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Sata unsuitable for presidency – Chifire


A child waves at PF leader Michael Sata

The Committee of Citizens has advised Zambians to seriously reflect on former Presidents Kaunda and Chiluba’s advice that Patriotic Front (PF) Leader Michael Sata is unsuitable for office of President.


Executive Director, Gregory Chifire says Zambians should take heed to early warning by the former presidents who both worked closely with mr Sata.

Mr. Chifire says reservations by the former presidents over Mr Sata’s leadership style are coming from privileged persons that held office of Republican President.

He said this in a statement issued to ZNBC news in Lusaka on Tuesday.
Mr. Chifire said even though some Zambians may be dissatisfied with the performance of MMD Government, Mr Sata should not be the alternative.

[ ZNBC ]


  1. it is true he is useless that old mbuyazo,he is even late at 70 & above at list if he ws already in.go to de farm magogoz iwe chilufyanya.

  2. “Mr. Chifire said even though some Zambians may be dissatisfied with the performance of MMD Government, Mr Sata should not be the alternative”.


  3. CHIFIRE can you shut up! Kaunda and Chiluba had their chances, iand it is not their business to tell us who to vote for Sata has never been a president so how can they talk about his leadership stiles when they both used him, whatever SATA IS THE FACT REMAINS HE IS PULLING CROWDS AND HE MAY ASWELL LEAD, THE EDUCATED ZAMBIAN ELITE WHO JUMPED ON THE MMD BANDWAGON IN 1991 HAVE LET OUR COUNTRY DOWN, THEY ALL WENT THERE FOR THEIR POCKETS

  4. Hey LT, can you also quote The Post so that we can comment on their news which largely goes unchallenged? If you are afraid of their lawyers, there is nothing to fear. News once published is in the public domain and it does not belong to anybody. Trust me, I know.

  5. 4….THE SAINt….YES you have talked sense we need to challenge their lies here since they fear to be challenged on their site.

  6. Viva SATA come 2011. SATA you are a hero.You are giving Rupiah and his worshippers sleepless nights. MMD thieves have tried all their local and international tricks to decampaign him,but SATA is becoming even more popular everyday. Every media house every day MUST talk about SATA or else their news is useless. Pabwatoo kekekeke come 2011.

  7. Why is everyone in govt position (actually in back pockets of the mines and GRZ) scared of this Sata? Could it be that he is the saviour of our poor country? RB is no patriot and needs a kicking. Look how Ghana are finally managing their new found oil, while in Zed copper is going for free! Lets be sencible and kick this RuBbish out!

  8. Who is this “chifire”. Just shut up. You maybe a beneficially of the corrupt regime. Hatred, greedy and Jealousy will not help. This is the right time for MMD to pack and go. we have to move foward and Sata provides that hope for some of us, MMD requires strong and tested opposition to be removed. so Ba chifire go to hell , you are a messenger of evil

  9. #9 Monster.
    Sata can not be excepted from the corrupt regime.. which was rif in Chiluba whom he strongly supported for his third term bind. Picking Sata would be disastorous to Zambia. Read old article in postnews papers back dated (1992 onwards) when Sata was minister without potifolio to mmd national secretary. You will be suprised that he changes like a snake in the grass. Let him be prime minister or vice president instead.

  10. On “Mr. Chifire said even though some Zambians may be dissatisfied with the performance of MMD Government, Mr Sata should not be the alternative” this is a good message and let all those that are well meaning and dissatisfied with MMD vote for HH of the UPND who is likely to lead all sensible opposition parties in this year’s elections — following ADD president C. Milupi’s data.

    President HH has enough political clout to win this year’s elections by a landslide victory.

    Be blest all and vote for the UPND to form GRZ Administration after this year’s tripartte elections. Also remember to register as voters before the mobile voter registration ends on 31st March 2011.
    Matt 6:33 but seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be…

  11. mr chifire please keep your opinion and that of ex presidents to your self. the majority of zambians say they want Sata as can be witnessed by the by election results.

