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Government to introduce housing initiative targeted at Zambians in the Diaspora- Luo


Local Government and Housing Minister Professor Nkandu Luo (l) addressing Zambians in New York on April 22, 2012. Looking on is Zambia's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Sheila Mweemba. Photo by Chibaula Silwamba/GRZ

Local Government and Housing Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has urged Zambians in the Diaspora to invest back home and help develop the country.

Addressing Zambians resident in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations, Prof Luo said her ministry has come up with a housing initiative targeted at Zambians in the Diaspora.

“As a ministry, we urge you to participate in the construction of low cost housing in Zambia. Our housing stock deficit today stands between 2 million and 3 million, so we need to build at least 200, 000 houses every year all over Zambia, not just Lusaka,” Prof Luo said.

The minister explained that the houses would cost between US$10, 000 (about K51 million) and US$16, 000 (about K81million).

Local Government Minister Professor Nkandu Luo (c) meets with Ministry of Health spokesperson Dr Reuben Kamoto-Mbewe at Zambia's permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York on April 22, 2012. The duo were in New York on different assignments. Photo by Chibaula Silwamba/GRZ

She called for partnership with big foreign investors to build houses and other infrastructure that would enhance national development.

This is according to a press statement made available to Lusakatimes by Chibaula Silwamba First Secretary for Press at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations.

Prof Luo observed that countries like Ghana had economic growth, partly due to its nationals in the Diaspora that were investing back home.

“I am here to present an opportunity to you Zambians in the Diaspora that there is so much going on back home and you can participate,” Prof Luo said.

A Zambian national resident in USA, Cynthia Chirwa posing a question to Local Government Minister Professor Nkandu Luo on April 22, 2012 at Zambia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations. Photo by Chibaula Silwamba/GRZ

Henry Sakala – chairperson of the Zambian Family in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – said he and his colleagues were keen to participate in the low-cost housing project and other national development initiatives provided the procedures were clearly laid down and bureaucracy was removed.

Sakala said Zambians in the Diaspora remitted huge sums of money to their homeland every year than any other foreign country had ever given to Zambia.

A Zambian resident in New York Cynthia Chirwa urged the Zambian Government to enact dual citizenship to enable its nationals in the Diaspora to access loans and other facilities for them to re-invest back home.

In response, Prof Luo urged the Zambians abroad to make submissions to the Technical Committee on the constitution making process concern the dual citizenship.

A Zambian national resident in USA Webster Munyenyembe posing a question to Local Government Minister Professor Nkandu Luo during an interactive meeting at Zambia's permanent Mission to the United Nations chancery in new York on April 22, 2012. Photo by Chibaula Silwamba/GRZ

She recalled that dual citizenship was included in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) draft report.

However, Prof Luo urged the Zambians in Diaspora to invest home without using their demand for dual citizenship as a conditionality.

Prof Luo said President Michael Sata and his Government was working hard to improve the lives of Zambians.

Another resident Webster Munyenyembe said there were many American investors interested to invest in Zambia and called for dissemination of information about the procedures on investment.

Mr Munyenyembe said there was need to curb corruption in Zambia to boost investor confidence.

Prof Nkandu Luo address Zambians in New York

The Zambians expressed happiness that the Government had banned the consumption of infamous sachet-packed Tujilijili beer, and was addressing street vending, fighting corruption and improving infrastructure. Additionally, they requested the Government to help them acquire land on which they could build their houses and set up their investments in Zambia.




  1. Thats a welcome move but start with your fellow ministers and politicians who are in the forefront of misappropriating public funds, most of them have invested outside zambia. To me renting out a house in NY will give you more money than renting an equivalent house in LSK so i dont see that kind of development Hon luo perhaps think of something else. A few months ago UKWA went to Botswana telling Zambians there to come back, now its luo. Is this some kind of PF policy to bring all Zambians back to the mother land?? I understand most went out to find jobs or better paying jobs, already most of the people are not working and you want people to invest in housing or comeback here, employment numbers will rise exponentially and there will be massive competition for the few jobs available.

