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Sata not pact President – HH


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has refuted reports that the pact has settled for Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata as its presidential candidate.

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba told a press briefing that his party had received proposals from UPND through its chairman for international relations Clive Chirwa, indicating among other issues that Mr Sata should be the pact presidential candidate in the 2011 general elections.

But UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said it is mischievous for Mr Kabimba to publicise suggestions made by an individual member of the UPND.

Mr Kabimba said during the press briefing that the PF received fundamental proposals from the UPND regarding the pact, including one that the two political parties should design and agree on a common manifesto or social and economic development agenda.

The other proposal is that the two parties share constituencies with the PF taking 60 percent of the parliamentary seats and the UPND 40 percent.

Mr Kabimba said the UPND also proposed that Mr Sata be the pact presidential candidate in the 2011 presidential and general elections and that Mr Hichilema should be vice-president if the pact forms government.

The UPND also proposed that the Cabinet portfolios be shared, with PF taking 60 percent and UPND 40 percent, and that these proposals should be embodied in a document to be signed by the two leaders at a ceremony to be witnessed by NGOs, the Church and other stakeholders.

“In our desire to ensure that the pact makes progress and in order to show our commitment to the PF-UPND pact, we hereby accept these proposals within the working time frame attached to them. I have accordingly written to the UPND secretary general,” Mr Kabimba said.

[pullquote]“We don’t want to go into government as a bunch of jokers. We don’t want to bring old politics of hide and seek and opportunism. If the PF is ready to talk, we are ready,” he said.[/pullquote]

He said the pact between PF and UPND is still alive and viable as an alternative government to the MMD during this year’s tripartite elections.

But Mr Hichilema, who also held a press briefing later, said no decision had been made on the pact presidential candidate.

“It is important that we present facts. Anybody issuing contrary statements to this fact is being malicious and is misleading the nation,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said UPND had requested the PF to dialogue but that it had taken eight to nine months without the meeting taking place.

He reiterated the need for both parties to agree on the national social economic programme.

He said the issues include the provision of health and education and clean water.

“We don’t want to go into government as a bunch of jokers. We don’t want to bring old politics of hide and seek and opportunism. If the PF is ready to talk, we are ready,” he said.

And asked what he thought Mr Kabimba’s motives were, Mr Hichilema replied, “One has to check his motives. Anyone with interest in this matter can only speculate.”

“Our management style is different and, therefore, we will not be driven by Mr Kabimba’s style. For me, what is good for the Zambian people is what matters.
[pullquote]“Our management style is different and, therefore, we will not be driven by Mr Kabimba’s style. For me, what is good for the Zambian people is what matters. [/pullquote]

We should not rush to choose candidates. What’s the point of having a position if you can’t deliver? The presidency and public office must be taken seriously, so let us not be excited about the views of one individual,” he said.

And in his response to Mr Kabimba’s letter, UPND secretary general Winstone Chibwe said the proposals are the personal views of Professor Chirwa and should not be taken as the official position of the party.

“The UPND is procedural in decision making and has not made any of the alleged proposals,” he said.

Mr Chibwe said it is important for Mr Kabimba to show maturity and seriousness in the way this matter is handled to promote mutual trust and confidence in matters of the pact.

“It is important to engage each other in a procedural and dignified manner as we seek public office. Any departure from this will only serve to undermine our standing in the eyes of voters. Confidence, procedure and decency are important ingredients in pact governance,” the letter reads.

Mr Chibwe said UPND had written several letters to which there has been no response from the PF.

“The last letter to the PF president dated 20th January, 2011 had an enclosure of our UPND press statement which contained fundamental social economic and governance issues that we in the UPND believe must come first before even contemplating the issue of Presidency that you have clumsily dealt with this morning,” the letter reads.

“We are, therefore, surprised that you have opted to take the personal views of Prof. Chirwa to the press without contacting us when you have failed to respond to our official position,” Mr Chibwe said in his reply.

And President Banda says he cannot blame UPND for distancing itself from the reports.

The President said on arrival from Livingstone that Mr Sata is a “hostile and aggressive” man who dwells on insulting other people, but does not want to be criticised.

[pullquote]“We are, therefore, surprised that you have opted to take the personal views of Prof. Chirwa to the press without contacting us when you have failed to respond to our official position,” Mr Chibwe said in his reply.[/pullquote]

He said the politics that Zambians want will eventually marginalise him.

And Chief Mwanachingwala says the pact has failed to work because Mr Sata has not been honest with Mr Hichilema.

“Hakainde has been very honest but Mr Sata has not, so the pact cannot work,” he said.

He said the wrangles in the pact have given the ruling MMD a 60 percent chance of winning the elections.

“What I know is that Mr Sata will not allow Mr Hichilema to stand as pact president. And how can Hichilema be vice-president when the Constitution does not provide for a running mate?

How sure is Sata that he is going to win and make Hichilema vice-president? And how sure is Hichilema that Sata would not change his mind if he was to win the elections?”

Chief Mwachingwala advised Mr Hichilema and the UPND to work with the MMD.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. One wonders why Chirwa did not hand the proposal to Kakoma for certification and further circulation by UPND head honchos before serving a copy to PF. An important piece of the puzzle is not being revealed in this Pact Picture.

  2. The mental masturbation continues! The PF vuvuzela has an erection and is boldly proclaiming in today’s edition that PF have accepted Chirwa’s proposal! One wonders, how the Prof whose only been in UPND for a few days, can be making such “proposals” and in what capacity? This proposal is a big deal and should ideally be handed at the highest level between HH and Sata.

  3. Oh man, this is circus at its best. More popcorns please, make sure they have less salt this time , looks like am going to need a lot and I don’t want to get a salt overdose which is not good for my heart.

    This plot has really gotten crafty. Intellectuals Vs Kaponyas and looks like Kaponyas and their tabloid paper have egg on their face now.

    Seems like the intellectuals in UPND just used Prof Chirwa to set a trap for PF and stupidly PF fell for it, since they can’t read, or write or understand context, they thought UPND has given them the PACT presidency and run into the street to the POST Newspaper to celebrate.

    What a show indeed!! There is more to come ,.. more popcorns please, and make them less salty.

  4. “We don’t want to go into government as a bunch of jokers. We don’t want to bring old politics of hide and seek and opportunism. If the PF is ready to talk, we are ready,” he said. This is the best quote I’ve heard from HH so far. Sadly, both UPND/ PF are jokers for taking Zambians for a ride and wasting our time. It’s almost March in an election yr yet Sata and HH haven’t sat down together for months! The sooner you announce the PACT’s death, the better for everyone to move on.

  5. so nothing new here; all this was predictable except for you wishful thinkers who prefer self deceit to reality. but this is the zedian way of escapism. which person in his normal senses can actually believe that sata has any capacity to work with anyone? people, lets try to be serious about such important issues. can you imagine how much valuable time has been wasted peddling a non entity like this so called pact? more meaningful alliances would have been hatched between other groups by now. in fact all serious thinking zedians should bring these two characters: sata and hachilema or hichilema to book. this is gross misconduct….. as for this so called professor, i am sure people remember what our late mwanawasa had to say about him when he started making noise about standing for party

  6. It’s Times of Zambia (formerly the largest selling newspaper! Was it them in the KK days “Without Fear or Favour!” No 4 MMD Chief Bootlicker, you are the last ‘cocoroach’ who can talk about Chirwa when your party rejected him! You have no shame but to rejoice in other people’s misery! You irritate me with your morbid fantasies!

