Tuesday, June 18, 2024

MMD in money scandal


President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has revealed that the MMD government illegally printed money from two other printers apart from De la rue.

The president says the fake money is currently circulating on the market.

He questioned why secretaries to the treasury and cabinet Evans Chibiliti and Joshua Kanganja who served in the previous government have remained mute on the matter.

Mr. Sata says the previous government also appointed a committee of three chiefs who are going round the country to destabilize the nation.

He says instead of going round to establish the welfare of chiefs, they are going round provinces using fake money to antagonize and dilute the effect of government.

President Sata said this at State house on Monday when he swore in three Deputy Ministers in the Ministry of Education, Works Supply, transport and Communication and Agriculture.

Those appointed include Brigadier General Benson Kapaya as Deputy Minister for Agriculture, David Mabumba as Deputy Minister for Education and Mutaba Mwali as Deputy Minister for Works and Supply.

The President urged the newly appointed Deputy Ministers to be loyal to their ministers and government.

Meanwhile, President Sata says those criticising the resignation of Msanzala Independent Member of Parliament George Lungu, should bear in mind that the constitution provides for such.

He says concerns on the cost of holding by-elections must be left to government which has provided money to hold these polls in an event that an MP dies or resigns.

The President was speaking at State House on Monday when he swore in three commissioners from the remaining 20 man committee appointed to draft the constitution.

Mr. Sata has since urged the commissioners to draw up a constitution that will stand a test of time.

He says the commissioners should draw up their own terms of reference on how they will draft the constitution.

Those sworn in as commissioners include CCZ General Secretary Reverand Susan Matale, Father Ivis Chituba and Rodger Chongwe.



  1. The MMD iz very much around to explain their poztion on this “fake money” issue. Can imagine Joshua Kanganja’z shoez at the moment, first; he came late for a swaering in meeting and now he iz quiet over the illegal printing of money the former regime.

  2. HA … this is not clear. did they print fake money, did they print money illigally or did they print money for MMD. How did they benefit. 

  3. Mr President, thanks for telling the nation. Now we want corrective measures before we have uncontrollable inflation

  4. printing money is a very delicate issue…and SATA has mentioned legal entities like de la rue … no way they can involve themselves in fake money, unless sata says BOZ flouted regulations.
    and by the way we need answers on the Lexus armoured vehicles

  5. I am PF and on this I have to say so? OK they printed money which is in circulation H.E MCS, but what is being done about it?

    Thanks we know they did but what are we doing about it?

    I honestly expect to see Mr Capitalist and Bootfimofimo in his/their real names on this because this sorry not complete!

  6. Too busy today writing minutes of the meetings I just attended

    The question I have is Why has the president not relived Joshua Kangaja?

    Isn’t his position untenable?


    • Sometimes the best way to humiliate someone is to keep him close to you while you dismantle his defences. Muhammad Ali was known to toy with some of his opponents for as long as he wanted before knocking them out in his predicted round. Sata had an encounter with brother Kanganja in 2008 and has probably never forgiven him. He had wanted him to invite Mugabe and the president of Taiwan to his impending inauguration. Brother JK is in an untenable position, but if he handles these provocations with grace, he will come out of this with his integrity intact.

  7. Wapya Munzi ! Woo ! Bet that explains the ever high inflation rate.Putting too much money into circulation always has consequences.

  8. Country Men and Women, if what our combined security and law enforcement Officers uncovered at Dishonourable Austin Liato’s farm (ie K2.1 Billion burried under concrete slab) is anything to go by, then the Government must change the currency immediately to avoid uncontrolled inflation in our beloved nation.
    There must be more money burried away in different parts of the country.

    Therefore we musn’t allow those selfish” ma PO.LO.TI.CI.AN.S” to ruin our economy by injecting fake Kwacha – printed out of selfish motives – into our economy. Please President SATA change the currency NOW so that they can get stuck with their Billlions of fake Kwacha. Mr President we are behind you.

  9. To be honest as well, Zambia’s money looks fake from the onset. In this country It is all about pounds, not Kwacha !

    What knocks me off my feet is that we can not even have our own currency name, We stole the name Kwacha from Malawi !

