Thursday, June 13, 2024

When will Zambians be proud to be Zambians?


By Mingeli Palata

I don’t even know what day of the week this is and when I normally don’t it goes to show how busy my life can get. Its wild, I doubt I even know what the headlines read. I am done with my work and Mr. Sililo, a charismatic Lozi uncle has just dropped me off at Kabwata Police for me to catch a bus on my way home. I am waiting and looking in both directions hoping that a bus comes my way. Oh yes, there comes one, sharks, the guy is off duty. Gee, what am I going to? Wait, didn’t I have something in my pocket, I should have, and knowing that February leaves the pockets in a better condition than January does (For obvious reasons). Yes, I can spare a K20, 000.00 so I stop a cab but little did I know I wasn’t the only one stuck up at 9 in the evening waiting for a bus and so we were three in that cab, this makes the fee burden lighter so its good.

As soon as the engine was started, one of the guys in the back starts to complain about the proposed sell of Zamtel shares to some company from God knows where. The taxi driver also joins in. The two gentlemen are bitter. The conversation is tempting but gee I haven’t read the news in ages and my participation is thus disqualified. So I chose to listen instead as the men wondered why Zamtel is being ‘sold’. In his own words, if people feel there is something wrong with the operations of Zamtel then why don’t they do a management restructure, refine strategies… you know the usual things that ailing companies do to survive.

Privatization has been one of the best things to happen to this country especially in the case of parastatals. Key industries have been closed and jobs have been lost. I for one have a bias towards government control over key industries and undertakings so my opinion even before we think about the lady with the red lipstick and her antics is obvious, I don’t support the partial privatization.

As I lingered with that thought, the conversation had already taken a different turn, my colleagues are now talking about the issue of shops, ‘how come very few Zambians own shops in town?’ they asked. They cited places like Kamwala and Freedom way; they wondered why Zambians are given second place in their own country. The other intelligent sounding one, even brought up the issue of the multi-economic zone and asked if Zambians would benefit from these or foreigners will be given first priority like has always been the case. More and more issues came out, tax cuts for investors and for local investors. I gathered so much discontent in the hearts of the ordinary Zambian with the efforts being put up by government, lost dreams, deluded hopes is all I hear every time I engage in political conversations with the people on the ground.

Well the rest that followed in that cab as we drove past Fair road up to Mwapona road visa-vies the guys claiming to have lost their cab fare and asking me to pay for them ‘since we are all Zambians’ is not for purposes of the is article. Often times I wonder whether the state of our economy has been affected by the Global economic crisis or by acute economic mismanagement.I expected a budget that reads better to a population that is stained with hunger and an embarrassing currency.I wonder if we will ever diversify our economy and stop our addiction to copper. I hope for a time when Zambians can be proud to be Zambians, when their government will start to believe that the panacea to economic prosperity is the same ordinary Zambians who own Katemba’s, the hardworking miners who wake up every morning to dig money from the ground, the restless teachers who reports for work despite their merger salary, the NIPA student who endures eating bread and drinking juice for three years hoping that one day he/she will be able to contribute to the development of Zambia….. I better stop here…. Because I think I am becoming emotional……


  1. Mwana, its difficult to be proud. There are times its actually annoying to be Zambian!! So many things that are being done just dont make any sense at all. Yes, Privatisation is good, but it has been misused, mismanaged and katwishi uko!! When we will be proud to be Zambians? Frankly speaking (and to borrow RBs wise words), i dont know! Kaleza, Njazi!!

  2. Hey! The article is just too long,but I will just comment on the headline.Iam one of the zambians who are proud to be a zambian.I have made a vow to myself never to denouce my country regardless the benefits that I have found where Iam.When you marry here you become a citizen of south africa and you are entiled to all the things that the owners of the country are entitled to.I for one being proud of my country I have vowed to marry a Kamu Zedian lady nangu tulelalila amenshi.Mugeli I just want to let you know that Iam proud to be a Zambian and proud of my ziko.

