many thanks for Machila appointment. So he had to keep the 43 yr old Minister after all. What about Ambassadorial and PSs -any surprises in those areas.

    I hear that Sikaneta, Chilipamushi, Mumba and those deemed connected to the faily tree may have ,it thick by either being dropped or sent to less profile ministries.

  9. There is an urgent need to instil descipline in the MMD. Some members have been making unfair attacks on Katele Kalumba, through the media, over the MMD’s loss in his constituency.This has the potential of weakening the MMD party.

  10. It Tetamashimba this man is talking about because Teta seems to be already campaigning for Rupiah to be party president. This is where the party will crack because I do not think the big party wigs will allow this to happen. I can foresee Teta being expelled from the party and Rupiah failing to save his sorry and smelly backside.

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  12. How are you everyone,how’s it going so far? Iam not commenting today,but asking for your help.I know this is not the right site but Iam positive of receiving hepl from you guys.not ukuntuka.I have a girlfriend who I love so much with all my heart,soul and spirit.unfortunately I still feel she’s not reciprocating though she says she loves me too.the worst part of this relationship is we are miles apart,and pipo say distance relationship don’t work but Ine I have just told myself that mine will work.So guys what can I do aini?

  13. TETA is da cause of all this drama. There is need to displine such men before da party becomes disorganised. thru this type of behaviour the likes of MAGANDE were disadvantaged last time.

  14. Thumbs up Mr Michael Mabenga.
    Even us in the opposition were wondering what was happening in your Party. You hear that Teta, Banzelu bakamba.

  15. Matworld.
    Am sure your gal friend loves you. Sometimes gals just want a bit of space.
    Be careful with your insecurity as it can turn your life into a complete mess.

  16. #32 sarah jones.Iam already in a mess.I love this gal so much that some times i feel like I have exceeded the limits of love.I loved her since 2004,but I didn’t tell her until this year in June.when I came here.I left her in Zed 3 months later she also left for studies overseas.

  17. MatWorld u think u have a problem? there are bigger problems in this world. just look around u and u will thank God for ur situation. if u are not confortable with ur girlfriend or are insecure dump her and get someone near you, otherwise stop complaining and just live with it. hope this helps.

    Now back to the topic at hand, i think the so called ‘true blues’ will not allow rupiah and the likes of teta to hijack the party. rupiah is where he is coz the true blue wanted him there. its to their advantage. Evrything is now set for 2011. watch this space!

  18. #35 Thank you so much,yes it will definately help me.I will try to do as you have said of course not dumping her coz i strongly believe that this gal was given to me by God,coz I have been praying for her since the first time I saw her in church that is 2004.

  19. Sha! Viyende uko MMD. Same chaps, same crocodiles and hynas daily. I am sick of Zed.
    I will not go back until MMD is out of power. Alah!

  20. Ifyabupuba,LT plz gve us somethng interesting.Let MMD deal with Tetamashiba on their own.This boring.Sarah i luv you plz.

  21. #26, 36 Matworld. If you put your relationship in the hands of God all will be ok just pray for each other more if you both know the Lord you will make it. Long distance relationships do work. Iam married to a greek who i courted from 2005 until this year in Fabruary when we got married. we met on internet i wasliving in Zambia Livinstone he was in Greece Athens.

  22. #40
    Nga Sarah ngamwaume boyi. Nangu nikote pa London eyi bomba mufimbusu. Anyway, you may be luck to get yourself a girl like #41 got herself a greek god, Zeus.

  23. Patnam #41 I konw you. Congraturation for marrying your Greek woman you dated while in Livingstne and after your studies abroad. How does it feel to marry a greek lady? Why didnt you invite me for your wedding dear? Now, I believe that long distance relationship really works. Goodluck man.

  24. #40
    I usually don’t answer to that but today I will since you have being chasing after Sarah and her clones.

    Am a married woman and don’t ever say that again this applies to every dude who may think otherwise.
    Pipe down dude and stop being miserable.