    Our currency has been in the free fall from its inception. The currency is almost K9 000 for a £1

    Even back in the 60’s It was wide off the mark up to K3000 a £1

    The devaluation of it, makes it unowthy of its prints, no wonder I am told things are priced in dollars in Zambia

    I would be insane to return to Zambia as it stands


    • My dear Mushota, your knowledge of Zambia on the naming of our currency and the value of Kwacha in the 60s is very disapointing to say the list. FYI, in the 70s K2 was equivalent to 1pound ( famously refered to as pound). The term ‘kwacha’ is a bemba word pronounced at dawn. When first brightness just strikes. So at indepedency, it was a ‘dawn’ of a new erra–kwacha — and the ngwee is that the dawn has now blossomed into light. so the two words ‘kwacha ngwee’, is the dawmimg of the new erra at the time in 1964 from the darkness of colonial rule. please check you history books. Leaving in th Uk does not give you financial freedom different from what our colleagues back home are doing and enjoy. so don’t insult home.

    • Correction. I was born in the late 60s and in my life time, I remember a time when a pound was equivalent to K2 only in the 70s. So I don’t know what you are talking about. So get your facts right.

    • Mushota, whats happening is reason enough for you to return home in fact it will be sane of you to do this, don’t enjoy what other people have worked for in countries perceived to be developed come back home and develop your own country.

  10. This man is a liar. Honestly if there is fake money circulating in the economy we would have seen inflation tripling. And what have the Cabinet Secretary Joshua Kanganja and Chibiliti at the Ministry of Finance got to do with the printing of money? Sata please direct your querries to BOZ. At you age and your so called experience you do not even know how govt works. Sata you are a very irresponsible person. This is a very serious matter. In the most unlikely event that this was true, an intelligent president would have quietly instructed BOZ to mop out the fake currency. What you have done with this irresponsible accusation is to raise unnecesary alarm in the economy. Please next time you swear in your tribesmates stick to the task. We are tired of your endless litany of complaints…eish!

  11. This is not a position I expect from our leader in the name of one Sata. Is he accepting that it is okay to have fake money in the economy or what is he saying? Does he mean the banks are paying out fake money hence have wrong figures on their books? What is he saying about the state of the financial houses? Plse, consult before you send wrong signals into the small economy which won’t know what happened to it. Economists and other advisors to my leader please be fair and ask this leader to work quitely on this one.

  12. Can someone sensible please advise this President to be careful with his pronouncements! From what I know, you do not print all denominations with Company (for security reasons). Each denomination has its own printer e.g. K50,000 note one printer, K20,000.00 another printer, K10,000 notes another one etc.

  13. Zed where are you heading to with such leadership which doesnt have patience. I concur with number 18. When I was working in the govt I filled in forms of Secrecy. There is too much un controlled utterances from the presido.

  14. It is sad when the president starts to reduce himself to bar talk. Now that he is president there is no need for him to talk cheap like he used to when he was not president because then he would comment based on rumours. BOZ changed printers does that make the money fake? Can he explain to the nation the excess amount of money printed? Surely I expect more professionalism in the presidency than this.

  15. Who is suppoosed to print Money…And what does he mean the money was printed illegally.The Govt through BOZ prints money…If procedures were by passed, let them be brought to book.If money was printed so that the chiefs could carry it, and some money bearing certain serial numbers is missing- was never released through BOZ into circulation, we have reason to be concerned..If not, its just Noise from a lidless Tin…Let them not divert from the 90 days…

  16. An immature comment from the president this time around. This is a serious matter which should be addressed with the agency it deserves up until the time when there is enough evidence about this fake currency. I do not think that the currency is fake but the issue is about the printing of extra cash to cater for MMD’ s election expenditure. Come every government is at liberty to print more Money … I suspect the evidence is the one from Liato because the serial numbers have been used in circulation. What a mess!   

  17. ‘Lexus’ and ‘Gold’ scandals did not yield the desired results for constable Sata , thats how he has invented this new ‘money printing’ scandal.

    He has to be advised that as long as a scandal is completely fictitious, it wont gain mileage and MMD leaders will remain free and infact be laughing at him. There is no need to fix the MMD leaders if you can not find any fault in how they managed affairs….at least dont invent non-existant scandals.

  18. ******* It was a matter of time before it was voiced out by the chief bululu. Question indeed is how did inflation manage to remain at single digit? So now a scapegoat is being hatched for when they fail to maintain inflation at single digit, the story will be ‘didn’t I warn you about extra money that was printed by MMD?’. A bad carpenter always blames his tools. The MMD left single digit inflation, middle income status, hospitals/roads under construction, bumper harvests, stadium completed etc etc. Someone tell us what PF has done so far apart from witch hunting and about turns on campaign promises. The truth from where I stand is that the man-of-action Sata is long gone. Ubulimi bwa kale tabu talalika mwana (you can’t live on past glory), I think you Bemba say.

