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Opposition parties are liars, we have not legalised homosexuality they alleged we would once in power


Gender Minister Inonge Wina, Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta, Vice President Guy Scott, Agriculure and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga, PF Livingstone candidate Lawrence Evans and his wife sign a national anthem before a public rally in Livingstone’s Kasiya ward
Gender Minister Inonge Wina, Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta, Vice President Guy Scott, Agriculure and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga, PF Livingstone candidate Lawrence Evans and his wife sign a national anthem before a public rally in Livingstone’s Kasiya ward

VICE President Guy Scott said that opposition parties had been proved to be liars because most of what they used to allege against PF prior to September 2011 such as legalising homosexuality had come out to be untrue.

speaking at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport and at a public rally in Kasiya Ward in Livingstone yesterday, Dr Scott said that opposition parties had been proved to be liars because most of what they used to allege against PF prior to September 2011 has come out to be untrue.

“When PF was in the opposition, MMD and UPND used to say that PF will force men to marry men when they come to power.

Since PF won the elections 16 months ago, I haven’t heard men marrying men. They were even saying that PF will take the old people and throw them into Zambezi River while others were saying that President Michael Sata was dying but all these have come out to be lies,” he said.

Dr Scott said some opposition parties were currently alleging that PF was practicing Satanism which was incorrect.

“The opposition never gets tired and it is now their time to go. They get desperate and they will say anything to frighten you, “he said

Dr Scott urged PF members to keep a clean campaign and ensure that the Livingstone parliamentary seat was delivered to the ruling party.

“Don’t get frustrated before the Election Day on February 28 and start saying that you have already won the elections.

You don’t win elections just because you are Government and hence you will need to work,” he said.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Kennedy Sakeni urged the people of Livingstone to turn out in large numbers and vote for Mr Evans.

Mr Sakeni said that PF Government was doing a lot in terms of rolling out economic development programmes in Livingstone and Zambia in general.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga said the Government was committed to addressing various challenges affecting the local people.

Mr Chenda wondered how a UPND candidate would develop Livingstone when MPs from the opposition party were not allowed to work with Government.

Gender Minister Inonge Wina said the Government had found market for the stone crushers in the city.

Ms Wina said the Government wanted to ensure that women clubs were resuscitated which an opposition party could not manage to do.

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Nickson Chilangwa, Agriculture and Livingstone Deputy Minister Lackson Kazabu and Southern Province Minister Josephine Limata were among other notable personalities in Dr Scott’s entourage.

PF candidate for Livingstone Constituency Lawrence Evans knell (middle) to ask for votes in Livingstone’s Kasiya Ward yesterday. On his left is Western Proince Minister Obvious Mwaliteta and his wife on the right
PF candidate for Livingstone Constituency Lawrence Evans (middle) kneels to ask for votes in Livingstone’s Kasiya Ward yesterday. On his left is Western Proince Minister Obvious Mwaliteta and his wife on the right

Meanwhile, Veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe has said the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) was the only credible party that can develop Zambia.

Mr. Munkombwe said opposition political parties were not capable of developing the country and were just bent of blaming the government of the day.

He said this is the reason he decided to help the PF in fostering development in the country.

Mr. Munkombwe said he, just like any other person, was free to support any party of his choice adding that he was exercising his democratic right to align himself with the PF.

He added that the MMD has become a stagnant political party while the PF was a progressive party.

Mr. Munkombwe said President Michael Sata and the PF mean well for Zambia.


    • PF has more Ministers and top Government officials like Mutembo Nchito who are currently facing criminal charges in courts of law than any previous government.Does this portray well for PF?

    • Can Zambians stage a rally to denounce these selfish minority Opposion parties who wants to kill our children.How do you speak ill of your country ?

      Br Nevers what has prompted you to rise again the Govt Read the book of Romans 13 don’t rebel by supporting crooks .Unless you ask forgiveness from Zambians yohawick no support. .
      We have similar political groups in the UK who have been denied to hold rallies in certain places for the sake of peace.At one tume they were confined to a smal area surrounded by heavy policemen and women.Democracy does not mean doing evil

      We know your scheme is that of inciting Zambians.Go to court if your rights have been abused.We are about to submit a one minute document to support our Govt.HH and Nevers can be arrested for treason if you were in…

    • Numbian, whom can you point out in PF who look or behave like gay? The only gay politicians I can suspect is Chipimo.
      I don’t like PF.
      I don’t like colored,
      I like white people though.

    • Looking below today’s bloggers are more bothered by broken promises and kneeling for votes than what the Veep had to say.

      Ba Nostradamus, don’t clown like that. make a predicti
      .on that your future relationship with those you like will produce many more of those you don’t like.

      Kneeling in and of itself, imho, is less about the begging and more indicative of a cultural requirement such as the chitenge wearing introduced in our early days as a nation which then had to be accompanied by a ‘safari suit’. People of all ethnicities are free to adopt the ‘culture’ even when using it this way. Our real problem is we need all our leaders to kneel (in a metaphorical sense) to remind themselves who they serve. All of them are behaving like rogue dealers at a political job market

    • … sorry Nostradamus I had a young one ‘helping me’ type.

