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US Ambassador to Zambia clarifies RB’s trip

General News US Ambassador to Zambia clarifies RB's trip

Former republican president Rupiah Banda and his wife Thandiwe walk towards the plane enroute to the United States of America on Wednesday March 21, 2012. Mr. Banda has been invited by Boston University as Guest Lecturer
Former republican president Rupiah Banda and his wife Thandiwe walk towards the plane enroute to the United States of America on Wednesday March 21, 2012. Mr. Banda has been invited by Boston University as Guest Lecturer

United States Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella has clarified that former president Rupiah Banda’s trip to that country has not been facilitated by the American government as perceived by some quarters of society.

Ambassador Storella says the programme to have former African leaders as guest lecturers at Boston University was initiated independently by the learning institution and is meant to honor African leaders.

The US envoy noted that Mr. Banda’s invitation is meant to honor all the Zambians for the peaceful transition of power that the country experienced in the last presidential polls.

Ambassador Storella was speaking at his residence this morning during a breakfast meeting to discuss the trip that was undertaken by selected stakeholders and media practitioners to accord them an opportunity tom understand how the Freedom of information law is being applied in that country.

He added that it is important for Zambia to have a legal framework that will protect the fundamental rights of its citizens and commended the government’s commitment to enhancing press freedom.

At the same occasion, information, broadcasting and labour permanent secretary Amos Malupenga said government was working hard to ensure that the FOI bill is presented to parliament mid this year.

Mr. Malupenga said contrary to reports that the government had u-turned on the freedom of information bill,the government is busy working towards having the piece of legislation in place.

And deputy press secretary at State house Amos Chanda stated that Zambia News and Information services (ZANIS) misquoted president Sata in an article which suggested that the head of state had U-turned on the FOI issue.

On Wednesday, President Sata noted that it is important for the public media to be rolled out through the establishment of the provincial TV stations to enhance information dissemination.


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  1. You bloggers don”t you have a mortgage to pay?why all this vitriol.Go find a second job so you can retire your mortgage earlier.

  2. @abwezani sadly that is how at least 80% feel about your guy in india (who obviously needs more well wishes), and we were reprimanding them and recoiling in shame about that, so now that we know you are also a death wisher on someone who is not even in power or of any consequence to your sad life, its open season for ukwas death wishers…

    • Every person living risks dying; every breath you take is a step closer to death. Whether Ukwa dies in India is immaterial because your time will also come. and my time will come.

    • So Kibinda, what is wrong about stating the obvious – the imminent death of the Man in India?  After all he will not live forever.  So nobody is wishing him bad.  At 75 years, Satan has enjoyed more women and chamba smokes than you!!

  3. Amos Malupenga said
    government was working hard
    to ensure that the FOI bill is
    presented to parliament mid
    this year.


    Can someone pliz tell me what is hard about this.

    • It will be the first law, set for a media that has never operated under such a law. so the “hard work” is in “thinking”…

  4. Everyone appreciated the peaceful transition from MMD to PF government in 2011. It is highly recommended and the players should be held in high regard. Both RB and Sata should be respected for this. Also the unity displayed at the innoguration when KK, RB and Sata attended in a peaceful and joyous way is testament of this peaceful transition. Bolston Univerity has recognised and appreciated this. Let us do so too, fellow Zambians.

    Sometimes you only appreciate something once you lose it. Let us appreciate the peace we have in Zambia and all peace makers that make it happen. RB is one. Sata and KK are others. Plus we ordinary citizens.

    We thank and praise God for the peace in Zambia.

  5. Okay tandiwe ni size yandi, the man behind RB too much ama jaws kwati muntu ali pa dose ya muyayaya

  6. PF Kaponyas do not understand that in a democratic counrty like the USA institutions have the power to make decisions without consulting their Govt. To them everything is suspicious because of the the Don’t kubeba nonsense! There you have it, the ambassador has clarify the whole issue I hope this will rest the case. Go well RB true leader, democrat and diplomat. I personaly miss your wisdom in dealing with public issues unlike this Ukwa we have who can even insult his host nation just because his own citizens have asked him petinent issues.

  7. It iz really showing nicely, even Amos Chanda at State House. That bespectacled man in the picture iz the one Sata parted company with on the basis that he “fascilitated” a meeting with some “infestor”?