  12. Of the two old contenders, Sata is the most favoured.

    The other one has no idea what it takes or how to deliver to the pipo

  13. Chifine,Chimba,Mumbi and others you are just a banch of ubuwelewele sponsored by the mmd.Sata I think ali bwino alefwaikwa palibukateka moneni pa zed alot of aspiring candidates but why have you all banched up together only attacking him,?pantu aba bambi you know are not factors in zed politics,ala apo apita palamoneka mukose pantu ili alateka nomba katwishi imwe ba cifine.
    And the so called hh,Chirwa is brilliant ,tata ba hh uku nomba ekupwa kwenu,mu uda mwaliibikapo na mu pact namo muleibwelamo,you are not popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Chifine imlandile ubusushi kwati niwe weka uka voter nangu niwe fye zed,we are voters tuleisa leka tubombeko we nsamba weeee…..

  15. is not the same anymore. It has drifted gradually towards articles that favor the ruling party. Why is that?

  16. Chinfine what education can you give zambians? people are now aware of the useless mmd and change is coming whether you like it or not.

  17. Chinfine in nyanja means fluid that comes out from the nose. Stop talking about SATA. We are looking for a leader who is going to sheck the poor sociaty and plan for future of our UNZA students, farmers,miners,etc. to day if Sata takers over Zambia, there is going to change. Lazy ones and those who stolen in Govt. are going to fear and suffer. Stop.

  18. Let the people choose who they want and once Sata takes over trust me the thieves will cry.That’s a Tiger of a man ask those who worked under him there was no nonsense!

  19. Are these guys aware of something that we do not know. From Banda to all MMD hired guns they are all talking about Sata. If he is so useless why are you spending all your resources talking about him. Sata is having free publicity in the MMD owned media. Keep it guys on the polling day
    people will only recall one name SATA

  20. Did Kaunda and Chiluba also mention something about the achievements scored by the GREAT SATA which are visible to date? or is it because they were being challenged by his GREAT performance. We want Chiluba and Kaunda to be specific and tell us offenses which the GREAT CHILUFYA SATA committed and what actions were taken to discipline him since they were heads of states at the time, otherwise their claims are baseless and should be treated as trash

  21. Ndimwe a Chifre (Cifite), how do you follow the advice of Chiluba who is a crook, liar, corrupt? Chiluba has just been saved by President Banda for his selfish gain. Chiluba is selfish person only bent to satisfy his selfish ego.

    Again for our old man Kaunda, he said this after the shock of his life, ba KK is old now, he is developing DEMENTIA ( personally i have respect for KK) but advise coming from Gregory Chifire, an MMD paid vuvuzela is shit, mafi yeka yeka fye!!!!

    As the youth of this Zambian generation are going to make a decision regarding our choice for President this year 2011, and not you Gregory Chifire! You are just part of the old village type of politics of benefits and tribalism.

    Gregory Chifire, honestly you need to go back to the village, Zambians youths don’t…

  22. # 24 Good observation,KK was just give presidency by the whites, FTJ was also called from Ndola by the people who had given KK pressure to change the constitution.

  23. namwishiba chiluba n kunda cant say jack…yes we are greatful bt if i was in zambia i would trust ma vote with HH jus yet ….man is jus a proud man who thinkz he can turn over the electorate ..well HH not me a youth jus not ready for yo to be ma head of state ….sata has done wonders …Zambia is goin for change ..jus get on de boat , n lower de proudness of yoz

  24. The bull dozer… The working man… He will surely bring change to mother Zambia… Vote for no any other than….. MCS! He has been called names… he has been ridiculed… he has gone through hard time.. and yet most people like him

  25. We are big enough to choose who we want. Sata has worked with the said president under their orders he never did anything without their approval, if anything they are the ones who made him do whtever he did. So Chicifire shut up we want to give him a chance so that we can judge him.