  2. What is so special about the diaspora Zambians? Give priority to the civil servants who have remained in the country and have not gone for greener pastures. Why give plots to the people in the diaspora and leave out the ones toiling in the public service?

    • Totally agree about Zed first. Those within Zed should always be the priority but there is not a one size fits all reason for leaving Zed so there is nothing wrong with providing channels to legally connect with Zambia in lots of areas for those who are keen to do things back home. The most common ground might be because people might want to help relations such as the aging parents who ‘toiled’ so their child might gain an opportunity. However sometimes the attitudes of these people once out there kinda wants one to leave them out there :)

    • Because they are Zambians and they have money to invest creating jobs and opportunities for the ones still at home.

  3. This is a nice way for our ministers to get paid when they are away on vacation or other business. Kill two birds with no stone. Find a zambian croud to address and get paid. wheather the speech means anything or not. Seen it before. How long will the committee be discussing the dual citizen subject. How many Presidents/ govts have talked about this scheme? We heard Sata and we now know what they are thinking.
    Ask yourself. What was she really in the States for?

  4. President Sata said at one time after his election that dual citizenship would not be considered.That is a pity because there are a lot of zambians who hold citizenship of the USA .They would surely contribute to their mother land.But if there is a choice to renounce USA citizenship in order to keep zambia citizenship i suspect majority of the people concerned will hold on to their USA citizenship.Taxpayer money works better in the USA.

  5. Cymphia naena zoona, what has dual citizenship has to do with investment in Zambia. Am US citizen, and why should my chief in Luapula stop me from acquiring land or my family refuse to get money from me? And who will deport me from Zambia that I have over stayed during my visit of my family? I even refused to pay ka $30 they demand as “visa” fee at KK Airport, am Zambian that it, if am travelling on a foreign passport or not.

    • Very practical and absolutely the way to go. These our colleagues dont know what they want. If am to work anywhere in the world as my job demands, a Zambian passport is one of the most difficult papers you can ever have. Why wait for dual citizenship when you can just grab the passport, mayendele, and leave Luo alone? Who can deport me from kwamayo? Jesus lesa twafwe!!

  6. What is this njoko up to?  Her boss lambasted Zambians in Botswana last month for staying there.  How come she now wants similar people to invest in Zambia when her govt is not bothered to attract them back?  Prof Luo should just create her own party. She expresses good ideas but nobody in PF believes in such schemes.

  7. #8 Dual citizenship is included in the current draft constitution and you must have heard wrong…its what we were crying for….watch this it might only be approved or rather this constituion will take place toward the five year term so its used to run for next term office…Zambian politicians have mastered craftically how to re-win elections…. I guess their education is paying off in the wrong way

  8. What exactly is PF govt stand on the diaspora? Sata says one thing, Lubinda says another and here we have Luo saying something totally different.

    Of the three, Luo makes more sense and seems to understand the diaspora. Lubinda tried, but the President was at sea with no compass.

    Hope they adopt what The Professor is saying. Zambians in teh diaspora are a real social safety net for relatives at home. they should be appreciated for slleviating poverty in Zambia.

    • That is the pf version of promoting diversity. Plus remember this also a gov’t allergic to single sourcing. Hence a multitude of divergent policy statements will convince cadres like me that our party does not do single sourcing! This may be difficult for non members like you to understand, but believe me you there is method in this madness. All you have to do is believe in batata ba sata.

    • Twatotela mukwai. Hope the method in the madness wont end up in drunkeness only!! Have heard of fathers who spend all teh money on drinking. Kids go hungry!

  9. Always in planning phase … talk, talk talk that never materializes. Why not start the scheme and when you meet these diasporas, you already have something ready to sell to them? A few would have signed up straight away. Our politicians really need to be more operational oriented. The other day it was another Minister in USA again just talking about intentions of government. Come on – Just do it then talk about something that exists not imaginary – dreams.

