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Nevers Mumba is South African and does not qualify to be Republican President, claims Chifire


Former Committee of Citizens Executive Director Gregory Chifire (right) addresses journalists as Political Consultant John Ziba looks on at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka
Former Committee of Citizens Executive Director Gregory Chifire (right) addresses journalists as Political Consultant John Ziba looks on at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka

Former Committee of Citizens Executive Director Gregory Chifire has alleged that MMD leader Nevers Mumba does not qualify to be Republican President because his Father hails from South Africa.

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka Sunday morning, Mr. Chifire said he has come across some information that alleges that Dr. Mumba’s Father comes from South Africa.

Mr. Chifire claimed that Dr. Mumba’s Father settled in Chinsali district and married into the Ndalama family that lived in that area.

“This is the story coming from Chinsali. All the villagers know this story and I want the media to go there and verify what the villagers are saying. This man’s Father was from South Africa and maybe that explains his light skin,” Mr. Chifire said.

He said under the current constitution, Dr. Mumba does not quality to be Republican President.

Mr. Chifire has appealed to MMD members to take a keen interest to scrutinize the parentage of Dr. Mumba.

[pullquote]This man’s Father was from South Africa and maybe that explains his light skin,” Mr. Chifire said.[/pullquote]

And Mr. Chifire said MMD will never bounce back into power unless it gets rid of all selfish and stubborn leaders.

“MMD is full of stubborn and deaf people. They don’t listen and somehow am happy that they lost the 2011 elections because most of those people in MMD behaved as if they owned Zambians.”

At the same briefing, MMD founder member and political consultant John Ziba charged that the no amount of rebranding would change people’s perceptions of the MMD.

Mr. Ziba said as far as Zambians are concerned, the MMD is still a corrupt party adding that Dr. Mumba will never take the MMD anywhere.

“I know Dr. Mumba very well. He is not to be trusted especially with issues of finances,” Mr. Ziba said.

And when reached for a comment, MMD leader Dr. Nevers Mumba said he will not respond to the issues raised by the two gentlemen because they have no authority to comment on MMD affairs.


    • Chifire no brains…..Anyone who is older than 48yrs is a foreigner (Zambia’ s birthday-independence) , not fit to rule zambia coz of this useless constitution of inconsistencies from human rights to the  parentage clauses….in fact this matter was settled,if u gat Green NRC, you qualify for presidency under that useless constitutional clause as read with the supreme court judgement in the case of (Lewanika&others v FTJ Chiluba) . The narrow mindedness of why zambians continue dreaming of blocking others in view of this development amazes me…..JUST REPEAL THE WHOLE OF THIS USELESS CONSTITUTION, and enact a new democratic one with bill of rights!!! Your analysis and critical conclusion is spot on….mumba is a threat to PF and SATA….

    • Please let Dr Nevers Mumba answer these serious allegations and produce the birth certificate or evidence. President Obama produced his when allegations were made by Donald Trump in the US. So rather than say this is childish politics some of us disagree. Let him produce evidence and deny now otherwise it will resurface again when elections are close and campaigns heat up

  1. You know what. I used to think and believe that Nevers Mumba is not Presidential material. I think I might be wrong and I will have to revise that position. I’m now beginning to believe that he will actually be president of Zambia sooner than I thought.

    There are just to many rabid dogs that have been released on him and people behind this know for sure that he is a real threat and not HH and the rest.

    I think we are seeing the making of a new Zambian president.

    If Nevers Mumba is a loser, failure and useless, why then  sponsor so many people to throw mud at him? This has got me thinking really.

    • Your analysis and critical conclusion is spot on….mumba is a threat to PF and Sata, especially that mumba has been in govt before and he knows how the system works…..mumba needs a counter strategy to water down these political dogs released on him. It was said Sata will never never rule Zambia!!!! It’s now history, so lessons learned, Zambian can never be fooled by non performers,liars, manipulators and these corrupt demagoguers  …….

    • I have said it before. Nevers represents the modern Africa crop of leadership…

      He his high lightened
      Has leadership qualities (Was leader of foreign accredited Ambassadors in Canada)
      Understands business
      Proper christian values
      Internationally acceptable

      He his a threat to the current establishment…  

    • people people, chifire is pure MMD so who could buy him to speak like that? i guess he is the same person who was isueing defamatory remarks against president sata and PF so how can he be sent by sata again. its within the MMD.    