  26. people dont listen to this CBU drop out. this guy failed union election and failed to complete sch….he is some useless vuvuzela……donchikubeba


  28. Let cifire tell us what KAUNDA and CHILUBA did for our country?Zambia was busy financing ZIMBABWE,SOUTH AFRICA,MALAWI using copper money,CHILUBA came and destroyed whaterever Kaunda tried to build.where they perfect for presidency themselves?we dont want hand picked president thats why the have NO matter what kaunda,chiluba or Government properganda can say over SATA,GOD has the final SAY and maybe SATA can be president this time around

  29. Imwe ba cifire, how much has mmd paid together the so called former PF sg, is it mumbi or mumbo. Do you mr. cifire remember what kk said about chiluba becoming president of Zambia in 1990? Let me remind you. He said ‘Who is Kafupi? He is a thief, he had stollen a widow’s pension benefits, etc. But what did the pipo of zambia do? Kafupi was elected for two terms, mind you!!! so that propagander you are involved in is well known to the pipo of Zambia. So you are wasting your time. Anyway you there to make a living dear!

  30. Mr Chifire learn something about the world. Where ignorance is at bliss, it is folly to be wise. Mwana akalila bonzo, mupase, iza mulakha eka. Epo mpelele!

  31. Who is inciting people between Bishop Duffy and Chanda Chimba? MMD has spent alot of money advertising for PF, by allowing every news item on state media houses to talk ill about PF. But PF is not the anly party contesting in this year`s election. There are plenty of parties and we cannot say their candidates are all clean. Why Sata only? Cannot remember any day during past election like the one which the late Anderson Mazoka gave MMD a good run for their money where they spent alot of resources talking about him. The late Mwanawasa never did that but what is wrong today??????????? Wake up or you will be caught your pants down.

  32. Who is inciting between Bishop Duffy and Chanda Chimba? MMD has spent alot of money advertising for PF, by allowing every news item on state media houses to talk ill about PF. But PF is not the anly party contesting in this year`s election. There are plenty of parties and we cannot say their candidates are all clean. Why Sata only? Cannot remember any day during past election like the one which the late Anderson Mazoka gave MMD a good run for their money where they spent alot of resources talking about him. The late Mwanawasa never did that but what is wrong today??????????? Wake up or you will be caught your pants down.

  33. Chifire it your harlot sister and senile father who are not fit to be in government. Kebe noko not Zambians. We shall choose whom want RB or Michael or HH or Nawakwi or Brigadier.You go suck your cock

  34. Even if u criticise Chifire,the truth of th mata is tht MMD is winning.We shud blame thes 2 leaders-HH and MS for their insecerity.We need change ba MS and HH

  35. Come rain Come sunshine, it’s time for change of political party period. Zambia is not a one party state. Come election date MMD zwaaaaaaa. It’s not about the person they are shielding it’s about how selfish they have become, embracing corrupt people shamelessly. NAKO KI NAKO.The hour has come for MMD to step aside as did UNIP in 1991.

  36. @39
    non partisan- You have the power to decide. The fact that the PACT has crumbled does not neccessarily mean MMD will win since the power lies with you not the POLITICAL PARTY

  37. # 4, LT can’t publish Post stories. It used to before but Post sought legal protection to restrain LT from publishing its stories. If LT goes ahead to publish Post stories it will amount to contempt and be handed with a crippling fine. We still need LT. Our legal system isn’t perfect. I agree with your observation in respect to publishing news that has already been made public. Even in the academic circles, ones’ work can be reproduced as long as there is citation. This is acceptable standard in academia. Hence LT is acting reasonably to avoid un necessary legal complications which will arise when Post stories are reproduced on its site. The Post has a reputation of using the law when dealing with its perceived enemies. We dont want LT to be declared public enemy # 1 like Emmanuel…

  38. So this chap flanked at cbu and out is vomiting this rubbish to the nation, please take the nonsence to your family.

  39. Let the Zambians vote and live with the consequences of their vote. After all we have been doing that all along.

  40. You are right. Sata go find a farm you can work on. HH wait for another 20 years. Let MMD finish thier term,WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT BANDA is doing great.

