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74 by-elections arise from 2011 elections


File: 75-year old Besinati Zulu casting her vote

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Commissioner Joseph Jalasi says 74 by-elections have arisen out of last year’s September 20th general

Mr Jalasi said the by-elections are at a huge cost to government and petitioners.He said by-elections were an expensive exercise which had to be
avoided at all costs despite democracy being a costly undertaking.He said this in Livingstone during a pre-election briefing for political party representatives at the Civic Centre.

Mr. Jalasi further said Zambia had made a mark in the region as a haven of peace after a successful handover of power from former President Rupiah Banda to incumbent President Michael Sata.

He said Zambia would soon host an international team to share its experiences on holding peaceful and fair elections.Meanwhile, Mr. Jalasi advised political party representatives to desist from using the media to air their grievances as this had in the past contributed to destroying people’s political careers.

He urged them to consult ECZ and its representatives at district level for minor challenges instead of rushing to the media to seek relief.Mr. Jalasi maintained that ECZ was independent and called on political parties to hold peaceful nominations of candidates and to adopt responsible people that could handle the responsibilities that came with conducting civic duties at both parliamentary and local government levels.



  1. In the most unlikely event that the pathetic fools win the Livingstone seat, we are bound to have another by election due to the ceremonial vp’s never ending corruption activities.

  2. How did Sata win if half the seats were dubiously won? It will make sense to nullify all the votes that were cast in these 74 constituencies.

  3. If 74 seats are nullified, it should stand to reason that since this was tripatite, then the Presidential vote is not credible as well.

  4. The New Constitution should give parliamentary seats to political parties, not to individual persons, so that those who quit to go join other parties would not cause a by-election as the seat will remain with the party whose ticket they stood on in the election. In this we politically engineered by-elections will be stopped and money saved.

  5. politics u have to be on the driver seat to be comfortable hahahaha one car sata driving too rough nevers and hh are scared that he mighty through the into kafue river fight on guys otherwise u lose

  6. # 6, that is precisely why Justice Mambilima had to threaten to resign and tell Ala Bee that she would announce to the world what the real presidential results were. Ala Bee was left sobbing. Google Justice Mambilima threatens to resign.

    The 74 seats contested were the direct result of MMD abusing government resources to bias the results. If the formula 1 roads works were factored into the equation, one could argue that the entire election was null and void. MMD were so arrogant they still owe Kobil over 90 million for fuel taken on credit. Guess who would have been footing that bill if Ala Bee had won. Yes, you and me.

  7. A parliamentary by-election costs $200,000 at least so do the maths. It is even more money than is owed by you know who to DBZ.

  8. Jalasi is another chiwelewele, how can you say Zambianono is a good example in region when 74 seats election seats where corrupt?

  9. Yes Shu shu shu, you are right. How many are parliamentary and how many are local government? This story is incomplete.

  10. wat i cant is how is it pf’s fault that there are these by elections? my understanding is that the elections were not credible since mmd was manupulating things n now they are being challenged and they are losing n its not just pf which has been challenging the election but upnd as wel

  11. Countrymen, where elections were dubiously won, let the due process follow. The only sad part is how our whole intelligentsia and system is so well equipped to find outstanding solutions to political problems but not to socio-economic ones

  12. I doubt if its 74 seats, there should be something wrong somewhere…..? may be 7 seats not 74, half of parley…??? then they stand dissolved, its more like another election. ba LT please just clarify that, this is misrepresentation of facts. coz as far as i know and i have read less than 50 seats were petitioned for in the courts of law.

  13. Only in zambia can such stupidity be tolerated.We might aswell nullify the whole blurry farkin 2011 tripartite elections.

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