  8. Some of us really care. This is good for Zambia as a nation. The transition of power was peaceful and hence RB has earned respect from a diverse group of individuals and institutions. The time will also come for HE President Sata to share his experience with others. Democracy is a complex phenomenon that is underpinned by values and principles. People can call RB names but to some he is a real political role model. Just like HE Sata can be called names but he is our President. 

  9. 6.1 kibinda waba kabwa, we are not heads of states, UKWA is and his IMMINENT death is NEWS, get it?

  10. There is nothing wrong with RB going to Boston University and lecture on what ever has been asked of him. Zambian, we must learn to give ourselves credit for the progress we have made where democracy is concerned. Sometimes, i get worried to see how ungrateful we have for ourselves as well as our leaders. Come on guys, the smooth transition of power has given us recognition in the world. Travel around and you will respect that fact.

  11. If the government can’t pay RB’s travel costs, us here in State of Massachusetts will pay for him. What kind of a Zambia has it become? When Chissano of Mozambique comes over here to USA, I never see much costs on his lectures. And that ka Thandiwe, she will just go on to shop at a mall or Walmart. Nothing special in Boston, its not like Paris.

  12. Mr Malupenga

    Your boss Ukwa said Zambia does not need the FOI.

    Head less chickens’s without a purpose

  13. PF JEALOUSY!!! Just accept that you are jealous of RB’s honor! He has worked for the respect he is earning. IF he had wanted he would have refused to hand over power and Zambia would have been engulfed in civil war by now. Remember that RB was voted by huge number of Zambian population, Sata won by a few thousands – it was NOT landslide victory by any counts. However, RB respected the vote and left and now he is being respected. If it was Sata maybe he would have refused to leave power. Credit where it is deserved. May be chikubabani chabe. You PF chaps are even so dull you can’t even conduct research to understand how these invitations happen – RB is not the first African leader to go on an American lecture circuit. But anyway, that is too sophisticated for PF and its supporters.

  14. SECONDLY, Malupenga and Amos Chanda have the audacity to go to the American Embassy to lie to the Ambassador who probably has more information on Sata than even themselves. It just goes to show how incompetent and daft they are. What if Sata comnes back and insists that the FOI bill will not go to parliament until the rural people are educated on its relevance – because that is what he said only last week. Sata has the unusual talent of contrradicting his officers – he has just come form Botswana where he embarrassed Given Lubinda. What are you PF chaps thinking of the rest of Zambian population kanshi? Do you think we are as dull as YOU? Mwabe fi*&#”?.

  15. RB you’re looking young too. Go and have a gas in Boston, forget about that stressful job at plot 1. A number of those who clung to it are gone. You still have ba mpundu to take care of, good luck Mudala. Let them talk, now we know who the jokers are.

  16. Typical of the nonsense we get these days… “ZANIS misquoted president Sata” The least you can do is tell us what he was trying to say, thats what your’re paid for isn’t it?

  17. not again please ,dont accuse ZANIS of misquoting the president …thats what he actually said ..just wait and see this whole won’t go anywhere

  18. Could really give a crap if RB went to the moon and to wipe that monkey’s ass that pissed on him. He’s disgrace to mankind. On the other hand, Thandiwe looking better these days (atleast), I wonder why. I can teach her some young man moves. Holla…

  19. RB apapena ali faula how could he marry young girl (Thandiwe) size of his own daughter as a wife? And that man behind RB looks very scruffy and scarely. Atleast you will be remembered for the corruption you brought back in our country.

  20. RB and Thandie looking good! Pathetic Fools…Kaponyas are jealous. Ukwa will never be invited to lecture because he has a foul mouth and cannot speak English..go go RB Viva Akwathu.

  21. If Thandiwe was of age then love knows no age, colour etc applies here. @ Umupondo 26, some of us have always been inconsequential to anyone in leadership but we love all our leaders never the less. They are ours (Zambians) and we support them as humans> We get hurt when things are going wrong but then again we fall back on the principle of forgiveness. 

  22. am MMD and it was clear that we were losing the elections, but respect goes to RB for hard working and respect to our democracy. PF you have failed and the kwacha is steadily losing value. RB lost the elections cobra is losing the erection………….

  23. Typical of American duplicity to countries they consider ‘funny’ and un-strategic. I have never heard of an American institution providing succor to an individual responsible for so much corruption and crime bordering on treason except Zambia for which they have no respect. The accolade to RB for handing in power peacefully is patronizing and stupid! In a democratic political contest, what option is there for a loser?

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