  25. No. 36.(Matworld…). Did you say you came to love this girl when you were in Church praying? Please,to all bloggers when you are in CHURCH concentrate on prayers. What is why when praying it is divinely recommended that we close our eyes. With miniskirts these days in church, KAYA.

    As to the topic at hand, maybe Mabenga is trying to show his muscles to RB that he is in control. Just wait, MMD will be divided deeply soon.

  26. Where is wafwa na panga? I was thinking he has gone to start a rebel movement, am a good sniper draft me also, lets teach the donkeys we should not be screwed!

  27. # 44 Sarah,

    Nganishi ufwaya kanshi pamulabasa nga waulipwa, Limbi taufyelwa nangu umwaume obe ningomwa (infertile) for you to be here and not attending to your family. Chewe (#40) only needs single gals here to chat with and propose. LT can we have a symbol for married people so that we can respect them and not propose them. Anyway, I also want a gal.

  28. If the data from bloggers is true, why is RB dishing out appointments like confetti on a wedding day. Do we need a bloated cabinet like the one RB is trying to put in place in the face of the financial crisis which the world is going through. Why is it that the government is always telling all sectors of the economy that money may not be that readily available and yet we keep appointing over-recycled and beyong recycling politicians? RB wants a huge team of praise singers so that come 2011 they will sing in unison his choruses of being adopted as the MMD candidate for the position of party president and allow himself to go for the five year term.

  29. Mabenga boyi you better move in swiftly and DONT LET BWEZANI BRING UNIP back in power using the back door. Dont give him the MMD Presidency. That will mark the END of the MMD as a party. The man is aorse than Sata and full of VENGEANCE (Magande and Masebo example) as if he is God himself. Anyone associated with LEVY will soon match out of the corridors of power ( Shakafuswa, Peter Mumba, Ronnie, Mpombo, etc)

  30. #50 what riot when you said that you’re married. Are we wrong to say that we want to respect you married people. Or do you want to be proposed. OK kanshi Sarah naine pelako ifyo Chewe a kabila.

  31. #48
    Hey Bwalya you are used with your woman being in the Kitchen all the time? Don’t bring your swallow brain on this blog. Ba Bwalya ba buya
    Mulibe shame becoz u can’t come looking for a gal on this site. Why not try Match.com

  32. I am true blue MMD who was among the founder members of the party. What I find fascinating is that the majority of the current senior members of the party, with exception of Katele Kalumba, were not even there when the party was formed at Garden Hotel and at our first convention at Mulungushi Conference Centre. At that time, George Mpombo was a UNIP District Governor, Shikapwasha was in the Air Force, Rupiah Banda was a UNIP MP, Tetamashimba was a UNIP cadre working for the Northwestern province Cooperative Union, George Kunda was an obscure lawyer practicing with some law firm in Ndola- I know them all. I was a delegate with Katele Kalumba, Austin Sichinga, and many other colleagues from U

  33. I was a delegate with Katele Kalumba, Austin Sichinga, and many other colleagues from UNZA. We are the ones, together with Aka and Chitala, who founded the MMD. Sadly, you have pretenders who have never took the risks that we took threatening founder members like Katele. How ironic and sad!!

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  35. #45 No I didnt see her when we were praying in church no,but I first saw/met her in church.and from that time (2004)I have been praying to God so that one day we can be in a relationship,it took my God 4 years to answer my prayer,but finally we are in a relationship.

  36. #53 I do not want to insult marrried people. Bring it on if you want. I doubt if you’re married. Not with your approach.

  37. Why insult me when i said i do not want this.
    Respect yourself here, married old lady!!!
    Abakote shino ishiku kanshi babashani. Get yourself busy by getting a BBC shift namayo ewe. You seem bored.

  38. #61
    I don’t like insulting people. And I have not insulted you.
    I want to be good today as my job is very stressful, so I just come hear to switch off from my daily stuff I do. I like to have a laugh but sometimes you men just make a gal like me lash out at you.
    So chill and get back talking about Michael Mabenga and not what I do on this blog. Being a woman is not all about being in the kitchen and having kids and saying yes boss all the time. Women of my type are just unstopable.