  19. No, Mushota we did not steal the name “Kwacha” from Malawi. Before independence rallies were organized by African parties to bring about the one- man- one- vote political dispensation. At every UNIP meeting the political leader would shout, “Kwacha” and the people would answer back, “Ngwee”. This is why the Kwacha was divided into 100 Ngwee not 100 Ngwees. “Kwacha Ngwee” means dawn.

  20. To half brains this rant from sata sounds genuine,but to those abreast with sata`s dullness and illiteracy you will agree with me that this nonsense this man is spewing came from bwalya ngandu why? he want to justify the printing of new notes to the new company they have contracted so that he gets his cut.let sata justify how this fake notes came in,how much was it?did it pass through BOZ,which cargo plane brought in this money and which are those two companies who printed the said fake money?

    you can fool some people some time but you can not fool all the people all the times

  21. Extremly diffucult to print fake money.If the government prints more money inflation would have very high.the price of bread would be K20,000.mealea meal would be K150,000.Fake money can only be printed by criminals and the bank of zambia would have noticed.Josua Kanganja should just leave his position it just too much on him.One time the late pres Chiluba did the same by going to Government printer at awkward time just to find out if the CEO was in the office.He did it several times until the chap left and was doing very in Botuswana.Again when Government printer faced operational problems he wanted him to come back to zambia.He refused so Mr Kanganja just leave there is noway you can print money that is the job of Bank of zambia Governer.

  22. This guy is behaving as if he is in opposition – busy de-campaigning MMD when he is in power. Dude you won. Start delivering on your promises campaign time is over. If there are cases to be investigated hand the data over to the ACC, DEC Police and let them do the needful. Your job is no longer to bwata in the press. People want Jobs a constitution, a life…make it happen. You promised.

  23. tackle the economy and put money in pockets now,these scandle revelations wont take us any where together with the circus of riding mini buses.implement the windfall tax as per your promise and tackle the chinese abuse of labour


  24. when crossing from UNIP to MMD in 1991 Sata caused alarm in the country when he said at a rally that the UNIP govt was so broke that there were ONLY 2 BOXES OF K20, 000 NOTES REMAINING AT BOZ. Like those utterences these fake announcements really undermine our currence and the economy in general and I wonder how anyone sane or let alone a republican president can make the public statements even in the most unlikely events that they were true. Sata needs to learn that his success does not depend on MMD’s poor handling of public affairs but on his own good performance. however if MMD broke the law in this manner the law should visit them and we want to see action really quick

    • Iwe Kaboke, hw old wr u wen mmd cme into power.Ther waz no 20 pin then.we r nt fools stop insulting our Kateka.twalishiba camipya.umo akafwa na depresion if u dnt accept dat ba Sata baleteka.

  25. SATA is man of action. He should not just talk he must act immediately to save this country.

    Step no. 1 Change currency immediately.

    Step no. 2 Arrest all those involved in this scam.

    This is a serious issue guys. This is like succeeding in print fake money. This is ‘fake money’ that is genuine. It is in circulation. That is why we had unexplained trillions of Kwacha arround. RB could not get all that money from institutions because it was too much and it could have been traced. So he printed from outside and the money came direct to state house and MMD. What theft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. When someone cannot produce facts, they resort to throwing shit around. G & D has been printing money for Zambia for a minimum of 6 years. It may interest the president to know that printing money is a delicate issue that undergoes a lot of research and input from qualified people. De La Rue is one of the oldest and well know paper money printer in the world. It also has been printing money for Zambia till the mid nineties when other printers were introduced. Interestingly, the G & D, SABN Co and others were introduced during ‘clean’ Levy’s time when the polymer notes faded two days after launch. Mr Sata, please rule us and stop looking for fault. There is no fake money intentionally printed by the Central Bank. Clearly the lack of knowledge of a working country affecting a lot…

  27. At this point we are tired all of all these revelations. People voted out MMD because they know they were not capable of leading the country no need to make headlines out of them. We want to know what you have achieved in office so far Mr. Sata

  28. This is so uninspiring. the whole head of state is taking the place of Police Investigator, Judge Jury and Executioner. All these roles being performed in front of the press instead of in a courtroom where they belong. If he has facts let the proper channels be followed and a Judge will rule and decide whats what. I don’t think our President understands his role.

