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Saviour Chishimba to contest for Presidency this year


Chishimba addressing the press during the announcement of his Presidential Candidature

United Progressive People’s Party-UPP Chairperson Saviour Chishimba has declared that he will contest the country’s presidency in this year’s tripartite elections.

Dr. Chishimba has affirmed his decision to run for plot one at a media briefing in Lusaka, Wednesday.

Dr. Chishimba says his party will shock the country by emerging victorious in the general elections.

He said UPP has been on the ground since it was launched almost a year ago.

Dr. Chishimba says his political party will soon launch a mass nation-wide campaign drive to ask for votes from the electorate.

And Dr. Chishimba says the UPP is geared for a national convention ahead of the tripartite elections.

He said the electoral process in his party will start with elections in all the country’s 72-districts, which will culminate into a national convention.

Meanwhile Dr. Chishimba has called on government to deal firmly, and without hesitation, with people agitating violence over the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

He says government must use whatever is at its disposal, to quell any possible violence in Western Province.

Dr. Chishimba has told ZNBC News in an exclusive interview that there is need to sustain the culture of peace and tranquility in the country.

He has also condemned people circulating flyers in Western Province asking non-Lozi speaking people to leave the area by Friday, January 14.

And on Tuesday President Rupiah Banda warned Zambians against taking part in the planned meeting over the Barotseland Agreement in Mongu this Friday.

President Banda said the planned meeting by the group calling itself the Black Bulls will not take place.

And CARITAS Zambia Executive Director Sam Mulafulafu says there is no justification for people to be violent over the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Mr. Mulafulafu has strongly condemned persons that are agitating violence over the agreement.

He says it is unfortunate that non-Lozi speaking people are now being asked to leave the area by Friday January 14th.

Mr. Mulafulafu was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka on Wednesday.



  1. some political parties in Zambia,awe mwe!
    this is why Zambian politics never make sense and are full of poverty stricken politicians who do not even have an agenda for the country. God help mother Zambia,

  2. It is his democratic right.

    I however do not know what Dr. Chishimba will do for this country. He has not told us anything besides his intention to run for the presidential elections. The Zambian people are interested in knowing what you intend to do for the nation if you become president.

  3. UPP, that sounds familiar!! The late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe once run a party under the same name. The party was banned under the one party rule of Comrade KK. Now has the party been re-registered or it is a different party under the same name. I think notable members included John Chisata and the one a Michael Mpangayasapa Chilufya sata. Chishimba are you a follower of Kapwepwe.. Look at the dressing. Pre-colonial gear of Kaunda and kapwepwe. Very dated…..We are not fighting for independence any longer bwana. This is a new era mwinsho…..I hope you have not just woken up from coma or you might suffering from some form of ‘cerebral indigestion’.

  4. As others above me hv righlty said IT IS HIS DEMOCRATIC RIGHT….Democracy is like capitalism (in fact one was born from the other)….only the strongest survive.Perhaps out of all these parties there is one better than MMD/PF/UPND…or perhaps not…

  5. I don’t know why people call Saviour Chishimba a Dr, this guy dropped out of the School of Humanities at UNZA because he failed. He then joined politics and never went back to school. Now, i don’t know how he got his Doctorate degree. **==

  6. Iyee mwe bantu!! What is the meaning of tripartite kanshi?
    I’ve seen that most of the times it is associated with elections in Zambia.
    Tripartite means;
    1. Composed of or divided into three parts.
    2. Involving three participants
    3. Relating to or executed by three parties

    How many political parties will take part in this year’s general election? Iyee mwe bantu!!

  7. @ 10 Mashimba says:

    You are damn right. Not only did he drop out from UNZA, he also dropped out of a Clinical Medicine course at Chainama College of Health Sciences. Is it in traditional medicine? Maybe ni witch doctor. He’s ambitious, but I also wonder if he doesn’t have a mental issue like Paranoid Schizophrenia, #6 might have a point, remember John Nash, the nobel Prize Winner?

    No sane person should vote for Saviour, a joker. He has the right yes, but he will play the spoiler role.

  8. If i had power that would influence the registration of political parties i would have put some measures to ensure that jokers dont register. WE need people who truly have a vision to develop a country not people who want to be president for selfish gains. There many political parties this guy would have joined after leaving PF. All he wants is just to be President he does not want to be patient for the right time.
    If i had the power for one to register a party the person should have at least K 3,000,000,000 (Three billion Kwacha), knowing fully that the party can surely sponsor this person as a presidential candidate and also the person is able to campaign for the Republican Presidency. Thats way they would be few people registering political parties and people would be entering…

  9. Cont from #17 that way we can have genuine people entering politics ready to serve the people and not a form of employment one wants. Thats why this thing called plundering of national resources continues to happen.

  10. #15Tripartite coz there will three types of elections, local govt, mps and president.
    i hope you went to school!!!


