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FIFA’s Letter asking FAZ to put “No Confidence Vote” on the Agenda



  1. But why is this Kalu difficult for nothing? Is it because of the CAF job that he feels that he is now above the govt and Fifa? This man has failed to run the affairs of FAZ and why cant he leave room for capable managers like Kamanga and bo Simataa to take over?

  2. This is good news. Kasengele thought he was clever. FIFA has finally seen that the Kalusha Bwalya led FAZ is just a joke of jokes.

  3. Kalu….i think just allow this Vote item be included om agenda. You loose nothing and i can assure you very soon wrangles will emanate in new FAZ while you function effectively at CAF.

    In this regard, i will urge even the electorates in the country not to wait for elections but pass a no confidence vote for RB and his govt. If Sports minister supports this, then let him also support it in his govt. No need of being one sided, since sata’s PF is like Kamanga’s faz. Period.

  4. Right , FIFA has spoken, can we have all those who were pumping this Form 3 dropout called Great Galu come and blog their nonsense here now. So what do you have to say now? This Great Galu wanted to turn football into a PF/UPND tennis match. Time to match forward now.

  5. in fairness kalu should include that on the agenda. if these simaata chaps want you out just leave them 4 months down the line we’ll be calling for their blood. and knowing simaata he ‘ll be the first to resign

  6. This is good news.#5 speak for yourself some of us are happy with the developements going on in least relatives back home are saying there is money to be made in zed- RB is just fine.

  7. #7 – GLOBAL CITIZEN – lol! You’ve made me laugh, mwe! So it is true about Simataa liking to run away when things get tough ai? Okay, seriously, I’m fed up to my teeth with this wrangle between FAZ and Kamanga/Simataa. It is time it was sorted out whichever way. As a leader Kalusha should now follow FIFA’s guideline so that people don’t blame him in the end. After all he has a higher job now, so it can only be good for his CV if he follows due process. It is good that FIFA have provided this guideline now: Kalu is still the FAZ President, and the vote-of-no-confidence should be put on the agenda so that Kalu can seek to refresh his mandate for the rest of his remaining period up to 2012. He seems to be in his winning ways, so may be the vote will flop in his favour!!

  8. FIFA has now written directly Kamanga directly for the first time, FAZ no longer has monopoly over communications with FIFA.

    Poor Eric, what lies and propaganda where you on about again?

  9. The circus continues. What suffers at the end of the day is the game of football. I have never heard or read the so called great Kalu articulate or write about his vision for the game. No wonder the other guys found it difficult to work with him. Administrative experience is important for his position and he does not exhibit any of it. It takes a man to admit that you cannot be good at everything. Managing people is a different ball game.

  10. Kalu u dug yo own grave. U thot u were clever now u will see the authority yo employerz (counsellors) have. U were busy running to FIFA all the time boasting that Bulata is yo uncle now see that the same FIFA has shown u a big red card kekekekeke

  11. Kalu has failed he is a gifted footballer but hopeless administrator, lets see how he will perform now at CAF.

  12. FIFA is showing kalu how to manage a crisis in a level headed manner, devoid of emotion. Hope this will put this matter to rest.


  14. Somehow I think that FIFA are also fed up with this issue and want to see it resolved very quickly without silly games. The two sides will now have to play maturely until we get to know whether Kalu has survived the no-confidence vote. The letter from Valcke sounds no-nonsense, I think they have had enough and especially thay do not want to see the name of big FIFA brought into disrepute over a straightforward matter in a small country like Zambia. It is not necessary.

  15. At the back of my mind I keep wondering: did RB call Sepp to let him know how FAZ are trying to embarrass him because they know government can’t intervene directly?

  16. Kalusha is a dog.why the sturboness.put yoself to the test if u are popular among the councilors.Rubbish

  17. You bloggers you should understand English very well. FIFA has simply noted that the vote of no confidence does not satisfy the provisions of the FAZ constitution. There is a reference to two articles in FAZ constitution which have been highlighted in the FIFA letter regarding this matter. If you read it very carefully, FIFA says the vote of no confidence can not be tabled because (a) it does not follow the right procedure with which a quorum of two third majority have to be met (b) Any item to be included must be done so 30 days before the holding of the AGM. Therefore FIFA with respect to this two contradiction, there is a confusion as how this can be allowed. As much as FIFA would have wanted for the item to be tabled, it is restrained by FAZ constitution on a technicality.

