Friday, March 1, 2024

Last week/weekend in pictures



A Lusaka resident captured during the on-going voter verification exercise in Lusaka


Some guests witness the official opening of a Turkish school called Horizon Primary and High School by President Banda in Lusaka


First Lady Thandiwe Banda, AGOA Ambassador Sylvia Banda and Zambia's Ambassador to the US Sheila Siwela during the African growth and Opportunity Act dinner in Lusaka.


THE African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) exposes Zambian producers and exporters to international markets as well as improve product quality and gain transfer of technology in the process to add to Africa’s growth. Here, Forest officer,Musonda Kennedy demonstrates how rubber glue is tapped from a rubber tree in Nchelenge district


Miners at work a Manganese plant in Mansa.


Miners at work a Manganese plant in Mansa


Some enterperising Mansa residents involved in milling cassava load the commodity onto trucks before transporting it to the market on the Copperbelt


Kasama sugar production manager Davies Siyanga Production Manager explains the process of growing the Sugarcane at Kasama Sugar plantation in Kasama


Kawambwa Tea factory Manager demonstrates how the tea is processed at the plant in Kawambwa


Muhabi Lungu greets sympathisers after he announced his resignation from the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission in Lusaka


Striker Collins Mbesuma beats Mozambiquean defender


Zambia's Rainford Kalaba in action during the Zambia-Mozambique Africa Cup qualifier match in Chingola


Emmanuel Muyuka plots his move against an opponent from Mozambique.


Collins Mbesuma scores Zambia's third goal during the Africa Cup qualifier match against Mozambique


Isaac Chansa beats Mozambiquean opponents


Physically challenged people camped outside State House in Lusaka demanding to be addressed by President Banda over their disability allowance.


Physically challenged people camped outside State House demanding to be addressed by President Banda over their disability allowance


MMD National Chairman Michael Mabenga addresses journalists at his office in Lusaka


The rehabilitation work on selected roads in Lusaka which was commissioned by President Rupiah Banda has started. Above, a grader works on the road leading to Kalimba reptile farm off the Great East road in Chelstone area


President Rupiah Banda uncovers a plaque at the ground breaking ceremony of the Hitachi Construction Machinery re-manufacturing factory site, as Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Felix Mutati (second from left) looks in Lusaka


President Rupiah Banda displays a model of an earthmoving machine presented to him by Hitachi Vice President Yukio Arima (left) at the ground breaking ceremony of Hitachi remanufacturing factory in Lusaka


Food Reserve Agency Board Chairperson Maybin Sikweti (left) compares notes with Executive Director Lovejoy Malambo during a press briefing in Lusaka


Education minister Dora Siliya (c) presents awards to deserving students during the education awards in Lusaka


Education minister Dora Siliya (c) presents awards to deserving students during the education awards in Lusaka recently.


British High Commissioner to Zambia Carolyn Davidson talks to Zambia Climate Change Network board chairperson Noah Zimba (left) at the launch of the ‘Green Talk’ radio programme in Lusaka


In-coming Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yuxiano Zhou addresses embassy officials and Chinese nationals resident in Zambia when he arrived at Lusaka international airport


In-coming Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yuxiano Zhou addresses embassy officials and Chinese nationals resident in Zambia when he arrived at Lusaka international airport.


  1. # 17 – LT not ‘ma setting’, over-weight is a physical challenge, but it doesnt fall in this category.

  2. The country is so poor, I am glad I live in Scotland
    Someone needs to help this country. Oh my Goodness I feel sorry . Thanks

    • Mushota, it is written all over in black and white that Zambia is a poor country. Whatever made you hate Zambia, ask yourself what you have done for the country and not what the country should do for you. You must have been a failure or something and now you are an economic refugee. That Scotland you are seeing was developed by the natives of that country themselves and not failures, cowards or chancers like you!
      No matter how poor the country is, please learn to respect the people and the country.