  12. Chishimba what do you have to offer to this country. I think this guy is a joker like any other tutemba parties wishing to stand this year. Please mwebantu let us be serious with what we are doing. We have so many issues that needs to be dealt with but we need change. Hence, the mashrooming of tutemba parties will jarpodise the chances of the opposing to win. Bash such people who wants MMD yamuyaya! GO PACT GO!!

  13. On “United Progressive People’s Party-UPP Chairperson Saviour Chishimba has declared that he will contest the country’s presidency in this year’s tripartite election” this is good and will happen only if dictatorship that Chishimba learnt from PF will be used in UPP since his behaviour is a copy of the MMD’s tactics of sole candidate in light of his “He said the electoral process in his [UPP] party will start with elections in all the country’s 72-districts, which will culminate into a national convention” where the said National Convention of UPP will be a waste of time since Saviour Chishimba is already a UPP sole presidential candidate of his party.

    Anyhow, all the very best to him and his UPP in the 2011 elections.

    Be blest all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first…

  14. And just how many presidential candidates will be standing this year? rb, hh, sata, miyanda, magande, zamucano, milupi, chishimba, chipimo, chifire, sialupa, etc. elo lwanya…

  15. Diversity brings choices. MMD as pioneer and Guardian of the Zambian young democratic order respects and protects the democratic and constitutional rights of every citizen. Dr. Saviour Chishimba is a Zambian without criminal record hence free to exercise his rights. Zambia is not an autocratic society where competition is a crime. Dr. Chishimba has the right of association, aspiration, and speech. If unpatriotic perennial ballot rejects like Sata with nothing to offer but hallucinations, insults, bestiality, secession and wishful dreams have space in the arena, why not patriots like Dr. Chishimba?

  16. He used to blog on this site and has been quite of late.Courageous man he never used any screen names. Does he have facebook?

  17. Zambians have unimpeded right to support any legitimate and constitutionally qualifying Zambia for presidential run. It is this year that everyone has the right to showcase with electorates instead of cowardly trolling in keyboard vacuous rhetoric only. I hope every interested citizen will step forward and exercise their rights. There are many institutions that have set up democratic funds in the country to support economically challenged aspirants in this year’s election. If anything other than the MMD all opposition don’t go to conventions meaning that any Zambian is free to spring up and throw his bravado for the top seat without restraint. Its democracy 101.

  18. Please don ‘t be like Haiti which had some candidates contesting alone without Parliamentarians and there Campaigns was just on air( TV and Radio) they could not move to Constituencies because they didn’t have resources.

  19. At least he is better than the PACT circus twins. In the absence of a credible opposition in 2011, I can ask my nephew to vote for him while my wife and I and other couples vote for RB.

  20. # 15, you need Civics or Social Studies revision. Some of these new Dora-Sylambus of these days, awe mwe. Anyway #19 Ba J.Phiri summarized it for you and Dora Siliya.

  21. Zambia should enact a law to limit the number of political parties. We can’t allow unprincipled chaps like Chishimba to continue help rigging elections by forming small parties that divide votes. We do not need that kind of democracy. We will never develop. Look at Canada, USA, China, Sweden, UK, or indeed any developed country. They do not have situations where you have 10 0r 16 contenders for presidency or prime minister. We need to develop as a country !! Too much political masturbation in Zambia.

  22. Wasting money and time to stand for presidency. No chance for you. Listen to wise man. Keep your money and use it on better things. Find better investment. Where ywere all along Chishimba?

  23. @ #15 Kulibonesha taa… mwakulasebana – before you pick the dictionary please consult and then THINK before you let your restless fingers claw the keyboard. Thanks Ba J. Phiri @# 19. Meantime, Chishimba welcome to the fray. May the best man win.

  24. # 30,

    Which USA are referring to that has restrictions for formation and participation in national elections of third parties? I hope you are not referring to the United States of America.The US has room for every player but its the ballot that rejects third parties Government 101.

  25. # 30

    See USA third parties over the years of the 200 plus democracy.

    America First Party 2002, American 3rd Party 1990, American Nazi Party 1959, World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists American Party 1969, American Populist Party 2009, American Reform Party 1997, American Third Position Party 2010, American Patriot Party 2003, America’s Independent Party 2008, Boston Tea Party 2006, Constitution Party 1992, U.S. Taxpayers’ Party Communist Party of the United States of America 1919, Christian Liberty Party 1996, American Heritage Party Democratic Party 1828, Alliance of Democrats Florida Whig Party 2006, Freedom Road Socialist Organization ( faction) 1985, Freedom Road Socialist Organization ( faction) 1985, Freedom Socialist Party 1966,

  26. Green Party of the United States 2001, Global Greens Independent American Party 1998, Independence Party of America 2007, Jefferson Republican Party 2006, Labor Party 1996, Libertarian National Socialist Green Party 1997, Libertarian Party 1971, Moderate Party 2005, Modern Whig Party 2008, National Socialist Movement 1974, New American Independent Party 2004, New Union Party 1974, Objectivist Party 2008, Party for Socialism and Liberation 2004, Peace and Freedom Party 1967, Populist Party of America 2002, Progressive Labor Party 1961, Progressive Labor Movement * Prohibition Party 1869, Raza Unida Party 1970, Reform Party of the United States of America 1995. other are United States Marijuana Party 2002, and United States Pirate Party 2006 to mention but a few.