  7. HH, I’m still carry a UPND card carrying member but I’m very disgruntled and confused. You don’t seem to have your house in order. UPND official statements should only be made through the Spokesperson or President but it’s total chaos in there right now. Chirwa, a new member, is entitled to his opinion but who gave him the authority to be making ‘proposals’ in his personal capacity? Sadly HH, your leadership is being undermined daily. I lament!!!

  8. No. 10 Big Pipe, I sympathise with you! I as a PF member and equally dismayed but that is the ideals of politics! Perseverance will carry the day! Every this No 4 MMD Chief Bootlicker will become obsolete after October elections! MMD will disintegrate.. Problems include:
    1. Original thinkers have left.
    2. No assets (unlike UNIP which was formerly the second richest party in Africa after the ANC of South Africa.
    3. 20 years and nothing to show for it!
    4. No credible elections in Party positions since 2001
    5. MMD MHRIP 10/1991 – 10 – 2011

  9. president, which by the way was wise, fatherly counsel. but no, could not listen to advise and the reason is now clear for all to see. this seems to be a narcissistic individual and hachilema in his immaturity fails to detect this. foreign affairs/ relations is almost the backbone of any organisation and yet you go ahead and install a body with no credentials!! can you see the faulty thought processes at play here? and this is a person you consider to be a seriuos contender to be your president. in my view, he has the potential to make a very good president and has got age on his side but, he needs to grow and mature into this by associating with the right mob and unfortunately the association with sata does not qualify as associating with the right mob

  10. #9 I think the response to your tantrums are in comment #8. The issue here is not Times of Zambia. They just reported. Did HH say what he said, yes. Did Mr Chibwe say what he said, yes. So what is wrong with reporting that.

    Your gutter journalist rushed to publish the story without talking to HH and you call that professional journalism. Get a life my friend. That is what happens when you black out real news makers like HH. The post can’t publish anything he says because Fred Mmembe has a personal grudge against HH ..and now look how *****ic his stories look now. Even a junior reporter is told to look at both sides of the issue than go based on one side ..the PF side. HH is the president of UPND and the POST should have asked for a comment from him. THESE are BASICS

  11. There is need for this circus to come to an end ,PF have made a calculated move so it is now up to HH to state his position clearly! In my view this pact can never work and the painful reality is that MMD fears Sata most of the two ”major” presidential candidates.

  12. Actually the Post published that story (or they may have withdrawn it) as it is not true! The point is you delight in enjoying other peoples suffering as majority of people in Zambia are suffering and yest the leaders tell us Zambia is growing! The Copperbelt is no better than Luanda (a city coming from war) and yet it is developing much better than say Ndola (no matter its the oil)! As long as MMD continues with the current leadership, we have no chance in Zambia. We are now in the 10 poorest countries- poorer than Malawi, Botswana, Mauritius- all of which were backwaters 20 years ago! Even Mozambique will overtake us in 5 years! NO MORE MMD! Twanaka!

  13. HH you really over rate yourself. MMD can win as singles parties. How do run a party with one tribe and think you can rule 72 tribes


  15. I await my fellow prof.’s response or apology that someone stole his whole document on pact political analytical permutations only for him to see it later on TV in the hands of one Kabimba reading only a section of the whole. Mr. Kabimba take it easy, tafimbwa lubilo. Muza nkala pansimbi yakupya baaba! And ba Sata I now see you are not meant for leadership of this nation. I was hoping you could at least get back what you spent on the party as some political adviser to the pact or whatever. Sory for you, sir, goodnight!

  16. What will become of the Post when Sata is out of the league? The paper is for sure a subsidiary party of PF. Its now PPF or Post Political Front. I loath the paper these days. They simply have lost it. Shame maningi.

  17. May the top brass of the pact leaders (PF & UPND) sit and resolve all outstanding issues.The sooner the better. The electrorate has banked on the PACT as an alternative government to the MMD.

  18. On ““It is important that we present facts. Anybody issuing contrary statements to this fact is being malicious and is misleading the nation… We don’t want to go into government as a bunch of jokers. We don’t want to bring old politics of hide and seek and opportunism. If the PF is ready to talk, we are ready… One has to check his [PF’s Wynter KABIMBA’s ] motives. Anyone with interest in this matter can only speculate.[..] Our management style is different and, therefore, we will not be driven by Mr Kabimba’s style. For me [as HH and president of the UPND], what is good for the Zambian people is what matters.[..] We should not rush to choose candidates. What’s the point of having a position if you can’t deliver?” is great stuff PF must understand.

    Be blest all…

  19. Winter Kabimba kusamwe! he was so exited to break the nrews b4 he consults the UPND secretariate. what is PF scared of.? Why dont they sit and discuss the way forward.Its simple,sit and agree or disagree. From the look of things HH is actually willing to give the presidency to Sata, but am not sure if he will allow overzelous people like Kabimba to undermine his integrity.

  20. The only reason the pact will not work out is because of selfishness of our leaders,the majority of zambians in the previous elections have voted against the MMD so if SATA and HH will not resolve this in good time then alot of people will loose confidence in the two leaders, and if they decide to go individuall in the forth coming elections a lot of people will not vote.NO PACT NO VOTE, because it will be clear the MMD will win even without manipulation but as always we issues of suspecting rigging will be there.SATA and HH sort out your mess now and give us the change we want.

  21. You can foool some people some time but you cant foooool all the people all the time. The assertion that Winter was simply reacting to Clive’s letter in his individual capacity as some bloggers claim, does not hold. It actually exposes the deceit, dishonest, untrustworthy, greed, arrogance, immaturity typical of PF. In yesterdays briefing Winter kept on saying… We agree, We agree…. Who is the we he was referring to? How can they rush to answer to a letter from Clive whose ink hadnt yet dried and ignore the one that HH wrote them? Why didnt he have the other heavy weights from UPND while making the statement? It is typical of Kaponya mentality devoid of honest and progressiveness. What shocks me is why HH clings to this PACT like he were a louse on a dead body.

  22. The PACT is not workable. Pf and upnd are poles apart. Mmd could have paired properly with upnd. The problem with mmd is that they have compromised the fight against corruption and are not seen to fight it, they are seen to be partial in the meting out of justice, they have embraced crooks, hypocrites offering RB wrong advice. In the absence of these good governance failures, mmd would still be an inspiring party. Well, let see the turn of events.

  23. I know kabimba was too quick but in some way he has done well so that these people can act fast once and for all so that we strategise well for the elections as a PACT.

  24. HH you should have never left your well paying corporate job to come and embarass yourself like this with these illiterate politicians.The political scene is a Dog Eat Dog arrangement.You are now broke after spending billions on nothing.Chirwa is right!This is the only option you have left.Go for it.Dont listen to your dull tribesmen,they have nothing to lose!If you miss this one that will be the end for you.The creditors you owe money to will grab your house and even your wife because she will run away!

