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MMD drops Namulambe from NEC

Headlines MMD drops Namulambe from NEC

MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba

THE MMD has suspended Mpongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Gabriel Namulambe from his position as national executive committee (NEC) trustee following the tribal remarks against party President Rupiah Banda.

And the MMD has with immediate effect re-instated the dissolved Western provincial executive committee (PEC) Simasiku Namakando-led leadership.MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba said at a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday Mr Namulambe’s tribal utterances were injurious and in total contradiction to article 2 (e) of the party constitution.

“Following utterances that have caused deep injury to the standing of the party in significant segments of the Copperbelt society and bordering on appeals to divisive tribal sentiments in total contradiction to article 2 (e) of the MMD party constitution, the secretariat is suspending Honourable Gabriel Namulambe from his position as NEC trustee,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said Mr Namulambe’s suspension would await a determination by the NEC for a further course of action.
He said Mr Namulambe was co-opted in good faith by the NEC not too long ago to occupy the position which had been vacant for some time.

Mr Namulambe’s suspension from NEC comes four days after President Banda fired him from the position of Science, Technology and Vocational Training minister.

When contacted, Mr Namulambe said he had no comment on his suspension but it was all right.
The former minister recently said Lambas were hurt and frustrated by President Banda not following the legacy of late head of State Levy Mwanawasa.

On Mr Namakando and three others, Dr Kalumba said the re-instating of the Namakando executive was a result of President Banda’s responsible intervention and the successful legal defence by the party as well as the remorse shown by the four party leaders.Dr Kalumba called upon the Western Province party organs to recognise the old executive as legitimate authority.

He said the interim leadership who occupied the positions of the four PEC positions had been written to and the party was indebted to them for steering the party during the period of extreme test and turbulence in the MMD in Western Province. Dr Kalumba said Mr Namakando had been advised to be inclusive and allow the party to grow even after the political challenge that it had faced.

And Mr Namakando, who said he was not aware of his re-instatement, thanked President Banda and the entire MMD leadership for the decision they had taken of restoring his leadership.

Dr Kalumba said the MMD party leadership had chosen the path of discipline, accountable and responsible leadership to address the challenges it faced as the country moved towards the 2011 elections.Dr Kalumba said the MMD had endorsed the defection of former Gender minister Patricia Mulasikwanda and Bert Mushala of North-Western Province and urged MMD members to consider the two officials as being deleted from the party.

He said the secretariat had lifted the suspension of MMD Chipata District information and publicity secretary Sinoya Mwale and advised him to respect party hierarchy in public utterances in future.Dr Kalumba said the secretariat had suspended acting North-Western Province chairperson James Katoka pending determination of action by the party leadership.

[Times of Zambia]

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  1. Numero uno.
    Young Gabby had it coming for crying like the spoilt brat that he became uncle his family tree headman Legacy.

  2. Have the Nkoyas been crying out in the press for being “sidelined”? Show me a Cabinet Minister from Swakaland or one from Luanoland? Which Minister is Sala by tribe? Have these been threatening everyone else in the country? NO. But the mighty Lambas are the most aggrieved. Bane let us be sensible in the things we want. In Bemba they warn those who are too lucky: “Uletola no bwapona”. Lambas should do just that.

  3. The tribalism model has no national level dividends in winning politics.Otherwise, HH nowa perennial ballot reject who came in on the platform and vision of realizing a tonga only President could have been president of Zambia by now.

    History is full of political rejects among them is Michael Sata a 4th time ballot reject whom if you follow his 2006 campaign trail that evolved on tribal hatred against Mwanawasa’s lamba he called unnecessary ichitundu. Unless one is still in deep slumber, politics of tribalism has no political constituency to deliver a national vote.

  4. It’s only RB’s altruistic leadership with its sway that has ended polarization now steadfastly injecting in the much lost national unity and identity. The opposition voices have proved to be irresponsible anti-unity, anti-democracy bitter losers evolving their wrath on insults.

  5. So this clearly shows that no one should be able to challenge RB even when he is wrong. These guys will not be talking against RB (even when he’s wrong) for fear of being sucked of their jobs. What a shame!!!!!!!

  6. Yeah Nalubambe deserved to go. This spolit boy wanted to believe he is all strong and might because of his relationship with the departed LPM. I hope he has leant a lesson. The Lamba’s are not a special tribe whether you look at it economically , population wise, geographically or ven educationlly

  7. Too bad Young Gabs, this only shows what a political upstart you are. Politics can be dirty, but you went about it the wrong way. Pray you have made good progress in terms of development to your contituency, otherwise…..iye!

  8. Too bad Young Gabs, this only shows what a political upstart you are. Politics can be dirty, but you went about it the wrong way. Pray you have made good progress in terms of development to your contituency, otherwise…..iye! as for #6, you are entitled to your own opinions, however “bootlickish” it may sound.

  9. The suspension of Nalubambe is just a starter on the MMD menu, wait for the main course at their convention! As for the re-instating of the Namakando executive it has come a little too late, the DAMAGE has already been done.

  10. Now lets see what you’re made of Namulambe, is the dead lawyer going to rescue you?- nada!!!

    Are you going to issue bounced cheques- in all likelihood, yes

  11. Namulamba misplayed his cards and got the result.As a cabinet member,one cant speak against his President or Prime Minister without facing a sack anywhere in the world.Thats gross indiscipline.George Galloway spoke against the invasion of Iraq and denounced Tony Blair.The Labour Party responded by handing him an expulsion.Clinton was Obama’s Arch-rival during primaries but she is part of Obama and these two speak the same language.Namulambe thought he was a political heavyweight when in actual fact he was not even near to being a featherweight.

