New video by JK featuring Ethiopian singer Hanni


JK released his latest video for his song “Pistol” . This song features Ethopian singer Hanni , who was a participant in last years Big brother.

JK is known for making great videos and this one is no exception . The concept ,the dances , the lighting , the costumes are all top quality .

The song is sang mostly in English . It will surely be  all over africa and beyond as soon as it is on Channel O and MTV Base .

It is one of the best Zambian videos of the year so far.

JK feat Hanni- Pistol

By Kapa187


    • she is real Ethiopian girl,,,and u know wat Ethiopian mean,not african. K….jk is lucky to have hanni wid his ugly face nd song

  1. JK, while you are at it with these beautiful women, make sure you also take care of madam in your home…… rumor has it that she is all over giving it to everyone…

  2. Good video. Keep watching Ngiama Makanda, AKA, Werrason and you will be making good videos. I feel bana Congo are still the best kuma video.

  3. if you are going to go real international you better feature prominent celebrities. thats how zambian music will grow beyond the are first JK and all the best man.

  4. Channel O will love the video but Zambian will quickly forget the song as I think its bubble gum will not last on the top ten chart even on a useless radio station pa Zed

  5. Zima Ndola ni zee! Big up to Digital X for the great production and Ground Xero for the high quality video! Truly Zambian chine chine…oh, and the icing on the cake? that Ethiopian chick is off the chain. Well done JK, keep reppin’ hard my guy.

  6. nice video thumbs up 2 our vry on JK. He z really taking music in zwd 2a greater level. bt, my bro need 2up his dancing skills. feeling yo song man.

  7. Great video but it will not make impact here in naija bc u beat and ur dance is an imitation frm naija and we ve gone beyond that. :d

    • Common Naija men can’t do those moves They are extremely stiff .Only Zambian or congolese men can do that.Which planet are you from?

  8. Great video by JK.I always give JK credit for his exploits in music.
    But I must concur with BaNaija that song sounds like Naija music and very similar to the tune “Bumper to Bumper” by Wande Coal

  9. leave JK lone. Jk’s career involves working with beautiful ladies. his is equally beatiful and she is very brown like those from ethiopia. JK take mwandi

  10. Wow! Nice production JK. Hanni’s legs make my heart skip a beat mwe! Bushe kuwama konse uko? Kwati asamaba muli milk!!!

    #33 Nubian Princess, no gun violence here, artistes work with metaphors. It’s just poetry in motion… clear language in lyrics is what makes most artistes/songs boring.

  11. Nice one JK, from the last time we met @ times in Lusaka, I see what you meant with the collaborations subject we were on. Honestly though, I will agree with some…this sound is a bit more Naija than anything. I would’ve appreciated a Zed type of beat…and I know DIGITAL X know what am talking about. Nevertheless, great video, nice song, sick choreography, badass Hanni. Oh yeah, i know where I saw her…last seasons’ Big Brother, the ethiopian chick. Damn she looks hotter now…better than the ‘Kapilipili’ Salma chick, am just saying. Walasa JK mambala iwe.

  12. And who’s talking about “gun violence” here:-? It’s just a metaphor imwe bantu…like JK is really going to shoot somebody. LMFAO, some of you take life too seriously!

  13. Why is it that Zambian musicians sing whatever sells, whether it be from Nigeria, Tunisia, Congo, Sao Tome and Principe, Tonga Island etc……is there a real Zambian beat? Why do we keep imitating other people’s beat. Nice song, if only it sounded a little bit more Zambian.(whatever it is) 

    Thank you (as Mushota would say)

  14. Since Chris Chali, this guy is the most innovative and creative Zambian Misician. Very good looking but also very intelligent. He looks healthy and i assume he looks after himself. So raysz # 12, please be respectful of this rare Zambian talent. Use discretion and respect his family!

  15. Musanga Nasty D is the most creative musician in Zambia now.
    @ Nubian princess why is it women will try to divert a topic or hate if there is a more beautiful girl in the picture lol?