  25. Anyway lets just wait and see. “No pact No vote”. This is my opportunity to let everyone know on this forum that whoever is going to attend the MMD conversion, please vote for me and not George Kunda.

  26. It wouls appear that the worst that both HH and Sata fear is to be messengers of the bad message of the death of the PACT. HH is trying to be soft and persuasive in the manner he is courting Sata to sit down and harmonise their agenda for 2011 and beyond while Sata and his instruments of doom, seem to take the hard stance of short of failing to tell HH and his elite that they are not part of the equation. Had this not been an elction year, i feel Sata would have shown HH the directions to HELL. But both fear the backlash from an overly pumped up support base that almost saw the exit of MMD. What underlies this script, is greed and greed and greed through out. The PF through its Vuvuzela feels time is ripe for MMD to be voted out even with PF going it alone.True or not remains to be seen.

  27. “We don’t want to go into government as a bunch of jokers. We don’t want to bring old politics of hide and seek and opportunism. If the PF is ready to talk, we are ready,” “Our management style is different and, therefore, we will not be driven by Mr Kabimba’s style. For me, what is good for the Zambian people is what matters.”

    This is good stuff by HH kept it up. But the problem here is removing mmd. Such good stuff behind your agenda are only appreciated by a few learned public. Majority of the voters look at popularity. In this vein I bet Sata would be ideal not for the purpose of being an ideal president but for the purpose of stumping out mmd. So please find the way on who can marry your poles apart agendas.

  28. Haphazard PF, even in decision making they are haphazard. Both Kabimba, an accomplished lawyer knows that Prof Chirwa is not the spokesperson of the UPND, nor is he UPND’s emissary in this matter. As an accomplished lawyer, Kabimba knows that such important announcement should have been announced at a joint briefing either by himself and Kakoma or Winston Chibwe or HH and Sata as the trend had been. At formation of the PACT a huge rally was organised. Both Sata and HH were present and all pipos from both parties were present. All UPND leaders, except Chirwa, are in Lusaka and within seconds to reach by phone. PF never did, cunning? Or political stupidity? Now HH, Chibwe have rationally reacted, PF are bunch of jokers. Even Chirwa is surprised by PF’s actions, imagine this. Now clear…

  29. “We don’t want to go into government as a bunch of jokers. We don’t want to bring old politics of hide and seek and opportunism. If the PF is ready to talk, we are ready,” “Our management style is different and, therefore, we will not be driven by Mr Kabimba’s style. For me, what is good for the Zambian people is what matters.”

    This is good stuff by HH kept it up. But the problem here is removing mmd. Such good stuff behind your agenda are only appreciated by a few learned public. Majority of the voters look at popularity. In this vein I bet Sata would be ideal not for the purpose of being an ideal president but for the purpose of stumping out mmd. So please find the way on how can marry your poles apart agendas.

    Complain about this comment

  30. As for “The presidency and public office must be taken seriously, so let us not be excited about the views of one individual [with the name Dr Clive Chirwa],” he [UPND president and 2011 presidential candidate HH] said” I am glad that HH is not submitting to the jokers in PF — Sata MC and Wynter Kabimba.

    Equally, UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe’s ““The UPND is procedural in decision making and has not made any of the alleged proposals,”” is the message that PF Bemba-Kaponyas need to understand and I hope serpentine Sata MC, the Chief Kaponya, without any O-levels according to GRZ records talked about by Minister Mulongoti has also taken note that his PF secretary General Wynter KABIMBA has made him (Sata MC) be seen as a power hungry person.

    Be blest all…

  31. Kabimba writes a letter to Winston Chibwe Dated January 16, stating that he is in receipt of Prof Chirwa’s proposals dated February 15, I doubt this is a mere typographical error. I have ready versions of all three major dailies and this cannot be a mere mistake. Kabimba and PF’s desperation is driving them crazy. May be Kabimba is a sangoma, how did he know Prof Chirwa would make such proposals a month before making them? PF are showing us they they are split heads, a buNch of scam bugs. Never take them seriously. There is a lot of reasoning and clarity of mind in UPND. Zambians open our eyes, UPND are better than these PF bunch. And that white man, is he also that grazy as not to see the recklessness in Kabimba’s behaviour?

  32. There is no way HH can find it easy to work with SATA.
    HH is a mini democrat while Sata is a complete dictator.
    A dictator is unpredictable, and full of false propaganda; and that is what SATA is exactly.
    HH would suffer great regret should he think he can go into govt with Sata, the dictator.
    He is joking and the earlier he is aware of his jokes the better for him.
    If it so happened that he gets blinded to the extent that he goes in agreement for governance, Sata would frustrate him in less than a month to have him out.
    He would then fire his ministers within two months, and in the third month the gvt would be pure PF.
    and HH’s political carrer would be a total shame.
    Dictators are always unpredictable, and full of false propaganda and this is exactly how Sata is.


  34. Stop wasting time with old yokels & go it alone,you certainly dont want to get into govt as a bunch of jokers as you correctly observed HH.
    You going it alone will reposition UPND of Mazoka but PF will certainly not win.

  35. Please resolve this thing once and for all to know who the pact president is.I need to know who i should vote for this coming elections.But definitely not MMD.

  36. Prof Chirwa is in good books with Mmembe. So all this thing of Sata being the pact Leader is the work of Mmembe. PF and and Mmembe have been clever enough to use the Prof. Think guys

  37. @ #23,

    I don’t understand your position at times. Some blogs you insult PF and others you want them as a election partner. You seem to be a perfect example of what is happening in the PACT.

    @ #5 & all the guys that insult him on this PACT issue.

    If you are objective, you would face the truth about the PACT. It is falling apart, it actually never really existed. The PACT can’t even get a communication process/plan in place to conduct their affairs and avoid such vote and confidence losing situations. I will not vote for such a organisation.

  38. Chirwa is better placed as negotiator for the pact taking into account that TOM & JERRY are trying to broker a truce.
    Tongas and Bembas dont trust each other,this has been there since the choma declaration.So Tongas are treating this pact with caution fearing “one beaten twice shy” philosophy.
    Chirwa has three advantages,1.he is new, 2.He is a tribal cousin of the Cobra,3.He is in good books with the post.
    This answers the question as to why Chirwa is writting those proposals when he is just new in the UPND

  39. I was a strong supporter of this pact bussiness, but alas, i have lost interest because i see it going nowhere.
    RB will have easy and we are stuck with the MMD until 2016. Thinking of another strategy?? I will not vote and waste my time and energy on those long quees. RB will still win

  40. I hope u guys have had a chance to look at the conversation between hh and kabimba. The said letter, trust me had the blessing of upnd only that the cat was released to fast. That letter was sent to pf a long time ago and it was copied to both SG’s. UPND the other day went to the press to talk about them not meeting with the pf to discuss issues of economical and whatever… this point the pf felt betrayed and went to the press and said the status of the pact…..that proposal was sent to pf on 16th Jan 2011. Its not abt kabimba, but upnd’s mis-timing and going against wat has been agreed upon of talking abt pact issus to the press. Anyway i also feel kabimba should have kept quiet and discussed this in privace with the upnd b4 going to the press….but donchi kubeba

  41. If this so called PACT is allowed to form Govt. that will be the end of Development in Zambia. Even the small progress being made now will evaporate in the thin air. These guys will be fighting for positions and policy directions until their full term ends. If what the report indicates is true about prof. Chirwa doing things single handedly then it just confirms one thing that being a prof. has nothing to do with good leadership qualities it simply means he studied physics and understood it period.