  18. This is too much for the game.since Kalusha wants to be sturbon,let FIFA just ban us since we are imature like MMD..

  19. Ya Ba Great Galu, you thought you were clever.You see, the only reason FIFA was defending you is that they thought you were right. But when they hosted you na bena Kamanga,and when they listened to the constructive arguments put across by the other party,they realised that you were actually the rebel. So to give you some credibility they proposed the vote of no confidence arrangement. Come on, these guyz(FIFA) are your friends,right? Now if that is the case, and bena Kamanga had no case why would your pals ask wrong chaps to vote you out.? The only reason is simple:You raped the FAZ constitution at will. In the above letter, they even acknowledged that you conscripted bogus delegates and they dont want this kind of nonsense come FAZ AGM. Ba Galu, you dug your own grave, hehehehehe

  20. This Faz circus is now boring to say the least! If members decide to dissolve kalu”s executive, I honestly hope they donot bring Simata and Company to head FAZ, these fights will only end if Kalusha, Kasengele,Kamanga and Simata are all sidelined.Please spare us this unproductive game you are play.This guy from FIFA is equally playing mind games!

  21. The glory days are over. We are a nation of underachievers and the fiasco at Football house does not help much. Personally, I would not want our national team to go as far as the World cup PANTU BAKAYA TUSEBANYA :o. We failed to resolve the issue internally and rushed all the way to BLATTER. He must have been left laughing behind their backs.

  22. #19 – MAMBALA – which FIFA letter have you been reading? FIFA are just acknowledging the contradictory provisions in the constitution but those are about submissions. The letter clearly directs FAZ to allow the motion to be tabled at the meeting and that if the vote gets 2-thirds majority, then an extra-ordinary AGM to be held in 2-half of April. Abena, apapene even the letter is still there you are already misleading yourself! Mwampapusha sana. The contradiction is about the conflict between the need for Sec-Gen sending notice for the meeting 30 days before the date, and yet another provision asks members to make their submissions 21 days before the meeting – which is AFTER the Sec-Gen has circulated the agenda! Please read English books to improve your English!! What Grade are you?

  23. #6 the vote of no confidence is not a mandate by FAZ it could be include as written in the letter one two it is envisaged that it may be rejected as the FAZ document is in itself contradictory everything here hang in balance so i don’t foresee Kalu leaving two as long as you don’t know the pipo behind the kamanga camp you will hate a wrong person forever Simata is a failure in life. therefore a willshful detractor to the sport of soccer. There is enough evidence to prove that Kalu has performed as presido of FAZ now on CAF Please a prophet is neva respected in his own country, by the education is another thing my dear leaderhip is also something that is above education so do not insult i kalu is beta than most of us he has excelled and sold zambia internationally y hate so much than…

  24. as to whether kalu is a good administrator should not be judged by the noise of kamanga/simaata. judge him as an independent unit. most times chaps that make the most noise no very little. i personally want simaata/kamanga to win. what will follow is predictable. i hope many of us will look back at this blog

  25. The die is cast. Champions overcome hurdles that seem never ending. Everyone should accept the outcome of march agm.

  26. FIFA has actually made it tougher by removing pettiness. They have asked for a reason , a response and proper accreditation. Furthermore, FIFA is saying there is no such a thing as Kamanga interim committee. So bloggers Kalu is protected and if it is true he is not liked its not up to Simata and Kamanga but the whole football family of which you and I are mere spectators shouting iyeee chipolopolo

  27. 26……IGWE…..Pls read properly, letter states that, before vote is done petitioners have to present a document of grievances warranting no confidence by 14th march which FAZ has to respond in writting and submitted to delegates two days before. This shall be discussed before going for a vote.
    It is at this point where if Simata group have to prove allegations and if Kalu can be able to counter them, then delegates will vote for or against. So onus is with Kamanga’s to provide evidence of Kalu’s malpractices……….Period. Understand letter is still there go thru than misleading yourself.

  28. #31 and 32; spot on! ( beat me to it too!!). thank you all the same for interpreting this for bloggers who are abstract thinking challenged. kalusha and co have actually got spelt out in black and white what they wanted from fifa, that:

    1. a clear written motivation be submitted by the so called kamanga executive justifying the vote of no confidence and subsequent rebuttal of charges by the sitting faz exacutive, a discussion will then take place among the delegates before the actual agm and possible hidden agendas exposed
    2. the misconception that if at all the vote of no confidence passes, the the so called kamanga executive takes over has been called out; this executive and the meeting which brought it to fruition is not recognised by caf/fifa
    so there you go,,,,, haters!!!!