  2. By the way Mr Chifire, so every light skinned person in Zambia is from South African? When did Zambia become Sudan, the land of dark skinned people? I might have missed that. Please somebody update some of us.

  3. Cifire, Cifire, Cifire, watampa nokulya na baPF? KaChanda Mfula kakuchita employ as a mercenary ka? What has light skin got to do with being South African? E complex beba iyi!

    • Man don’t talk too much lest you’ll be accused of being South African because of your light skin. These guys are just *****s.

    • Ba Dre you are in trouble, you look like Never’s cousin. Yaba.. even the way you both think, like Jacob Zuma… Crazy brown

  4. Why do the media even waste time on such hungry people? Statements of the belly will not take you Chifire and Ziba anywhere. Chifire used to throw mud at the PF when they were in the opposition, little did he know that the Zambian people do not buy that kinda crap. Mumba is being treated the same way the MMD and some hungry people treated Sata, see what happened after the election! Mumba is indeed a big threat and PF must learn lessons from their victory, people are watching them closely. Even those that did not like MUmba, they like hm and will give him their vote. PF is just helping to make Mumba famous and know to the electorate!

  5. We all came from outside.The Ngoni’s and Lozi’s definitely came from South africa,…Bembas,Lundas,Luvales,etc came from DRC. The only people who were in Zambia longer were the Tongas..according to history books.This nonsense of discrimination based on borders drawn with a ruler by a clerk in Queen Elizabeths office should stop.It displays a considerable degree of stupidity.Such thinking belongs to the Zinjanthropus era

    • Check out your nickname.. It has its own meaning that spell an embarrassment to you if you know the real meaning. Hyvää yötä :)

  6. John Ziba looks like a Senegalese conman, who can consult that dobo smoker?? Maybe PF.
    Ka Chifire nakena kalitupa fye, ukutemwa icongo!?

  7. This just shows how low Zambians can stoop. To even give this man an audience, it beggars belief. Isn’t this the same man that idolised trampeted the MMD cause when RB was in power? MMD was THE party to him, despite allegations of all sorts, including that RB was not legally qualified to contest the presidency, having been born in Zimbabwe and one or both of his parents being born elsewhere too. Mumba is Zambian, just lie both his parents were! This is incredible mudslinging which will land this guy in court and render him bankrupt for slander! How incredibly stupid is this? You can talk about Mumba’s poor qualities, not this! Shame on you LT!

  8. Hahahaha Chifire  is now dining with his new puppeteering masters,PF. What a jerk off. I have known this chap since  our CBU days together. He is a total failure both academically and politically. He tried running  for COBUSU presidency but failed. Ba guy go back to CBU and face your demons.

  9. Guys,more especially Lusburg, ask the Kitsburg, they know N’vers very well during the times of Zam Shall Be Saved. That’s the time around Daddy Zimas did the song CHIBABA. These guys are right to clause that you can never trust N’vers where finances are concerned. Believe me, Nevers will never ever give charity, he will never work for free PERIOD.He can not drop a penny without a trace ! He will never help you without a reap. THANX.

  10. Foolish fool. My later elder sister was much lighter than me. We were born from the same parents. No wonder you couldn’t finish your simple degree at CBU because you have no capacity to think.

  11. So What? KK is from Malawi, FJT Chiluba was from Congo DR, Mwanawasa was from Mozambique, Rupiah is from Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Sata is from Tanzania, Never has South African parentage, HH has some Angolan blood in his veins….

    WOW ichi chalo cha mayendele kwena bane… 

    • Since when did Chifire become Bemba? It seems these days people cannot express their views without being linked to PF or Bemba – unless ofcourse those views are anti PF or anti Bemba.

  12. “This man’s Father was from South Africa and maybe that explains his light skin”  Ha ha ha…kwena Chifire ibange upepa kwati likali.Ifyochabipila ukubaila weka, nomba wayamba ukusabaila…ulesendako abanobe.

