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Father thankful after son was sent to India for cornea transplant

Health Father thankful after son was sent to India for cornea transplant

The father of a nine year old boy, James Miti who was sent for cornea transplant in India has thanked people who helped him with resources to send his son for the operation.

Abraham Miti said through the generous support of various stakeholders, he was able to send his child who was suffering from bilateral Keratonous to undergo the surgery in India.

He said James underwent a successful operation in India in June this year and Doctors have given him medication which he is still administering to the child.

Mr. Miti told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka that his child who had a short vision and could not see further than a meter is now able to see well.

He said that he is hopeful that after completion of the medication, his child’s sight would be restored completely.

Mr Miti has particularly commended the Lions Club of Munali for facilitating the boy’s evacuation and treatment to India in June this year.

He said the Lions Club of Munali helped him scout for K24 million that was needed for the travel and stay in India while they also facilitated for his operation there.

Mr. Miti has also commended other stakeholders who assisted the Lions Club in their plea to raise the money for his child.



  1. You may wonder where our tax goes to. Government failing to help poor people but sending great plunderers like chiluba to SA for medication. This RB govnt is so selfish and how I pray that they pay for their sins hardly. Thanks to the people who helped this future leader. May Jehovah God continue blessing the child that he heals completely and let RB and his minion who have despised the poor rot in their graves.

  2. Iwe chi Jones, its not MMD stupid- it is Lions Club of Mufulira! Only the computer man Katele went to India and he is still living! Veep is also going soon!

  3. Good news. Fortunately, we still have the Lion’s Club in Zambia, that has helped a lot of people through their hard times. To whom it may concern, may God bless you and keep on keeping on with the good works!

  4. Great news about the little kid. Is it just me or what….the word “evacuation”( which mean the mass movement of persons from a dangerous place due to a disaster or the procedure for moving a casualty from its initial location to an ambulance) is being misused. Same thing with “review”

  5. @8 Yankee Muntu, the english language gets more abused here by LT than any other human beings or organisation on this earth. Even their reporting leaves much to be desired. We are just glad because, its a platform for debate otherwise……….they are right ,left & centrally unproffessional. They could be interns!

  6. It is great the young boy’s sight has been restored. What surprises me is that they now send people outside Zambia for cornea transplant, my sister had the same procedure done in Kitwe by Dr Fisher many years ago.

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