  39. Imwe Ala!!! Ninshi pantu? # 61 Bwalya and #60. S.J. I am organizing a Passa-passa in Beverly Yorkshire next weekend. Come and share it out after a bonfire….No chemistry allowed on LT.

  40. Matworld. Set her free and if it was meant to be, she will come back to you. Distance relationship are extremely testing emotionally as you keep on wondering what the other partner is doing. If she/he does not answer the phone or call at the pre appointed time then your day is messed up thinking of all devilish thoughts. Basically,if you trust each other the long distance relationship baggage issue is eliminated. From what you have stated I gather you are insecure as you think she will be taken by someone else. Relax man and enjoy yourself. Let her also have a free terrain so that she appreciates what she may be missing – you

  41. Matworld you seem like such a lovely guy! Have faith in your relationship like no.64 has said! We need more men like you in this world.

  42. Good mature advice # 64. We need people like you and not childish women like SJ # 62. I also have left my fiancee in Zed. I tend to worry like Matworld.

  43. #66.Thank you very much for your compliment.I do have faith in my relationship,its just that sometime i tend to lose it when things go sour.I was in police custody on thursday for breaking traffic rules which led to a head on collision,I didnt tell anyone apart from my very girlfried.so when I came out today the only comfort I was expecting was a text from/mail my gal when I switched on my phone there was notihng,I checked my emails there was nothing,and yet I told her on thursday that iam in trouble.these are things that really make me lose faith in my relationship.coz as far as I know its not just a matter of saying I love you,but we should also be concerned about our partners.

  44. Haa! imwe ifi mwatampa, namikanina ba #70. Takwaba, sex is in the mind. Remember simulators for our white chaps? The chaps love those things like hell, more than a hotty wetty slicky reality.

  45. Matworld, give her a chance, she’s probably in shock, but there is nothing stopping you from getting in touch with her. You really are a sweet guy – aww! Call her, at least hear her side of why she hasn’t been in touch. Don’t jump to conclusions, and get emotional when you’re talking. Tell her you need support and take it from there! 🙂

  46. #67
    Kanshi iwe Bwalya ndiyo what have I done to you that you should call me chikonte, and then childish. I have just been reading your comments again and you come out as someome with alot of anger and has no regard for women at all. Are you married and not happy or you don’t have anyone to appreciate you.

  47. Mattie boy. These days we are beset with disasters. It could be that your fiancee was swept by some of these cyclones sweeping across the world. What you should do is to first confirm whether she is alive and well. And then once this is sorted out tell her you have a sessIon with a lady toninght and gauge her reaction. If she sounds unconcerned then my dear you have lost the lady.

  48. #76 Lady Thong, what color is you thong 2nite. I am hypnotized with your approach and avdise to Mattie Boy! Eeech!

  49. Sarah,

    Read #67 and leave me alone you old man/woman. Go out tonight if you live in london there is a gig for southern africans that i know of if you need to cheer up. Poor soul. I’m prepareing for a trip home to see my fiance and do not disturb me at all.

  50. #76 thank you thank you so much.i will try that as well.what do you think?is it normal to love a gal like this?my dear to tell you the truth I love this gal so much.calling her is very expensive but I make sure that when I call her we talk for not less that 3 hours.and iam just a student and a dependant but I make sure i talk to her twice a week.

  51. Iwe #78..Utanditukili, wabaanzi? You will be arrested in Zambia. Its illigal 5 years.

    But you are right! I can boycott the normal if you find a really nice blower!

  52. Can we talk about what the article is about, am sure there are so many sites where you can say such. It just shows what one is thinking of but if you are thinking about S this is a wrong website for you.
    Find a pub and talk about your shani shani.

  53. Its normal Matworld, but also don’t let her take advantage of your kindness, i bet she doesn’t know what she had until its too late, i hope she tells you how much you mean to her.

  54. How do you even know #89 that she is beautiful. Do you live with her. Are you sure that she is a woman and not a bin-man off duty today.

    I just mentioned that am going out and it is no concern of yours #89 to comment but just ‘zip-it poor chap.’ This is between me and Sarah for her folly judgement.