  13. They think they are bringing him down but i can now see that they are afraid of him. I am starting to believe that He is President Material.

  14. This chipuba has resurfaced. I thought we had heard the last from him. Zambians never cease to amaze me. How dull can this man be?

  15. Uko,I wonder who is a Zambian. Soon u will hear HH is not Zambian is from Zimbabwe,Chipimo is from Congo, Nawakwi from Tanzania etc

  16. It looks like Nevers Mumba is a big threat to PF. All the PF machinery has been unleashed on him to make sure that he does not challenge the OLD MAN

  17. Chifire’s low point!

    I had started to like this guy when he talked for the people but it seems he was only advertising himself to be bought.

  18. I think they should examine these guys real good! Mental illness at it’s best, so painful to read this not that i feel sorry for Doc Mumba, but hurts cos this is where i hail from and the people who should be leaders and develop my country are sick, i wonder what the young generation will pick up with this kind of elders! Am really sad.

  19. PF dont use people like Chifire  in any way. u leting nevers to win public sympathy. this its PF 0- MMD-2 

  20. Please let Dr Nevers Mumba answer these serious allegations and produce the birth certificate or evidence. President Obama produced his when allegations were made by Donald Trump in the US. So rather than say this is childish politics some of us diagree. Let him produce evidence and deny now otherwise it will resurface again when elections are close and campaigns heat up.

  21. These are the people MMD invested in. Is this now turning against them? Please sort out the problems connected with Nevers Mumba; get rid of him and start afresh before it is too late; the country needs MMD for democracy’s sake

  22. My fellow Country men. This discussion is completely useless for a landlocked country where everybody has origins in some neighbouring country in one way or the other. Instead of focussing on NEVERS MUMBA an ordinary citizen, why not focus on President Sata whose father came from Mbeya and travell in to Zambia to work for white people in Mpika, married a Zambian woman and settled in Chitulika Village. We should desist from segregating each other based on origin or tribe. As father as critical analysis of available facts is concerned, Zambia has had only one idigenous president so far…Levy Mwanawasa. All the others are Foreigners or Half Zambia. Kaunda…Malawian; Chiluba ..Congolese, RB…Malawian/Zimbabwean and Sata( Half Zambian/Half Tanzanian.

  23. …. such flighty, thoughtless, or disorganized (scatterbrains) are just pathetic and not worth public space. So all our light skinned kids born in Zambia of Zambian parents at the hands of such xenophobes will become foreigners on the basis of their skin pigment?

    Chifire has just depressed himself in a kitchen sink. His mental delinquency is not even a laughable matter considering that increasingly many children in today’s Zambia are increasingly born and grown light skinned.

  24. Why do we allow such low lives to resurface? Today Chifire can even have the guts and the balls to say that he’s happy MMD was kicked out! So at roughly how much have PF bought you for? Lemme guess. You have now sold your soul. PF would do well to read the story of how Judas betrayed Jesus.

  25. John Ziba was Nervers’ right hand man in the Reformed Party. When NM became VP, JZ was left holding the shell by himself. Is it pay back time or is it the uncovering of the truth? Let the people decide.

  26. The CORE of the issue is finance and GREED. The crumbs from the table of RB’s MMD are no longer flowing into Chifire’s hands because Nevers is a financial shark/miser himself as Ziba alludes. Abapushi tabatemwana meaning: Beggers/Scroungers/Kandiles will never like each other. The future of MMD is really bleak unless they find a more sober and selflless leader. Nevers is a greedy hothead but RB being a stranger to MMD didnt care when he annoited Nevers as his succesor. All he wanted was a talkative Bemba to pressurise Sata. A LAME STRATEGY

  27. Just as an insane guy sprayed bullets to kill children in USA, Chifire is handling a political machine spray gun which will hit all politicians whose fathers originate outside Zambia as migrant workers when this country was known as Northern Rhodesia. President Sata, whose paternal parent is well documunted to be a Mwakyusa originating from Tanzania, is wondering as to what has become of Chifire. Does Gregory Chifire understand our constitutional provision that ALL PERSONS WHO WERE RESIDENTS OF NORTHERN RHODESIA UP TO 24 HRS ON 23RD OCTOBER 1964 automatically qualified as Zambianns. Chifire is scratching on old wounds that embrace KK, FTJ Chiluba, Guy Scott and Sata. Chifire has a hidden motive under his sleeves..