  16. Starting a video by pointing a gun in the screen is not creative. Some of us live in countries where too many young people die from guns and this is in bad taste.

    Only ignorant Zambians can laud a video called ‘Pistol’. The next thing you know youth in Zambia are looking for pistols to emulate JK. Muletontonkanya!

  17. what a miss….ka jk be original and go back to the roots. i regret spending my precious time listening to that useless song. it has no educative message and can’t be compared to pk chishala songs or glorious band. i think elyoni elyoni is better than this one. 

  18. Nubian & Mushota give JK and all of us a break. The man is not doing anything criminal, he is simply pursuing his music career and instead of wishing him success, you start judging him by trying to claim a moral high-ground. If you think this video is too offensive or obscene to be featured on the internet, then I don’t know what you would say about other videos on the Utube.

    I think you’re overreacting. It’s a weekend and people need entertainment to free their minds from the seriousness of the real world. Do yourself a favour and chill out…

  19. #46 Nine Chale – The real world is how JK will feel if he ever has a real gun pointed to his head by some thug, then he will sever the connection between love and pistol.

    The Kapili pili song was dumb enough but a gun? come on! JK is acting like a love struck teenager, time he started singing meaningful songs like an adult not exploiting young women by having them pop their half naked crotches like harlots.

  20. This video is great i like it and Jk is a good match with Hanni. She’ pretty so ba Jk just divorce your wife and marry Hanni.Did u kiss her at the end of the video?

  21. Crisis should also feature international singers on his songs like JK, didnt he go to the grammys..LOL. JK baume, Ba Crisis ni pakamwa che with nothing to show.

  22. Nubian Princess and Mushota watch Rihanna and All of them that sing about sex and dress scantily but have the guts to talk shit about JK, bafikala, why watch the video then if its offensive to you. Just go menstruate somewhere else not here ba stankyo imwe!!!

  23. #51 Tuvi – Why are you getting your panties in a bunch for? are you JK?

    You mother also menstruates, it is a natural occurrence.

  24. E e e KJ nice e video. I also like e your creativity. I’ll give you a Toyota Hilux like I e did to Glorious Band over their Insambo Lyamfwa hit. Aini Bana e Chipo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Pathetic. Nine Chali, one minute you talk God and one minute you’re praising this crap from JK. Listen to Nubian Princes.

  26. People amaze me.How JK promoting gun violence.Listen to the lyrics of the entire song please.Then you will know the metaphor and what the song means.

    OK let me help you with some of the lyrics

    JK – Chorus— “You make me feel like..just like a pistle…just like a pistle..I wanna shot”

    Hanna – 2nd Verse—“I am your target tonight are you ready to hit the right spot-spot…All you need is a king shot,guaranteed you gonna hit the jack-jackpot….You better trust,you better know that I’m the only one….who can romance your body,rock it all night and shoot like a gun….”

    Whats so violent about that?

  27. Sorry guys drewlling on the chick’s ill proportioned body my girlfriend is better looking has a nice face,ass,bust and legs and she is my choclate lady not ama coloured bo jujuka

  28. # 62 
    finish the sentence ” only jk makes quality videos BUT this one ni crap” even a blind person can see it ati ni crap.

  29. @ @””? NKAKI above she is not colored. She is ethopian, another section of the Kushite people. The most diverse gene pool is Africa shake my head at you.

    People mr. NINE CHALE is a man he can admire those legs all hewants. God put it in us, it’s only a sin to overthink.

  30. Mwanawakwitu,did you mean Afro-Arabian that is what she looks like and I bet you she must have some Arabic blood running through those veins.

  31. Congratulations mwana, I really like the video. Thank you for the signed attire (red truck suit) you used in the Helena video I will keep it forever. The lady is beautiful mwana and I hope you behaved professionally! I am the only person who can match your dance! Yes  

  32. Ki to bone wa kuta…tht vid ryt there z th one…..JK keep on acing thes cats……plus Hanni be of th huk…tht chike fine…..

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