  29. I initially thot kalu was known at FIFA as some pipo used to claim. Not at all FIFA belongs to all. Now FIFA orders FAZ to include vote of no confidence 4 galu!!! clearly FIFA has handed galu to kamanga & simaata to determine his fate!! The best is 4 kalu to try to contest in South Africa where he stays! Am sure counsellors now want a Zambian resident faz president & not a nomad

  30. a simple letter is confusing everyone. can it be that FIFA secretary general’s english is bad. point 1 petitioners are under no obligation to submit a charge, but will do so at a later stage. Already that statement is contradictory. point 2 the secretary general to send documents at least 30 days in advance. meaning documents should have been sent by 26 february.secondly those wishing to add on the agenda should submit 21 days before AGM.this means by the 5 th of march this should have been done. however the same letter says grievances must be brought to FAZ by the 14 th march. (note this is FIFA’s request and is not in the FAZ CONSTITUTION).therefore FAZ can legally throw out this part. therefore if petitioners did not submit by 26 february or 5 th march then their submission 2 bad

  31. #31- 33
    Your interpretations are nothing but the whole truth.Simataa and Kamanga have been pushed in a corner and they have to bring forward real charges with evidence of which I doubt they have.Meanwhile Great Kalu continues cracking the whip as FAZ chief.

  32. I think FAZ officials should start operating like any other professionally run organisation. The officials should be given targets by which their performance will be measured. Failure to do this should result in a performance review which should determine whether they continue in office or not. At the moment once someone is in office, it is very difficult to remove them if they do not deliver. Then again, this goes back to the councilors. :-(

  33. Simataa is a comedian and has a PHD(Pull Him Down).
    He enjoys pulling others down, ask former FB employees.

  34. Kalu u have been pinned down by FIFA this time. FIFA is now tired of yo crookedness & this time u are gone. Who will save u? Counsellors whom u have been insulting will burry u alive come 26th march. Yo ending is disastrous!

  35. I will stick to my interpretation. The letter clearly points out these contradictions which makes the Kamaganga/simaata petition null void. FIFA does not in anyway asking FAZ to table the motion but simply guiding both parties to stick the FAZ constitution. Having read the letter, it is clear that the motio fails to meet these requirements, therefore will be thrown out by our able intelligent committee of the great Kalu. Viva FIFA and long live great Kalu, the international world is behind you. The rebels will gnash their teeth.

  36. “Should the motion of no confidence in kalusa be adopted, the incumbent FAZ general secretary, George Kasengele, must call for an extraordinary AGM to elect a new board. The AGM will take place in the second half of April 2011 in order to fulfill the FAZ provisions with regard to the elections.” So issue of 2012 is now no more. FIFA has cut short kalusa’s term of office. Early elections now due to kalusa’s incompetence

  37. Mambala dont be dull! did u reach grade7? The letter from FIFA is there but still u’re confused like galu! From FIFA article: “We would like to provide clarification in light of what was discussed during the meeting held in Zurich on 20 December 2010,” Valcke said. “All participants agreed that a motion of no confidence could be put on the agenda provided it followed the proper procedures.” He added: “The request of the Mazabuka club satisfies the criteria and therefore the motion must be put on the agenda in accordance with article 26.2 (x).” Even if u cry foul yo kalu at this time cannot be saved by the bell. Too late!!!!

  38. 44 mmd cadree………………………Even if Kalusha’s term is cut 12 months before completion, it will not affect him big time but the new faz led by say kamanga or simataa will face an uphill battle becoz major problem with our soccer lies with players themselves who have put money first and also beer, womanising and pride. The second problem is that major teams are run by private companies who are reluctant to sponsor clubs. Very soon same counselors will start calling for kamanga’s blood and knowing simataa – he will resign as he is always a CRY BABY. Meanwhile, kalusha is their BOSS at CAF.

  39. Kalu should have heeded the earlier warnings we gave him. Alas, he was too self centred and for himself, the ending can prove disastrous for a once mighty footballer. he is going down like Mubarak in Egypt. Kalusha’s employers will surely and are determined to kick him OUT.

  40. A clear manifestation of how Zambians focus on non developmental issues. Kalusha is a great man who shhould be left to work and complete his term without this poverty and politically align opposition to his admin. All the pipo agianst him have done nothing for the betterment of sport besides bickering and feeling that they are better than others. Even in politics it is th same. Going by the gallery. Our political misguidedness has now delved down even to football. We all know that RB is behind this. What a shame. We need a real change of doing things in this country. This muzungu wanga nonsense is a danger to our children. The kamanga team is a clear failure in football.