  29. No wonder****** is saying Sata is becoming a nuisance! Are there not security wings vested with the power to investigate and prosecute such cases? Mr. President stop running your mouth especially in sensitive economic issues because now you have effectively reduced the value of our currency by your market talk!

  30. So now a scapegoat is being hatched for when they fail to maintain inflation at single digit, the story will be ‘didn’t I warn you about extra money that was printed by MMD?’. A bad carpenter always blames his tools. The MMD left single digit inflation, middle income status, hospitals/roads under construction, bumper harvests, stadium completed etc etc. Someone tell us what PF has done so far apart from witch hunting and about turns on campaign promises. The truth from where I stand is that the man-of-action Sata is long gone. Ubulimi bwa kale tabu talalika mwana (you can’t live on past glory), I think you Bemba say.

  31. can someone muzzle our president, he is not campaigning for goodness sake, if there is such a thing as printing fake money, let security wings investigate it quietly and only inform the nation after all facts have been established and culprits brought to book. he should stop playing to the gallery, he is driving me nuts, ba sata please show some maturity as a president twapapata!!!!!eish

  32. Hey guys, have you noticed that Kwacha is depreciating against the USD at fast rate. Kwacha is now above K5000 to a dollar. Meaning more people are changing their ZMK into USD.

  33. Please Mr Man of action sweep this country of thieves & corruption so that u eradicate poverty and put more money in peoples pockets.

  34. these was printed and stacked only to be used in another era of govt.. just to destabilize the economy. Smart move by mmd, bad they got noticed. Now the q is wot they do about all this before its too late>>> 

  35. Boz a few days ago in one of the papers explained that De la Rue is no longer printing the kwacha and that they engaged a German company in 2009. If you look at any note the money is printed by a German Company called Giesecke & Devrient. Could this be what our highly experienced Sata is talking about.

    • i agree with you.if it was fake money,BOZ would have seen it.right now,the ZMK is depreciating fast as most people think they have fake currency.i suggest MCS should learn to consult before uttering alarming econmic statements that affects exchange rate.HA,we are in trouble gents!!!!

  36. Dr Kaseba, Sata’s wife, the first lady has been seen driving one of those Lexus armoured vehicles.. so whats the story here

  37. Ba Sata bena, yaba! What has govt done about this if it is true? Shouldn’t BOZ have facts on this? The guy should have first had solutions before alarming the nation. We are like a nation without a President.

  38. what type of speach is this from a president. its too narrow. to be subjects to the ministers and not to the government. i dont understand this. being appointed a deputy or minister one has to be royal to governemnt and the people not to the fellow minister. that is fake ba presido. point of correction

  39. Please before this country is finaly sold or rather diluted, consider printing of other notes. We were in a government of doats and not humans.

  40. But some Zambians are dull.u can’t see that MMD printed money illigally?De la Rue no longer prints our money.I’m shocked with kind of thinking of some bantustan people.People have already noticed that and this is why fundanga was fired.The man was the right person for the Boz position but he was used.watch Zambians.The president just wanted to imform u.Infact he was just waiting to have more info.I knew this 2months ago.Some Zambians are crazy indeed with some comments.

  41. All those denying what my presdo revealed are simply showing their hate on the fact that PF won & they are disgruntled (Most likely these are from a party that will never rule Zambia (UPND).Well for your own information the boat has crossed the sea this time and you have remained with your powerless magical hand shake(Hajanza).Learn to live with this fact that sata`s name is in books and even god had a hand in his appointment.It is evident that money was printed and if you are that clever check the currencies and you will see different printer you disgruntled minority!

  42. the president needs to round up the min of Finance and hold him responsible. that is if what he says is true. am also taken aback by the presidents comments about cost of by election. MCS is irresponsible in saying that we should leave cost of by election to his government. no that is our money he should be the one leaving it to us the people

  43. @NO.18 Mushota…To be honest that is the dumbest contribution i ve noticed, where ever you are my friend you are a Zambian, and theres no place like home. and where ever you are you living a borowed life, you will never be as free as when you are in Zed or be treated as equally as those citizens of the country you are living in. you are full of shame.
    am so disapointed that we have shalow thinking Zambians living out side, a piece of advise my fellow Zambian mushota, get your facts rite about Zed coz one day you are doomed to get back, F*****you.

