Sunday, February 25, 2024

Midweek pictures



A young boy carrying his sibling


A young boy carrying his sibling on his back.


President Rupiah Banda on arrival at the breaking ground ceremony of the new Lusaka Stadium


President Banda being decorated by Chinese Embassy staffer when he arrived at ground breaking ceremony of the new Lusaka Stadium


President Rupiah Banda with Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China Hui Liangyu during the ground breaking ceremony of the new Lusaka Stadium at the Independence Stadium site


Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisenga with Science and technology Deputy minister Given Mungomba at the ground breaking ceremony of the Lusaka Stadium


The artistic image of the Lusaka Stadium which will be constructed by the Chinese government.


Drug Enforcement Commission public relation manager John Nyawali with part of the 32kg contingent of marijuana confiscated from a Malawian national who was to deliver to Chibolya Compound


Drug Enforcement Commission public relation manager John Nyawali passing in front of two cars which carried 32kg contingent of marijuana confiscated from a Malawian national who was about to deliver to Chibolya Compound


Zambia Under 23 first goal scorer Kangwa Chileshe after he was substituted during the Africa games qualifying match at Nkoloma Stadium


Zimbabwe Coachs celebrating after the final whistle where Zambia Under 23 lost 3-2 during the All Africa games qualifying match at Nkoloma Stadium on Saturday.


Under 23 Coach Lucky Msiska during an interview after his lads went under against Zimbabwe at Nkoloma Stadium


Service Chiefs waiting to see off President Banda to North Western Province at Lusaka City Airport.


President Banda talking to Inspector general of Police Francis Kabonde before departure for North Western province at Lusaka City Airport


Anti Corruption Commission(ACC) Cooperate affairs officer Wezi Chomba speaking during a press briefing .


Bicycles are a major source of transport in Chipata. Here, a woman cycling along the township roads


Bicycles are a major source of transport in Chipata. Here, a woman is being transported to her destination at the cost of K1000.


A jukebox at a drinking spot at the Zambia Malawi border


A money changer at Mwami border in Chipata


Part of the highway to the Zambia Malawi border


  1. A nice blend of pics L.T though too much njinga’s… ITS not a comfortable ride… I can assure you.. ridden one before…

  2. A colourful round of events this week…

    pic #1 poor young thing. He’s barely grown out of his diapers himself and he is already playing the role of a guardian.

    OK, I can see the chinese trying hard to repair their dented image. They know very well that they will win Zambians peoples’ hearts with the construction of the stadium. I only hope our officials don’t fail in the task of bringing the games home like they did a few years back.

    pics 8,9 what a careless and senseless way of smuggling trees. Besides, I thought we had enough local supply of the same… or is the Malawian brand a “higher grade”? Let’s hear what the specialists have to say… LoL!

    pic#20 at least some tangible development in pictures.Progress is measured in infrastructure.

  3. These pictures are an embarrasment

    How do they ride bicycles without Helmets? Have Cheap vehicles overloaded

    I bleed with sweat, and pinch myself everythime, that i made the right decission to come to Scotland and live in the arms of a man, who would never allow me to suffer like this anymore


  4. Mushota. Enjoy yourself young lady. I can see you enjoy this forum. Who do you think will win this years elections or who would you like to see in government at the end of this year?

  5. HH is the man

    Educated Humble and a young fashionable president

    not plus 70 year old’s. Look at Obama Camreon etc

    Why are we concentrating on the leisure infrastructures when we could do with having Hospitals Schools etc

    I dont want to be called a zambian , i am embarrased

  6. I will be actually embarrassed as a Zambian if this thing called Mushota is classified as a Zambian. Fake wannabe Mushota get a life and for once blog intelligently. You are no better than the 70 year olds with your inferiority complex!

  7. Pic 14:
    Is the President wearing Doc Marten shoes?
    and ba LT Bicycles are not a ‘source’ but a means of transport. Correct your English, muletusebanya!