    • Iwe Matworld!! Who are you trying to impress? Awe wansekesha !! Nangu ni Blondie ati NO?

      Destiny !! I wanna rule my destiny…. ( Buju Banton)

    • Mudala wandi iam not trying to impress anyone,yamu true iyi ndekupishamo.Iam proud of my country and I really wanna invest in it big time.Mune kuno kwaliba inkece teti nkubepe umwana wa mu Zulu and Xosa nganafwala awe sure nisotambe elo they are desperate ne fyupo kaili men here are not very educated only a nganaupila kuno who will marry my sisters mu Zed.Iam not only proud of my country but ne nkece shapa Zed boyi ni zee.Dontb you think so?

    • Matworld, if you want to marry a nkeche, don’t refer to her as a sister. Otherwise how do you turn around and marry her.

    • Iwe Matworld, ndiwe wa boza. Kuti walalila amenshi? bama taba bakazi manzi ka? Dont believe what you hear. The Zedian woman like Baby C can sleep with just water?? Stop joking. Ni nkhani ya Khobili baba. Kaleza, njazi!!

    • Ba Moze Honestly Phd holder angagonele manzi sure? I can’t do that to my beautiful with and the lovely childrenNanikuiba ninga ibe cabe.

    • You are right ba ba Moze, tell him! water only? ninshi alefwaya na fimofimo where can i get the strength from? from Manzi? hell NO!!

    • Ba Moze, how are you? I strongly feel our generation can make things happen in Zambia. I only hope ba Matworld finds a suitable Zeddian for marriage

    • Abena Matworld, I understand you mwandi, I have also vowed never to denounce my Zambian birthright. But as for the issue of women, I must say I changed my mind on that one and I’ve never regretted marrying a German lady. In your case, I know how hot the women down south are. You might consider “leasing” a Khosa / Zulu woman for the time being? (joke).

    • Ba Chale can please use another image, children you can’t defend themselves should not be used in this way. Unless this is your picture when you were young.

  3. Most Zambians will never be proud because there is no progress in this country.
    People are becoming poorer and poorer. Business matters are being analysed so well on paper but no development is coming to the poor. Unemployment is at its peak. University graduates are roaming the streets because there are no jobs for them. And you expect them to be proud of this so called great nation? That’s non sense

  4. But frankly speaking, this new upgrade fimofimo is boring me to death! i think i need a good 1 year to adjust. Site ilemoneka kwati naishibata!

  5. am proud to be zambian ……I just hate the b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t and c.r.a.p going on.I now believe that LPM was just bewitched. bamulowelefye bafikkala pakuti bashale baleyiba bwino bamistanyina aba!

  6. Jam@co Ine na Gelo wapa Zed ni jombo yabankungulume na smale.ifyo twaikatana. walyumfwa jombo wabankugulume efyo inunka that is how I am with gelo wapa Zed.

  7. We can be proud to be Zambians if we elect a leadership that embraces our aspirations. That means we have to stop corrupt politicans from manipulating us like they manipulate our poor unsuspecting cadres. Let us stand up and be counted. Don’t allow greedy people to govern us even if some of these greedy people are our associates. Stop the likes of Mulongoti and his team of mindless Ministers from using you and we shall be proud to be zambians again. All is not lost as yet.

    • I concur with you! But first something should be done about our electoral system. Electoral system is in a mess and a total disaster. Elections are a corner stone for democracy.

    • Indeed, we need leadership that has a dream for Mother Zambia. Not personal dreams of enrichment. How do we change this? Its a toll holder… i dont see it in my generation! Pessimistic in my geration but am optimistic for the others! Probably it should start from our schools…leadreship!

    • I do agree with you Palata that our Nation is suffering from serious acute economic mismanagement. I am a proud Zambian to the born.

  8. jam@co + nine chale ,sorry for using vulgar and i wil try very very very hard NOT / NEVER to use such words no matter wat these bafikkala does next !!!!!

