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95 year old woman suspected of practising witchcraft brutally murdered


A 95 year woman of Kapiri-Mposhi has been brutally murdered while her grandson has been seriously injured by people who accused the old woman of practising witchcraft.

The old woman’s body with three deep cuts on the head was later dumped in a bush.

The 95-year old has been identified as Lukumbi Balaka of Mukonchi.

Central Province Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa said in Kabwe yesterday that a sharp instrument was used in stabbing the woman by people who have since fled Mukonchi. The woman’s grandson managed to escape with serious injuries.

The grisly attack happened on Tuesday this week.

Ms Kasosa said this was the second attack on the woman and that police were on the ground investigating the matter.


  1. We are still very primitive in Zambia actually despite being 48 years old of independence. Do people still look at old people as witches? With a country that has life expectancy 0f 37 years, I thought this woman should have been celebrated and taken for a drive in the town and give the key to the city to 95 years is no joke.

    Shame on on all these FAKE NGOs whose focus is just politics to fill their bellies. These are the issues you should be addressing in society. Educate our people in rural areas on these issues 

  2. There is an agent need to address the issues of human security concerning aged people. I some much agree with u #1. Japan’s population is mostly the aged from 75-100 but this vulnerable is the most respected age group and its just amazing how much  they care about the aged.
    We are indeed very primitive that in this era, people still believe that witchcraft is only performed by the old people. 
    Its truly a shame n disgrace :(

  3. Sad indeed, some zambians are backwards why thinking evil like this? In zambia when u drive a jaguar or u build a mansion people label u ati walipanda akasama or nawiba ulupiya. Very difficult to be successful pa zed without pipo calling u names. Hard work pays off guys. This innoncent woman was blessed to live up to 95 but crazy pipo do her wrong killing her shame.

    • In Zambia, when you are rich you are a Satanist, When you are confident you are arrogant, whn you are cautious you are a coward and when you are old, you are a witch / wizard. The same attrributes give and ern you leverage and respect in the UK & USA

  4. There were articles i read on Lusaka times about elderly care a few months ago.This is all coming into place we are a premitive people.OLD people must be celebrated.

  5. This is despicable, inhuman, intolerable… just heartbreaking! Is this your Christian nation? Ah! Yes – create a fundamentalist state where anyone you suspect of being otherwise must be wiped off your supposed land!?  …and then what? Flee after committing your cowardly acts!?? I am just disgusted guys, I really am!

  6. Ignorance is the biggest crime for mankind. I get surprised that even those that claim to be Christians are so full of beliefs and ignorance to the point were you wonder how much they are able to comprehend religion itself. It is just amazing how human kind can still be this backward in an information era like ours.

  7. Christian nation of primitive savages.. they even suspect birds & cats of being witches!! This is very sad indeed. Very soon they will start branding nnocent children as witches as they do in congo and nigeria, because of vodoo films they watch from naija. SHAME!!

  8. I would like Mrs. Sylva Banda (of Sylva Catering) and Aunt Judy to comment on this issue because these good ladies are advocating for the successful living of the aged.

    I for one am so disturbed. When someone is old, it does not mean that s/he is a witch. It means those people have really taken care of themselves. Unlike this generation that we are in. Full of copied culture that has led to all sorts of disasters. Children no longer give respect to their elders. Shame on us! The elderly people are supposed to be ‘celebrated’ as others have already alluded to. So please, let the killers be brought to book and be charged accordingly. Sad development indeed!

  9. Trouble is issues of witchcraft are hard to prove. Only God, the witch or wizard and the bewitched know! Great that God sees!

  10. The problem with our less educated and less informed people is that they don’t know that a woman at that age is most likely to be undergoing serenity.And from my crude research its the symptoms of serenity which people mistake for witchcraft.Imagine a woman walking into your yard naked at 19 hrs obviously the first thought could be witchcraft while in the actual sense it is serenity.

  11. #11 Michaelme, you are a dander head and a supestitious moron! The old lady was a wealthy of tradition knowledge, tradition practices and skills. This is usually intepreted as witchcraft by *****s like Michaelme @ # 11. Killing an old woman by lunatics suffering from wiccaphobia is absolutely despicable and should be condemned in the strongest sense. Zambia Police should identify the perpetrators through the grandson who also suffered at the hands of these brutes and arrest them. Old mama, mukulu, gogo, shame your long life was ended brutally by ignorant *****s. MYSRIP!

  12. I am very sad. Our education is too shallow that it finishes at classroom or lecture theatre levels and does not permeate the whole of society.

    This is primitive ignorance at play.

    I hope the Police will do their best to arrest these murderers.

