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UNZASU calls for resignation of Dr. Solomon Musonda


Chief government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha visits a PF cadre who was shot by health deputy minister Solomon Musonda

Following the shooting of Mr Musaka by the Deputy Minister of Health Dr Solomon Musonda, the University of Zambia Student Union (UNZASU) demands that Dr Musonda RESIGNS on moral grounds to allow the law to take its course without government interference. UNZASU strongly condemns this growing trend of shooting unarmed citizens by police that is now spilling over to political and government leaders.

Justice delayed is justice denied, therefore, Dr Musonda must resign to allow quick, free and fair investigations given his grave offence.We further call upon political party leaders to stop perpetuating violence by inciting violence through their followers as such would not obtain if the leaders did not tolerate it.

UNZASU also calls upon His Excellency the Republican President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to take stiff disciplinary action on government officials as such acts are discrediting his leadership.We believe that the root cause of this growing political violence is because the leaders of these political parties involved allow it.

This act of violence if left unchecked will incite future violence among opposing political parties and their followers. It is therefore imperative that the Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde look into this matter impartially and independently by opening an investigation into the shooting, as the Honorable Deputy Minister should not have gotten off with a mere warning. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Yours in students service,

Matongo, Otis (Mr) Secretary General UNZASU
Lunda, Mutinta (Mr) Publicity & Info Secretary UNZASU

Editor’s Note

Title Corrected


  1. The heading reads “UNZASU Calls for Resignation of Dr. Solomon Jere”, if I may ask, who is Dr. Solomon Jere?

  2. VIVA UNZASU! Now MMD run LT pliz Dr Solomon Jere is a humble police officer in charge of Lilayi training College if he was not promoted to a higher position

  3. Ba LT learn to report right, the name of the dr who shot that pf guy is not right, can you change it please? Ifyo tulanda lyonse, how can we have two laws in one country. Fyabupuba ifi mulechita ba MMD, lets have equal share of justice

  4. Why should Dr. Jere resign? The problem of LT being MMD has made it fail to keep track of their profession in writing. I see no connect Jere and the shooting of the PF cadre. Wawa LT, you are a let down.

  5. But zoona this is a disappointment of its worst kind by the Zambia Police coz they are now being Remote Controlled, they are being told
    1.who to arrest,
    2.who to investigate,
    3. how to investigate,
    4. When to Investigate
    5. Why Investigate……

  6. This is ridiculous! Why is Musonda still enjoying his liberty??? This is not about malice, its 100% about justice! He shot that unarmed boy in cold blood claiming to have been attacked. There is no scratch on Musonda’s body, his car is 100% intact. He stepped outside the vehicle to fire that gun…without any warning shots!!!! He shot twice…. the first bullet missed….he shot again a second time landing the bullet on his intended target. Strip him of his medical credentails then lock him up as the law provides for attempted murder.

  7. Question for RB: What if Dr. Musonda had shot at RB’s beloved son Henry Banda? Would Musonda still be a free man serving in RB’s government?………………… I didn’t think so Mr. Mr Bwezani. So is that poor boy’s life any less valuable than Henry’s?

  8. RB and his administration are really taking the Zambian people for granted BIG TIME. RB seems to think he can just keep sweeping issues under the rug indefinately. Unfortunately for him, there’s a limited amount of space under the rug.

  9. #11 u are very right. Assuming also this killer Dr Solomon Musonda shot RB’s small girl Thandiwe, iwe RB can u tell us with yo continued dullness, would u have kept this chi murderer Solomon Musonda free up to now. Certain things iwe chi RB u dont need to be told all the time what to do. No wonder u have a small brain.

  10. It is so daunting to say everyday I am becoming more embarresd to say I am from Zambia. I used to say it so loudly and proud with my head high to whoever asked me where I was from. It is so embassasing to have such people as leaders, behaving like mad dogs and taking us all for idoits. My heart is so sore for my country. I am saving all the money I have to travel to Zambia for one purpose only- TO VOTE THESE *****S OUT!!

  11. Gosh, typos * embarrassed * embarrassing
    Fellow Zambians we can do it! We are better than these good for nothing leaders, we are more in numbers. MMD can shoot all they want but they don’t have enough bullets to take all of us down. MMD should not expect to dish out violence and not expect a dose of there own medicine-we will arm ourselves too- Bring it on! This is our country, its called Zambia not bloody MMD! I am really so annoyed. I honestly truly and pray to God they could all just drop down and die and leave us in peace, enough is enough! But kwena we have been taken for a fools ride, everyone thinks they are untouchable that toad can’t even say squat! Not in Zambia-take this s*** to Somali or Zim RB.

  12. I thought UNZA students will demonstrate on Dr. Musonda’s case. I think the students of nowadays are cowards. You even know that your call for Dr. Musonda to will not yield any results. Sometimes its even better to shut up. How many people have said the same things and Dr. Musonda is even feasting with the same police or RB. So whatever you will say will not change anything. This is Zambia where criminals and thieves are protected while innocent people go to jail.

  13. Off topic, i don’t know whether you guys know that you can make unlimited calls to landlines in Zambia from the USA, for $25.99 a month of course it includes unlimited calling within the USA and 60 other countries.The only african countries within the 60 unlimited landphone countries are Zambia, South Africa & Kenya. This service has been going on for quite some time. check vonage dot com.

  14. @SHARP #13,14.
    You r the gael!!! Its appaling, daunting & embarrassing that most people that must offer protection to us do not or r the one perpetrating violence. This is a doing of none other than KAFUPI. He knows the trade well. Just 7yrs ago when i was in school, Institutions like UNZA,(CBU just follow their friends), HONE could stand u & condemn such acts of impunity. The shoots of kids in schools r growing up in a unique environment, these cant be furure leaders. I for one thinks any good & reliable leader must ve overcome some bit of ‘torment’ in their lives especially to do with the govt of the day. Any one clean of that merely posses to be like RB. Very clean but of no use. FTJ very clean but of no use. Levy-embattled by FTJ in 1991 & brave & useful MHS(continue)RIP.

  15. sometimes i feel like i should never go back to z but again i cant let others fight for me while i stand aside and watch. i really hate what is happening in z. this mother.f.u.c.k.e.r. must be arrested and later hanged.

  16. This demand by UNZASU is long overdue. UNZASU used to be vibrant in the 70s,80s and even in the 90s. Why is UNZASU so dormant nowadays? No wonder these chaps in government are doing as they please. Come on UNZASU revive the 1970s spirit and save Zambia from sinking.

  17. RB is domant,why does he allow lawlessness among his Ministers?.We have never seen or heard him discipline any of the Ministers except for Chibombamilimo and Shakafuswa who were fired for being patriotic to the Mwanawasa legacy.I differ very much with Chanda Chimba the Third for suggesting that Rupiah’s Leadership comes from God,I feel Chanda Chimba is stripping the Bible naked but the same sacred book condems corrupt and evil leaders like RB.Just look and reflect what he has done ever since he came into power:,He flew to Nigeria to look for Investors,he increased Salaries for his Ministers,he arrested Kabwera for talking the truth,Fr.Bwalya,RP Capital & Dora’s scandal,He stopped the prosecution of Chiluba,Chalwe threatens to rape Nawakwi bt Kabonde defends Chalwe,Mufumbwe violence etc…

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