  42. From the onset, i saw there was no pact between UPND & PF.The only alive pact was PF,The Church and the Post.These were the only voices head in the post.
    HH is just being used, he doesnt know the Agenda he is just blindly follow not knowingh where he is going thinking he is standing on principal.Fear of disappoint people should not make someone do what he doesnt what to do.
    If were HH i would surmone courage and tell the people UPND will go it alone.Even if PF wins,the wind of change in Africa will not make Cobra hang on long.There is a revolution going on in Africa,Old folks ae not part of it.

  43. Ba HH naimwe why blame Kabimba? can you go and blame Chirwa. Actually HH shouldnt have held a press briefing but should have sat down with Kabimba and Chirwa first so that he could establish the motive behind this announcement. Honestly speaking the proposal is very good. HH can not win even if he is pact president but Sata can and then HH would make a good VP.

  44. Indeed this is a waste of time talking about about it when the leaders sound very selfish. What is wrong with a our African leaders. May GOD give us the brings to think well.

  45. Its now embarassing to be a Journalist in Zambia.It doent matter which organisation you work for Public or private,they all have Agendas workers are painfully suppossed to follow.I can only imagine,someone shovelling ideas in your report,twisting every good fact you laboured to get.
    Is there a journalist around to explain how painful it is working as a journalist

  46. I hope HH has taken this as a huge Red Flag! He should know the type of people he wants to coil himself with. Most of these guys in PF do not believe in values and orderly way of doing things. The behaviour exihibited by PF is no different from jackles and hyenas. If PF can exhibit such level of lack of basic values, what sort of government can they run. This why people dread to see Sata in state house. My advice to UPND is that they should just go it alone. PF has so much of an intolerable level of stone age mentality .Good luck HH!

  47. Is it true that people can have eyes yet not see, this explains why Jesus said “those with eyes see and those with ears hear.So does it mean we have these things for decorations or what.

    You know some people think they are clever,they think they can control the direction of opinions in the country through their nicely drafted wonders if all those values championed are followed considering the fallen nature of man.

    well let those will eyes see and those with ears hear

  48. So chirwa is a loose canon, he has cornived with PF to force un agreed terms with the UPND. we are tired of PF scheming all the time on how to out wit HH. Now we can see that these kaponyas are not fit to rule Zambia. HH for presidency of the pact if not UPND should go it alone period. One day we shall occupy plot 1. HH should not go the way of ANC/UNIP marriage of convinience. Look at what happened to Mugabe and Nkhomo alliance. HH should learn from these events.

  49. the question is, why should Chirwa give a personal proposal to PF as a UPND proposal? Guys in UPND, nowander your party is called under fives, every jack and jim can issue party statements. Chrwa through UPND writes an official letter to PF, UPND says it was his personal proposal.

    Mmm guys, were is party structures, why cant you then despline Chirwa? This is the same thing Joe Kalusa always does, isuing statements as a UPND youth chairman but the UPND says its his opinion. Really UPND lacks maturity.

    The best thing to do is you guys go it alone…PF alone, UPND alone or join MMD. We know that UPND will be N0 3.

  50. I want to vote for the Pact…. But does HH and SATA know that RUPIAH has done well in his term of Office though there are some few mistakes which he can Iron out. With the arrogance in the Pact we shall turn to the MMD

  51. someone said dont write a huge document to a talker or talk to a reader.If you want something done,write a document to a reader and talk to a talker.Cobra, doent take written docs serious, even if u Chirwa wrote, he has no time to read.Tats why you see kabimba issuing statement, he is the one who reads, Cobra has no time.
    Now what does that show,that proposal was not read by cobra and will not respect what he never read.HH wake up, power should not be at all cost, also look at hyenas surrounding you. Just leave that so called PACT, sit down with your coleagues.
    From the onset you have been principled and worked by the book while PF just bulldozd through without any order or strategy.Are you sure they can respect prof”s proposal

  52. Ok HH has refuted what Kabimba said. He has a right to do so – two points though. First who sent Chirwa to write to PF? Second, I think the proposals by Chirwa makes a lot of sense for Zambia not just for PF and UPND but for the poor Zambians. I dont know how many of you have read the report on the Zambian Economist website regarding how it is a scandal in the mining sector. I agree with Chirwa that PF and UPND should sit down and come up with a pro-people development agenda, I agree that they equitably share sits and positions and I agree that Sata be president and HH vice. Tell me what is wrong with that? Going into govt should be about helping people to live better lives!! The MMD have failed – we must change govt this year!

  53. But still HH has to humble himself, Zambians know that he is the one to be vice to Sata. It will not help wasting his time. Why cant he own up ? Ofcourse its a bitter pill to swallow but thats reality. Chirwa has noted that this is the only way…Sata president and HH vice. There is no other way. So, the sooner UPND realised this the better. If you think Sata will be give the presidency to HH … then you are just dreaming…it will never happen.

  54. # 5 MMD Chief,

    Phase 1 of Decision 2011 has been a Great success. Thank you to you all fellow patriots for the selflessness and focus. Together we have been unflinching. Are you ready for Phase 2 of 5? Get wheels lubricated for a rumble in the jungle. Ignore this circus by this legion of certified ballot rejects. This entire circus has trademarks of an exit strategy the two progonists hope to exploit in sabotaging the credibility of other party to their unholy marriage. Sata wants HH to bear the blame of divorce but HH has continued to play some smart bingo cognizant of the fact that Sata is unsophisticated and disadvantaged by a retarded party SG Kabimba.

  55. Here is my conclusion:

    The only plausible explanation why anyone can support Sata, besides the reason of tribe and financial gain, is the likelyhood that they smoke the same variety of dagga as he.

    What other reason, I ask?

  56. HH, is falling in the same mistake our fathers fell into in choma ANC/UNIP.Imagine Nkumbula falling for an emarald mine at the expense of suffering people.

  57. # 68,,

    Are you saying also that you who support HH besides tribal line you likely part of the privatization thieving syndicate which HH and Chiluba were the master minders?

  58. Can someone/ please anyone talk to SATA, he is destroying the Pact by avoiding dialogue. I think anyone blaming the UPND in this matter is just an as.shole! Everything is there for every riterate person to read. #17.It is folly to accuse eachother of being tribal because you are all a bunch of tribalists. So stop this foolishness. UPND=Tonga, PF= Bemba & MMD= Ngoni; so what? What is required now is to identify the rightful combination of parties to run this country,period! What is this foolishness of making yourself feel good by calling UPND a Tonga party even when you know that the others have also aligned themselves with certain parties based on tribe. *****!