  29. I am annoyed with myself for taking time out to read this rubbish of Cifire/Chifire or whatever name he calls himself. So what if his father was from South Africa, does it make Nervous Mumba any less a Zambian? The so called constitution was manipulated by one “Master Dribbler” to fix KK in 1996 and this is the madness you get when you have rules and laws that target individuals. The car theft – no police bond was another law targeted to fix an individual once again brought by Master dribbler. From such bad laws will come “mad stray dogs” such as Chifire to make such allegations that has far reaching implication and mockery of the intelligence of Zambians at large. 

  30. The man being so accused once served as Republican Vice President And appointed by one who took the rule of law to heart – the late President Mwanawasa – and I doubt very much if he would have allowed such fact slip his attention. Recall that Mumba even acted as President at one time when President Mwanawasa was out of the country – following which he was fired over the Congo issue. So if he had a foreign father would he have been allowed to act as President – kindly refer to the case of our current Vice President, who cannot act as President for parental reasons. Such nonsense must be dismissed with massive contempt particularly coming from a “rabid person” like Chifire, whose utterances always have bordered on alarmist and being paid by the interested party in the serving Government 

    • Well although the only Constitutional qualification for Veep is that you are an MP. You don’t really have to have the same qualifications as Pres. So technically that appointment was okay. What is not okay, Constitutionally, is running for Pres when you do not possess the stipulated qualifications which are entirely different from those of Veep.

  31. “And when reached for a comment, MMD leader Dr. Nevers Mumba said he will not respond to the issues raised by the two gentlemen because they have no authority to comment on MMD affairs.” this is such a dumb response considering the Constitutional implications. 

  32. Ukwa please give your glory seeker a job because he has no substance occupying the space between his two ear lobes.Not all Zambians are dark and not all light skinned Zambians are South African.We need to pump some sense into Zambian politics for Gods sake!

  33. Chifire is a very dangerous and hungry hyena. The likes of Chifire are the the ones Winter was refering to when he advised PF cadres to jealously guard against infiltrators. Chifire just stop dead in your frightening and dangerous quest to be a PF HIRED GUN.

  34. Gregory Chifire is crazy and I think he is broke.Why did he run away when MMD lost.Is he not the one who wsa decampaigning PF.I stand to be corrected, when Chiluba was petitioned against his parenthood the court ruled that any person who was in Zambia before 1964 is a bonafide Zambian.

  35. Soon civil war  in zambia! we seem to concentrate on Muli ba kwisa than Mwaiseni! Kaunda sensed that in his days and tried to unite us,but regionalism,tribalism were  just made dormant but not eradicated! God forbid! now  they are awake and full nefast schemes to destroy the nation.


  37. To my fellow light skinned black Zambians its time to fight for our rights and if need be form our own country! Lucky boy FTJ , he survived the PP aka Pigmentation Police! The Chifire boy is an imbecile! Unfortunately we have too many of these people in the country. No wonder the Country is at a standstill. There’s need to have massive testing of the quality of Sperms and Ova that are in circulation in Zambia. Those people who have low quality stuff should be stopped from having children or else the country will be full of people like this Chifire dude!

  38. What has gone wrong with these gentlemen, Chifire and Ziba. poverty can one be a slave to another man. If Nevers became president Just like Mr. Sata is today, Chifire and Ziba would certainly bow to him cos Chifire insulted President Sata only last year and demanded for his arrest and called him names and associated the president to gay people. Shame on this boy. If it was in the courts of law his testimony would not pass at all in any way. And Ziba knows well also that he has no bread and is ever begging on the cairo road even for transport to go back home to his farm.
    shame on you gentlemen. And infact Ziba was once spokesperson for RP for Nevers.