  44. One Zambian on-line news website  TuXXXXXXXX  had this story last week and first investigated it when MMD was campaigning back in September…that BOZ had changed currency printers without following tender procedure to a German printing firm. Its all good president announcing this but we want people put in front of courts and jailed; BOZ Governor, Civil Servants everyone involved. Why should DEC and ACC always have to wait  for instructions from President….all these horrid cases and findings no one has been arrested so far.

  45. Is this man a slow learner or simply untrainable? So many unconfirmed stories and the man gets to the public with always nothing tangible forthcoming. If this was true why not quietly investigate the culprits, get real facts then inform the public with possible alternative solutions? Yaaba, the guy seems free to talk anything without regard to consequences whatsoever. Mr president try and behave like one not a village headman. Economic matters are supposed to be well thought before you even think of political solutions baaba.

  46. Please give us a break Mr President, spare us time to do some useful work for our country, elections were over in September.

  47. #17 and others it is not about changing the currency from Zambian Kwacha to something else . Rather it is about changing the current bank notes to new ones to catch thieves.

  48. Does the President realise how much damage he can do to the credibility of our Central Bank, BoZ? And to the country, our country, the country which he wants to lead?

  49. If you don’t want the Secretary to the Cabinet, just retire him please, let’s not scandalise that illustrous son of Zambia just to score political points.

    • The President should not scandalize the Secretary to the Cabinet. It appears he has a bone to chew with Dr. Kanganja. The hatred stems from the time when MCS instructed Dr. Kanganja to swear him as President at Independence Stadium in the 2008 elections when counting was still underway. Dr. Kanganja refused at that time as the elections were still being counted. The Secretary to the Cabinet has worked diligently under former Presidents Levy and Banda without any of them complaining. But it seems MCS has seen more faults in him. The honorable thing that Dr. Kanganja can do is to voluntarily retire as with his experience can get something better than the mud slining that he is receiving.

  50. WHAAT???!!! He keeps throwing these accusations around and then he goes quiet about them. Wow! Please explain Mr new President.

  51. The Presidency is just too big for this man. He has risen beyond his competence. The office has overwhelmed Michael Sata. He is confused, directionless and very much still in campaign mode instead of strategizing and asking himself and his team the ‘how’ of solving the myriad of problems besetting our country. Sata is a cadre par excellence. He is a motormouth. He is a demagogue. He is described in the Wikileaks Amercan cables as someone ‘who has no unwavering commitment to truth’. Simply put Sata is a liar. It should be obvious to everyone that Michael Chilufya Sata is not a leader! He has no vision of where to take Zambia to! I am afraid he will spend the next 5 years ‘faulty finding’. Sata is a visionless motormouth!

  52. I still feel one more comment my help some of the die hard supporters. What the president said from this day onwards is that this country has a Central Bank which is not suitable for it functions. Therefore, it is not safe to deal in kwacha as a ligal tender in this country. People our president is in the excited mode and not safe mode. Who is surounding this man? He fails to act on real issues such as careless statement from his ministers towards some sectors of this country. He is running away from the call to drop these tribesmen and now he finds it fit to go for Kanganja. Pls Kanganja just resign before this man fires you in front of cemeras without warning you.

  53. zambians, the press statement made by the president raises serious concerns about the economic monetary situation in the nation. Any responsible govt can not print money illegally, print fake money or print money for the sake of it. Its killing the economic life line of a nation. In today’s economic monetary quantitative increament are determined by economic activities contributing tangible productivity promting rise in GDP of a nation. This is unlike in the gold era. Mr Sata should take time to address this issue seriously different from his usual casual news exciting the nation. The previous MMD govt officials are around to provide details about this position.

  54. I do not support constable Sata but if I read clearly what he is saying is that we have been legally  using De la rue to print money. However, the MMD govt illegally printed money using two companies and that money is in circulation. He is not saying De la rue and other two companies were illegally involved in printing money. The question to the president is why he deliberately chose to mention name a company which is legally allowed to print money but became mute on those accused of or involved in printing money illegally. He is supposed to tell the nation the truth. This man won elections on lies and he will continue doing so until he has left state house.

  55. Oh no. MMD must have been following the example set by the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank Governor. Well, do something about it Mr President. This is quiet serious.

