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Millers will not reduce price of mealie meal further-MAZ


THE Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) has said that it will not reduce the price of mealie meal claiming the prices had a fortnight ago been reduced.

On Friday, Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Peter Daka called on the millers to reconsider the cost structure for mealie meal production and make the prices affordable to the citizens.

Mr Daka said this when he launched this year’s crop-marketing season in Monze.

In a statement in Lusaka yesterday, MAZ executive officer Harrison Banda said the association members had already reduced the prices of mealie meal by K2,000 for a 25 kilogramme bag resulting in the current price of breakfast on the Copperbelt ranging from K56,000 to K61, 500 and in Lusaka from K56, 000 to K59, 500.

“Roller meal was reduced by as much as K6,000 per 25 kg bag and is currently selling at between K36,000 and K40,000 depending on the brand and location since mealie meal is a highly competitive product,” Mr Banda said.

He said consumers should realise that this year’s maize price at K65,000 per 50 kilogramme bag was the same as for the last season, a move that saw mealie meal prices being subsidised almost throughout the year.

Mr Banda said this was despite an increase in millers carrying costs of maize stocks, which included storage, fumigation, security and finance charges.

“Most millers have stocks of the expensive maize (actual costs plus carrying costs) from the previous season to last until about June this year. It would therefore be unreasonable to expect further reductions in mealie meal prices when the base of the raw material, maize has remained constant which will go up with the carrying costs,” Mr Banda said.

He, however, said MAZ was hopeful that with the carry-over stocks from last season and the expected bumper harvest this year, there could be excess supply of maize on the market.

Mr Banda said depending on the interaction of the market supply and demand, the prices of both maize and mealie meal could come under pressure around June and July for the benefit of the consumers.


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  10. Being a minister is a very easy job, you don’t need to work hard, research your facts before making public statements, listen to citizens and what really matters to them. The millers know what they are talking about, they have a better relationship with their customers (the citizens) who buy their unga. How far removed is this minister from the citizens and millers? Judging from his statement I think like most politicians, he lives on planet Mars, he does not eat nshima every day, and he has a “speech” quota to fulfill so he can get paid – tax payer’s money, there bane!

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