  55. Hey people if we don’t restrict our comments to the topic at hand, I fear this blog will be closed. There are more sexually related comments on this site than they are on MMD.

  56. Chi Bwalya you seem to be so frustrated.And you want to bring that to other people,who told you ati Sarah Mukote? We Chinangwa iwe.I just turned 30, and i want nice lady.Dont talk nonsense,yo beak is too big like that of a hippo.So behave yourself chi Bwalya.

  57. Ba Chewe, this sarah you’re trying to be good to is a man and will not love you unless you’re both gay. It is simple a virtual ID and claiming being married. What is your problem. Go and tidy up beds at the hotel where you’re emploed and leave us to live here in Euro.

  58. The stiff sanctions should start with Teta.
    After the the elections every Jack and Jim was issuing a statement.
    And most these statements caused panic in nation.

  59. 30 is old for me. I’m not yet that old. I’m sorry that I have been insulting an old man. Ba Chewe, plz mucheleleko napapata muli bakalmba bandi, 30 years, i’m sorry.

  60. Ba Bwalya you seem to know Sarah Jones than all us on this blog. Why Sarah of all the gals who blog on this site. Or is it a hate thing you have against her.

  61. #102
    Get your facts right first befor flies start flying out of your mouth. Sarah answered what chewe said and you just jumped in and attacked sala that she shouldn’t be on this blog as she was a married woman. Just go to the gig watusabila.

  62. Roughly 1074 days to go before the 2011 elections. Can someone start an electronic count down this will help us to be focussed .

  63. Ok ine, my favorite bloggers are Destroyer,Anonymous,baby C and Lady Thong, not chi bwalya becoz u are fighting fighting with ur friends.

  64. #108 Chibelo; Kamuchileka kachiyooko Chi ngaBwalya. He is useless! He is a frustrated man or something.. Kaleza!!!

  65. ‘Second Republican President, Frederick Chiluba has backed the 15 percent Salary increment for Constitutional Office bearers.
    Dr. Chiluba says the increment is justifiable.
    He says Constitutional Office bearers are also affected by economic challenges such as inflation.’
    Source: w w w .muvitv. c o m/ news/ Nov2008/ 22ndpnews 1 . h t m l

    Interesting data. On Mr Mabenga’s data, it is only true. Let democracy thrive properly.

  66. #118
    Thanks for that interesting news.
    Well I don’t understand why Chuluba has been let loose. I thought when LPM was alive he never commented on anything that went on in parliament or govt. Help me understand this or I have just missed something

  67. #118. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe

    Welcome to the blog! Iam kind of frustrated and disoriented on the comments made by other colleagues, where they are discussing something completely out of contest! I think we need displine in MMD and they need to go to the conversion, and not hand picking like the FTJ method of plunder at all cost using political dribbling! Mabenge should be supported for his statement, though I have never supported MMD even for 1 SECOND!

  68. Community Development and Social Services Minister, Michael Kaingu was last night jeered by a section of the crowd that attended the inaugural CHAPRO Gospel Awards. This prompted Mr. Kaingu not to deliver his speech, as the patrons shouted “ba pwato” and “we want Change”. And in an Interview with Journalists, Mr. Kaingu regretted the development. He attributed the cold and hostile reception to the recent salary hike for constitutional office bearers. Mr. Kaingu said the salary increment is minimal.[From Muvi TV website]

    Let us go pa bwato!!!!!!

  69. #121. chewe

    Good contribution and update on what is happening in Zambia. Let these MMD people know that it is not going to be plain selling, and if they decide to steal our money, then once the oppositions are in power, chaps will be locked up in jail and then I can be given the responsibilty of keeping the keys or throwing them away!

  70. #119. your flag Lord of the Flies
    #120. your flag Geologist, Canada
    thanks very much.
    I also do not understand why former HoS Mr Chiluba (Doctor, Malawi) has been busy of late.
    I am surprised too that certain elements are busy writing love issues showing that they are either bored or have little understanding of the thread at hand.
    On Mabenga, he has done extremely well to come out like this on this one. Some people has like they do not know about protocol. This is why, I for likes the way the UPND is running as a political party for each NMC member and even cadres know how to behave. Let us see the reaction of GRZ MMD feallas to this.

