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Import of Japanese cars and radiation


The damaged Fukushima plant {Kyodo News/AP}

Dear Bloggers,


I am very interested in seeing and knowing what measures the Zambian government will take with regards to the leak of Radiation that is going on in Japan. Zambia imports a lot of cars from Japan.What I am not sure of is if we will be importing ‘radioactive cars’


Has anyone thought of the impact the exposure of radiation will have on Zambia´s health and its people if the cars being imported into Zambia are definitely exposed to the radioactive material.

We love Japanese cars and our hearts go out to the Japanese people during this terrible time.However, I think it is time Zambia began to produce it´s own cars and sold them cheaper to its own people.

Concerned car owner


  1. LT, if you have not received anything to publish, write something. There is no sense in this. There is no question here. There is no suggestion here. What do these group of words mean? Surely these are not sentences.

  2. This sounds like a question during question time in Parliament. Is the blogger suggesting that Japanese cars will become radioactive thereby emmiting rays that are harmful to humans. I have not studied chemical engineering (but electrical power) and I find this blog to dull for this time and age.

  3. The radiation will disappear due to moisture from sea water in the one month journey to the port. So we are safe. Lets keep buying. This is my own crazy thinking.

  4. What Zambians hould be careful is in banking the monies. Verify with the company first because most of the banks are offline now, disturbed by the earthquake. You may deposit in a bottomless pit. Many expoters have alerted their customers.

  5. The author of the article above should be extremely advanced in Science. Mamamamaaaaaaaa……. Mudala Ulichikali!! Hahahhahahahahahahhaa………..

  6. The author of the article above should be extremely advanced in Science. Mamamamaaaaaaaa……. Mudala Ulichikali!! Hahahhahahahahahahhaa……….. :o:o:o

  7. Noteworthy quote, It’s about time Zambia start producing it’s own cars and sold them cheap to
    Zambians.If southafrica does it why not Zambia? In Livingstone they used to assemble motor vehicles why not revive the industry.
    We have heard alot of rethoric measures concerning this by the so called politicians.Now we know the issue must be that govt may loose out revenue on import duty hence the impediment.

  8. If you have not studed how ionizing radiation works then dont write anything mr author. Cars and radiation do are not linked in this issue. if anything this is the only time you can buy them as they ar very cheap. They are trying to clear evrything in thier bonded ware houses. I Just bought a mark 2 2006 model at $1000. Anyone who needs the website, please forward your name, u ll buy through me. acting as an agent.

  9. “However, I think it is time Zambia began to produce it´s own cars and sold them cheaper to its own people”.Keep on dreaming man one day you might just wake up to reality.Lol

  10. The wording of the article goes like the last words of a sleeping drunkard.Learn how to embellish your articles guys.

  11. I don’t see why you ‘learned bloggers’ are dissing this reasonable question.If a car has been exposed to radiation am I in danger of being exposed to radio active substances? What is the half life of those radio active materials.All of you ‘learned bloggers’ haven’t answered the question.We need to know.Don’t just diss the english.

  12. Typical zambians!! Can anyone please tell us the bolts and nuts of the science of radiation in relation to these imports. I want real scientific stuff half life, fission ionisation etc all bundled in one to form a real answer to whether we need to seek a radiation safety certificate before we buy these things.

  13. Although the article does not really discuss the topic into scientific terms it raises a very good point which everybody especially in the developed world has been worried about.People in the US have gone crazy buying potassium pills especially those close to Japan even though they are not at risks. Commercial planes that have been in Japan tested positive to radiation. I believe just needs to wake up and be proactive Rather than reactive.

  14. Valid observation… i too would like to know whether the Government or whichever concerned agency is looking into this. We have seen the effects of radiation in different parts of the world and I think it is reasonable to inquire if we are at risk…

    One wonders why Zambians are so quick to diss… Can we have constructive discussions and contributions please?