  9. Beaded waist ,are u zambian?who are u pissed with in particular?give me the names my friend ,i shall help u sort them out.It seem u got lots of beef wit RB’s pipo

  10. Jam@co taumfwa iwe. you know what, animals are not so selfish as human beings. Zambians will never be proud to be Zambians because of their sturbonness and cowardish behaviour. they are not ready to die for their country.

  11. Maybe if its economy and infrastructure would be of at least South African standards and Politicians at least of American standards. Maybe I could be proud of it, but i don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    • Ba Moze,can I name my son ati moze.I want him to be like you big man.imwe napacililo abantu kuti baseka.By the way Iam expecting a child next week.

    • How are you my dear,iam sure you will be surprised to receive umutende kuli ine since tatwaposhanyapo kwati twalilaka.I dont think what you have pointed out will come to pass,so the best you can do my friend is to accept and be proud of our calo.

    • Iwe Matworld. You mean unadamaja? Because you are not married as far as am concerned. And from what i know, you sound holy! So what happened? Waona ati vintu ivi vilibe size, ka? Nothing like, “No, me am catholic”, or ” No, me am Protestant”. Have you told Zoe….or should i tell her?

  12. jam@co ….which city is that? its a pity tekumwenu bakaamba…even if u hav obtained ctznship….sorry bakaamba.cha nsoni sana


  14. You can never be proud especially when the Gvt of Z does not priorities to its people instead it gives to the s-called investors, investors my foot when tthey only come to cook and bake ati investor!

  15. You can never be proud especially when the Gvt of Z does not give priorities to its people instead it gives to the s-called investors, investors my foot when tthey only come to cook and bake ati investor!

  16. chi FTJ u are also going in mwana.its just time ,u think sapresing Nchito wil solve things?waba ukufwala utuma shoes twaku pre-school.

  17. Beaded Waist, what wrong words have i used for you to demand my apology? please say the truth, are Zambians brave my bro? the government can do anything and no one can protest openly. why kufera mumutima?

    • we just hate bloodshed… bro!sitifuna nkondo kupayana payana iyayi mudala….but just wait we will win one day!our day will come!

    • I like your opinion,kupayana payana moga nsambwe iayi. We must hold on as our day is surely coming. All these chaps giving us a hard time will go one by one.

    • Bravery is not standing behind shades and say all you have been saying behind an assumed name and say you are brave. Come with a real name and and contacts then we will say you brave but……………………I dont know

    • the answer is NO.thoz are the most frustrated zedians…..but zoona how many times has luansa mine been closed / openned ,closed / openned ,closed / openned ,colsed / openned again?

    • A child will be proud of his surname even if his parents are poor. It is wrongdoing that brings shame. So how can a miner in Luanshya not be proud to be Zambian because he has lost his job? I don’t see the logic. People lose and gain jobs everyday in the world. What about domestic servants, garden boys, farm hands, carpenters etc. They just get on with life. It is high time Zambians on the copperbelt woke up to reality! I speak as a former employee of ZCCM whose job was abruptly terminated. Someone’s sack may be their luck. I remain proud to be Zambian.

  18. FTJ, kwena boyi walibomba in 10 years in office. Im proud of you mwana, atleast we can still see your fruits, now the chaps who succeeded you are a let down mwandi. I can asure you that you will never go to prison. continue enjoying but tell RB to watch out.

  19. ‘ I hope for a time when Zambians can be proud to be Zambians, when their government will start to believe that the panacea to economic prosperity is the same ordinary Zambians who own Katemba’s, the hardworking miners who wake up every morning to dig money from the ground, the restless teachers who reports for work despite their merger salary, the NIPA student who endures eating bread and drinking juice for three years hoping that one day he/she will be able to contribute to the development of Zambia….’ Despite all the confusion happening in Zambia, I am very PROUD to be ZAMBIA. We do things differently because we are Zambians and they are themselves. However, I hope for a better…