  13. Kwena bushe, bufontini nangu chinshi? iI have no words, this day and age, please GRZ, do something, start educating these morons how to civilised, how? How possible is this? i mean people should be proud that we even have a 95 year old around, girls and boys should learn about zambia 95years ago from this woman, what do they do? eliminate, so people want to live upto 20years old? So alarming, no words really.

  14. @14. Mo Taim. You’re absolutely right. Just the other day an old man was showing his age when he blasted a contractor for not building a road in a month. 90 days promises? Or is it Senile promises?

  15. all this is as a result of a lack of education and understanding. i can bet you that these are people who hav kids that die young due to the fact that they are born with STIs and now blame it on the old people who live long and they don’t. Sc@*w the *****s. i hope they burn in hell!

  16. Neither Government nor the Church has undertaken any serious education to the masses to move away from superstition. The main drive for the resurgence of this primitive savagery are Nigerian movies and an the devil’s insurgents in the name of some rogue pastors, who have been going round accusing elderly people of witchcraft and the so-called rich of Satanism. Government and the chaurch should stop this inquisition of the mediaval age. For the fake pastors who have caused so much anguish remember one of the commandments- You shall not bear false witness. A sin against the spirit can not be forgiven.

  17. There is always a gap created when you inculcate into a population a religio-qualified definition of right and wrong. Since most religions are black-boxes in terms of not knowing what makes a concept what it is, witchcraft becomes its antithesis, too on the simple premise that it doesn’t even fit in the black box! Perception goes into the black-box test and comes out with a confirmation as the opposite of the faith. This goes with simple things like looks, behavior (senility – that Mo Taim calls serenity) etc.  We need to balance out our faith implementations with some measure of tampered realism…

  18. You same people believe that Chris Katongo use witchcraft to score & maintain position in Zambia national team.
    If late woman used to climb at an anthill shouting every-time she misses a chicken that “ndekulowa” or hanging charms to mango trees to stop children from eating some, then they could call witch. But NOT to kill her for that really.


    • i visit all my people wefontini we, not everyone is superstitious and brainwashed like you! Pray that you dont get old. or might just get brutally killed too. since you already believe it would be a good lesson for your familiy

  20. Guys, this is not happening just in Zambia alone, it is an african thing, read the news on zimbabwe, South Africa, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda you will always come across this kind of news. This must be stopped at once, many people people still believe that their misfortune is caused by witches hence giving politicians a free ride and impacting negatively the democracy. If we suffer today in Africa, it’s not because of witches but because of greedy politicians who are stealing days and nights our hard earned money. Yes witches are at work in this world but not to the extend of distroying the economy. Politicians should be hunted instead and asked to answer to their dirty acts. People should be educated to understand that politicians are the main cause of their hards

    • @ Musonda.. all those countries you mentioned they watch nigerian voodoo films and the take fiction for reality! Mafontini yonse! How come the boers in SA are not scared … if you go to Haiti, brazil or jamaica… same same.. its always the backward negro’s that belive in hokospokos!!

  21. One chi village Pastor/ing”anga associated with a certain denomination in a town in southern prov was picking on beatiful women and accusing them of witchcraft/satanism so that they could go to him for deliverance from the devil. In the process he would sexually pounce on them!. Only this early this year was his evil exposed by the almight God through the power of one victim. He is then told his followers that he had gone on a 40 days fast for the attonement of his sin!. You get suprised how these *****s are calling everyone a satanist, politicians, old people, sucessful people, priests, doctors, teachers, nurses etc. Government and police should cramp hard on these sick and primitive morons.

  22. ‘Ms Kasosa said this was the second attack on the woman and that police were on the ground investigating the matter’. There is surely no smoke without fire. Witchcraft is there, only those buddies who have never been to the Villages will argue but those who have lived in a Village will surely understand that Christianity has not yet penetrated into people’s hearts. Witchcraft is everywhere, thats why the British came up with the name ‘Witch , Wizard, Socerer etc.

    • the british where also primitive savages at one time, they used to burn and hang suspected witches… especially people born with “ginger” hair were vulnerable to suspicions of witchcraft The last person to be found guilty of the crime of witchcraft was in 1712 when Jane Wenham, the Wise Woman of Walkern. She was reprieved. The persecution of witches has a long and bloody history in western culture and religion.
      However, it is clear that the agenda for persecution of witches was about maintaining religious power and control over the masses, through the use of fear and terrorism.

      Witchcraft History on Tweeter !!!!!

  23. Religion is the first cousin to superstition. Supestition is an uncle to ignorance and ignorance is a recipe to strife.

  24. Religion can either shape you into a decent human being or waste you into a big moroon. It is always in extreems.

  25. There is a strong belief in some circles that if anything bad happens, then somebody is responsible. There is hardly a natural death in some communities and this breeds anarchy. Some sections will atleast atribute that to some kind of ‘demon’

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