  41. Indeed Sata is not the alternative they are one and the same with MMD. with my vote, Iam trying HH not Mr. Third term…

  42. Gregory Chifire is another hired gun. Why dos he ill talks of Sata and other opposition leaders.Gregory is nor spokesperson for Zambian citizens. Let those who are aspiring for presidency sale their manifestos to the Zambian pipo and they will deiced whom to vote for. Its not gud enough for Gregory to desadvantage one candidate before the D day. We have problems with the likes Gregory who are behaving like vuvuzela for a certain candidate. What will happen to those singing loudest today against opposition leader suppose Sata ended winning will Gregory flee this country or not. Lets be level headed. KK and FTJ had their time and should stop preaching against Sata aspirations for Plot 1. The man has invested so much in PF. Let him fight to the bitter end.

  43. That is his view Chifire. You have no right to tell who should be our President! You where no where untill now & He thinks he has what it takes to face the people1 We ‘ll see you after the elections!

  44. Sata cannot win, Zambians do not have short memories, we have not forgotten about the third term issue, Chamwama issue, he has no respect, his insults and why he stopped being MMD member.

  45. Chifire is a failure, he dropped out at CBU and has since then srounged for a living, with no home of his own. How then does he suddenly become a governance expert, this ***** and thief? Even MMD has refused to empower him because he is not worth it.He is content to get K 200,000 now and then from Mabenga to issue useless statements.

  46. No one should dictate who to vote for.CHINFINE is the worst hypocrite Zambia will ever produce.The chap has no spine to stand on his own.Everyday,he eats vomits which MMD has eliminated.These are the young men who claim to be best leadership material.They are not analytical in their argument.Zambia is not ready for a young president.The chaps are too arrogant and puffed up.Young men think by running a company,they can run a nation.Running a nation is a different ball game all together.It goes beyond having MBAs and degrees.It requires thinking day and night on how to harmonise rights of people.Young men are not yet ripe for leadership chores.May be 20 years from now,Zambia can have a young president.It is so disheartening to see how young men are behaving as future leaders.


  48. 23.
    Does withholding evidence constitute a larger crime than those assumed of Sata?

    As Chiluba has no immunity he can be challenged in court over defamation if he has no evidence of his accusations.
    Let him provide refutable evidence and then let the courts decide if they have any power of old crimes from over 10 years ago.
    Will there be a task force on Sata?


  50. Who is paying this people’s committee to exist?

    It’s a strange situation where a group tries to say it speaks for all the people.

    If its a unbiased group then why has it never spoken once about how poor Rupiah is doing?
    Why are all of its comments anti opposition?

    Why don’t they call themselves a MMD support group?
    It’s plain to see.

  51. Ba #50 Kwena mulibawelele, ku Chamwama…eko mwikala tefyo?! what third term? it is only minds like yours which are clattered in useless demagoguery that can not forget what was not there…If you are indeed a well meaning Zambian, you can join in the support of this progressive zambian and true patriot.

  52. Chifire, you are not telling us anything new here.

    The world’s political landscape has changed drastically over time. Take a look at the leardership in Britain, Australia, USA, France, Canada, Argentina, Germany etc.

    You don’t get old and finished politicians (who just want to milk and survive on government resources after failing to wisely invest while they were in power) like in Zambia. Why can’t young men and women wake up in our country and get involved in the running of the country instead of supporting failures and Saboteurs.

    Some of you have bloggers never even participated in simple national actvities, let alone join a political party.

    We need to participate in the nation building process other than just sit and complain. Shame!

  53. Mr.Cifire this is correct, sure Michael is too inconsistent to lead a nation or be trusted with State Power unless he changes over night; but what efforts are you making to convince Zambians that what you are saying is true? I would rather you also exploit possibilities of working with HH, Nawakwi and Milupi. Nothing wrong with such a move in politics my dear. You handover to PF you put the young democracy at risk mind you.

  54. I have always quoted this before
    “Fear is faith that it won’t work out.
    Fear holds you back from flexing your risk muscle, so consider this:
    what you fear about tomorrow is not here yet.
    Just prepare for it.
    Fear is like the darkroom, because dark rooms are where negative thoughts are developed.
    We must act in spite of fear…….…not because of it.
    If you are afraid to step up to the plate, you will never hit home run.
    When you worry about the future, there will soon be no future for you to worry about.
    Never trouble until trouble troubles you.

