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VEEP says PF/UPND pact is paralysed

Headlines VEEP says PF/UPND pact is paralysed

Vice president George Kunda

Vice President George Kunda has said the Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development (PF-UPND) pact is in a state of paralysis and is bound to collapse any time.

Mr Kunda said as a result of the confusion in the pact, people are leaving the pact parties in large numbers to join the ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

The Vice President was speaking today when he addressed Mansa residents who welcomed him at the airport before he proceeded to Mwansabombwe to officiate at this year’s Mutomboko ceremony.

He urged MMD members across the country, especially those in Mansa were the party has started gaining strength, to take advantage of the confusion in the pact to unite the ruling party.

“You must be united and take advantage of the confusion in the pact to strengthen our party, the ruling MMD,” Mr Kunda said.

He charged that as a result of the confusion in the pact, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has even stopped being seen in public as he has gone into hiding due to shame.

“We are not reading about him anymore since they started quarreling with Michael Sata. Because of shame, HH has gone into hiding.” The Vice President said

Mr Kunda further said that PF leader Michael Sata does not like the people of Luapula, as he has been suspending MPs in the province from his party and has also been insulting the royal highnesses in the area.

He appealed to the people of Luapula to continue rejecting Mr Sata and his party as he has no respect for the traditional chiefs.

Mr Kunda encouraged MMD members in the province to promote unity in order to strengthen the party instead of endorsing suspensions.

He said the suspension of party members is not good for the MMD as a party and has appealed to the party membership in Luapula province to desist from the practice.

“Just here I saw one poster saying we are tired of suspensions. This shows that people are tired of suspensions,” He said.

Mr Kunda noted that MMD as party must lead by example in desisting from suspending its members to encourage unity in the ruling party.

“For us in MMD we must lead by example, especially here in Mansa where we are gaining strength. We must be united in this province and throughout the country behind President Rupiah Banda.” he said.

He called for pro-activeness among party members to forestall any confusion in the party by reporting any provincial member identified to be fermenting disorder.

Mr Kunda assured the people of Luapula that government will continue supporting the hosting of the Mutomboko traditional ceremony because it is a traditional ceremony of international recognition and provides an opportunity for government leaders to share developmental ideas with the people of the province.

And speaking earlier, Luapula Province MMD Provincial Chairman, Emmanuel Chungu appealed to government to work on some important roads which have not been worked on.

He also said that government should find quickest ways to address the plight of former Mansa batteries workers who have not been paid their dues since the closure of the battery company in the early 1990s.


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  1. God advise sir!
    MMD u rocccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEh HHhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Zambian politics and politicians are all useless. They are full of character assassination at the the expense of development. When ever politicians open their wide mouth all what they vomit is nonsense. They are full of Tu Quoque when people are suffering. They behave as though they have never been to scohhol. Especially, George, Rupiah, Sata and Hichilema including this Milupi, Chiluba, Miyanda what in fact everyone one they they are useless to 21 Century politics. Ma rubbish.

  3. Vice President dressing as though is going for hunting monkeys. What a nonsense of leadership. T hey are all sticking corruption. Everyone of them in producing a revolting stench of corruption. Everyday what comes out of their mouth is corrupt. Are these the best leadership Zambia has? what did people see in them to choose them leaders? You mean there is no one in Zambia who can lead the country or they are using corruption to get on top and and quality leaders are denied opportunity? If I was an ambassador of a such government I would resign to avoid being embarrassed in other countries. All God what a nonsense in Zambia.

  4. Veep is the spokesperson for the pact,he seems to be having sleepless nights over the pact.Both kunda and william banda look like clowns,are they married or is there anyone to advise..It pains to see how people are suffering in Zambia and yet these people all they do is polictiking as though that is what will bring development..Our Hope is just the coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. These pronouncements will only strengthen the Pact. If you Mr Veep want the pact to collapse dont say anything about it. The problem is that you talk too much that you dont even know that you are shooting yourself in the foot.