  8. #4 That chinese girl was not warned of her slit skirt, how can risk showing a thigh to RB. You can see his face, he thought she was going to give him a lap-dance.

  9. # 10 Mushota Sure’ do you know waht you are talking about.
    Which school did you go to? Atlaest where i went i was told that work and never play makes John a dul boy.
    Infrastructure such as in sports are cardinal for development becsue they make you relaxed,refreshed which will result in productivity come on.
    We always say children it is youths now are engaged in alcahol tujiligili abuse coz they lack recreation and what is wrong with this?

  10. That’s quite a bit of thigh that the Chinese woman is showing off at no.4. No wonder the men in the picture are grinning!

  11. I wondered why people picked on this Mushota character, and now I see why. Embarassed to be Zambian because people ride bicycles without helmets!! WOW! We are a people of necessity and we are also people who have to adapt to our circumstances. I bet you they are more people in Zambia without helmets or even ‘suffering’ who are more happy than those Scots who live the life you so covet. My dear be as Scottish as you want, buy a Kilt and leave Zambians alone… you will not be missed. I am totally disappointed in you, to think I almost defended you…

  12. These wanna be’s. Scotland…! I’ve lived in america half my life and i don’t think America. I miss Zambia and thats why i feel part of my roots. I’m sending bicycles with helmet and books that will better people lives not cheap stupid rhetoric . My heart goes out to many zambians that are struggling and making it.

  13. #3 that fat kid need to eat less, its not healthy to have such flab at a young age. Pipo beware,Chinese prostitutes have invaded africa, In Ghana and South Africa they compete with african girls operating in brothels unlike other african countries where they are considered as madam’s nevertheless, Indian and Greek prostitutes also operate in lusaka strictly confidential. It wouldn’t be suprising if many zed bosses go there for ‘special treatments’ #9 Blimey, thats a load of weed xsay, In some countries the cops are the most addicted when it comes to narcotic substances.. after confiscating the contraband they just go ahead and help themselves hehehe… #7 could wait till hospitals and schools are in full swing then it would make sense to watch a good game in a fancy stadium!

  14. I thought the reason why the service chiefs would see off the President when he is leaving the country was to get last minute instructions and as a symbolic show of loyalty. But now I see they are there to see him off even when he is just making a local trip to one of the provinces. Considering how often RB moves this is very counter-productive. Not only is Rb not working but he also disrupts the programmes for these service chiefs and the whole cabinet which is usually at the airport to see him off. This nonsense must stop and only he the President can put an end to it. No single service chief or minister will stay away on his own accord in fear that he will be accused of being disloyal

  15. #1 and #2 – boy with his sibling. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. They are not even fully conscious just how tough it is. They just keep going. And against all odds, the bond that the two develop as time goes on is something that is beyond the western world’s comprehension. Small children like this tough boy make me proud I am a Zambian

  16. # 5 nine chale-Indeed the malawan is the hardest one.It has the highest level of THC(the most active ingredient in weed) of all varieties found in africa.Next time you will be in amstadam where weed is legal ask for the malawi one.It has a reputation.

  17. #5 Nine Chale,
    You should come over to my place in B.C. and I will give you a teaste of BC Weed.
    It is home grown and the best in the world. Malawi Mbanje is definately better than Zed weed I can assure you to that. When I am home in Zambia I prefere the one from M’chinji than Tunduma or Nakonde.

  18. Pic.#1. “A duck is swimming.” Pic. #2. “Now the duck is swimming in the water.” Thanks for your variety in picture journalism LT.

  19. #30 Mo taim sure ka? No wonder you find a lot of strong and healthy looking old people in east Zambia. German pharmacists have been recommending THC to old people with athritis and rheumatism.

    #31 Katubi, thanks for the invitation.

  20. Nine Chale…the Malawian quality is far much better than the Zed one hence duebed the Malawian Gold. Just like tea it´´s grown in the mountain sides and for some reason it improves the quality… I just love it. hope it will be legalised soon. Have a good one. Jah Bless.

