Thursday, June 20, 2024

Nkana vs Power Derby Pt 1: Nkana’s View


Can Nkana claim the scalp of their second big gun at home in a space of two weeks?

Two weeks ago Nkana dented defending champions Zanaco’s ego when they won 1-0 at home, a loss the visitors coach Wedson Nyirenda admitted they had lost to a more assertive side.

Despite losing 2-0 away to Choma Eagles last Sunday that saw an end to their five-match unbeaten run,  Nkana have not lost at home so far this season.

Nkana have two successive home wins coming into this match and as many draws since the start of the season.

However, two key players will miss the derby and they are defensive midfielder Joseph Kamalondo who is injured and striker Rabson Lwambula who will be away on CHAN training camp duty with Zambia.

Despite that, Nkana have some valuable experience in the one and only Douglas Chiwaya who is the side’s top scorer on four goals despite rotating duties in defence and attack.

Meanwhile, Coach Benjamain “Kawilo” Chilongo has said the derby against Power Dynamos will be Nkana’s biggest game to date after 10 matches played this season.

“Yes derbies are unpredictable but we are playing at our home ground and being our first home derby will take that advantage,” Chilongo said. “We are ready for them.”


  1. Who iz this Nkana cardre just talking about one team instead of analyzing the FAZ/KCM league az a whole? Yes Nana iz doing well so far, must be encouraged and dezrve a pat, but it iz wishful thinking to start over-showering the team with praize, lest they become complecant.

  2. Its just a derby on paper and will not live up to the matches of the 80’s becoz footbal pa Zed is finito. Trying to instill excitement on this blog is shear waste of time and space. Come end of the season, your Nkana will find itself fighting relegation.

  3. #1 and #2
    Take it easy guys. Nkana is back to dominate Zambian football one more time despite not having meaningfull sponsorship. Nkana has something which no other team has in Zambia i.e Massive support! Because of this, they are known as the team that never plays away. Their supporters overwhelm the supporters of home teams. Teams like Zanaco would not be in existence now if they where subjected to the problems Nkana has gone through coz of their few supporters which can’t go beyond 1500 countrywide.

  4. Looks like Brave is not doing enough? All the time Nkana even whne they have lost. Is Nkana the only team in FAZ /KCM. It is like Man U the rest are like Stoke City and no Chelsea or Arsenal.
    What is wrong with the his EDITOR?

  5. #3. It iz allowed to live on past glory sometimez. But when reality beckonz, you will do well to come to termz with it.

  6. i will be flashing red cards at nkana,come one come all,we will win the league.nalelo ba devil bawina

  7. Ba Nkana supporters please take it easy. You have started well quite alright but you will be in a relagation zone after playing week 20. By week 22 you will start throwing stones at the opponents at home and away. Zesco is coming and are already on top and it is the opposite with Nkana coz you have started going down and eventually you will be on position number 14.

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