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Respect my father’s contributions-Panji

Headlines Respect my father's contributions-Panji

Dr Kenneth kaunda's son Panji .

PANJI Kaunda, the first born son of first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda, has urged politicians to respect the first president for the contribution he has made to the development of Zambia.

Colonel Kaunda told the Times in Chipata on Monday that the family of Dr Kaunda was not happy with the outbursts from some politicians who were allegedly talking ill of his father.

“As a family of Dr Kaunda, we are surprised by remarks from sections of politicians against my father. I have noticed with sadness that politicians have continued to issue careless and irresponsible statements to the media against my father,” Col Kaunda said.

He said the family of Dr Kaunda was disturbed at the moment in view of the outbursts being directed at his father.

He said some politicians should not forget that Dr Kaunda educated them when he was the president through free education, adding that Zambians should recognise his contribution to national development.
“The works and contributions that our old man made to the country should not be forgotten and should be recognised by Zambians.

‘‘We as children are not happy with politicians saying bad words against my father,” Col Kaunda said.

He said some politicians should not forget that Dr Kaunda educated them when he was the president through free education, adding that Zambians should recognise his contribution to national development.

He said Dr Kaunda was a father to most of the current crop of politicians while others were his grandchildren who should be respecting him all the time.

“I am sure these people attacking my father have also their fathers who need respect from them. My father needs to be respected just as their fathers need to be respected,” Col Kaunda said.

He said Dr Kaunda had a right to comment on issues affecting the country because he was the father of the nation.

Col Kaunda asked veteran politician Malimba Masheke to respect Dr Kaunda and his family.
The former Republican president was recently a victim of a media bashing from former Defence minister George Mpombo, Patriotic Front president Michael Sata, secretary general Wynter Kabimba and former prime minister Malimba Masheke, who accused him of siding with President Banda.

Those attacking Dr Kaunda are reported to have warned him about further attacks if he continued with his perceived biased political stance.


  1. To my dear friend Tilyenji and my elder brother Panji: Dear brothers, I dont know why you have stopped advising the old man against getting involved in politics. You used to do it. What has changed? Akanyelele nga wakapimpila kala suma- this is what has happened to our father. You see even when he was President we used to insult him but of course in private. Not so is the case to day. Dare he call me STUPID *****, I will resprocate- CHINDIKA UMWAICE NGA KUCHINDIKA. Am sure you understand this although you are a Henga/Tonga from Malawi.

  2. Best way to avoid this is to tell the old man to keep quiet cause politicians hungry to gain some political mileage will really tear him to shreds and he is not squicky clean himself

  3. Col. Panji please advise the old man to stay clear of active politics if at all politicians will respect him. i never heard mandela come out and issue any public statements against anyone during the ANC wrangles between zuma and mbeki!!!

  4. Yeah panji needs to understnd that when you comment make public statement you will receive a public response. If pipo disagree or feel offended by your comments they will hit back regardless of what your family thinks

    • You go public KK expect your response through the public media. My Advise to you our Great Father is Please stop the use of Public media even in a Small issue that that can lead to such.At your age now be like Nelson Mandela, Enjoy your sweat.Look after our Muma Kaunda. Forget about these Politics.Thank you for what you did for Mother Zambia. May God almight give you more wisdom.Live longer KK.

  5. The Old man was the first one to misbehave himself, he boobed. Te your beloved dad to refrain from making careless statements then he will be respected, otherwise the old man is at fault so instead of advsing politicians, tell him first. We all respected him, but he boobs…….I mean we will tell him grand pa this is crap.

  6. When u are trying to advise someone in life,if u try to ridicule them in public,they never take the advise kindly even when it is given in good faith.This law of nature should be well known by the former head of state KK.The best way to advise youngsters is to call them in the privacy of your home,without anybody ‘s knowledge and talk,after that the same chaps will appreciate the advise and will be the ones jumping up and down praising you for your wisdom.What our old man did was to use wrong medium of communication.This has backfired and he should take it like a man, nobody forced him to utter those words,he should swallow his pride and apologise to Mpombo,for using the wrong medium and unpalatable language,and not to be defensive through his sons and spokes person.

  7. Iz anybody “disrespecting” KK for the great thingz he haz done for this country or the mischief he haz found himself in recent timez?

  8. To the Kaunda family! what we are saying is that the father of the nation should not equite another human being to a dog, he should be the first one to give guidance and not insulting young politicians. The fact that he is the founding father does not give him the right to call someone else’s father, husband and grandfather a dog! And please advise him to be nonpartisan as he is suppose to be a father to all otherwise expect more from not only politicians but zambians cos what he said is very unzambian.

  9. As for this picture, please LT you should have found something better. I rest my case lest am accusing of calling what is God’s creation names

  10. Well Panji, I don’t think anyone is questioning your father’s contribution to the nation. If you read the recent press statements carefully you will notice that your father has brought all this upon himself by his careless utterances in support of Rupiah (UNIPIST). During his presidency KK was a ruthless dictator and nobody ever dared to speak out against him. Just advise your father to keep his mouth shut and start behaving decently.