  56. On one hand if former MMD govt did print money recklessly the law has to take its course and punish the culprits. On the other hand, if Sata thinks can carelessly release such news to bring jitters to the national currency- Kwacha- and fan inflation, then his position as head of state will become unttainable. He will not be fit for the purpose and even if the truth is contrarly, as president of a country to undermine the national currency for political expediency and create panic in the national economy boarders on econmic sabotage a rationale fertile for impeachment. As head of state there is weight in what ever statement comes from that position and the ball now is Sata to prove his allegations.

  57. Who has a copy of Sata’s CV?Iam beginning to have serious doubts on his capacity to run this nation.Electing him to be Presido was a serious gamble Zedians took.seriously we cant have an alarmist for a presido…

  58. LETS make things simple and some answer my question. WHY DID CHIKWANDA PRAISE MUSUKOTWANE IN THE BUDGET SPEECH IF HE WAS PRINTING CASH??? I will not ask why MUSUKOTWANE got the best African Finance Minister for 2011 if was printing cash?
    Ba mudala these press statements will make us very poor. Stop this machine gun mouth pleeeeaaase we plead you stay quite for 1 month only to allow the kwacha gain. Yaba

    “At no point did Mr. Sichinga ever say knowingly or unknowingly in any context that President Michael Chilufya Sata is uneducated. For those who didn’t attend the meeting, there are video clips on zamuk.com which will shame the Zambian Watchdog liars. The Hon. Minister explained in detail the economic situation, his ministry’s vision and what is being done to change the work culture. He also urged Zambians to return to help build the country. QA was well handled too” read the statement.

  60. Imwe ma reporters write and report clearly. If things are not clear you have the right to ask the President to clarify. How did the MMD print money illegally? Are these counterfeit notes? The latter is a different case.

  61. I think Ba Sata must stick to written script. Sata is obviously being briefed on all high level and senstive issues. The question is; does he need to tell us everything.. the answer is definate NO in my informed opnion. Like some have observed, comments from Presidents, VIPs move market, Investor (local and FDI) confidence etc… we know the president is on ‘probation’ or proverbial 90 day learning period. Hence we need very strong advisers to quickly settle ba Sata down. At the moment you can not guess what Sata is going to do or say..which may be postive or negative to national interest.

  62. those asking what to be done with fake money is simple the bank of zambia will be getting it slowly out of circulation

  63. Honestly the president is becoming boring with his tribal tree appointments. Are we going to hear another tribe being appointed apart from Bemba? Please you should feel unease and shame sometimes. What about all the other tribes who voted him into power? It is boring seeing the same names from the same region everytime there is an appointment! Sata should stop acting like a child ..which may be he is.

  64. why can’t people pass a motion of no confidence to get ride of this MONKEY.

    We warned you that you were taking the country in the hands of a brainless MONKEY

  65. Mushota ,today you have taught my attention ,at independence the Kwacha as stronger then the us Dollar $20 to 1 Kwacha.shame on you.You profess to be researched when infact not.shame

  66. was this the revelation that uncle bob had for him last weekend in L/stone? watch the space. the president is becoming irresponsible and eluded.

  67. When are these swearing in ceremonies going to end? They are affording the president the opportunity to make potentially damaging statements. Can someone please prepare written speeches for him. Can the brains in PF please protect the president by giving him timely advice on governance procedures.

  68. stick to real issues mr sata. we are fade up of the past. talk of what you will do for zambia and MMD is past. dont you have what to share with Zambians apart from MMD. whats wrong with this urgly man.

  69. While I agree that a lot of irregularities took place during the previous administration, I do not think that the President should be making all these announcements to the media. There are appropriate government wings that are tasked with this responsibility and should be seen to be actively pursuing such issues. We need to use the systems in place for the right purposes where they exist and continue to strengthen them. President Michael Sata should be seen to be governing the country and not playing roles for which there are appointed and/or designated authorities.

  70. How possible can this be, fake money? But the inflation rate remained a single digit. Even in the world of waters, when there is an underground blast and influx of water, that underground water causes a tsunami and there’s more water than required in a particular water area, hence causing ripple effects like displacing people, damaging settlements and just wrecking havoc. If there was fake money in circulation, it would have resulted in skyrocketing of prices and a weakening of the economy. Last time i checked, the MMD left a vibrant economy, single digit inflation and good bank monetary reserves. Can someone explain what the President means. Is he trying to discredit the BOZ? And what has Kanganja to do with printing of money? Please pass me that popcorn bucket

  71. Please bloggers learn to respect our head of state. President Sata is parent who has children who are older than most of you bloggers. You do not have to be a rocket scientist in order to be a President. Some of you people, you boast about qualifications that haven`t helped you in any way. You do not even have a decent job with your qualifications, because you insolent. You curse yourselves by being disrespectful and wanting to please people who will never know you. Our President is very hard working. He is not perfect just like any of you bloggers. Zambia can only develop when we the people learn to respect our leaders, also do our part as citizens. You are asking about a CV, as if you can employee our President. Learn to have good manners.