      The full line is ‘I playfully make a prediction that your future relationship with those you like will produce many more of those you don’t like.’

      @ Nubian – you see it. Clouding issues will not obscure current errors. The choice of topic by the Veep is probably coz there are not many other promises kept. They can campaign without throwing dirty punches but politicians like being politicians.

    • Thiose of you who say that the PF cabinet is smaller than MMD need to realise how much a deputy minister (or even a mere MP) gets paid compared to a full cabinet minister. The gap is a mere 7% between an ordinary MP and a full cabinet minister therefore it does not make sense that you’d focus on just how many of the MPs are cabinet ministers. There is no difference between MMD and PF except that the PF has increased the President, VP, Speaker, MPs etc which makes the wage bill much larger now. Let’s stop making political moves just to appease voters.

    • Agreed with you Nubian Princess. This world is full of mentally sick people who cannot see the difference between sexes. That is why they are now taking incest and even sleeping with dogs as rights.

  1. We can easily live with liars but we can’t live with a police state + repressive tyrants who throw opponents in jail then tear and selfishly rewrite the rules of democracy at the drop of a hat.

    • What does it mean when people were promised that GRZ will have a lean Cabinet? Was that the truth or lies. Other Ministries have up to 3 deputy Ministers. Thats mo than MMD had. Fili eko tuleya.

    • @Ed, the idea of a lean cabinet is to cut down on government recurrent expenditure on salaries and allowances so that money is reserved for capital and social expenditure. These are the things that have an impact on the livelihoods of Zambians. Sata has increased the number of Ministeries. One such Ministry is the so called Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs. This is a waste of money.
      And by the way, do you now understand why normal people are against these foolish appointments of oppsition MPs as Deputy Ministers? It is in the answer you’ve given. Deputy Ministers are not Cabinet Members! They dont take part in policy making as they do not have seats on this policy making organ. So what is the point of having 3 Deputy Ministers in a Ministry? Isnt this just a waste of resources?

    • Veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe has said the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) was the only credible party that can develop Zambia.

      He said the same things to the colonial government 60 years ago and got a job. later in 1964 same words UNIP Gave him a job and in 1991 to MMD he got a job from MMD now to PF. The man is in his 90’s for goodness sake when is he going to retire? What a spineless and shamless cheap old conman

  2. I m really beginning to believe some of the stories about Guy Scott. And where was Charlotte Scott in the picture? And what’s this kneeling by all those people? By the way, who was the reporter from ZNBC? Was it Ephie Mphande again? Anyway u aint seen nothing yet! Read my lips,”Livingstone will not be hoodwinked by all these stage managed acts!

    • Ever heard of the “bird in hand -whether alive or dead” story? Exactly, and this is a typical example, a ruling party can win any seat if they really want to, the opposition could cry all they want for months but nothing would happen especially if It’s rural seat and the opposition party are rubbish and toothless like the ones we currently have. Crying to whites for attention like our Zim brothers would also just be a waste so dont tempt fate.

    • @ Kraalstan For Life, what exactly is a credible opposition? Is this not PF speak for a compromised opposition like Chipimo and Nawakwi? Not everyone can be bought for an economy class seat to Rio!

  3. The PF yet to legalise. If they havent done so it does not mean they will NOT. They need to appease Mmembe to continue bonking and be bonked also by a man.

  4. There are more pertinent developmental issues to talk about than homos. Who cares what people do ku bed nga bavala ma door?

    Talk about job creation, health, education, clean water and sanitation, security & safety, Agriculture and timely delivery & distribution of inputs, collection & storage of produce and payment of farmers on time.

    Zambians are generally the easiest people to satisfy. They are not demanding like citizens of other nations. All they ask for are the very basic things of life, & this causes our leaders to easily forget what they are in office for.

    We must change this approach and be more demanding. There has never been a single by-election that has not taken place due to funding but funding is chronically given as the reason for lack of development.

    This must…

  5. This level of foolishness is just amazing! What do these people take Zambians for – is this how bad things have become. We need politicians who can think and articulate ideas – not this foolishness please!

    • Kneeling is really humiliating, even in church. When a priest say, lets pray, I never knee, I sit down and have a conversation with Jesus, and then he goes and talk to his father, God.
      Its Sata’s strategy to tame his preys.

    • That is not kneeling bane, at our home Village that kind is a sign of rudeness, the question elders ask is, ilyo ikufi limbi washila nani? (The other knee in the ”air” is for who?

  6. These guys are play boys imwe mwe bantu,look at how big the entourage just for a bye election,how much tax payers money is being wasted. I pray that the people of livingstone can rise up tonthe occasion and say no to this nonsense

    • Mankotyo, thats just racist…. if Guy Scott is not your cup of tea then fine, no need to call him a pig, just say you dont like him coz it is just as offensive and innappropriate as sum1 else calling a black political candidate a N——-r simply bcoz he does not like that politician.