  20. I read the whole story and could not get this sister’s issue with men just being men. Talking up their daily problems and discussing national issues. I’m a very proud tonga bull, I sell my country to collegues, I tell them how beautiful Zambia is and many have visited as tourists. I think we all have a role to play to make our country better. As we are out of the country we still send back what we work hard for here to our relatives. Every year money permitting as a family we visit Zed as tourists, thats my part, whats your part? What I’m saying fellow countrymen, its what u can do for your country that matters … not otherwise.This country educated some of us, thats enough, I’ll give…

    • Yashaniiiiiiiiiii! I am proud to be a Tonga bull Zambian. I will do always do my very best like Miyoba has mention to promote Zambia. I hope you will so too.

  21. our leaders do not inspire us to be zambian , they want to see us poor and being employeed by foreigners . You will see Zimbabwe will surpass us very soon because they are proud to be Zimbabweians . God help us.

    • Are you proud to be a Zambian? I need to know this data because your reference to Zimbabweans being proud to be themselves brings in concern that some Zambians may not be proud of who they are.

  22. What is going on? someone educate me on exactly what LT is doing bringing all this new stuff. Hell i don’t even know whats latest and old news here!

  23. ok guys am going now…Regina is calling me in the jacuzzi….by the way am in Southern France @ my private holiday home right now.Bye bye

  24. There is too much graphics on this site…. it is becoming a mike mouse site. LT you can’t debate serious topics with ‘soft porn’ pics’ and the bul sh***t.

    Let me know when this nonsence is discontinued.

  25. The point is most zambians are not business minded persons. Banks are giving loans but they are getting them to buy japanese-misused cars and drinking heavily. A lot of zambians got shops but they leased them to foreigners due to lack of entrepreneurship. Dont forget that long are the days when girls cooked like their mothers, now they drink like their fathers.

    • I’m with you on that one, business pa Zed is plenty, I remember just a few weeks ago I was speaking to a white person about Zambia, this person was telling me he wished he was Zambian because our country is so beautiful and there are a lot of opportunites. I know its not easy but we have to give it our best to succeed. Its all about hard work, even with a set of bad leaders and bad decisions, if you really want to make something out of yourself, you can. You just have to believe.

    • Ins’t that the truth Zambians are all about keeping up with the joneses. When you visit Zambia on the look of things you would think things are good but just look underneath and you will see what a terrible state the country is .Enterpreneurship in zambia is going to dubai then drinking all the money made from the profits. Those loans will come back to bite them in the ass just give it time

    • That is very true. I have a friend who once told me if all Zambians where business minded, then Zambia would develop.

      My other friend doesn’t even care about politics anymore. He has his own business and is cashing in and is thinking of venturing into other sectors of Zambia’s business potential.

  26. I love my country and I know that with time, determination and the drive to succeed, we will change our country. We need to put a cup on the older generation, the likes of Sata, RB, Sondashi, Munkombwe, etc should not be in active politics. These are the people slowing us down. How can we have a 72 yr old President kwati we don’t have a younger generation shuwa?

    • My friend, you shall wait until doomsday. Our country will be developed by the coming generation. Not ours, the voting system and caderism supports the ruling power, currently the clique of old hungry madalas control power. They failed to improve Zambia in their prime, they cant honestly do it now in their epiloque and national anthem period. We Zeddians also allow the status core. Us the young being manipulated by the older guards.

  27. zambians are always proud to be zambians, no matter what. with or without riches and “good life”, a zambian will never let go of his/her zedianship. as you all know, pa zed yalikakana, but we get along somehow.

    • Mune, I’m trying to get hold of HAMAS, I have some minerals I want to supply them, are you in Isreal or near Gaza strip? I will appreciate any feedback. I see big business opportunities in the ‘holy land’ but I’m not sure if its ethical to deal with jews and Hamas at the same time.