    • Ala!….Ka Mushota, how dare you talk to my motherland like that….You are a looser!…I can’t believe what I am reading….What is Scotland??? I really pity you because you are a disgrace to the human race in general….go get a life!…..Shame on you and please, keep your SORRY in your pocket. What a luza!!…Obviously usebenza mu ku Scotland and ufuna ukazi shaina apa….stupid!….*sealed with a Nigerian Fyola*

  3. #1 Villager wa nsekesha mweee! Alalila uyu kwena mwe! Additionally, they seem to be disabled in spellings too … their banner must say ‘RATIFY’ and not ‘RECTIFY’

  4. OMG Dora has grown into something else. She looks like she is 63yrs old. I know woman should have a good & big figure & all that crap but not to that extent awe. My mum would surely compete with her

  5. @mushota….lol….whoever you are, you are funny :-). I hope others can see you are “taking the piss”…………at least, I hope you are…@-)

  6. Ba ZWD Muhabi was Zambia Development Agency and not CEEC please. Muhabi is very ambitious but this is a wrong move altogether



  9. What has gone wrong with ba Banda if he had worked when he went into statehouse, by this time he would have relaxed but i can see that he is panicking just were is wisdom in this

  10. Dear Number 3: Rupia knowa very well on that front. He is the culprit. I guess the press can ask him for us!

  11. VIVA PF, VIVA SATA. No amount cheating people will work this time. MMD Kuya bebele. Even if you are blocking my comments, LT kuya bebele also.

  12. Pic #8,
    The naration of the caption is quite a mouthful, ‘production manager’ and ‘Kasama’ repeated unnecessarily.

  13. #16 and 17. Our research students say that if state house road side entrance grounds are looking like that, what more pic #19 which represents most of Lusaka’s residential areas?

  14. kasama sugar production manager Davies siyanga production manager explains the
    process of growing the sugarcane at kasama sugar plantation in kasama muuuuuh:-?

  15. Dora – Like a tuku of kachasu.

    What is her bra size? I will do the Christian thing and send her a push-up bra. That should at least keep her globes aligned. No wonder Chisha abandoned her. She is loose and careless.

  16. Pic No. 2.. there will be an official opening of my kantemba grocery shop at town centre market in lusaka and am humbly asking Rb if he can grace the occasion. any shushus out there to pass on my message???

  17. All you Dora haters get lost! Don’t blame Dora for your own malnorished bodies. If you were given good food, would you say no? I don’t think so!! Dora you go girl enjoy! There’s a time for everything, a time to gain weight and a time to loose weight!!!

  18. #5 Ka Mushota! It’s me again. F.u.c.k. and and your Scottish pig. I’m on your case b.i.t.c.h.

  19. Iwe No. 26… do you call that good eating???thats obesity!!! you dont eat anything just because you its callled food.


  21. I am sorry If I offended anyone, all I said was country looks poor. I dont think you can compare it with Glasgow, I am used to wake in street lights shading shoulders with th elite, eating good food going to the parks etc, not what I saw.
    If I offended you, please accept my apology I didnt expect such a reaction, In hinsight It was an error of judgement. My Fiance asked me to apologise I hope this is the end of the matter. Thanks

    • Glasgow is a dump! Where do you live? Mu ma estates, in a bloody tower block with drug dealers hanging around everywhere! If you mentioned Edinburgh I would okayed, panono. Don’t you ever insult my country!

  22. #5 Mushota _ I agree our country is very poor but can you please come up with suggestions to help Zambia. being erudite as you are I am sure timed advice from you will be most welcome. No one can help Zambia but Zambians. No one helped scottish people but scottish. Fortunately you are enjoying scottish stuff yo did not sow. Thanks dear

  23. #36, there is a big plantation ( I am not sure about Hectares ), and they are already expanding. I visited the place along Kasama-Mbala road, just a few Kilometers after Kateshi Coffee plantation. What I was not impressed with was the extremely poor working environment in the Sugar-processing plant. Very very very poor and dangerous conditions. The Sugar is sold in Zambia and exported mainy to Tanzania.   

  24. Mushota stop lieing glasgow is not for the elite , am right on buchanan street in glasgow central and I see nothing like you are claiming. Stop embarassing yourself with your inferioity complex and a lousy city like glasgow

  25. 39 # Slumdog thanks for putting Mushota in her place. Are you really in Glasgow!! Pls trace her down and give us the Low down on her. She never ceases to amaze me. At times she just sounds too crazy to be serious and you only hope she is trying to be funny.