  11. Some bloggers puzzle me. Is it you support what Mpombo said and Kaunda criticised or is it because Kaundas statements seem to support RB thats why you have turned against him. The short memory we have is quite worrisome at times. Let me give a case in point, prior to 2006 elections, Sata promised to stop the corruption cases of Chiluba should he be elected in office. At the same time, Chiluba declared open support for Sata. Almost everyone was happy because of Chilubas stance. I remember people (PF cadres with Sata) lining up at COURT to witness Chilubas case with potential protests underway. Two years down the line, coz he has supported RB, Chiluba becomes a criminal even to those that used to claim he is ok. No one wants to acknowledge that. Why is it that to some everything govt is bad

  12. most of you on this blog will get bad luck ..respect kaunda..he knows more than those childish useless comments againest him..KK talks sence everytime he issues a statement..from experience..thats why zambia can go forward ..great countires always get advice from formar presidents why?? experienced is the best teacher..if you dont have nothing to do contribut keep quiet..ninshi kanshi baiche..ata..ifyabupuba ..keep your head up ..

  13. Crystal, he is not my relative in any way. Read my comments, they are not based on relationship in my view but my logic. Thanks for consulting. If anything, maybe I wish he was, I could have gotten a job somewhere (joke)

  14. We seem to have another senior citizen in the making by the name of Daniel Banda .Why should everything be about Rupiar Banda.We are not against KK supporting RBB,please we are against his use of bad language and wrong strategies in trying to advise people.If KK had brought RB and Mpombo into a round table discusion Daniel ,i believe he would have achieved results,than going on ZNBC and exposing his ignorance the way he did. Insead of the whole gesture adding value to his personality it has reduced his value.Its like everyone who hangs out with RB has his societal value reduced.He is bad company Daniel abandon ship before its too late.There should be a reason for this and i doubt if it hatred for him,it is his personality.

  15. # 20,

    There is nothing wrong with the word “bark” in the context it was used by the old man against Mpombo. Look up its meaning in the dictionary and you will agree that it objectively and precisely describes the waterless, cheap political rantings that Mpombo (and others) has been doing in the media, at the expense of diverting attention from the debate on other more important development/policy issues that are to the benefit of all Zambians. It is only prudent for any wise person, as KK as done, to call for a stop to the status quo, since it is not benefiting anyone, not even the opposition themselves! Personal differences can be resolved and settled in other more mature means and proper channels than through tongue-lashing each other through the media. Its disgusting….

  16. Zambians have a tendency to say a lot of Bullshit, and this, cvertainly, is some of it. Panji, your father was a dictator who called our fathers “stupid *****s”. Did he educate us? No. It wasn’t his money. It was OUR MONEY, you failed soldier. I no longer have respect for KK. No more. he should SHUT UP, before we open a file on his dictatorship and how he protected YOU from prosecution over allegations of dealing in illegal substances. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES.

  17. #21 So chabe is what Daniel Banda saying not true? Did Sata not say in 2006 that he would free Chiluba if he were elected and did Chiluba not openly support Sata before they fell out? I think what Daniel Banda is saying is valid and is not just about supporting RB. In any case are we not living in a democracy and why should it be a sin for somebody to come on this blog in support of RB just like some support Sata whatever nonsense comes out of his mouth?

  18. Panji must be disappointed with is father’s careless attack on Mpombo instead of being disappointed with the people who criticize his father. Inasmuch as KK has contributed to Zambia does not mean we are going to listen to KK as an Angel from God. KK is just a man like anyone else and should be told when he goes out of the way. Munshewa ali kubuko nafimo-fimo, such that keeping quiet of KK baseless attacks on Mpombo is not good. We need to tell the old man when ever he uses vulgar language. Only dogs backs and no human being backs. If Mpombo retaliated that KK is backing rubbish how would Panji react? To hail with your fathers development if you want him to be insulting people.


    That is your point of view. 100% I differ from you. You might hv been frastrated during KK’s rule. While I and the many poor Zambians shared the national cake with him. free education, free medication, meal mealie corpon and many others. In short I can say that Zambia was better off during KK’s tennure than in Chiluba’s reign.. Too much insults, gun shots it towns .. Everyone want to enrich him/herself.. In KK’s time MPs were chosen on merit NOT political party they belong to. Where are the vehicle used in 2001 campaigning. STOLLEN.. SHAME ..SHAME

  20. Panji-nanji, tell your father that we need politicians who bark and not those who keep their tails between their legs. Mwasanswa bakapala. Kale their was no internet to tell you home truths, now, yaba!