  39. Njala yangena, Sata has hired you the way MMD hired you against Sata. and you are using that hungry looking fake MMD founder yaba. Sata, you are wasting your money on that chap

  40. Those whom the gods would destroy, first the make insane. Cifire must be admitted to Chainama at the President’s pleasure for his own sake. There is no law that bars a person whose parents were  domiciled in Zambia on midnight 23 October 1964 and were Northen Rhodesian, British Protected persons, from becoming President.
    Read the Zambia Independence Act together with the 1996 Constitution. The case of Mushota et al vs Kaunda is a clear authority on this matter. It is time Stupid ignorant Zambians stopped this nonsense!

  41. this chifire guy is an idoit, very dissapointing that a young man like him will utter such nosense. instead of talking about amending the law that prevents Zambian born citizens by non Zambian parents from becoming presidents, here you are attacking Nevers. Stupid idoit.

    Learn from Americans. LOOK at Obama, his father is pure Kenyan yet he is the president of the most powerful nation on earth. Talking about not qualified to be president of Zambia, rubbish.


  43. these fools do amaze me. so all lighter skinned people are from south africa. gi me a break iwe ka chifire? i have people in my family who are more lighter than nervers and they are not from south africa. foolish boy. disqualify mumba on something else and not on his parentange or lighter skin. you’re a foolish boy.

  44. Chifire should go back to school, his ignorant rants based on hear-say are becoming embarrassing. The media houses should be ashamed for give him the platform to peddle lies, what happened to the ethics of reporting? It is embarrassing enough to hear lies about Mike  Tyson from Zambian watch dog  been reported in western media, but local news should be well researched and the truth told not lies. LT, please avoid hearsay stories like ZWD. Chifire are paid liars, you can never get anything truthful from him.

  45. Ladies and gentlemen! Looking at the anatomy of Zambian elections PF and Mumba will share votes and puts them at a disadvantage. If they consolidate those votes from their stronghold regions by eliminating competition then they have a high chance. Now info seems to be getting laid on the table. I can really see clearly. Can someone come and sit beside me. I think my vantage point is exciting.

  46. What utter nonsense! so when he was VP why didn’t these so called people who know his story come out to say these things? In fact Chifire does not sound like a Zambian name, perhaps we should start by checking this man out before starts to point fingers at others. History tells us that migration is part of life, we should embrace what we have today build on it and not use cheap politics only for selfish reasons. Zambia is bigger than all of us.

  47. For the information of this fool1sh Chifire and his sponsors, not all black South Africans are light-skinned and not all Zambians are dark-skinned. I thought there were some light-skinned people from Eastern Province? So they are all fathered by South African men?

  48. On this one, I defer with Chifi..re. Nevers is 100% Zambian. And talking about the complexion of someone is silly. Angela Chifire is light courtesy of carolite and diproson, is she not Gregory’s sister?

  49. If you cant contribute to growth of ZAMBIA dont say stuff that not true. If nevers is not Zambian, the are lines to follow in the party organ to follow you!!!!!!!!!!. A party is a club and if you belly is all you need to fill take the high road mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ziba and Chifire will die food beggars.On their own sweat,they can do nothing.Ziba may be lucky as he has a hard working wife who by now might be fed up having a good for nothing husband.Nevers Mumba was subjected to the most rigorous election within MMD for the position of President.Does Chifire and Ziba take all the people that voted for Nevers as fools?If they have been stricken by hunger considering that Xmas is around the corner,they are better off sitting in the Kamwala shop corridors with a begging plate.I will be among the first to through in ka K50pin.

  51. These kind of politics ceased last year, spare us your madness Chifire, we fought and defeated you last year despite all the slander you put up against Mr. Sata. Find something better to do coz Zambians are more intelligent than you!

  52. ……………Chifire, who are you representing anyway? …… try fishing bwana you dont seem to have any strategy whatsoever. Your allegations have infact popularised Mumba and not otherwise.

  53. I think Chifire is madman with multiple demons.Indeed Zambia shall be free and Dr Mumba will be the next president.I was supporting PF but I have now changed camps to MMD under Dr Mumba.Persecutions bring blessings from God.I have no doubt that he’s a threat to PF thats why he’s being pesecuted.I declare PS 91, Isaiah 54v17 for Dr Mumba

  54. zambia wa bonse! (Zambia malawi ), (zambia zaire), tanzania zambia ), (zambia mzansi ) (mozambiq zambia ) zambia wa mwela.

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