  28. I woke up this morning. I read from Psalm 18v19. The LORD delivered me because He delighted in (favoured) me. I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that the great God smiles on me. I went out to work proud to be human and saved! Nationality is an artificial label. If David Livingstone hadn’t come to this part of Africa, I may have been Angolan or Mozambicanor some other nationality yet unknown If the federation had not collapsed, I would have been Rhodesian. Whatever it is I would still be human. In Him who saves me, I am proud.

  29. Beaded Waist, that name has just reminded me of the weekend I had, my girl friend was wearing beads on her waist when we were ‘gettin busy’. I don’t why but that stuff just enhances the fimo fimo process especially if ur ‘entering the honey pot from behind’ awe mwandini. The best technology the creator made for man is no other than a…… woman! Its the best technology of all time!

    • Nawishiba, I love my girl, its just that your name reminded me of that experience, it was the best, I felt like I was back in time in the year 1832. Last time she was telling me she wanted some Zambian love so I took out my patriotic Zambian flag, laid her on top of it, paid respect to my forefathers and I did it for Zambia. It was liberating, a bit like the independence struggle. We have even come up with a position called Lusaka Central, I’m telling you its something else. I’m a proud Zambian.

  30. My problem is to understand why we have leaders who’re not proud of our country. What is so difficult for them to do what the people want? Why do they have to defend themselves against us? Why do they have to waste so much precious time on debating shallow issues that don’t add much value to our national goals? Why are they so slow to implement development projects? Why don’t they improve the processes that have failed us in the past? Why why why???

  31. It’s not a Zambian thing its a “Black African Curse” I was surprised to find that our long lost brothers in Jamaica are still slaveing for Ba Mwenye, Chinese, whites just like many of their brothers on the black continent!!! I asked why i didn’t see any shops and other businesses owned by blacks, the answer i got was that, blacks do not have money!!! Mind you, all they do is cleaning jobs, building constraction, waiters, house girls garden boys, and most of them are mentally sick because of smoking ganja!!! I was reminded so much of where i come from. The blacks hate their own kind, just like back home where a musungu is respected more than a fellow countryman.

    • Cutey I want you to test something please!! Let me know if you are still there. I will return right here to check if you have replied.

      Cheers J

  32. FTJ must also be loked very soon. He is the major culprit in most of these privatisation scandals. He should bring the money from the sale of ZCCM and other companies this thief.

  33. How could anyone be proud of being from a poverty stricken society, Every time i sit with my inlaws here i feel ashamed when anything from my country comes on the news, It is always pictures of hunger and filth, nothing to be proud of… I was watching community channel the other day when Aids orphans from Z, were shown asking international donors for help. If anything is shown on TV its about begging for aid from the white man!!! No wonder they feel superior because they know that my people are helpless beings who cannot get things right! Some people still live in “caves” shacks if you like, some people still pick their lunch “chibwabwa” on rubbish heaps next to pit latrins…

    • you seem to suffer from some form of chronic inferiority complex. I dont know if you are aware that in the media its the bad news that sells. so naturally your inlaws or your mabwana would be happier to show the images you described than to show anything positive. some of us wake up early and we know the way these bazungus think. free yourself from mental slavery. kwanu ni kwanu!

  34. Not until the standards of living are sorted out, i will always be ashamed of where i come from PERIOD! What is there to be proud of when i know some of “my people … regardless of tribe” has not eaten any food, has no medicines nor any means to live a decent life, i always read about how much money is pumped in by various sources to improve the lives of people, then i just wonder where it all goes when i see people suffering while others are driving £200,000 cars, while many families barely passes food on the lips. Even the poorest of the poor here has a place to go and get a warm meal, from social aid, “ifwe ni maimwene”

    • who is going to sort out the stardards of living if you the people who have benefitted from the white mans education are scared ? i find your views very myopic at best jaundiced. you think the standards you are now enjoying fell from the sky? somebody had to work their fingers to the bone. Grow up!

