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Govt to punish striking teachers in Mazabuka


A teacher shows his accomodation
A teacher shows his accomodation
Education authorities in Mazabuka say they have received a

circular from education permanent secretary directing them to take appropriate disciplinary action against teachers who participated in what government described as an illegal strike.

Mazabuka District Education Board Secretary, Darius Kaluba, confirmed the development to ZANIS in Mazabuka today.

Mr Kaluba said his office is now compiling the list and would soon commence disciplinary action against the erring teachers.

But Zambia National Union of Teachers District chairperson for Mazabuka, Engleigh Malambo, told ZANIS that there is urgent need for the government to quickly withdraw the circular.

Mr Malambo said meting out punishment on the teachers would just ignite what he termed as indefinite industrial unrest which will be difficult to handle.

He said there is need for the government to appreciate the fact that the strike action was caused by its delay to conclude salary negotiations.

Mr Malambo said now that teachers have agreed to go back to work, government should find the root cause of the industrial unrest that almost paralysed the education sector and find solutions on how to prevent future strikes.

Over 1,000 teachers in Mazabuka participated in the recent strike action.



  1. Let teachers enjoy life as well. They are human like you Ministers, you marry so do they, you want good sex with your beatful wives, so do they, you have children , so do they. Now why should you accomodate them in such manner? and give them changes as salaries?Be serious guys.

  2. I think being a teacher in Zambia is sin and big crime. You are treated bad by your employer and disrespected by your former students because they are now UNZA graduates and enjoying life in senior positions forgetting that it is you who educated them. It a sad scenario seeing an educator live like rat or pig. When will our so called leaders realise that they need teachers for the betterment and advancement of the nation?

  3. Is it a sin to be a teacher in Zambia? Why treat this noble profession like it is not needed at all? Everyone, even the most educated people in the word once passed through the hands of an elementary and secondary school teacher. Please, give them the respect they deserve. You will all be illiterate had not been for these human beings you want to punish for crying out loud. They have suffered enough. I was a teacher once, I know how it hurts to be ridiculed by parents of kids that you are educating. Teachers in Zambia are the lowest paid in the world. Less than $400 per year. Please.

  4. It was just a matter of time before the punishment came out. Rupiah is also threatening the health workers as well

  5. Stop victimising teachers… sleeping in a classroom does make sense as employers are supposed to accommodate their employees. There are good areas for building more houses or try flats.. Why problems with salaries yet this is on budget every year b4 the start of the academic year.. e.g number of teacher needed and their wages being tabled in advance. Threats to innocent employees will not Zambia anywhere. No one can be willing to work with empty stomach.. I mean having no salary to buy essential goods for her/his family .. Shame

  6. Government sets aside K60 billion for settling teachers’ allowances
    Thursday, May 14, 2009, 17:32
    General News147 views
    9 commentsEducation Minister, Geoffrey Lungwangwa says government has made a budgetary allocation of K 60 Billion that will go towards the payment of outstanding allowances for teachers through out the country.

    Professor Lungwangwa said in Mazabuka this morning, government has since released K 11. 5 Billion which has been paid to teachers as leave benefits and settling allowances.

    The minister who was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Mazabuka District Commissioner, Tyson Hamaamba said government is committed to ensuring that problems that hinder stability in the teaching fraternity are resolved.

    And the Minister has commended teachers in Mazabuka…

  7. A crazy decision indeed ! why punishing the not only underpayed but also overworked teachers for going on a strike guys in decision making positions mu government mulebako serious how do you expect them to continue working without pay ?.Think twice

  8. And the Minister has commended teachers in Mazabuka for refusing to join the strike action by their fellow teachers.

    Prof. Lungwangwa said in Mazabuka today when he paid a courtesy call on Mazabuka District Commissioner, Tyson Hamaamba that there is need for the teachers countrywide to emulate their counterparts in Mazabuka and give government ample time to conclude the negotiations.

    He said the release of the K 11 Billion by his ministry for the payment of outstanding fixed band housing allowances is enough testimony of government commitment in addressing challenges facing teachers.

    Prof. Lungwangwa said the Ministry of Finance has assured him that it will release the remaining balance payment on fixed band housing allowance in three installments, in a bid to overhaul the…

  9. i can see this country flaring up in chaos very soon.somebody has ordered teachers to be punished and the president himself has given a directive that nurses should not be paid last month’s salaries.dont this govt know that the entire nation is in solidarity with these people.there will be solidarity and these politicians will run.even kaunda at one time thought he was invicible but he was humbled

  10. #12 KK did much better in terms of leadership which benefited all Zambians .. free education free meal mealie coupons to people with big families . I would not be where I am now if there way no free education in the KK era. Long live KK

  11. ALL sinneres are Teachers and ALL teachers are sinners in Zambia! Where will Rupiah take the money he will “steal” from the teachers and nurses? To pay constitutional officers? This govt is worse than Lucipher! We shall meet in 2011!

  12. ALL sinners are Teachers and ALL teachers are sinners in Zambia! Where will Rupiah take the money he will “steal” from the teachers and nurses? To pay constitutional officers? This govt is worse than Lucipher! We shall meet in 2011!

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