  27. #34, 35-36. Thanks for the info, but can you tell me, from George Washington to Obama, if USA has had elections where voters have had to run through a list of more than 15 candidates before they can locate the name of their preferred candidate on polling day. So whatever methods USA uses to filter the chaff, weaklings, jokers, chancers and the like, should be the method that Zambia should adopt, to avoid wasting voters’ time, and Zambia’s meagre resources.

  28. NO 37 the biggest political filter in the USA is just money simple. Thats why Ross Peron was able to give both parties a run for their money as he was a billionaire and stood as an independent. For instance iof the Tea Party in the USA decides to put up their own candidates and have the money to campaign there is nothing to stop them. None of those countries you have mentioned have any laws against forming parties. its just that to get into government you need to get the vote and to get it you need money. If UPP has the resource they can pose a threat to the opposition. This is why MMD will continue to win elections because there is no credible united opposition

  29. #38 Thanks. Yes, there is no strong and organised opposition in our country, and as you have said, MMD will continue ruling as long as opposition is fragmented.

  30. # 38 THE TRUTH,

    No no no no. Its not the money that kills third party politics in the USA to retain the two party system of most hated parties involving the conservatives and Liberals. Yes money plays a critical role in propping up candidates but Americans unlike European ideologues are pragmatists. They are driven by values from social, taxation to foreign policies and most of all being the economy whether stupid or not.

    # 39,

    American voters reject none issue players right in the primaries ballot and not the Government. Register as voter and kill the candidacy of those you consider jokers. People like Sata with his flip flopping nature would never even dream of running for office.

  31. Here we go again! Please LT give us real data not this kinda s h i t with this clown! Is politicking the only thing people can do surely! People should first analyse themselves before making such pronouncements. You weigh yourself and consult a few people other than wasting precious time. Anyway it is good to be ambitious and a dreamer if you have nothing concrete to do!

  32. With such Jokers, that is why we need 50+1% vote for a President, to enhance legitimacy, and reflect the people’s will. Otherwise we will have a President with less than 30% public approval.

  33. With such Jokers, that is why we need 50+1% vote for a President, to enhance legitimacy, and reflect the people’s will. Otherwise we will have a President with less than 30% public approval. And to have things his way, tyranny becomes the way to rule. Neo-dictatorship……………

  34. This F.O.O.L went to Israel for campaign money.
    He will make sure he returns the money in favors to the Israeli’s by banning Muslims from the country.

    The Israeli’s laughed him off at the border but then decided to fund him with returns of licenses for mining and oil.

    You call this I.D.I.O.T a patriot?

    Silver dollars for deeds just like Chiluba and his $8 million in corrupt donations.

  35. like his friend FTJ he’s just an embarrassment to the nation. He’s shameless to even be thinking to contest for the top job in the land when he’s declared himself an Israeli. He’s too daft to distinguish between spiritual Judaism and literal/physical Judaism. This is why I discourage youths from drug abuse because the effects are long lasting.

  36. problem with fellow bembas we over rate ourselves. this man is insane and an imposter. he isnt a doctor he has never been to college. he attended a workshop for herbalists from that time he calls himself a doctor. is this the resurection of kapwepwe

  37. He could not finish his studies at CHAINAMA COLLEGE AND fLOPED AT UNZA now how can he ran a country this doctor in FOODOLOGY

  38. The biggest problem we have in Zambian politics is selfishness. Its time politicians stopped thinking about themselves and focus on innovative ways of developing the country. Every person wants to own a party/ wants to be president. If all these small parties can be one party not owned by anyone and face a challenge of contesting for presidence within the party Zambia can be admired by many. i am non partizan but i am afraid to say MMD will win this year. i havent seen any trustworthy party so far. Lets face it MMD seems to be the only reliable party at the moment.

  39. I am appealing to peace loving Zambians to desist from the so-called Barotse agreement 1964 discord and concentrate on preaching peace. Some of the people who are in the forefront of this power angry movement are the pastors who have completely failed to preach and bring others to the Lord. They are not in the country but sponsoring violence in the name of Barotse agreement of 1964. It is very unfortunate sight. My message to every Zambian in Zambia and elsewhere is to preach peace and Christ to all the people and to avoid those selfish motives. That peace you are enjoying in Zambia came with a big prize. Many people who fought for it are long gone. Remember what happened in Angola and the rest of southern Africa. The Lozi’s and their plans will get us into big trouble and more bloodshed.

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