  10. In my view Prof Luo is contradicting what Sata said during his address to the Zambians in Botswana, any way comendians or sorry Politicians operate like that.

  11. There are more Zambians in the diaspora than bother to blog about Zed. This may not appeal to all but may resonate with some. The only time the diaspora voice should really count is when and if they make up some collective body to give back, support, invest or question. Otherwise it is individual choices that rule the decisions I’m their individual lives and circumstances. Lastly I almost fell for that Botswana stuff til I heard it for myself in full and spoke with people there. So where did all that laughter and united audience agreement come from? Politics suck. I applaud any movement without worrying about citizenship. Residency does the trick for me but dual may help out those who want. I hope it comes with amnesty for those who knock others but break Zed law as it is :)

  12. Why would some one with a sane, and sound mind want to return to Zambia?

    Unless you are illegal immigrant a British passport and Europe is paradise, I think this is a trap that some folly people will fall for


  13. Cries for Dual citizenship could have been a thing of the past if PF did not walk out of the voting process during RBs time. Most Zambians in the diaspora can’t even afford 1 pin, where can they find money to build houses if you can’t allow them dual citizenship where they can access money where they are to invest in Zambia. You mentioned Ghana, so learn from Ghana and give Zambians dual citizenship. It is not a condition but a right.

  14. Ba Nkandu Luo is a professor, how does she equate the Zambian situation to that obtaining in Ghana where they have acknowledged their diaspora people’s contribution to the economy of Ghana and also embraced the international acceptance of dual citizenship for their people? Ba Luo please, you are not dealing with fools in the diaspora. They also have brains.

    Despite the discouraging atitude of the government we have never and will never stop sending money for our people back home. It is not because the government has to saay anything about it. We feel it is our individual responsibility to our people and hence the country. Check with Bank of Zambia and Western Union.

  15. This is a blue lie. I guess she had nothing of substance to say to those Zambians, hence this lie. We have heard before – since the Chiluba days.

  16. There is no Mcdonalds in Zambia, British chicken tastes better than zambian chickens which eat dirt unless here with controlled food, better vegetables

    Zambia has no Nandos, KFC, good Chinese restaurants etc

    I have not been in Zambia for 6 years and I miss absolutely nothing, I am even light in complexion of late because of the beautiful whether here


    • You can’t even spell.  Confirms my suspicions about your upbringings which can be seen through your language skills….. it’s called WEATHER.

  17. A house for $10,000/16000? Just wondering what sort of property could cost that much! Could some expert tell me what type of house I would get from such money.  

  18. Only an insane person would trade his /her USA citizenship with a Zambian one.So ba mayo ba Luo if you want my hard earned GREEN buck,assure me of dualism.

  19. Why are you in a hurry to ask us for our money when you do not allow us to vote during elections? For me that is a more confidence-building gesture than just fleecing us of cash. What assurance does a person like me who was swindled while in the country have to be asked to part with my cash when I am not physically there??? Lets consider more important things. Election practice, citizenship status, etc. Those are more important than lying about cheap diaspora-targeted homes. In fact the amount itself shows it will be pocketed faster than you can say zip!

  20. @kaponya #11.
    Don’t you realise its those foolish Association bushmen that caused all that lambasting or you are part of the group.

  21. We can afford housing, most of us already have houses. You should focus on the poor people in the slums. Those are the people who need government help, not people who earn a ton of money in the diaspora.