  59. It will be interesting to see the emerging Vice President of MMD and how they will work in the cabinet, the winner and the loser. My thinking is that true blue dont like and trust George Kunda.

  60. UPND we know that the party is full of tribalists , thanks to God that some of us were brought up on the Copperbelt, we can support any party. UPND as a tribal tag…only a Tonga can lead UPND. This is what my mates Tongas said..example is Sanjani. So forget that UPND can rule Zambia mates. May be if a new party is formed than UPND.

    Dont just pretend as if you dont know the reality as Chirwa has put it guys. I give respect to Chirwa, or may be its coz he is not Tonga he can see through reality? All Tongas are blindfolded from what a non Tonga Chirwa can see? I am really confounded by the behaviour of the UPND..imture behaviour.

  61. This was a deliberate move by Kabimba Winter-PF. We all now know where UPND stands.
    The young man HH should learn to be humble.

  62. What makes me laugh is the fact that after all this disorganisation and chaos some people STILL think that PF/UPND would be a viable alternative to the MMD! Hello, these guys have been parading the pact for over a year but still have not come up with one single joint policy on anything but somehow, when they get to state house they will bring about a massive improvement in the living standards of the majority of Zambian people? What is also scary is the fact that people deliberately choose to ignore facts. Some bloggers were writing yesterday that HH had refuted Kabimba’s statement and the fact was there in black and white on his website but some kaponyas still went out and bought gallons of chibuku! Awe shuwa mwandi, some Zambians like some politicians are a bunch of jokers!

  63. The arrongance of PF and its supporters is what is making the Pact a circus. The fact is the PF on its own. more so under Sata, will not defeat the MMD. The chaps in PF are so arrogant even in speech. Just listen to fee colour like Kabwili, Mumbi Phiri, Given Lubinda, Jean Kapata, Eric Chanda, the fat one they call GBM, and the ka Old man himself…….they think it is their divine right to rule Zambia.

  64. I just want change. But this change has to come with a caution on Sata and that is that he shouldn’t rule alone. We need HH to bring sanity. But I don’t see this either happening. Here is the truth of my opinion on what has prevailed so far:

    UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said it is mischievous for Mr Kabimba to publicize suggestions made by an individual member (Prof. Clive Chirwa) of the UPND. PF can’t be trusted. Come to think of it, it was MMD which blocked Prof. Chirwa’s ambition. He was eyeing 2011 knowing Mwanawasa would have completed his two terms by then and there was nobody good enough to take over the MMD.

    Now, Prof. Chirwa must be eyeing 2016 and his only competitor is HH knowing Sata to be too old by then and that’s why he wants Sata to be president because if HH…

  65. …..because if HH becomes president this year, there is no way he can dislodge him in 2016 because HH is younger and more experienced in Zambian politics than Prof. Chirwa. Let’s see what happens to Chirwa now after this fracas.

    But if Sata wines, people will cry including you the kaponyas. If you want to know the character of a person, look at the people that are his close friends. As for Sata, you have Willi Nsanda and GBM. These characters are bad just to mention the least. They don’t believe in democracy but authoritarianism. Even if the pact agrees to field Sata as president and HH as VP, nothing monumental can force Sata to honor the end of the bargain. He will choose his own VP and cabinet and no judicial jurisdiction can forbid that.

  66. ……This is African politics and if the Barotseland agreement was tossed aside, what more with a mere memorandum of understanding. Whichever way we go, RB or Sata, as Zambians, we a faaacked for real for the next 5 years.

  67. ……This is African politics and if the Barotseland agreement was tossed aside, what more with a mere memorandum of understanding. Whichever way we go, RB or Sata, as Zambians, we a faaacked for real for the next 5 years.

  68. Prof. Chirwa should be disciplined then for using party letter head to write his proposals. I thought by being a professor of trains he understands best official and un official correspondence.

  69. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe for 2011 would-b President of Zambia

    Maestro You celebrated when Clive Chirwa joined UPND. Now the same Clive has endorsed Sata. What is your view?????

    # 68 you have made me laugh…. but that is not true. The PACT drama should come to an end. I think winter took to the press to force an end GAME. How does he rush to the press to announce a proposal that is not agreed upon, no matter how good it is.

  70. Confidence, procedure and decency are important ingredients in pact governance,” SAYS HH. Sata lacks all these. How can you have an illiterate man as head of state in the 21st centuary!!!

  71. hh is extremely dull he was warned by his chiefs and chizyuka that sata is a snake but he chose to bury his afro in the sand. Indeed HH and sata are ballot paper rejects with fred mmembe always making wrong and fooolish headlines and overly exaggarated crowds for satas meetings. this is a sham the post hh and sata. HH how do you mantain your pubic hair going by your love for afro hair

  72. The pact leaders are not aware that they are engulfed in confusion. Out the confusion, people still have the time to write letters and hold press conferences as though everything is normal.

    This is classic denial syndrome.

    ‘everything is under control’ when all around are flames of fire and the roof is about to curve in, still wearing ties and bows: no I am fine, I don’t need you to tell me what I should do. Really?

  73. these guys UPND/PF knws what they r doing. i find it difficult to believe that frm 2009 they have not agreed on anythg. this is a plot to confuse the MMD. UPND used chirwa coz its easy to distance themselves frm him. PF used Kabimba coz he is too vocal. they knw if they anouced the president today MMD will do everythg posible to disimantle the pact coz the judicially is not stable, ECZ has problems. so let wait for MMD convetion and election date then u will see. Mpombo is also there to cause problems in MMD for the PACT.

  74. Am just suprised that none of the bloggers has suspected that HH was fully aware of the letter and probbably they want test and get all these comments from you people before they make final announcement.

    Do you think its easy for HH to break the news to his members that he has accepted to be vice? It a matter of timing they first want to see all these comments before they act. Rember SATA is a very experinced politician. I woudnt be suprised to learn that SATA and HH sat and agreed on the proposal before it was announced. Please try to extend your thinking on this matter.

  75. The truth is that politics is heavily driven by money. The more money invested, the more entangled you get, so because of that, the only person who fully understand the stakes is the investor.

    ‘Oh my MONEY down the drain!’

    No, I am intelligent, I will recoup my losses’

    and you wonder why some people are ready to fight the croc right on it’s own tuff. Poloticsks !

  76. “The constitution does not provide for a running mate.” If this statement is true, then the formation of the Pact was based on mutual trust. I’m not surprised it has failed. Who in his write mind can trust Mr Sata in light of his behaviour? The man wants power. And he wants it all for himself.

  77. If these comedians can be so undecided whilst in opposition, what more when we elect them into office? According to The Post, Chirwa has proposed that the two parties sign a binding agreement to formalize their proposal but that’s exactly where the problem lies. Our constitution does not provide for a coalition Govt and hence such an agreement would merely be a gentleman’s agreement. Once in office, Sata has NO legal obligation to appoint HH as his Veep! HH, being the shrewd and learned businessman that he is, knows he can’t take any chances hence his call for more concrete agreement and dialogue. This PACT nonsense simply won’t work and my UPND vote will be a sheer waste.