    If you can help fearing, remember fear can’t help you either

  55. #59. You are as dull as Sata himself continue deceiving yourself that he can bring change. the man was in GRZ under UNIP and MMD what change is he going bring under PF apart from chewing GRZ money and insulting people.

  56. #63 Mama G,

    I like it when you engage me in such kind of talk because I am willing to raise above all manners of PMS and focus on the real issue at hand, you say Sata is dull, why is it that all these intelligient minds are spending millions of your money and my money on trying to demean a dull man there is a thought there…talking about corruption and chewing money as you call it, who is chewing more money between the person who is in government and only collecting US$ 77.6 million from copper exports valued at US$2.9 billion to a person who is not even in government. food for thought…Pabwatooooo>>>>>> Vote for PF! i will get back to you when respond!

  57. What Chiluba said about Sata:And Chiluba yesterday tasked Mwamba to read his statement over the many issues that have been raised about him since he declared his support for Sata. Chiluba said he was unable to present the programme personally because he had travelled to the Copperbelt to mourn his son and aunt who died when he was still away in South Africa for medical treatment.
    “I have therefore requested that my official spokesperson, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, read the following brief statement and help all your answers and that of our citizens to the extent that he is able to,” Chiluba stated.
    He stated that following the statement he made at the Lusaka International Airport on arrival from South Africa on Sunday, there had been various reactions.
    “This was expected. I will not…

  58. comment on those reactions, as I do not need to accord such reactions the dignity of my response. I will therefore make just brief remarks on the first Republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and President Mwanawasa. My comments regarding Dr. Kaunda and what I term as a failed legacy were prompted by Dr. Kaunda’s own persistence and unprovoked attack against me, that usually pre-occupy his public utterances,” Chiluba stated. “Zambians will search the pages of newspapers and find few or no responses from me regarding his wild and usually unfounded allegations.”

  59. Chiluba stated that his harassment and mistreatment by Dr. Kaunda predated recent events and could be traced to 1981 when Dr. Kaunda detained him without trial together with Chitalu Sampa and Timothy Walamba in the Zambia Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU). He stated that this was done in an attempt to silence them. On his endorsement of Sata, Chiluba stated that: “I have learnt in history from philosopher Santayana that those who do not learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. I refuse to repeat the mistake I made in 2001. It is important to state that even in 2001; I did not leave Mr. Sata out of the race as presidential candidate of the MMD.”

  60. He stated that he had always admired Sata’s commitment to work and his approach to national development was outstanding. “Mr. Sata is very experienced and consistent. He is keen to learn and listen from colleagues. He is among the most hard-working people I know,” Chiluba stated.
    On the selection of President Mwanawasa in 2001, Chiluba stated that the MMD then considered people like Enoch Kavindele, Chitalu Sampa, Eric Silwamba, Michael Sata and Emmanuel Kasonde. “In 2001, our party had just emerged from the third term debate. The debate was about a proposal by party members and ordinary citizens that I pursue a third term in office. There were similar debates in Malawi and Namibia. The debate as Zambians will remember, was fractious and heated. In commitment to our democratic…

  61. principles, our then party national secretary, Mr. Michael Sata was tasked to allow free debate in the party. Later Mr. Sata was assigned to explain the proposal made by the party especially after all but one provincial conferences voted for this position.
    “I eventually decided not to run and the party began the arduous task of picking a presidential candidate for the MMD. While the search for my successor was on, Mr. Levy Mwanawasa sent an envoy in the late Mr. Gilbert Mululu so that he could be considered as a presidential candidate. Mr. Mululu was my deputy minister of information at the time. Later Mr. Mwanawasa followed this matter with a brief note to me seeking to be considered. Even when Mr. Mwanawasa left for South Africa briefly, he left a forwarding address where I could…