  21. Zambians need to look at some of the things that the chinese government is doing in Zambia with a bit of historical perspective. No doubt some LT readers are too young to rememebr or have not read enough history. When China was as poor a country as Zambia, it helped to build the Tazara. It did not do so to repair any damage that any of its private indiviaduals had done to the country. I think a lot more Zambians stand stand to benefit if the Chinese give us some public works, such as roadsm brigdes or stadia as grants or at concessional loans, than what a few dubious mining or retail investments will bring.

    We have had the benefit of western style capitalism long enough, and we have SAP to show for it. As for the Chinese, they where the copper comes from. Maybe they are saying than you

  22. #35 operation: Owl thanks a lot for sharing that eye-openning clip on youtube. Well, what more can I say? Looking forward to the day when Africans shall finally take full control of their bounty of resources that God has bestowed on their continent. Then there would be no need for those families to hide in the hills of Karonga to cultivate that vegetable matter, which is their source of living.

  23. pic#1,2 – Those children look well taken care of, very clean and vaselined. There is nothing wrong with a little sibling love so stop feeling sorry for the boy.

  24. Pic# 4-Rupia leans so much to one corner of his chair afraid that either the chinese woman might have bad breadth or may plant a kiss.

  25. chi #12: Mushota is not a ‘thing’, he is jst a normal human being despite being homosexual, its high time we embraced these guys…..!

    #26: ati ‘ukulifokola’ cacine uli wa fyamba

    #15: good obervation ku cisungu. Ala its not our mother tougue – the language that speaks to the heart. A native speaker of english cant make such a mistake because the heart would correct him. we shud be so proud of our own culture and languages, there are real treasures!.

  26. Chi # 42 your pride is fitting of a social misfit! If you facy Mushota embrace him to your own ruin. Ask Mugabe what he thinks of the likes of you. … it is the only sensible thing Uncle Bob in Zim has said!!!

  27. @ # 11 you are right, zambia’s retirerment age remains at 55 and yet the president is 70 chakuti. look at the americans they chose obama and not not the other one b’coz of age, maybe its because rupiah has a younger wife and so she covered it all. i hope we shall see a difference in the next elections. one other thing i hate any leader who sits on his throne knowing ‘there is a citizen in his country who is not on an income and has no access to medical services’ and does not do anything about it.;)

  28. mushota star-n-york moonyellow all be,there is no place like home. you are a self imposed slave you will remain sufferring in your conscious.

  29. LT Pic #3: Your comment does not state what the President was doing.That child is not fat but obese and might be Hon. Charles Shawa’s daughter, it goes in the family!

  30. “new Lusaka Stadium at the Independence Stadium site” is this a new stadium that is to be built along side/near to the old Independence stadium or is this the renovation of the old one or even both??

  31. I cant believe how pretentious some ppl are. stop feeling sorry for the boy in pics 1 and 2. it is totally ok to help look after your siblings. I’ve done it and it was no big deal.

  32. Positive progress on sports infrastructure in Zambia. I believe Mushota is actually more sensible and logical than she presents herself to draw attention through comments that I can only liken to being ashamed of your parents because you now live with a wealthier aunty in Roma township.

  33. Mushota kanshi iyoyine scotland eyo u sabailila ya kwisa? mulandu ine nalikala ku scotland and teti lumbanyeko ngefyo uchita iwe! its true you are embarrased to be called a zambian because most likely eko wafumine kwali lowest of the low . iyi blog is not of how luck you were to be picked from the lowest of the low, yabantu ababa open minded and those that are proud Zambians regardless1; waufwa!! nangu bakutolele tawakatale auba classfied as ablack scottish nkwebeko wila bloggingako because iwewine you are an ambarrassment that has ever happened to mother zambia anso stop displaying your ignorance apa nakusukulu tawayako; silly girl iwe fyonsefye is how luck you are ku scotland atase we kongwa we!!

  34. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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