  41. Can someone justify below record as competent enough to run soccer admin in Zambia:
    1. Resigned from FAZ after a minor argument within three months.
    2. Chased from UNZA stars
    3. Demotion of City of Lusaka
    4. Stagnant amakumbi stars
    5. Fired at Finance Bank

    1. Despite being an Accountant, but no record of football administration or player.
    2. Recently evicted incumbent Warriors chairman

  42. Three Quarters of the votes recorded should support the No Confidence Motion for the Kalusha led executive to be dissolved! If say there would be 200 votes casted, then 150 votes must be in favour! Whao! What a challenge!

  43. Well said # 51(Real Issue man). I salute you for your intelligent observations. You haven’t been blind to see through into the blood of these bloody thirsty thugs of Simaata & Kamanga. The amount of jealousy against the son of the soil great Kalu wont prevail. He’ ll be lifted high at the March 26th AGM and shame the beasts, monsters and devils. With or without FIFA letter, Zambia is behind great Kalu not failures, thugs, jealousy & petty lumpens of the likes of Simaata & Kamanga. For the blogers who have gone to consult the isangomas in order to bring down the annointed son of the soil great Kalu, you will be disappointed after which you will swim in your own shame of blood, gnashing your teeth with your sponsors. My observation on FIFA letter is final & can’t be reversed. VIVA GREAT…

  44. # 45, whatever the name you call yourself, dont speak with emotions. Many intelligent bloggers have already made their excellent comments. You seem to be confounded with pettiness too. Whether you bath in a hundred concoction of routes ahead the AGM, great Kalu is the annointed man of God. He is fulfilling the prophesy in which it is clearly said in the scriptures “They will reject you in own land but you will be gloriously accepted in foreign lands, therefore dont despair,” says the Lord. Kalu is greatly respect in foreign lands and he is insulted by pegans at home. However, God has continued to favour this son of the soil with numerous blessings. He was currently voted as executive member of CAF. Can Simaata or Kamanga get that close? I bet not. These thugs will be mistaken to be…

  45. Why is Kalu making things difficult for himself. Facts are so clear and there should be hiding behind a veil. What will happen in case Kalu loses to Andrew Kamanga is he still going to hold the CAF Executive position or it will go to Kamanga.Can some please clarify on this subject.

  46. I cant understand you Kalu crtics. The letter from FIFA actually vindicates Kalu because all along his Executive has been saying that the Vote of No Confidence can only be tabled in line with provisions of article 26, the bottom line being that to remove the FAZ Executive 3/4 must vote as such,eg, if 200 are present, 150 must vote for the motion to be valid. The Kamanga group meanwhile wanted a simple marjority threshold, ie 101 would be enough to validate the No Confidence vote, which FIFA has rejected. As things stand, FIFA has ruled in favor of Kalu. Please be objective.

  47. This letter from FIFA raises alot of questions, No physical or postal address, no emailor phone no. If this is how FIFA corresponds then its being run like a MAFIA organisation. It would have been noraml to copy National Sports Council as well since they were party to Zuruch meeting held on 20/12/10.Bane its a shame for a World Soccer Governing body like FIFA to write such a letter with many important items missing on its letter head.Can some one please clarify this forgery like subject.

  48. kalu once a genius owez a genius.Who eve is aganst kalu n Faz is luck of proper education.let think ouside the box

  49. Kalu has no respect for his employers (counsellors) & hence they are determined to burry him alive & with FIFA on their side now they will crack the whip him on ! Kalu = Mubarak

  50. The FIFA GS’s letter makes it impossible for the Vote of No Confidence to prevail. Firstly, a two thirds majority of members of FAZ must be present and thre quarters of them must support the motion! I don’t see this happening. Secondly, the grievances by the petitioners must be substantiated and explained DURING the AGM! I do not see any reason being justified. HOWEVER you cloth jealous and hatred it always seeps through and people see through!

  51. Sometimes I wonder whether we all see and read the same things. The letter from FIFA is very clear. Kalu and his team are the ONLY FAZ at the moment. Andrew and Simata are performing or rather running an ILLEGAL entity in the name of Interim FAZ Committee. Even if you hate some one you cant just try to remove them by hook or crook. Let the due process by followed. In any case Simata has been running Makumbi Stars since time immemorial but nothing has changed in his team. He he fails to run his own team how can he run FAZ? Just a thought.

  52. No60. Check the letter properly. The address is on page one as a FOOT NOTE. Each organisation has its own format. Not every body writes in English version typographic systems.

  53. The petitioners will have to explain their grievances in detail while Kalu and co. will have a chance to defend themselves. Thereafter, for the vote to pass, THREE QUARTERS ( YES THREE QUARTERS !!! ) will have to support it. That’s where the problem for the petitioners lies. While the majority are likely to support the motion , three quarters might not be attainable because Kalu has some supporters and some will vote according to how they will percieve the arguments from either side.

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