Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chibamba ditches PF, joins MMD


Patriotic Front Shiwangandu Member of Parliament Celestino Chibamba has resigned from the opposition PF to join the ruling MMD.

Major Chibamba’s resignation comes barely a week after Mufulira Central MP Marjorie Mwape ditched the opposition party to join the MMD.

Major Chibamba says he has resigned from the PF because the party and its leadership of Mr Sata have nothing to offer to the country.

He says the country cannot risk putting the leadership mantle in Mr Sata’s hands because the PF leader is petty and is too preoccupied with crticising the development of President Banda.

Major Chibamba says he has joined the MMD because President Rupiah Banda has demonstrated a clear vision of developing the country as seen in the last few years.

Major Chibamba has told ZNBC News in an interview that he cannot risk being a member of the PF when the MMD under President Banda has delivered development to the satisfaction of the Zambian people.




  2. Ditching one party to join the other is party of politics. voters need to be careful with such people. for democracy to be a a practical democracy, some people need to be in opposition to continue proving checks and balances to the present government.

  3. chibamba was fired but went to court,infact he is a lebel and it is him along defected bcoz pipo of shiwan’andu don’t want him.

  4. Good, more with senses realise that MMD still goes strong. Zambia is a blessed country cannot be ruled by crooks, thieves, gays like sata and membe

  5. When darkness falls and shadows start to creep around State House
    What is your last thought before sleep, old Rupiah
    Fear, dread, loathe, doom, peeing monkeys?
    Donchi Kubeba

  6. All explelled MPs who went crying to coart for an injunction to remain in PF are not our members.

  7. PF should prepare for rude shock.After which there shall be massive disintegration and exodus to the MMD.Lets wait and see

  8. #1Rihanna – ho ho ho, get a street corner, or go to Kachepa 360 or Jerry Springer show. this is not that kind of blog

  9. Whether we like it or not PF is doomed!!!This is so for having only one man who claims is a saviour when he is actually a Judas!!There is evidence in Taipei Taiwan that he is to mortgage many portions of land to the Taiwanese when he comes into office!!!PF bloggers this is food for thought!!!

  10. He is a lost son and he knows he will not be adopted by PF. All rebel should go to MMD but they will not be adopted because they have disapointed us voters.The NCC has failed,MMD will fail this year come what may.

  11. But is he trying to stand again? Leave that seat for others. Leaving PF is a great personal decision, but leaving to go and stand on another party’s ticket, if you have been around for years is not impressive. How about MMD stalwarts who have been around when you were one foot in PF?

  12. your thinking is warped no wonder FTJ never promoted you to full cabinet minister. being deputy minister for 10 years is a shame while juniors were promoted everyday. oh! ve forgotten what about the indeni fuel saga you and BY KATANGA MWILA were involved in.

  13. Zambians should now make a comparative analysis on the credility of politicians who are ditching their parties to join other parties. For instance, compare a sample of Mpombo + Mangani + Masebo who ditched MMD to join PF (vs) Machungwa + MP for Mufulira + Major Chibamba who ditched PF to join MMD. We now know which is the most credible Party. MMD has anounced a very interesting formidable team of Parliamentary candidates. The resignations of MPs from PF is a tip of the iceberg. We are yet to know the health and status when PF will announce their national line-up Wina azalila chino chaka.

  14. the party that leads has this evening announced its list of parliamentary candidates. pf cadres can only react when mmd leads. ba pf, this is an mmd affair so spare us your comments just go and adopt your own candidates, or has bwana sata written the list on the back of his left hand?

  15. Celestino Chibamba you are joining a party that has failed to fix street lighting on the show case road, the capital Rd of the capital city, cairo rd , for the past 15 yrs. You are a faliure too.

  16. Ba njombwinjo!!!i hope you dont have relatives who are educated and unemployed,need medical fees,want food,want college fees,live in this country employed by poor working condition of the chinesse,have a case in court which they are not guilty of but a thief next door is aquited,poor salary in civil service,policeofficers who go out of duty with no allowances, teachers teaching with no materials… if they are lozis feel the pain of who have been mutilated or live in mansa and were shot at with live bullets,or shot at by an invester or work in the mines with no over time allowances or are taxed by 35% of every income they earn…then if you are a real zambian you would say RB is winning but,read on the wall..its MCS!!!!

  17. CHIBAMBA!! you get in the bus just before it gets FULL you run outside to get a taxi just to discover that it needs a mechanical attention before it proceeds,what a FOOL!!

  18. Bakaponya! the adoption of ur’ mp’s is not your bussiness and will never be. Just ask your despot ( SATA) to give you his prefered candidates to stand on your Kabova Party. Muzalila this year and after SATA retires, who do you think will take over? GBM? NSANDA? KAMBWILI? MANGANI? SCOTch EGG? No material!

    • Why do people with other party’s adoptions. work on your party b4 the date of elections is announced. you will be shocked.

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