  15. I wish GRZ could comment on the measures it has put in place if any at all regarding current imports from Japan. Lastly, to the Japanese nationals, our thoughts are with you in this very difficult time.

  16. Number 1, dont be too quick to criticize. That is a very vaild point. Radiation contamination is something you cannot underestimate. Zambia will only produce its own cars if it begins by promoting small scale manufacturing. The country also needs to develop its own quailty control systems and production standards. Right now the country is on auto pilot surviving by the grace of God. We need to sort out national and parliamentary leadership first as it has a direct effect on the quality and magnitude of growth of the industries. That is why we should not make a mistake of choosing RB and Sata. We need a young generation of leaders that appreciates development.

  17. STOP SCARING PEOPLE!!!!! Japanese can not export cars that are contaminated with nuclear radioactive because they would also be contaminated when handling the car for shipment. Nuclear levels only become fatal when they reach grade7 and in Japan they have not reached those levels.

    And again you have to understand that it is not the whole of Japan that has been exposed to radioactive, it is just a small area surrounding Sendai, most radioactive is being blown towards the sea.

  18. The question asked in the article above is very important,not everyone has done chemical engineering so those Zambians who know about radiation and all educate us please instead of rushing to type rubbish or dismiss the article as being useless.

  19. Some bloggers are just nutters one of them is even bragging about buying a cranker for $1000 as though anyone is interested. This is a valid and very serious observation and which government must take seriously. If we not careful we’ll have a cancer epidemic and other birth complications in future.

  20. Distance safe of nuclear radiation from Fukushima nuclear power plant increased due to the third blast from the previous 20 Km to be 30 Km. The Japanese government also urged people who lived within the radius to remain in the are not “radioactive materials”.Radiation emited from the source is a form of energy..One should worry about the possibility of buying a vehicle that could carry some of these radiation substances, which i think is unlikey.

  21. Ululi should sue Lusaka times. I hope you are going to put it as your headline tomorrow that Fr Ululi has won the case.

  22. [1:39 p.m. ET Friday, 2:39 a.m. Saturday in Tokyo] Monitors in Sacramento, California, have detected a small amount of radioactive material from the earthquake-struck nuclear power plant in Japan, an official with the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization said. The exact amounts were not available, but were far less than what would be considered harmful to human health, the official said.

  23. For your own information Zambians have been exposed to radiation for a long time. Trucks carrying uranium (these trucks are not sealed) exported illegally from the DRC have been passing through Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa for the past 10 years or so. So the results are coming.

  24. All ports of entry in each country should have inspection or trained agents to check & handle harzardous cargo.Ports usually have large scale scanners to check dangerous goods and shipping companies want to know what goes on their vessels.They also have to declare if there’s dangerous cargo before entering any port.How effective and corruption free zambian agents are is another matter.

  25. Kitwe is more dangerous than Japan.

    You have more to worry about in your own country than small particles from Japan.

    Dont L.T think that chernobyl is closer than Japan and that it was immune from any air particles reaching it in the past 25 years.

    Is Zambia in a bubble?

  26. msana wanzili.
    Typical PF kaponya.

    He thinks that the amount of radiation attached to cars(That would be minimally contaminated) would create spastic kids in Zambia.

    Are PF kaponyas going to have SEX with cars now?

    They have the mentality of a child sometimes.

  27. Why does everything turn political, this is a valid question. People like the ones attacking the author of the article are the ones that hold Zambia back; ignorant for no apparent reason. Let us also feel for poor Zambians that might get affected by possible agents of the radioactive kind.

  28. it good to dream dreams but unless you have the right govt if we continue with corrupt govts we continue dreaming and will never be a reality. the reality of car factory. how can we open when most companies were closed instead of inproving administration system in them they closed.
    lets us woke so that every govt should be fearing it citizens not in name of peace individuals are become rich with tax money.