  26. ka mushota iwe with your fiencee of 10 years. he will dump you anytime and you will be on the first flight to chibolya my friend and we shall see if you will come with glasgow in your pant. leka kusamwa fulish

  27. #26 it doesnt mean when you have food you just eat without reasoning a human being has to control food if Dora weight is because of food then has to do something is lossing the beauty.

  28. Pic #25. So we have a Noah at the helm of Climate Change Network in Zambia, eh?. Good. Noahs are known to do well in this area. We will have an ark of a good idea to contain climate change shortly. Watch this space. Go Noah go.

  29. You guys! Whats the matter? You are busy knowing about other countries and yet you don not know what is happening in ur own! Kasama has been producing suger. They call it “Kasama sugar.

  30. Informative pics.
    #45 Umuntu, thanks for the clarification. I must confess I also belong to those that didn’t know we had our very own “Kasama Sugar”. The caption makes more sense in the light of this knowledge.
    Mushota, yes there is a lot of poverty & disease in Zambia but like #35 Amayama says, it’s us Zambians who can make a change and bring development to the country . The Scots, the Brits or the Germans won’t do it for us. So let’s join hands in hands and adopt the responsibility instead of shaking our heads indifferently.
    It is good that your fiance asked you to apologise. We need to show respect to everyone – even those who do not seem to deserve it, because we will need others to respect us. And respect needs to be earned. It cannot be demanded.

  31. #5/32 Mushota ka Chinyo
    If u so proud of being a second class citizen in UK don’t show your rear-end Here!!!
    You must have been very poor in Zambia for u to call heavily fertilized/chemically processed foods in UK good food. While the real citizens over there want organic food from africa

  32. Caption on Picture No. 10 talks of sympathisers. Is that an apt term? I would have thought “supporters” would have been appropriate. Or is the sympathy not misplaced considering Muhabi’s wrong move?

  33. I like mushota comments coz she divert the topic and put blogger on a different unnecessary topic and they start blogging to her clap. Mushota for Zambia, you gut my vote.

  34. @Mushota #5 you are so childish.i know all you want is attention.please bloggers do not feed into this gay man negativity.We now know who HE is. Your jokes are so unsensitive.This is the last time we should be commenting on HIM.

  35. Pic 3 = 3 beautiful ladies ! Also comment 48 regarding our friend ka mushota is spot on . Don’t forget Kasama coffee too ……… best coffee in the world !

  36. Ka Mushota iwe, you never cease to NAUSEATE me.. waba ukusasa mukanwa na fiance bobe. akutolele pa chishala? go back to George compound in Lusaka.. ubututu na ufontini pee.You are a big embarrassment to diaspora population. ka kapoli..

  37. Mushota @ 5&32, you and your apology can go kiss my arse. You were most probably born in a thatched hut and are in serious denial of your origins.

  38. Kwena Dora ni chidumbo kapompa saladi! Is it still the culture in Zed that if you are fat ninshi ulelila?

  39. Fellow Zedians, i feel sorry and embarassed by the consistence disparaging remarks from Mushota. It pains me that such a person exists in Scotland which is generally very friendly. Mushota is a different breed of Zedians who find pleasure in insulting the land of her parents. Wether she is doing it out of excitiment coz of newly acquired technology or frustration about events back home doesn’t justify her insensitivity. Most Zedians i knw living in Scotland are highly educated and intelligent chaps but this one is a total disaster to mankind. Living abroad is not easy and we all get frustrated sometimes but for Mushota, this manifests into anger. Mushota please, speak to your spirits that gave you determination to reach this far to sanitise your mind. Zed wont develop with such attitude.

  40. Pic #22, thumbs up Brig Gen Maybin Sitwala Sikweti. Iam proud of you. You remind me of those nice days when we met some place in New Delhi

  41. *****,firstly not only have u showed just how ignorant and stupid you are but you have also embrassed as zambians in what if u brush shoulders with the eilte? my guess is its a load of crap.infact glasgow is one of the poorest cities in scotland and u probably live in some dingy council estate maybe even govan.ati my fiance ******** u cant think for urself swine? wonder if u have the correct documentation boarder agency just love their job.this is not ur home we kapuba!

  42. How I miss the nice and tasty food from home. That’s why we have chapatwa and the like in our freezers. You cant beat that.
    Come this side, if only the food could taste as it smells then it would be closer to what you get home, but not in a million years

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