  78. Heeeee and the POST make it headlines? Fleddie and his newspaper have come to eat him and show that he does not dig deeper….did he verify his information with UPND? OOps he couldnt because they are his number 1 sworn enemy….He has been exposed pants down his is his agenda as an accounts clerk from Zsic and night school lawyer, he wants to impose Sata for president, a man he destroyed in the past…well we are voting for HH and we shall shame you come 2012…

  79. “The constitution does not provide for a running mate.” If this statement is true, then the formation of the Pact was based on mutual trust. Non of their agreements are in fact legally binding! I’m not surprised it has failed. Who in his right mind can trust Mr Sata to keep his word? The man wants power. And he wants it all for himself.

  80. One of the few reasons why man will fight a croc is when he has been starved and the only food around is the croc. At this stage, the man does not think that the croc sees him as it’s own meal – HH/SATA

  81. It beats me why PF are in a hurry to choose president and share positions. Proposal can be made but please use the right channels. My God even sit in Parliament were shared wot a joke. Viva No Pact. We all know that Sata might win this year’s election. The pact has nothing to offer to the Zambians but jst change of Government. The only way the pact could have worked is to merge and with no PF and UPND. Ba PF are kaponya’s who might win this year’s election, but need the thinkers of UPND AND they cant just work with Sata. Ba chirwa be formal pliz,m begining to doubt if you are president Material. PF 2011,UPND 2013 after were chase Sata.

  82. There does not seem to be a problem here as Kabimba was only acknowledging and accepting the proposals from Prof Chirwa who is a senior member of the UPND.
    What HH should respond to are contents of this letter as he has a copy, so that we know his position.
    At the moment, what is cardinal is the issue of the PACT presidential candidate.

  83. Here comes the ref (mmembe)
    HH: but why wanimenya na pulanga pa. Mutu?
    SATA: (whilst holding HH’s leg) hit the bugger where it matters.
    HH: ‘I am intelligent, I solve this puzzle. I demand a fair referee, not this skunk of a referee’
    SATA: Iwe Mmembe, hold him down, I blast his head’

  84. HH Mwaiche dont allow an illiterate, arrogant, unprincipled Sata to control you. You are a brilliant fellow and you shouldnt associate with Kaponyas and thugs. Sata will frustrate you.

  85. Hypocrites in the PACT have surely been exposed. Chirwa is a brainy man. He taught me in third at UNZA before he left for “better” life. This man has been following the Z politics even when he was in MMD. What is true and cannot be reversed this time round is that PF will be in Government after August 2011 elections. Chirwa read the Zambian voter mood for change long before it started in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and now the entire Arab world. The same force, though patiently waiting for the CAST is behind SATA and the best HH and his blind fellows can do is to emulate and respect Chirwa’s understanding of things. Surely does HH expect to lead the PACT? NO, not in this episode. Facts:
    1. People dont want MMD because of 20 years deceit, destruction and corruption.
    2. UPND is dead &…

  86. #12, comments as follows:
    1. what have you got in PF, NO THINKERS.
    2. what does PF have apart from money laundering.
    3. Sata was part of that 20 years for 10 years, and he was quite happy with it until he found that he cannot be a president of MMD.
    4. PF in all the years of its existence has never held any elections, even non-credible ones.
    5. It is PF that will need a eulogy this year when they lose the elections. Remember that Sata is PF and PF is Sata, so when Sata dies politicallly this year so will PF.

  87. UPND and HH are really being very insincere in this matter they have writting to PF LETTERS of certain proposals but PF have remained quite mostly,now International Relations Chairman Clive Chirwa wrote to PF making certain proposal again!!!now in political science thoughts and law of nature demands that if u recieve correspondence between between political parties u have to inform the media so that u promote transparency..Winter did the write thing by announce to the nation what Professor Clive Chiwra proposed…even in Uk scenario all the events were being reported live any agreement between the Torries and the conservatives were being why cry..?

  88. HH. you are a very dull President.Where were you when Clive wrote this letter? why didnt you write to PF to inform them that the document was Clives personal view? Dont cheat us. you are a trick star and you want demonize PF when infact you are the one who has caused the problem.
    Are you going to behave like this when u become president? allow every one including youth leader kalusa to speak for the party? how then are u going to fight corruption with such a weak hand?you think being a president is just knowing how to speak nice economic language? you are a dreamer.

  89. Gents lets calm down.

    It is a fact that PF is bigger than UNDP. So Chirwa proposal is ‘rocket science’. PF needs to nominate a President of the Pact and UNDP will field the VP.

  90. Cont’d from 110, just a correction to comment 5: Sata is already dead politically and therefore so is PF. Surely it cannot be otherwise, unless you are a brainless PF sycophant.

  91. I don’t understand why we are allowing the ambitions of TWO individuals to hold the whole nation at ransom! Sata is obviously a bully; his language tells it all. Hikainde, on the other hand, is obviously NOT in charge of UPND; major policy statements are coming from his subordinates seemingly without his blessing!!!

    Progress will only be achieved if we GET RID of these two buggers.

  92. Yes…PF vuvuzela Winter Kabimba is a piece of shiit..! So many correspondences have been written by full UPND cabinet to request PF to sit and deal with pertinent governance issues, but they PF vuvuzelas coyuld not respond. The shiit written by fulish professor Chirwa without consultations, it is publicised to the media and hold a press conference. HH please…we won’t allow this nonsense any more. Pull out of this shiit now. I would cast my vote on RB if you give in to this old crap who hacked our friends with matchets in Chawama. I say this shiit!

  93. Well well its simple the young man HH has just got to swallow is pride it wont be a matter of time before he is in plot 1.Pro Chirwa is right the minority party is UPND ..Please HH dont loose our trust you are beta of has Veep for now your time will come

  94. People of Zambia should not allow Sata to get to State House…we are a dead nation! This man is not material for that demanding office. If he can walk to a board room and disrupt a meeting of journalists, insults them, what would happen if given the powers of president. You Zambians will not sleep…mukafwa..ububi…Imagine if RB was of Sata mentality, what would happen at the Post Newspaper’s Office? He would just kill them, to be called names like the Post does on RB and did on imwe…Sata would just kill them. HH just go it alone, it doesnot matter if you lost this year, but giving room to a man who is fulish will haunt your conscious for ever.

  95. Chrive Chirwa has been promised a job by Sata. He must go back to his locomotive business in the UK and continue teaching those students please. As opposition, for now let us split the votes it is ok so that RB goes ahead and rule it is better than Sata winning elections. He and PF Kaponya party has No Development Plans for Zambia.

  96. HH, facts are that politics is about how popular you are. In Africa the Majority of our people are poor and so they determine the result of elections.Your strategy should be to speak to them with the language they understand.This is exactly what sata has done, hence the large following.He understands politics better than most of the so called Educated Zambians and qualifies to be president of this country.
    What most Zambians want is Sata to be president and you should accept that fact. issuing diming statements against PF such as the above will just create enermity between your party and PF. This is not the first time you are dimining your friends no wonder they dont respond to your letters. Do you think you are an angel?