  29. my worry is my african brother doing trade -small-.he will go and retrieve everything buried including laptops and computers to come and sell in zambia and africa.he wont worry about redation or whatever.its high time therefore the minstry of energy woke up to create check points at boarders .reading about uranium exposure thru smuggled trucks in zambia makes shudder at what poverty does .indeed its a curse

  30. Thats why you’re dying like pigs. I have been to the junk yard in America and i have seen cars deemed in contact wih radiactive material. They make sure no human contact is allowed. This is a serious question and don’t attract poverty striken minds.

    i think we should wait for a comprehensive report from relevant authorities including our govt that guide consumers.

  31. Valid point. This is why the government should not offer uranium licenses to cowboys. I hope this article below will help?

    Trace amounts of radiation from Japan have been detected in Chicago and Dallas.

    Travelers coming in from Japan Thursday triggered radiation detectors at O’Hare Airport in Chicago as they passed through customs.

    In one instance, radiation was detected in a plane’s air filtration system.

    Radiation was also found in luggage and on passengers on flights from Japan.

    Only very small amounts of radiation were detected, but airport officials are adding screenings and precautionary measures.

    The U.S. is monitoring people and cargo coming back from Japan.

    Also, Fort Worth-based American Airlines is flying non-stop routes from DFW Airport to Tokyo and…


  33. If someone is exposed to ionizing radiation it does not mean that he can infect others, no this is more like someone who has got hiv and aids, you can dine eat or sleep with them without getting infected. I am sure that most of you guyz have hard an x-ray examination which is a typical example of ionizing radiation and you have not been stigmatized from society. Only a person or a liviny thing exposed to high exposure of ioning ionizing radiation wll have an effect to this, and their are two known effects namely somantic and genetic effects. Somantic affects the one exposed directly to radiation, thats where you develop cancerous and other stuff and in genetic its your off springs that are affected. I dont think cars have living cells in them to get affect by ionising radiation.

  34. Another example is do you discard vehicles that pass through ionizing radiation scanners at boarder posts or air port where your bags go through the same ionising radion scanners? Dont get scared just buy. @ no. 20 napapa sana i ll send you an e mail address

  35. All take note!!
    When there’s a radiation leak, anything that is in its path will have traces of radiation. In this case, yes some cars or goods within some distance from the explosion will be contaminated. Already some food stuff and milk have already shown radiation levels above safety standards. The Govt should be concerned with people buying “perceived cheap goods” from japan. Some people or companies with material suspected to be contaminated might think of dumping for less return in developing nations. Zambians should not take this as joke. Tomorrow we will see you at UTH with unexplained cancer of something, or deformed babies. Don’t be surprised, just remember what you bought.

  36. Its not the govnt that wll decide for you which car you buy man. if you think its not safe to buy cars from japan go somewhere else. Its your money and no one ll arrest you for not buying from japan. why ask the government. @ 42 the jako ube each colour, toll lay lyobe

  37. Finally we are seeing the effects of MMD’s education policy displayed on this blog!!

    Spelling mistakes, as we are human, we all do err; We try to encourage people on this blog improve their writing & possibly grammar, however, when people decide to display their wanton ignorance, with great abandon, in this age of the internet, it is ironic that though they seem to be net savvy, it’s all for a lost cause. They could easily educate themselves instead of displaying their TOTAL IGNORANCE, & believe that their pseudonyms mask them – you don’t need to be unmasked, as your inner selves will tell you how thick you are!!

  38. lol! Japan has several thousands of ports it being an island country and all. The radiation exposure is in one part of Japan, the North Eastern area which leaves cars coming from other areas fairly safe to use. I too suggest a little more research before coming up with ignorant articles.

  39. Hi! I’m moving to Lusaka in August and am actually hoping to purchase one of these used Japanese cars. However, I’m running into trouble getting it delivered from Dar es Salaam to Lusaka. Can anyone help recommend a car delivery service (they will deliver it to the Zambia/Tanzania border at Tunduma, but I need to collect it in Lusaka)?


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