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Banda will continue the development agenda after polls


Chief governmment Spokesperson Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha

Chief Government Spokesperson Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said President Rupiah Banda’s regime wants to develop the country further even after the this year’s tripartite elections.

Mr. Shikapwasha also said the adopted Members of Parliament that have been re-adopted under the MMD performed to the expectation of the people and the new ones will be added to the winning team.

He said people should expect the higher performance in the national economy than now once the MMD party bounces back into power.

Mr. Shikapwasha who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister said this in Lusaka yesterday.


  1. If he wins … (do not take Zambians for granted, as KK did in 1991 and has lived to regret; as FTJ did in 2001 and died having regrets!)

  2. De finately ba minister we shall continue to develop zambia while the opposition continue to zing zang their tougue in their losing camp. MMD again again

  3. The Bible says the just shall live by faith. I think these guys are Bible carrying christians who live by FAITH. God guide these leaders.

  4. May be I’m too old, but does anyone remember the parliamentary election battle of 1988 for Munali constituency? One Rupiah Banda ran out of Nakatindi Hall grumbling at his election agents: “Munali kuni uza ati zinthu zili bwino! Mwaona manje, zinthu zaipa!”, after the counting clearly indicated that an underdog candidate was trouncing him soundly. That history may just repeat itself this time. So Shikapwasha should not take things for granted just because of incumbency. That Rupiah Banda I have referred to above was the incumbent MP for Munali, but the majority of people were fed up with him! So he got trounced!!!

  5. don’t worry minister. we are carrying the day. come elections. for us actions speak louder than words. people have seen our actions and have seen how development has reached their door steps. those who are against us are infact appreciating our works. just come join the winning team. we have done our ground work.

  6. Will this man ever say anything sensible? Shikapono is still on dreamland breathing in 70percent of available air n thinks thats the reality on the ground. DONCHI KUBEBA will make u cry coz mayb not even ur children will vote 4 RB.

  7. Malawi is burning kanshi ninshi ifilechitika muchalo ichi? Te development ishilemoneka ku bantu abengi abafwaya inchito and money in their pockets! Amachushi yavura bingi! I think people have now adopted the street protests strategy to make politicians listen or to act!

  8. The significant problems the country is facing cannot be solved at the same level of thinking by the same leaders who created them. Zambians need a new level, a deeper level of thinking. Whether people see it or not, many of us are becoming disillusioned with the empty promises. Please Zambians our only way is to act, and not be acted upon. Taking initiative does not mean being pushy or aggressive, and we can only do so by using our vote wisely. Fellow Zambians let us not wait for something to happen or someone to take care of them because we (voters) are the solution to underdevelopment, poverty and unemployment etc.

  9. @#5, The loss experienced by RB at Munali in 1988 simply prepared him for the 2011 elections. That is why he, in the last three years, has taken development to all parts of the country. Prepare your selves for an easy win for MMD this year.

  10. These *****s were singing continuity! continuity! after the death of Mwanawasa, but look to what they have done to his legacy? They have deliberately sidelined his name and continued doing exactly the opposite. These people are liars especially this fake Reverend and his gang of bootlickers. Let’s make sure these guys never get another term. 

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