    Pact leaders learn from the f.oolish pronouncements of Veep

  6. Such contradiction is stupid. The same person urging people to ignore the pact keeps talking about it. I wonder how many more things he is asking the people to do then he himself is doing the opposite. Am now bound to believe the people who are saying that he is confused. If these people saying that he is confused are also confused THEN GOD HELP US, THE NATION AND THE WORLD!

  7. Bushe tachafwa akale ichi chine chi Pact? What remains of it? Just keep talking and pile pressure on it just to make sure.

  8. The more you talk about the pact the more hope you give it. Just stop talking about it and concentrate on building your party. Veep you talk too much!!!.

  9. Well, its not only the PACT dying in Zambia these days, Kunda himself also looks clearly marked for death and I will not be suprised if the PACT out lives him. His and the Pact are truly the last kicks of a dying horse, I just hope they can spare the people of this country the nonsence because “ifililo twanaka chafula banee”.

  10. GK does not care for the Zambian people. His only concern is POWER and the riches that flow from that. He is the one who is planning to weaken the law so that Zambia will be a paradise for the corruption and abuse of office. I’m ashamed to have a man like that as a vice-president. Totally ashamed.

  11. Mr patriot have you seen how scared your boss Kunda is? why should someone fear what is dying or what is paralised as he put it? If you keep on talking about someone negatively it shows that you are scared of him
    Kunda is seeing the paralisis in the pact when we are also seeing death of MMD where Mr. Mpombo, Mr. Magande and Kavindele are contrally and the comfusion that is there.
    Whether PACT or NO pact we are for the PACT VIVA PACT we LOVE you and we shall continue to LOVE you baby.

  12. It is PACT every where we go! Kunda is watering Pact to make it grow.whow!!!!! come 2011 we shall see your fruits when the corruption done by MMD will be long gone. The comfusion in MMD cannot be compared to the little one in the PACT.

  13. #17 Whether pact or no pact, we are for the pact. Wow! This is a quotable quote. Clearly, blind followers of the doomed pact like you have a serious problem lying ahead.

  14. Iyo kwena nipa Zed. Whilst all we are hearing from politicians are campaigns of character assassinations, I have never heard anyone of those in government commenting on the Zesco issue of hicking the tarrifs. One would wonder what really is happening in Zambia. Those in employment have never had chance to receive a salary increment of more than 10% but the government and the Bank of Zambia governor are in support of the Zesco tarrifs increase of 25.5%. Fellow gentlemen and women, what justification is there that these people have got a heart for ordinary Zambians apart from serving their own interests ? The so called President of the Republic has never had time to even pass on a comment against this evil. Where are we going ?

  15. Could someone avail me the contact numbers and email addresses for the two pact leaders, Sata and Hichilema. It is time we start operating at higher gear because what is happening on the ground is not pleasing. Go to KCM Plc and see the way workers are being treated despite the slave wages they get. I am of the view that it is us Zambians who can develop this country not foreigners. If this is the case, why has the government ignored Zambians to a level where Zambians are now looked upon as alliens? Indians are busy investing in their country out the financial wealth they reaping from the Zambian Mines. When is Zambia going to have gains out of its own cake ? When a Zambian from the Mines tries to invest, he/ she is fired from employment. Is Zambia for foreigners ?

  16. Just keep talking about it and pile the pressure, go on Veep go. What do you think has helped bring out the truth about this moribund alliance? If nobody put pressure, Zambians would have woken up with a party in crisis assuming power and it would have been too late for dear Zambia. Now our eyes are open because of talking. Viva talking……, pasogolo na talking……

  17. He wakes up from his PACT nightmares and starts talking c.r.ap, kunda daona monga he is a professional vice president, he thinks his career is being a vice president. Malabishi, kafele uko!

  18. number 19 ma labishi what PACT yuo are still dreaming of pact kushishita bati.forget about hte pact nonsense and forge forward its either MMD or faka matako yako pansi.Viva MMD uzachucha come 2011 we shall still be ruling and should you try to misbehave we shall send our gallant para military recruits to give you political bruises,uukoo!

  19. number 17 Africa by now you should know that magande,mpombo and kavindele are a non factor in MMD and we dont need their dunderheads to win 2011 eletions,which death of MMD work up mwaiche utulo sana echo tamwakatekepo ichalo ubututu..

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