  22. The bottom line is Zambians at home have access to do what they want, build , source financing etc. those abroad have limited access to those things and they want to invest. But you can’t invest in bululu ‘s. so no one should be against this excercise whether the cost is low or what type housing. The most important thing is that this will create jobs and also improve infrastructure. This is so simple, those in diaspora want to work with govt and invest. Equally those home should also find ways of working with govt. why AMA jealousy

  23. This is just another pyramid fraud scheme. There is no scheme that has worked in Zambia without it being tribalistic and very corrupt. The Citizenship empowerment, tourism small loans are all schemes that have failed due to tribalism and theft. Becareful – if you remit your $16,000 they will steal it. There will be no house, no money for you. Already the corruption that is going on in PF has broken all records in history of Zambia since independence. Talk to the right people if you want to know what is going on behind the scenes and how people are literally stealing in broad day light. The PF are just spending what MMD left behind, without creating any money themselves. When that runs out, Zambia will be completely broke. Come 2016 som PF ministers will run away and leave Zed to hide.

  24. @ 22 iwe ka Mushota, sometimes it’s not necessary to ALWAYS show your ignorance. There’s KFC, NANDOS, CHINESE resturants in Zambia now.
    You always talk about how better your life is whereever the hell you are but I wonder why you’re always on here. You’re as irrelevant to Zambia as you are to your own self.

    Now imwe ba Luo, what sort of a house is a 10,000-16000 USD house? Are you freaking kidding me? I wish ALL you government ministers would be specific with all these utterances that you make whenever you’re in public. Zambia and Ghana are different in many aspects therefore your example is with no merit. And why “low cost housing”? Why can you not be specific on the actual type of housing? Are you talking about tuma puloto? Get real. please!

  25. Mushota u must be a fool with no place in Mordern society, anywhere the idea from the Minister is great nothing is sweeter than building a home in ur own country.

  26. This is just a warning to guys who wants things for Mahala. All you in the diaspora will cry one day. The government is going to put you on database so that we can sort you out when you want to do something against our PF government. The database will have everything such as address, ID number etc. Sata said it clear when he went to Botswana that why do you want houses in Lusaka when you can build at your village/farm? Its just a caution. Just build your house without government getting involved.

  27. Sorry NO dual citizenship.just come back and we have finished the land,sand area in Barotseland is unallocated


  29. @#2 Exhaust… Your logic my friend is questionable. Renting a house out in NY is not more profitable than in Zed. You pay a very high purchase price in NY for a unit so for you to recover your capital from rent in NY it will take 40 to 50 years. In zed you rent out a $10000 house for $200 a month so you recover your capital in 5years plus the house would have gained value in that time so you can sell it for a profit. Try doing that in your so called NY

  30. Fake. His excellence MCS made it very clear in Botawana when he addressed the Zedian there. Just refer to his speach and learn the truth.

  31. While others talk. We implement. Am happy that the minister has realized the power of the Zambians in the Diaspora in the development of the country. Get in touch and we will put the first house, our contribution to Zambias development.

  32. Dual citizenship is a danger to national security period. Why do you think the US does not have it? shake my head.

    @ Mr Munyenyembe if you want information about business opportunity and information on the same, have you and your friends contact the embassy of Zambian in Washington DC. Though be warned Zambian embassy officials can be Zambian rude. Though the Indian-Zambian lady at our DC office is kind and very helpful.

  33. Ba Luo has this got State House’s seal of approval, we all know how that one is…depending on which side of the bed he wakes up on.
    On your initiative are you looking for buyers to invest in these low cost housing for their portfolio or are you asking us to partner with gov’t to reduce the housing stock deficit via construction projects. 
    There are numerous forms of building construction methods for social housing which are innovative, cheaper & faster to construct if the gov’t is really serious about attracting forex which they need and which we have… they should do better than mere lip glossing and charm offensive.
     When are you going to learn to market your policies properly like you do to they bazungas at IMF & World Bank, if you want partners be crystal clear & concise.

  34. Zambians in the Diaspora cannot afford bay sitters, they bring children everywhere and you think they have 10 grand for a house, he, he, he

    Alot of them in New York are maids and nanny’s.

  35. This is nonsense! Why do you want special preference just because you are economic refugees? Come back and line up for like all of us! We know your small salaries cannot build any house! We do not want forreigners to rule Zambia! You have chosen to in USA and therefore, forget about Zambia. Real Americans are investing in Zambia without any preconditions!