  97. How did Zed leaks get to hear the phone conversation between HH and Wynter?? This is why these fackas get sued all the time! Wynter is also a clown. I used to have the same views as the Prof that Sata presido and HH vice, but i have since changed my mind. Ba PF, no ministerial calibre! Sorry to say. If PF can transform its party and change leadership it will win definately but with sata there am not so sure, though he is very popular i must say.

  98. Guys politics is all about numbers.the sooner HH and SATA meet to agree wayforward,the cant win MMD as a single party hence PF/UPND should URGENTLY meet…zambia is bigger than sata and HH,if the two fail to agree on pact,let them step down and allow others to take over.HH stop running to the press please ba president,let kakoma speak or reply to kabimba not you HH.lets follow proper channels whenever talking to the press not these issues of kalusa or any PF member jumping to the press,plse we want change in 2011

  99. Are the PF the jokers in this PACT?

    One hopes Sata and PF will not let advocates of PACT down; and if PF and Sata let the people down, they can forget about Zambia, and they should find somewhere else to do their “future” politics.

    One wonders why these people cannot learn from what has happened to the Heritahe Party, and what has become of the FDD.

  100. #125, that’s the point HH is trying to explain but as usual pf zealots don’t see sense where there is one. The pact in its current state can not be entrusted with power.

  101. Clearly, the press has a hand in this confusion going on in the PACT. As the saying goes, do not always believe what you read. But that aside, on balance, one can begin to see signs of how the PACT will function if we vote them into power. Alarmingly, I see signs of brilliance mixed with mediocrity, protracted delays mixed with indecent haste on issues, tug of war between issue-based debates and character-based ones, choosing tasks equal to person instead of person equal to tasks, finger-pointing and scapegoats.
    Bitter as it may be, its better these signs are showing NOW rather than after the elections. Voters will make informed decisions.

  102. No one can trust him.
    The fact that HH is not sure of this man means HH is still in his senses.
    He is redeemable, retrievable.
    HH watch out, Zambians watch out.
    But in any case the pact is more deadly to the opposition than without it because it gives more advantage to MMD than the opposition.
    The whole south/West/Central/Northwest will go to MMD if PACT remains with SATA as leader.

  103. PF accepts Chirwa’s proposals on Pact
    By George Chellah
    Fri 18 Feb. 2011, 04:02 CAT [2514 Reads, 0 Comment(s)]

  104. And in his letter dated January 16, 2011 to UPND secretary general Winstone Chibwe, Kabimba stated: “Dear Sir, Re: UPND proposals. I am in receipt of the UPND proposals through Professor Clive Chirwa, chairman for international relations dated 15th February 2011, a copy of which I have enclosed herewith for your easy reference. In order for the Pact to make progress we hereby accept the proposals for our JNC meeting which we should convene soonest to complete the details thereof.”


  105. HH u should hav known by now that you will never be president. was jst checking ZWD and this is the carbinet for HH
    President – HH
    Vice- Gary Nkombo, Finance – Muna Hantuba, Foreign Affairs -Clive Chirwa, Defence – Siyakanumpa, Home Affairs Jack Mwiimbu, Justice- Chad Muleza, Agricultural- Felix Chizuyka, Comerce – Muna Sipalo, Education – Tom Shamakamba, Science and Technology-Simuchoba S, Communcation – Mbozi …Cabinet in waiting

  106. People definitely SATA and HH have already agreed its you and some junior UPND patry members who are still in the dark. I agree with one article where someone said SATA could also be a bridge for HH to once become President of Zambia.

    HH will not always be UPND Presidential candidate next time it may be someone else but here is chance for him to combine forces with someone who has a bigger following and get in to power. I dont see HH and UPND alone become Govt in the near future as long as a Tonga remains Tonga and Bemba remains Bemba and they continue to despise each other in the way they do, they can only win elections by combining forces and not as individauls never.
    I like the way Kakoma and Kabimba have been playing it so professional coz they know very soon they will be big…

  107. No.5 MMD Chief Bootlicker.

    I am not an MMD supporter but I like your humor. I also like the angle from where you are seeing the Prof Chirwa proposal……I hope your popcorns are ready!!!!!!!!!!

  108. 87 Mpangula Mputyu thanks for your request. Dr Clive CHIRWA is just concerned about the plight of Zambians as much as HH is. My take on him is that UPND should not discipline him but teach him nicely in the way he should as a baby in Zambian politics.

    CHIRWA’s proposals to HH, the presidential candidate, and Sata/PF leader copied to PF Sec Gen and UPND Sec Gen are not bad but they need to be panel-beaten by the UPND’s NEC after the UPND NMC has looked at them. I hope the proposals will be reworked in such a manner that the party which will have a presidential candidate will field 30% of MP and Councillor candidates in each province of Zambia while the other party will field 70% of the said seats candidates. This will allow the PACT partners to campaign as one group.

  109. He said he called Prof Chirwa who was in London and that he was equally surprised that Mr Kabimba had actually rushed to leak a confidential proposal to the public.

    A letter authored by Mr Kabimba to UPND secretary general Winston Chibwe, accepting Prof Chirwa’s purported proposals was dated January 16, 2011.

    The same letter, however, states that Mr Kabimba received Prof Chirwa’s letter dated Feb 15, 2011.Mr Kabimba could not explain how he replied to a letter a month earlier before he even received the one from Prof Chirwa. “In order for the pact to make progress we hereby accept the proposals for our Joint National Council meeting which we should convene soonest to complete the details thereof,” stated Mr Kabimba’s response, dated January 16 to Prof Chirwa’s letter dated 15 feb.

  110. There is no way this PACT will work if this drama and confusion continues like this, and if only HH is sober enough and thinks his party has failed to work with PF and can win elections without any alliance, then he should come out and tell the nation that UPND will stand alone in this years election, otherwise why is he still holding on to PACT with PF? equally Sata should do the same. wasting Zambians time is the unthinkable thing this PACT has failed to realise, we dont even know the pact manifesto and time is running out for elections 2011.

  111. no 138 its plain and simple jealousy by membe against HH and his success in business. membe thinks he can also rival HH in business but he has failed with everything he has tried to do. also HH is better educated than him and HH is his own man. he does not need politics to survive. also HH was against membe marrying Mazoka’s daughter. So really Membe is the one with the issues and not HH. Membe is just simply a dog not worth much who eats his own vomit. he is evil and a liar

  112. The Post have really messed themselves up this time around. Even a self respecting pig knows the true facts of the story but the Post chooses to report otherwise without shame. They know that their report is false and I am sure they feel ashamed though they cannot admit. One wonders whether there are any qualified journalists at the Post. The ideal approach should have been for them to obtain HH’s stand or response before going ahead to make fools of themselves. Is this what you call digging deeper? Spare us with your childish reporting. You have exposed your foolishness just as your party has. Do not take people for granted. PF are simply sinking their boat by themselves. No right thinking Zambian can vote for such clowns, Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Jean Kapata, GBM, Willy

  113. Be careful PACT with Pro Chirwa, remember he is the rejected cartridge by MMD who wanted to hijack MMD presidential position, and did late Mwanawasa tell? so he will do everything to confuse you.