    • You mean we should not say “Sata Nyoko”?  Get a life, you sicko!  The president must respect the office he is holding and not continue behaving like he is a street thug who suddenly found himself in State House.

  72. The MMD under RB was the worst dispensation in Zambia. Let us not lose hope. Trust HE MCS to at least undo the wrongs even if he doesnt do anything new. We needed Sata at this point in time for exactly this. Lets all support him and shame the greedy people who have raped and plundered this innocent country to its knees. Viva PF, Shame MMD and RB.

  73. Ba Sata it is Bank of Zambia which is responsible for printing money.”Why should Chibiliti or Kanganja brief you about affairs of Bank of Zambia? Are they the chief executives of the bank? Find a better reason to expell them not that one please! Besides you can disappoint them without giving reason. The problem Micheal is that you are so insecure that you fear your own shadow due to incompetence. By the way Dela rue has problems. Their quality of paper is pathetic and easy to make counterfeit. Even the RSA has abandoned them. Infact another bigger country has also canceled its contract with Dela rue. And dont insinuate that it is only K50 000 notes that were printed but other notes as well. Dont excite us bring out the facts. If there is something fishy why not another inquiry?

  74. Arrest all of them involved in the decision and let them spend so many years in prison (minimum of 30 years). That is the only way we will deter others in future. We can’t run governments like this gentlemen. Nowonder whites rightly say that we are all dunderheards. It is just a fact we deny due to our pride without any base.

  75. How can you tell that this is genuine and this is fake money? Please teach us on that. Some of us are laymen and needs some lessons. If fake what next?

  76. Hey guys check yo 50s 20s 10s you find some for 2010 DE LA RUE 2009 GIESECKE & DEVRIENT.in short there two companies that printed the NOTES for Zambia between 2009 and 2011

    • So what?!  I have worn out notes printed by both these companies.  These notes have all the security features and are being handled by all banks.  Who says that the only real money must be printed by De La Rue?!

  77. Why does this Chief Turd mouth off like he is still in opposition, like he is not running govt?  He is complaining to whom?!  If MMD was running govt like a Mafia, who has been arrested (other than Liato) and convicted (none) so far from this spiteful man?

    He needs to give the serial numbers to the Zambian public so that we can all look out for this fake money.  He should also disclose the printing companies so that they can defend themselves.  I imagine Dr Fundanga is still in Zambia to explain what happened or had Satani appointed a new BOZ Governor then that person would be on top of this smoke without fire.

    Zambia is now truly on autopilot. Two and half months without a BOZ Governor and no BOZ Board!!

  78. ignorance is a terrible thing…forgive our poor President…i’m sure it’s not his fault that he did not go very far in school.

  79. Simple. The President is merely informing us to be on alert. You cant grow an economy by printing currency in excess of productivity.Look at Zaire under Mobuto. MMD may not have offloaded all what they have printed now because they also have economists to advise them. Whether you like it or not SATA is our PRESIDENT. Either if you feel bad about it change your nationality. The people who gave the mandate weighed between MMD and PF. I cant imagine a Zambia with RB,DORA.WILLIAM ruling toady.No leader is perfect. Levy also in 2002 started badly. In fact who said a president shouldnt brief the nation on major developments. We are not in Iran or North Korea. We deserve update news so as to make informed daily decision.

  80. Who can cook Nshima in POT with soo many holes? Only maybe in a dream. In real life you have seal all the holes ie employ labour to work with, look at current system and see if is efficient and effective. Right now Zambia is a POT with soo many many hloes needing sealing. The President’s job is what he is doing. He informing us timely mainly on issues bordering on economics and corruption. These two dont go on together.

  81. Am beginning to think these are consequences of being in opposition for too long,we seem to be hearing one scandal after the other;where is the Post these dayz?they used to dig deeper but it seemz they missed the latest unearthings.Enough of pronouncements we want to see tangible facts.Kanganja and Chibiliti surely guys you can find something else to do;i wouldnt want to be bashed all the time by my boss especially at that level!!!

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