  36. Actually, if the government had a transparent system of issuing land for housing development no one would want special treatment. The problem with these initiatives has been that each time a policy has been made, its nearly impossible to implement. There are cities that hold 6m people; yet they still continue to develop. So why should land be scarece in Zambia? The shortage is artificial, and thats what government needs to address. We, the people who are called maids, cleaners, and what so ever, are very pleased to be what you lot think; for as long as its not written on the money that am a “cleaner”.

  37. That’s not a new idea Prof. Nkandu Luo seem to imagine she or PF have invented a wonderful idea for Zambians abroad. MMD already toured Europe and USA selling similar ideas. They all sound as hollow political rhetoric. PF govt has not even created any new ideas on any thing, let alone governance. Offer plots to Zambians abroad and let us testify by ourselves that we have bought those pieces of land, then you may be different to MMD or UNIP. However, since Mr Sata was part of the two regimes, he has never muted an intellectual idea to add value to Zambia.

  38. Colleagues,
    Theses plans are already there. go NHA and you will find booklets with info on what the minister is talking about. These have been there since time in memorial. Problem we have in Zed is talking too much, writing papers that never get implemented. We seem not to find the dorr after we have plans in place. I have personally met this Minister and I was very disappointed.

  39. @48 Umwana Zed

    Could you please enlighten us, as i have been on NHA website and it has a brief discription on “Acquisition of Services Plots”…this is a pathetic website, wonder when it was last updated as i visited last year, do these chaps want to move those houses.

  40. People living abroad are asking for dual citizenship not housing schemes. It is that plain. I think we should wait for another government of enlightened people to implement it. Why are they so scared of it? Puzzling??

  41. Nkandu Luo did not get many people to attend her meeting in London because the agenda was very clear. They are asking people in the diaspora to build houses in new districts that Sata has formed. Who can build a house in Chikankata, Chirudu, Itezhi tezhi, etc. The cost of one plot in Lusaka is the building cost Nkandu is mentioning, it has to be in very rural area for sure. Sata does not know that some of his ministers have dual citizenship. To be specific Kambwili has British citizenship including his wife and children. Dual citizenship is crucial in their program to woo Zambians in diaspora. We are also wondering why so many Ministers come to the UK so often. Nkandu Luo, was here last week together with Kambwili. Today there is Chikwanda, next week it will be Guy Scott and Sata follows

  42. There goes sick mushota agen, my dear many zambians in de diaspora r suffering and some of us even send money to de uk for their upkeep. I hav frends and relatives in de diaspora who can’t even afford an air ticket to come and visit zambia and most of u r in bedsitter council flats. U think its eay to find money in capitalist countries. U hav to work for 20hrs every day for u to survive. So mushota just come bak home than lookin after old pipo and wiping their asses

  43. Isn’t she contradicting her boss?
    Nkandu has contradicted her boss so many times now that I wonder whether she will last in her job.
    – On vendors
    -On investments from the diaspora
    -On housing and land for the diaspora
    -On tujilijili
    – On dual citizenship

  44. Not like I need anymore ideas for posts (still have too many drafts that are not yet completed), but this is nonetheless and awesome post and a great resource for any blogger.I wish I would have thought of this idea??.Great job.Phil

  45. Hello Pat,See what blurry vision does for you? I am so sorry for misken your guest blogger for you!Hope you are felling better!

  46. Great list! People should keep blog posts short and sweet. I have been giving out short and direct to the point posts and it??s more readable to customers than posting a too-detailed post.

  47. Hello Kim,I can relate to your pain. I have a torn retna in my right eye and have gone through two surgeries with it.Like you I still need to keep up with my blog, and everything is still blurry??

  48. Very good ideas to keep the writing moving along. I??ve definitely been to the ??bubble bath and some wine?? stage. Thanks for fueling my idea bank with some amazing ideas.

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