  62. contact him in the event that the NEC made a decision in his absence.”
    Chiluba stated that it was not fair to portray him and the NEC as having been so desperate that they went to wake up President Mwanawasa in the night to make him their presidential candidate. “The reason we woke up Mr. Mwanawasa in the night was simply to inform him that that the NEC had approved his application to stand as MMD presidential candidate in the 2001 tripartite elections. Mr. Sata, as were Mr. Sampa, Mr. Silwamba, Mr. Kavindele, Mr Kasonde who were close allies and co-workers, were consequently sacrificed and reserved for future use,” Chiluba stated. ” This approach was similarly used in Tanzania when the Chama Chama Mpinduzi (CCM) in 1995 reserved Mr Kikwete (now President of Tanzania) for future use…

  63. Chiluba further stated that Sata was concerned about the choice the NEC had made and sought to see him. ” Mr. Sata stated that Mr. Mwanawasa was very vindictive and that his inability to control his temper was of serious concern to many. Mr. Sata feared that Mr. Mwanawasa could throw the country into turmoil and insecurity.

  64. Mr. Sata stated that he could not work with such a leader. He said that he would rather leave the party than serve under Mr. Mwanawasa,” Chiluba stated. ” I persuaded him to stay and give Mr. Mwanawasa a chance to be proven. Mr. Sata refused and regretted that on this particular matter, he was not going to take my advice. He wondered why we did not see the dangerous traits that many leaders in and outside the MMD had observed in Mr. Mwanawasa.” Chiluba stated that with hindsight, he now knows Sata was right.

  65. “Looking at the manner he handled this matter and other issues, I know Mr. Sata is a sincere and ideally qualified to hold the office of the Republican President. Some insinuation has been made by my detractors that my support for Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata is designed to obtain favours from Mr. Sata when he wins the elections,” Chiluba stated. “This is wishful thinking perpetrated by those who have assigned themselves a sinister duty of tarnishing my image and attempt to psychologically harass me. Many have judged these cases and made conclusions. It is sad as this is an act of lawlessness.”

  66. Even if we were to conduct a poll of the MCS supporters and haters on this fora, the man MCS is very popular. Tahrir square is one man writing a novel on this blog. Chifire is an MMD hired mercenery who is paid to play the music only suitable for his masters ears. This year, MMD has taken us back to the politics of the USSR era, manipulative, scandalous, old and archaic. The people of Zambia are not that gullible! HH was gullible enough to play to the MMDs’ hired criticism by opportunists within their ranks and the ranks and file of PF hence the failure of the PACT. Anyway, some of us are more interested in action for the benefit of the people that comes wherever Sata has been! so VIVA MCS, VIVA PF, My vote my choice!

  67. let Dr clive chirwa and col panji kaunda form a factional part from UPND and forge a merge with PF ,the pact is not HICHILEMA or SATA the pact is the people of zambia who what real change .As Dr chirwa suggested iquote “DURING MY VISIT TO ZAMBIA ,I WAS SO PLEASED TO HEAR FROM COMMON CITIZENS THAT MANY OR MAJORITY OF ZAMBIANS ARE NOW GEARDED FOR REAL CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT .TO THEM THE ONLY HOPE OF ARCHIEVING THIS DREAM IS TO SEE THE PACT (PF-UPND ) SUCCEED .
    HE WENT FURTHER TO SAY THE “PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS FOR THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE AND ONLY THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE ” So Mr hichilema once he loss is going to settle in austraria so…

  68. I am sure when the heat is on candles will start melting hahahah.

    Now is 09:00 of 2011.At noon candles will show up melting and the sky will be clear hahah.

    When one hears corupt tunes i am sure this can be like dancing at funeral when the deacesed is not your traditional causine that is madness i suppose ohh.

    Let us keep peace flowing no violence like abatutu-the ignorant or primitive .Zambia is one peace is the legacy will are known for.

  69. Chifire now almost a daily news item. After being Untrainable at CBU or after flanking 4 times plus he is now advising Zambian masses. Well with the past trip to China for sure he has to praise the pipo who sent him and his colleagues using taxpayers money. Shame on you and you must have your own adobe. Failure in life get a life mwana. . I vividly recall all your cadre activities en at campus. . .

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