  12. #5 I admire the way you debate and your strong, undefiant and unflinching support for the ruling party, MMD. I wouldn’t say RB, because even it was Sata leading MMD, you would still put your head on the chopping board for the party and it’s policies, right? I have been trying to figure out the gyst of tribal politics in the wake of Mpombo and Namulambe! And I was going to be on the route to believing that MMD was gonna be above that, but for the appointment of Masaiti MP to full Cabinet Minister, Lands. I believe this was meant to appease the lamba speaking people in the wake of having dropped Namulambe, whom I believe hails from the so called Lamba land!
    I guess I need your interpretation of this appointment my broda, lest am misunderstood!! Am liberal and stand to be corrected!

  13. #18
    Imagine if after dropping Namulambe, he went ahead and picked a Lungu or Tembo from Eastern province! The Lamba’s would have been infuriated. Its a sound move by RB in that it does not detract from the Lamba’s representation in govt. Appointing another minister from Lamba-land sends the right message to the insecure Lamba’s that feel their tribe and in deed the legacy of their closest sympathizers is under attack from RB-led govt… the message being that RB has nothing against the Lamba people!

  14. On 15th August 2003, a motion to impeach President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC was moved in the National Assembly by UPND Chief Whip, Crispin Sibeta.

    Sibeta laid impeachment charges that accused Mwanawasa of corruption, nepotism and breaches of the Constitution.

    Rooted in the twelve allegations and twenty five counts, was one corrupt allegation that President Mwanawasa received kickbacks from an oil firm and importer of crude oil, Trans Saharan Trading (TST).

    MMD Vice- President and Kapompo West Member of Parliament Enoch Kavindele laid 32 documents on the table in Parliament supporting an Opposition impeachment motion against his former boss and MMD President, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. Many thought Kavindele was suffering from a poor taste of sour grapes. He was fired three months b4

  15. Kavindele stated that the 32 documents he had laid on the table of Parliament were to show that Mwanawasa was inherently corrupt and that some of his nefarious activities could be traced to his time when he was practising as a lawyer, his tenure as Republican Vice-President under President Frederick Chiluba and his presidency since 2002.

    He recounted how Mwanawasa had tasked a team comprising himself, and Finance Minister Emmanuel Kasonde to raise party funds for the MMD.

    Kavindele stated that they duo raised money from many sources including Trans-Saharan Trading (TST) who gave the MMD USD100, 000.00.

    Kavindele said that of this amount, USD60, 000.00 was given to Mwanawasa in person through Emmanuel Kasonde. Other amounts were given to MMD National Secretary, Newstead Zimba

  16. Talking of which. Any updates on Katele Kalumba. Is he still in Punjab? He may have taken up Yoga by now.

  17. #2 do you know anyone from Luanoland? If you do pls confirm (I am!). #18 walasa mune! The appointment of the new Lands Minister whose name I can not even remember shows that the MMD (RB to be specific) and Namulambe are the two faces of the same coin. In my oppinion this appointment just confirms what Gab has been ranting about.

  18. #9 spelling -should be sacked not sucked.#22 you are outside topic the issue is “MMD DROPS NALUBAMBE FROM NEC” whats your point?

  19. #25 shikantwa,l lik your comments.Jst wonder y bloggers make comments unrelated 2 the topic @ hand esp.Veteran some pipo are even mentioning Sata wen ths is an MMD affair.

  20. Namulambe show them your heavy weight now. remember you said you are not a light weight in politics but a heavy weight, show them now come man”

  21. Don’t forget RB is sticking to his words – ‘I will fire you, I will you to NEC, we shall expel you from the party, there will be a bye election and I will follow you t your constituency and I will defeat you’. Don’t have short memories, RB is trying to show you that he at least has some principles to follow. Now Namakando who has the western province under his belt is reinstated, where does Mabenga stand? He opposed the reconcilation without thinking, I wouldn’t be surprised if him and Kaande are shown the door as well. Did you see Muntanga in the papers, he may just get Kaande’s positin, wait and see.

  22. Veteran … why do you find it hard to make comments on the content of articles without mentioning the names of individuals who are not mentioned in the articles? Do you even read the articles or you just paste on the blogs whatever you have already prepared?

  23. Politics of Poverty in Africa…we are reminded yet again how immature Zambian politics are..we can not accept critisim even if it is positive,all Rupiah wants is yes men to surround him,typical and all we can do is heap praise because tomorrow we might lose our job! F*#K this!!!you Zambians are weak,mentally you are used to being abused so you think if someone is doing wrong it is ok as long as your job is fine!!! wake theF*#K UP!!Ma Zambians,and smell the coffee!!!!from 1964 to 2010 we are still allowing people to use pit latrines in the capital city where the President lives!!!now that is development zambian style….cool!!!

  24. Namulambe expected the axe to fall,these positions are not personal to holder,bamfumu tekuti ulwishe muchilonganino icha MMD pakuti iminwe shenu mulasamfya mu nimilopa yabantu..mubone uku penga kwesu muchalo,bamwisa bashite ichalo naba ngwee,fwebo kwenko uku tosha,pano mwabona insoni icshi ba Banda ba kuposamo,webo wime ngo mwalalume uli ukulanga ichalo ifimwa bombele mu MMD,kani kuli ifi bafisa fyonse kanshi mwanshike bonse babone,aikona ukumfwa umwenso iyoo!!

  25. keep being disorganised, keep conflict amongst your selves, you broad of vipers(MMD), come 2011, change, yes we can zambian, we need change, twana naba kelenka, ba mutana sonka, vivva pact

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