  71. Undertakers are active around this hour. It is sad that we have politicians who are not sensitive to the needs of the people. Our politicians should know that their salaries are far above what an avarage civil servant is getting. They are entitled to alot of allowances which make their earnings higher.

  72. We hope to see RB here in Texas in 2009, so if you’re in USA…and want bomb him with questions if you live in USA. we get will inviting him to Dallas.

  73. We hope to see RB here in Texas in 2009, so if you’re in USA…and want bomb him with questions come to Dallas in 2009. we are inviting him come to Dallas.

  74. Bane is it true that the Malawian president, Mbingu Wamutharika, wants to marry Vera Chiluba? If true she will join Graca Machel in the guiness world book of records

  75. #
    130. your flag UNDERTAKER, do you all all oppsition and independent MPs or just the Undereducate’s PF MPs?

    As for the UPND MPs, I am not surprised on their voting for the increments since president Hakainde Hichilema had already indicated that he was going to increase the salaries for all Zambians even upto ZK 3.5 Million for Civil Servants as the minimum salary.

    The money to do the increments is there only that the MMD has a protracted Cabinet which the UPND president had said will comprise of only 15 Members.

  76. Why don’t we demand for only 9/18 MP’s one or two for each province like the USA has 1/2 senators for each state. We have more MP’s than the USA which has 50+1 states and has a population of 300 million people, they only have about 100 senators. We have a population of about 10 million, we have 9 provinces and have 151 MP’s who most of them don’t add value to our development but are instead a liability .If we can cut that number by 130 or so we can save $5 million US dollars per year which can add value to developmental projects as we look at cutting down numbers on others officers.Secondly the MP’s salaries need to be taxed, most developed countries Senators/MP’s have their salaries taxed.

  77. #131. Only 9 MPs voted against the increament. PF has more than 9 MPs in Parliament. The majority of PF MPs voted for the increament

  78. #133. UNDERTAKER, great stuff. So it appears some of the Undereducate’s PF MPs have seem president Hakainde Hichilema’s sense in increasing the salaries of all Zambians instead of the not-known-where more money in your (Zambians’) pockets is coming from.This is why, I and a few others have always maintained that MMD and the mighty IPND have more in common to make a useful PACT than the advocated for UPND-PF PACT which failed due to the Undereducate’s thoughts that he could trick the educated UPND National Management Committee by overlooking that UPND has educated think tanks. Anyhow, nice that PF MPs are seeing the sense in real change and maybe they can join the only proper opposition.

  79. #132. New Zambia, the US has both the Senate and the House of Representatives. I haven’t followed or studied their system properly but my understanding is that their is one senator from each state with 2 representatives per state. Also, their is an Administrative Governor for each state who runs affairs in it. Otherever the case, our system is a confusion mix of both the British ans US systems, I suspect. It is good to change ours for the better, let us simply put educational minimum qualifications as Masters Degree to allow one stand for MP and also Republican President since a Masters is enough to get one a lecturership or researcher position at a university. Then, proper debates for us.

  80. #135 continued.

    Checkout #28, Dr Shock’s analysis, on the parallel LT thread:

    w w w .lusakatimes.com/?p=5750

    for a comprehensive outline of my points above.

    Zambia is a place of possibilities and Zambians, Togethers as ‘One Zambia, One Nation’, YES we shall do it in 2011 by endorsing the UPND manifesto to form GRZ. Viva president Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND Team.

    The MMD is just completing late LP Mwanawasa’s term according to their 2008 Presidential bye-elections campaign message and so let us endorse a performing team, UPND, in 2011.

