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Friday, June 5, 2020

LCC acquires refuse collection equipment worth K5billion

Health LCC acquires refuse collection equipment worth K5billion

Uncollected garbage piling in Lusaka

The Lusaka City Council has bought equipment worth 5 billion Kwacha to help in the collection of garbage around the City.

The equipment which includes 5 Tipper trucks, an Excavator, a Vaccum Tanker, a Tower wagon among others, was bought through loans from Stanbic and Zanaco Banks.

Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga says the equipment will improve service delivery to the communities by the local authority.

Mr Chisenga has warned people to stop the indiscriminate throwing of waste around the city or face prosecution.

Mr Chisenga was speaking at the handover ceremony of the equipment at the Lusaka City council today.

And Stanbic Bank Managing Director Dennis Kennedy pledged his bank’s continued support to the local authorities.

And Zanaco Head of Institutional Banking, Chabotu Chiyaba says the Bank is proud to be associated with the project.


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  1. there starts the theft! we did not hear of this tender…and how was the whole process fast tracked with 28 Days of PF and less than 15 Days of the Mayor

  2. I hope the tender process was followed this time around when procuring the equipment. Usually the tender process especially on big expenditure is 30 plus days and this doesn’t seem to have been from time Lusaka mayor came into town

  3. The working government! We told you that the President is well-rounded and he knows and KNEW what was to be done before the last 28 days so Jimbo #1 shut up! We need to clean up the cities, plant grass and trees and make walkways! The dust in the compounds must be stopped and drainage systems must be improved: The working gov!

  4. If Sata can clean Lumumba road and other parts of downtown Lusaka, then I will accept him as a serious leader who can bring change to Zambia. This is one barometer I have always used to measure the performance of Zambian Governments. How clean the city is tells me a lot about the people living in it. So far, I believe Zambians are some of the most uncivilized people in the world judging by the conditions of Lumumba road and other parts of Lusaka central business district.

  5. @1,Jimbo:

    Help me here; Is this a loan or a contract? If its a loan, what law says the local govt (which Lusaka city council is) is required to advatise for it? In your rush to judgement you are confusing the two issues. Baba, Lusaka city council has not single-sourced a contract with a private company for garbage collection. They have simply aquired equipment for garbage collection through a bank loan for their own internal use as a city council. Let us not expose our ignorance in the hope of scoring some political points!!!!!!!!

  6. People should not be threatened into keeping their environment clean by fear of prosecution. They should be encouraged to make informed decisions by having the benefits of not polluting explained to them as well as the dangers of for example plastic to the eco-system. NGO’s, activists. media and volunteers, there’s work.

  7. Bloggers, Lusaka is very dirty, as you may know councils stopped working during MMD, they became party wagons. I think we buy these equipments as a quick win then we start the tenders later going forward. ZMK5billion is nothing coz these are very expensive equipments.
    Hope Lusaka Gets cleaned up. It is a sorry site and embarrassing.

  8. kaponya for life what you are advancing has been tried and failed.so combining those approaches with ka prosecution is not a bad idea.u know african culture dont see anything wrong with filthy surrounding.

  9. You see K5 Billion buys you sanitation and cleaning municipal machinery, in the MMD days chi selfish RB would have used this loan to order 4 more armour plated Lexus for his very young wife and kids!!!

  10. Good on the Council Clean up the city. But Mr Chisenga don’t just tell to stop throwing rubish around. You guys need to place bins strategical around the city so people can conveniently place rubbish in them. Last time i was in Zed i had a can of coke and i could not find a single bin for 2hrs i ended up throwing the thing on the ground.

  11. @ Jimbo: Do you understand how public institutions operate and the procedure of acquiring credit. It’s not possible that the current Mayor would have negotiated a loan in such a short space of time. Lending institutions will not grand funds unless with a copy of the full resolution of the Council attached.

  12. Point of clarification, the equipment was just being handed over. it was bought, following the due process long before the PF was voted in. Its time Zambian became less political, its not about MMD, PF, UPND etc, its about service to our pipo. We have voted and the next time we will vote again is in 2016, meantime, time to work. Ofcause, we will require checks and balances from those offering compettion, but let us not all become politicians otherwise nobody will work.

  13. In short, MMD procured the equipment and PF will use them. Thats the way to go, at least they have not done away with the MMD initiative this time. I can see good continuation in this aspect of Lusaka City Council.

  14. Waste management is a serious issue. It should not be politicised.

    Our people should learn to pay the council for collecting waste. Without resources the war on waste will never be won. K5bn equipment is a drop into the sea of dirt in Lsk.

  15. @Mike, neither MMD nor PF bought the equipment. It was bought using the pipo of Zambia’s money by their representatives, whoever they are/were.

  16. Zambians and the dirty city of LUSAKA should learn to be clean. it is not SATA or PF neither the council to come clean where you dump rubbish irresponsibly

  17. VIVA PF VIVA! This is what news must be about. Not who has been fired or hired today. It’s time to start working. Next the council must be given full jurisdiction over all the roads in the city and they must buy heavy duty tow trucks to tow away vehicles that break down on busy highways and are left abandoned there for days, causing unnecessary traffic jams and more accidents. Tow such vehicles away to the council yard where the owner can redeem them at a fee. That is a way of ensuring safety on the road as well as raising money for the council…

  18. I personally do not care how the equipment was acquired, all I want to see is a clean Lusaka and no litter around the streets. I want to see a clean Zambia without plastics and paper flying in every direction. Matipa and water pond all over the place, some places are even impassable in the city and yet we have authorities to take care of that. I hope they can also buy some bins and put everywhere in the city so people can throw those plastics from shoprite. Let us keep Zambia Clean. A clean environment is a cholera free environment!

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