    • That’s why you choose someone to do the job! But when fuds meant to improve the standards seems to grow legs and wanders off to private bank accounts, while the hard working miners teachers, etc… goes around ne figamba then, its not my job to fix things but those who are chosen to do the job, Its sad to see someone who has worked haed for more than 25yrs and more to walk away with peanuts” as pension money. Here i will enjoy the fruits of my labour till kingdom come. I doubt it if bashi maini and the others would brag about like me. Long live the Queen!!!!!!

    • Walasa Boyi,
      It’s so pathetic. look at our friends, sissters, brothers, dads retrenched in Luanshya and other Mines. How can you be patriotic. a country of 12million Zambians has only 350,000 people in gainful employement. This is where our docility assists the peace in this country otherwise it could have erupted into uncontrolled rage. Zambia the real Africa – the slogan very applicable now than ever.

  35. The real thing about our country is that we were almost getting proud of ourselves during LPM. I am not sure if that pride is still there now. I m afraid we may be losing our self esteem as a country. I have met a lot of Zambians who are saying they fore saw a dilemma, that they may have to leave the country just to maintain their sanity of the current lack of confidence in the leadership structure continues. So, as far as I am concerned, the pride is gone. Pride comes about as a result of a good leader who makes all of us proud. When our football team does well, we all become proud. Tell me what is so prideful about being a Zambian right now?

  36. The fact is that I agree with Bushman. Africa is a real curse. No matter what you do, you will just be spinning in the mud for centuries. The chinese will rule you, the whites, and arabs because Africans do not understand something about sacrifice. The African race must just give in and let whites rule them. I am an advocate of an importation of Germans. We are about 12 million Zambians right. We import 12 million Germans, and grant them dual citizenship and all citizenship rights. After a century, we shall be rich.

    • True to your name. You should be in the forest not among civilsed people. The reason Zambia is poor is because of people who think like you good at finding problems but not solutions. And if you think what you suggested above is a solution then i have wasted my time here.

  37. I am proud of being Zambians because I want to be part of the new Zambian Elite. Every society has a group of elites. These are the people who have taken the stance of being the employers and not the employees. These are the people who have decided to innovate and not use traditional tactics.

    In South Africa, the elite consists of mainly the Boers. The Boers are the business owners and many who have returned to their country after leaving in the diaspora have gone to start businesses in their country.

    In Uganda, the elites where the Asians before Idi Amini decided to chase them. The time he did that, the whole economy collapsed.

    • I am tired of the whole blame govt mentality. Human beings have got brains and one of the reasons they have survived this long is because of the need to solve problems.

      Maybe Zambians should think of helping each other economically instead of socially. You are in the diaspora and you are always sending money to your cousin. How about finding out what they are good at (e.g cooking) and helping them start a small to medium sized restaurant.

      Lets develop a problem solving and enterprising society. Lusaka Times is a private business, the Zambian watchdog is a private business, the Dailymail and Times are state run.

    • what have i not tried, I’ve been sending cash for the last 10 yrs, and now have switched off the tap!!! All they do is buy crates of mosi, and marry girls half their age till the money is all gone. Now am saveing for the rainy days!!!

    • To know which one runs more efficiently, you just have to visit the sites. In terms of online news media, Dialymail and Times dont update their stories everyday but rather do it on extended periods of times and in terms of that they offer, they are very serious whereas for Lusaka times and Watchdog, I dont have to say much because the results are their for everyone to see.

      I want to be a part of what I call the new Zambian elite which will consist of patriotic Zambians with a business will, mind and urge and who wish to equip the poor economically rather than socially.

      The new Zambian elite that will have employers rather than employees. This is why I am proud to be…

    • should read times and in terms of that they offer, they are very limited whereas

      instead of times and in terms of that they offer, they are very serious whereas

    • Go to Uganda now and see for yourself how Ugandan’s are doing well, bamwenye respect ugangan’s now, otherwise they fix them! Way to go…..

  38. Mingeli Palata and all Zambians, please as at now taking into account the thin line between pride of the country and patriotism; there is nothing much to be proud of yet we love our country to death! And for the Silly Minister and her antics:; time will catch up with her.