  81. ““Various newspapers gave us a clear picture of who got how many votes in the Northern Province, how many votes one got in the Southern Province… but it is a clear picture of disunity getting into Zambia,” Dr Kaunda said. “People scored on tribal lines, but that is a dangerous development.”Dr Kaunda said despite having preached against disunity in the beginning, it had continued to manifest itself in the country.“We preached against that [disunity] in the beginning, One Zambia One Nation but are we going to now allow One Zambia, 72 Nations?” he asked.” Source: maravi.blogspot.com /2008 /11/ kk-deplores- tribalism-of- oct-30 .h t m l

  82. #138 continued.
    “Dr Kaunda also questioned how people could preach One Zambia 72 Nations in 2008 and at the same time accept US President-elect Barack Obama’s emphatic victory on behalf of the Zambian people.”

    Good points Super Kenny, but what about the votes in Eastern Province? Did you forget about them deliberately?

    Anyhow, you points are noted although you did not comment about good voting patterns in Northwestern and Western Provinces. Also, the October elections were ONLY to allow the MMD to finish late LPM’s term and respect the Constitution and REAL VOTING PATTERNS will be seen in 2011 when everyone should endorse HH and UPND.

  83. Thanks #135, i think we need to study the various systems for the developed countries and come up with the best. We definately need a reduction in the number of MP’s. 2 Representative MP’s from each province and a govenor wouldn’t be a bad idea, at least it would be a cost saving measure to the taxpayers. Definately Merit and competence should be guiding factors. I like your idea of the masters qualification and i only hope it won’t be fought tooth and nail, maybe you need to provide education on this forum the advantagers of having MP’s with masters qualifications. I also feel the MP’s salaries need to be taxed so that they understand what taxpayers go through.

  84. COMMUNITY development minister Michael Kaingu was on Friday night booed by people that attended the Christian Arts Promotion (CHAPRO) awards ceremony after he attempted to deliver a special greeting from President Rupiah Banda.

    They will always be jeering at them. Unless they go to shangombo. Not in Lusaka and Kitwe where the drivers of the economy are.

  85. MMD, RB Tetamashimba now know that Katale and his uncle Chiluba are not incharge of Luapula province. Being from Luapula I am extremely proud that the province decided not to be misled by Chiluba, BY,Katele and others to be against Sata. For me Sata is a great man, he is the only non Luapula politician who stood up against the persecutions of people from Luapula by Mwanawasa MMD government and post newspapers. It is a known fact that Katele and his uncle Chiluba because of their greed for money were working with Mwanawasa against their own people from Luapula whom they had framed. People from Luapula know this and that is why Chiluba and Katele and MMD are finished in Luapula.

  86. The year’s ending has coincided with the end of high copper prices. Since June 30 of 2008 to date, the price
    of copper has basically HALVED. And our country once again missed an opportunity to “transfer Zambian
    wealth to Zambian hands”. There is no doubt that the so called “economic successes” will prove to be hollow,
    and not as solid as the MMD Administration has claimed. Opportunity presented itself, through the high
    demand of Zambia’s resources, and yet very few Zambians have benefited from this high. And for those few
    Zambians who have benefitted, the benefit is brief, and this bubble too will burst.
    read more @ |thecitizensdemocraticparty”dot” com|


  88. morning everyone.
    I hope today we shall stick to the article and not get distructed by the likes of some people (I won’t mention names).

  89. ‘Matete to spearhead project
    Former four hundred metre hurdles world champion, Samuel Matete, says he will help erect a modern sports facility for youths on the copperbelt.

    Matete who lifted the world title in Japan in 1991 is involved in community sports in Kitwe.

    Matete told ZNBC in an interview that the youth sports facility will be constructed in Kitwe next year.’

    Source: w w w .znbc.co.zm/ media/ news/ viewnews.c g i?category = 5 & i d =1227275061

  90. ‘Exam leakages worrisome
    Luapula member of parliament, Peter Machungwa, says government needs to urgently address the issue of examination leakages.Dr. Machungwa says the increasing cases of examination leakages is a major concern.He says there is need for the government to act quickly to uphold the intergrity of the Zambian examination system.Dr. Machungwa was contributing to a debate in parliament on a report on education science and technology.He said authorities should ensure they get to the root cause of the problem to find a lasting solution.’ Source: w w w.znbc.co.zm/ media/ news/ viewnews. c g i ?category = 10&id = 1227272128.Sense MP Machungwa.Poverty is the root cause tho.