  114. It’s very strange for HH to offer the times of MMD a platform for an interview. He should have not talked about that and refer all that this to his juniors. Anyhow what is HH & UPND & SATA’s PF are putting on the table…? a province or two or many provinces..???? if not careful all will loose this noble fight beacuse of being too selffish. Selfishness will not help UPND or PF. And HH is not him self beacuse of presure from his members and he’s failing to face them and tell them the reality. Lwenu kansi is a bemba prob. I’m not a ploitician but all i know is that PF is bigger than UPND in reality and the command of the provices they have. correct me if i’m wrong & i apologies.

  115. living in dream land my no longer controls many provinces..HH has got Western,North-western,Central,Southern and huge chunk of Copperbelt..he will get somethn form Lusaka and Eastern..who will be the biggest sata..Luapula and Northern have been taken by MMD..

  116. I love HH and his UPND, the are simply smart. They have out played the serpent, he cant just undo the puzzle. After all he only relates with kaponyas who think like him. You will never hear the serpent having intensions of mingling with UNZA or CBU. What sort of a leader would that be. God can never deliver Sata to us and thats where I get the peace of mind. VIVA HH.

  117. SAta illiterate, SAta arrogant, SAta unprincipled Sata money launder SAta womanizer SAta daga smoker, SAta untrustworthy SAta Kaponyas and thug. Most of the people who are die hearts of SAta either tribes mates, illiterates drunkards or share daga, poor or were not properly brought up
    You can’t imagine such kind of man heading a nation. It will be disaster worse than Idia mi of Uganda

  118. Organized confusion to confuse you all who are not yet confused. Do you honestly think HH is so dull to not accept the VEEP position in the pact? I think not. All you saying PF is a kaponya party need to realise one thing, and that thing is that people (the majority suffering) not many of us here on this blog who can afford atlest two meals a these people SATA is their saviour..its just a pity that along the way in the name of trying to out do each other (PF and UPND) they all have picked up some selfish individuals in the name of “supporting” their respective parties…let be objective people of Zambia..lets help the PACt iron out these “minor” issue in order to oust the MMD from power, power which has gone to their heads…now down to their…God knows…. I rest my case

  119. n# 7. Big Pipe.
    You started but i don’t why you still blame UPND when you know for sure that there is nothing you can negotiate with KAPONYAS!! UPND did all what was possible but the kaponyas have NO MANIFESTO or CLUE how to run a GOVERNMENT, so they have nothing to bring forward for harmonization! PF manifesto is in the pocket of SATANA that is why when addressing rallies he doesn’t kno where to start from, he just jumps on issues and put more jokes, that is Pf. so what can they bring for harmonization?? obvious there is nothing!

  120. This plot has really gotten crafty. Intellectuals Vs Kaponyas and looks like Kaponyas and their tabloid paper have egg on their face now.

    Seems like the intellectuals in UPND just used Prof Chirwa to set a trap for PF and stupidly PF fell for it, since they can’t read, or write or understand context, they thought UPND has given them the PACT presidency and run into the street to the POST Newspaper to celebrate. mmd chief butliker… i thing you are on the right truck!

  121. The fact remains if ths two goes separate ways then its a share of vote wasting i wud urge any meaningful zambian to atach valve to a party tht is uniting us or else ‘mufungufungu uwalalike kapoli insala’

  122. PF/UPND Pact need to get it together; we need a definitive on this issue so that we can go viral on Twitter and Facebook with campaigns to boot RB and MMD out please!

  123. SATA can not win an election even if he was made a pact president for the following reason, northern province will be taken by RB( Mbala, Mpulungu, Isoka,Nakonde, Kaputa and mporokoso), he can only win in( kasama,Chinsali and Mpika ) in Luapula MMD will do well chiluba is still a factor there . North-western, Western, Central, Eastern and Southern the people don’t like him coz of his careless languange. It’s only Copperbelt, and Lusaka where he still enjoys some support .If HH becomes a pact president he can have massive support from southern, Western, North –Western except( kasempa) for (kabinga mpande,) Central (except Mkushi and Serenje), HH cannot win in luapula and northern provinces even Mazola never did well .(in these provinces in those provinces even an angel cannot win if he…

  124. Why insult sata?you as UPND always say sata insults?now who is insults sata?its you UPND learned guys…in politics Numbers matter alot,dont be cheated..former Brazil president did even reach grade 12 but has transformed the country.Jacob Zuma is not educated but runs the most successful country in africa.i support clive chirwa for breaking the ice because of late alot of debates have been rised to who leads the pact.if UPND joins MMD,it will finish like siulapwa,BY,FDD,Sakwiba and UNIP parties.they campained for RB but after winning,he left them without to HH,Sata is much beta becoz he will give you as VIP also UPND ministers…

  125. In my view, the ideal situation is for the so-called pact to be declared redundant. Let the UPND , PF, and MMD fight it out in the tripartite elections. Then we will know the stronger of the two parties between the UPND and PF. Why are we even wasting time with these debates? Let us wait for these election to pass then we will see who is right in their predictions. From my own prerspective, PF will prevail in Lusaka, the Copperbelt, Northern , and Luapula provinces. The UPND will prevail in Southern Province and parts of Central Province. The MMD will prevail in Eastern province and parts of Northwestern, Central, and Western Provinces. Western , Central, and Northwestern provinces are toss -ups. Whoever wins the toss -up provinces will form the next government.

  126. Unfortunately, Zambian politics lack potency and substance from both the political leaders and commentators. The propensity by both stake holders to overlook issues of great importance, does play as a hindrance to the dynamics of developing our political as well as social & economic domain. when you travel to Lusaka, you will be greeted by evidence of contemptuous attitude by the past and present regimes towards service delivery. Our public and private infrastructure is in a state of wanting who is paying a hearkening ear? Alas no one! We spend most of our precious borrowed time trying to worry about vanity. The time make a difference is now then worry about vanity later.

  127. if HH becaome the pact president, then MMD will win period…HH is still an under 5. he needs other 5 years to grow up.

  128. No.143
    Post/Sata Have No Integrity

    Thank you for the information. I didnt know that Mmembe married Mazoka’s daughter. This is some good information.

  129. No.163

    Firstly, the constitution of Zambia recognizes a person above 35yrs as mature enough to lead the country. So, I dont know what you mean by grow up.

    Secondly, Sata and RB are too old. They are in their 70s if not 80s. When is you and me going to take up leadership to tackle today’s challenges if we continue with your kind of mentality? Those guys were there before independence and in the UNIP. For Sata, he was also in the MMD era. Hasnt he had enough? What kind of blind loyalty are you going to have? Is it because he is your uncle?? or your tribes mate? The guy is inconsistent and he is lucky to have intellectuals like HH in a pact.

    So, revisit your thinking cause its you who needs to grow up! Imbwa iwe.

  130. Wynter Kabimba’s behaviour is typical of the PF kaponya style politics they do not think things through countrymen this PACT cannot work in its present form why didn’t HH partner with more credible people like ELIAS CHIPIMO OF NAREP, Gen Miyanda of HP even NAWAKWI these people are younger and not tainted .


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