  21. # 26, you’ve got a point. I, too, benefited from that free education, yes, from primary school to university. Yes, certainly, Chiluba was the WORST President any nation could ever have. Yes, I agree with you on several points. Unlike the MMD, I agree to differ with my brethren and continue to listen and see their point of view. But we can’t forget KK’s bad language. He called us “stupid *****s’, “worped thinking”, “beautiful outside but rotten inside”, etc. I don’t think Mpombo has “it”, so I’m not for him. But why remind us of those insults? KK should be above that. he’s my hero, dawg. C’mon!! The Father of The Nation shouldn’t have a foul mouth. In Barotseland and Lesotho, we used to overthrow kings, despite their age.

  22. Let’s all remember that Zambia is not a kingdom, like Lesotho or Swaziland. We’re all made of the same red blood. None has it blue. KK must apologize to the nation for his unbecoming behavior, should desist from being an active politician, just because Banda is at State House. And as KK apologizes for teaching us bad manners, kafupi should be chained until he gives to the public what he stole from us all. None of us should be above the law. None.

  23. If your father made a meaniful contribution would Zambia be the way its is today? Is it not during your fathers time that people ate Toba umutwe. Ofcourse you wouldnt notice the disgrace zambians went through because you had every thing. Zambia looked a bare country, with no value at all. Tell your father to keep away from active politics.

  24. So Chabe
    Iam baffled at the fact that its hard for you to accept or acknowledge the truth brought out by Daniel Banda.Instead you are quick to conclude that he is a Senior Citizen in the making.

  25. #29(MWAN’AMUSUTU)
    Mudala simumvela ati”And as KK apologizes for teaching us bad manners, kafupi should be chained until he gives to the public what he stole from us all”
    I ‘ ve laughed too much.Iam now sleeping.

  26. Ba Panji, Your Dad, our former president, as much as we can acknowledge some things that he did, i totally disagree with this notion of free education, remember, Zambians pay taxes so that was a good use of tax. However, your Dad, was a leader no one will stand up to, no one could advise unless in agreement and generally he was a leader we feared to speak up to. What kind of leadership and example was he giving us? He has shown Zambians how to hold on to power and how not to identify future leaders, and he basically wanted everyone to be dependent on him and not independent. Zambians were taught about go back to the land and thanks to him, we still don’t have a sensible social security system to cater for the seniors. Basically what iam saying is he was self centred & instilled fear in…

  27. all of his subjects. he could write a good book on how to hold on to power. Does anyone remeber how we used to be taken out of our school on foot to the airport to welcome him? What was that about? We were only kids and yet subjected to terrible notions of walking to the airport in the scorching heat to wait for the president. I never appreaciated that and if you don’t go there you were in trouble at school. This was abuse and whatever you say Panji, i will never forget that. These are just a few things that happened among other things we considered cruel. We didn’t need to worship a leader but learn to like him for what he did for us. No way no how, i will never agree with anyone saying he was totally good as a leader.

  28. KK deserves respect period. Advice from elderly people is like ‘malumbo’ – don’t take offence, he knows what he is talking about. Ba Mpombo, you worked with KK, why not visit him and explain what you say to the press and what you mean. He will welcome and take your word further by even persuading RB to understand you. Don’t politicise everything – KK means well and even for the opportunistic Masheke who destroyed Christon and Kebby’s careers in UNIP to be attacking Dr. Kaunda like that is a very disgraceful act. Masheke is a dull person who thrived on gossip and rose all the way and yet he is now attacking the person who made him who he is today. What an ungrateful homo sapien?

  29. We can respect any elders but whenyour time is over stay out of the political spotlight , just concentrate on charity. Why can’t people take a leaf from people like Nelson Mandela, ali Zii.

  30. We can respect any elders but when your time is over stay out of the political spotlight , just concentrate on charity. Why can’t people take a leaf from people like Nelson Mandela, ali Zii.

  31. Since when did he become the “father of the nation”? That’s the problem when you start addressing these politicians that way.

  32. Mwan’amusutu – You are using plural terms — If KK called you or your father names, speak for yourself. KK called some people some names – he did not call out ALL Zambians, please.

  33. Its easy how people forget, i guess we have short memories, but this is a man who used national television calling people, not my ‘relatives’ but his fellow human beings things such as ‘stupid *****’. Thats totally unacceptable and disrespectful, while we have moved on its also important to acknowledge that the former president took his fellow Zambians for granted period. While some of you may have forgotten, even if he never direclty called out any of my family members i think that he was very disrespectful of anyone who fell out of favour with him. Anyway, Zambians are good people we have moved on but this will never happen again. Its a new day, any leader who takes power for granted or has outlived his usefulness will be so gone in no time.

  34. kulubemba tulandati ubufumu buchindika umwine. my advice to KK is you have reached the age where by you neen to take it easy and enjoy the few rest of your years here on earth spend time with your great grand childred and make peace with all zambians. Take permanent leave from active politics

  35. Yes , Malimba Masheke was the dullest Prime Minister this country ever had. How he rose to the top only the devil knows!

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