  91. #155, I think so too, but what if LT does not provide the vital news which progressive Zambians MUST know?

  92. If LT is not updating the news, we will start cutting news from The Post and pasting it here, like Monstro HeHe has done.

  93. Nine chale
    Can you also paste and cut some news on life style from the post.

    Ok. Lets talk about Maddona’s and Guy Richie divorce.

    Or lets just talk about this on Sky blogs.

  94. Welcome on the blog Maestro. I like your proffessional cotributions.Lets persuade our friends from PF so as to change things in 2011. MMD is assciated with recycled leadership, Huge and expensive government, poor ecnomic policies borrowed from UPND.Reasons for voting for either HH or Sata are suppose to debated in a proffessinl way now or never. Sata has a long hisory in Zambuian politics and his capacity to plan and analyse a situation is questionable. He has no capcity to implement a long term plan due to age and previous political dissapontment. Lets people see sense in voting a young man in HHH 2011 for progress. He should in return embrace the grassroot without reservation. Abash MMD.

  95. #161, Dimuna, thanks a lot. You wrote ‘Sata has a long hisory in Zambuian politics and his capacity to plan and analyse a situation is questionable. He has no capcity to implement a long term plan due to age and previous political dissapontment.’ The Undereducate is a let down especially that he does not understand the Country’s Constitution which he helped coin in 1996 or so. We as a Nation however need his advice since he has served in various GRZs since the colonial times. Critical is that we need not overlook education for us to move with speed to catch up with the rest of the WORLD and this is where the UPND comes in for it has technocrats of all manner though we need Prof Chirwa also.

  96. Dr Kalumba, qualified in village concept technology in laptops for hide and seek from Northern Prov.

    Mabenga has said the truth and only those that listen will shut there stinking mouth in the MMD.The trouble maker is Teta, he want to show RB72 that he is the only supporter with stragies in the party.Dont forget ba Teta that days are numbered, you will be disappointed too.
    Go Mabenga Go mabenga former MTTC principle.

    Viva H H man who does not like nonsense in the party

  97. Really whats the problem with Teta? He has managed to sideline original MMDs. I urge you people in MMD to learn from what he did in UPND. He is determined to spoil your party.

  98. Katele and Mabenga should both be removed from their positions. They are criminals. We want a clean MMD and nothig to do with Chiluba and his tandem of thieves. Bring back Aka and those orginal guys to lead the party. Even Bob Sichinga should be persuaded to come back home. They are more civilised than this witch doctor, mfwiti, Katele.

  99. You are right 165, are we short of brains in Zed? I dont think so. But I diagree with you Aka,the man my lecturer, he is full of unapplicable theries.He is got no clout to push technocracts. We need people like Elija Chisanga, Sichinga etc

  100. The truth of the matter is that “KaKa” has a lot of support among the grassroots particularly on the CB, Luapula and Northern Provinces and these are the areas that contribute a sizeable number of delegates to the convention. Mabenga and Teta may not be a match to KaKa in terms of support. As far as those areas are concerned “ni bikapo yewe”. MMD members had the opportunity to reject KaKa at their 2005 convention but he defeated an equally high profile candidate whom I cannot remember. Even LPM failed to stop him. “BIKAPO YEWE”

  101. #
    166. your flag KALYA WACHA, Elija Chisanga will be doing I come back in the next 3 weeks I think, if I am not mistaken with some media report I read some few days ago.

    On Bob Sichinga, I do not know, but the man is an opportunist I think. Hence, he has trouble fitting in where no opportunities to jump to the top are available.

  102. hello there and thank you to your information ? I have certainly picked up something new from right here. I did alternatively experience several technical points the use of this site, since I experienced to reload the site many occasions prior to I may get it to load correctly. I were brooding about in case your web host is OK? No longer that I am complaining, but slow loading cases occasions will often impact your placement in google and can damage your high quality ranking if advertising and marketing with Adwords. Well I am including this RSS to my e-mail and could look out for much extra of your respective interesting content. Make sure you replace this again very soon..

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