    God bless that great land!!!!!

  39. We shall be proud when we become truthful to ourselves and be able to implement what will bring us out of the 21st Century. If we continue to be like Lusaka City Council that has decide to name a major street in Chalala after Kashiwa Bulaya when will we be proud of ourselves. The next thing is we shall honor persons such as Mushala, Kapenda, Uncle Barry and the likes. Hope they can reconsider the name.

  40. I myself are very proud to be Zambian. In our family we dont even have English names. Typical Zambian names. It’s good to retain your identity even when you live outside Zambia.As for privatisation, it is good our Govt stopped running companies. There were too many politics. Only problem is that Zambians do not have money to buy the companies so foreigners bought our companies. But this is quite normal all over the world. In the UK almost all car manufacturers are owned by foreigners – Toyota, Honda, Rover, Jaquar, Rolls Royce etc. What matters is to have these companies run successfully and that they create employment for local people. A privatised Zamtel may excel like British Telecom.

  41. it is hard to force people to be proud of their own nation. personally these the reasons why i am no longer proud of my country. 1. there is no development in zambia: note that our country is not the only country hit by the global econonical crisis. Right now, the tanzanian shilling is doing better than the zambian currency and even against major currencies, the Euro and the dollar. Right now the exchange rate to Tshillings is Tsh.1to K5.
    2. Rupiah Banda is not the right president for our nation at the moment, imagine: It is difficult to find a descent to buy food in zambia, this includes Lusaka. We are shamed even to travel with friends from SA, etc. 3. there is too much corruption…

  42. continues…even to find descent places to buy lunch, etc. corruption is very high, almost an acceptable thing to do! Food is very costly beyond imagination, fuel is too expensive in zambia compared to all nations in SADC region, why? communication is poor, it is now that you can send sms! TV coverage is still limited to some places, some are still cut off from tv network in the country. even Radio 1 does not rich a good number of zambians. no development at all. the roads less than 5yrs, have serious pot holes and no one cares about them… Mine areas reflect serious poor life style of zambians… no infrastructure at all and yet we produce copper. Kalulushi, chambeshi, mufulira, luanshya..

  43. continues…kalulushi, chililabombwe, chambeshi, luanshya are just villages; they don’t qualify as towns at all and yet the wealth/economy of the nation depends on these villages in c/belt. there is nothing to be proud of. I am proud of zambians not zambia itself!!! This is my experience.

  44. The, truth and the whole truth, I mean nothing but the whole truth, is this. This country is decaying. What’s more there is generation devide between the leadership and the current generation of youths who are supposed to take leadership after these old emptyheads are relocated to Mukobeko Prison, or Leopards Hill Cemetry. The Question is, are we ready a youths to take over?

  45. Does it matter to be proud of the country you were born?Be proud of who you are,how you set your own goals and make them possible to live a happy live.Everywhere in the world you have the same problems,even in the rich developed countries,people complaining.Do you really want to work 12 hours a day,sleep 8 hours and only have 4 hours spare time to do what you want,get your salary but first pay government 52% tax,then what is left you buy what you need to live of and pay the rest of your obligated bills but pay again over each payment or what you buy again20% tax,what is left is a few penny of which you have to try to live a quality life,what is wrong how people lived long time ago,whitout development,even without money,you dont need much to live a happy life,it is still possible in Zambia.

  46. you know balanda ati negativity spawns negative achievements…it is this same attitude that most zambians have that will cause zambia to dwindle like most african countries….makamaka liyonse ne complaining complaing…..when will u people be proud of what you have or dont have…look at south africa they have development and stuff but its still a very marginalised country, if its not racism then its economic and social class segregation…need i even mention zimbabwe? guys if we’re not going to be proud of zambians or our country who is? do u think that its by chance that the zambian passport is the most coveted passport in the sadc region and the rest of africa? even ppl in south africa want it. that says something about zambians. so be proud to be zambian cos we’re an envied…

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