  7. Scott, you have no right calling the opposition liars.
    Who promised to restore the Barotse Agreement within 90 days?
    Who promised money in the people’s pockets within 90 days?
    Who promised to have a new constitution within 90 days?
    Who promised never to evacuate abroad government officials for treatment?
    Who promised to chase the Chinese from the country within 90 days?
    The list is endless.
    So who is a liar here?
    Think through your statement before you talk.

    • @Cs,
      Just to add two more to your list,
      Someone during campaigns prior to the September elections promised to honor the Barotse Agreement once in power, he hasn’t done so, is he not a liar?
      The same man goes to India for serious medical attention and pretends he is there to meet investors and to reflect because he works too hard, is he being honest and truthful?
      Actually the list is too long.

    • Actually, CS… Guy Scott has a ‘right’ to call opposition liars since opposition also call Guy Scott and PF all sorts of names… but you have an excellent point about PF being silent about all the pre-election promises they made.

    • whilst in power PF told farmers they would get their money within 14 working days after taking their maize to FRA… this never happened. farmers are saying the MMD payment record was even better. same applies to fertilizer distribution, MMD was ‘faster’.

  8. Guy Scott is useless! Honestly, these Pathetic have run out of ideas to campaign on! Why doesnt Guy explain to the Livingstonians that the reason why food prices have gone up is because the PF is a clueless pack of Hyenas aka food gatherers and not farmers nor hunters! And he should also tell the Livingstonians that Sata and his minions think that the meat, vegetables, bread, milk, rice, meali meal they eat has its primary source in the supermarket. And therefore these PF clowns know nothing about Agriculture!

  9. The Kneeling is absolutely bizarre! Its also contradictory to what’s obtaining on the ground. “Go to western and shoot them!” The next instruction; “kneel down and ask for their vote”. Next, “Such and such tribe will never qualify to have a president at state house.” At the same time, “we bow before u, please give your vote”. What kind of ironical nonsense is? Zambia, the real African paradox!

    • So embarrassing to kneel down and beg for votes in broad day light. They should sell their party programs instead of humiliating themselves. Am sure children are just imagining that there must be something wrong for adults to behave in that manner. Desperate and really shameful stuff.

    • Very funny. I dub it ‘cultural PR’. Images like this normally permeate the voluntary and tourism sectors. Twas only a matter of time before it crossed in to politics. We’ve seen politicians kneel before. Let’s play spot the difference.

  10. this issue of appointing opposition mp’s by the pf is to out
    number the opposition mp’s in parliament coz they know if
    he/she is suspended from the party he will recontest on the
    pf ticket and win..but they will later be fired in national interest
    so defectors open yo eyes.

  11. Ba LT,Seriously, you need to go through your material before its posted online. “Gender Minister Inonge Wina, Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta, Vice President Guy Scott, Agriculure and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga, PF Livingstone candidate Lawrence Evans and his wife sign a national anthem before a public rally in Livingstone’s Kasiya ward” I suppose you wanted to say, sing and not sign.

  12. Well done PF you have already taken this seat, Livingstone people are behind you. These useless opposition parties should go to south Africa to solicit for votes. Teach them a BIG lesson. After these elections they will fly to New york for a press briefing.what a Joke!!!

    • Kwekwe, you must be as useless as these ‘Busumen’ kneeling for the votes. This Sata has made all his chaps get crazy.
      Is this the best you can get from a White Vice President? The man is toilet material based on his campaign message. Surely the Police IG should lock this White baffon in the Livingstone Central Police Cells for cheating Zambians. Livingstone is one of the towns that has a colonial name because the Man Livingstone never acted like this Gay Scot and his bastard off springs. Sorry but this man’s dullness makes me vomit.

  13. HH and MMD’s Mumba are u being stopped from campaigning in L/stone and Lufwanyama. Tell us please. What examples are u going to give to the so called C/wealth? The gvt in particular the police is 100% ready to explain why u where denied permits to hold rallies. Just wait and see. Remember the law to which you are part of gives power to the police to act in any way they think will protect lives and bring peace to mother Zambia. What will the so called C/wealth do? are they going to force PF to remove that law? Do they have such powers? USELESS OPPOSITION PARTIES USE YOUR HEADS TO THINK!!!


  14. well these food gatherers will have to learn that food comes from the farm.let them start farming to correct the situation with the help of agric officers every body can make it.Livingstone will decide what it wants, let the best gays win and help L/stone.

  15. That white lady is a wife to WHO? to Mwaliteta or Evans, does it mean if a husband joins politics the wife has to follow suit? elo muzungu in zambian politics please ma zambians segukani mitu

    • If things get bitter pa Zambia those whites have countries to go back and you may Zambian in chibolya who are you going to run too? Am not a racist but I likely change my perspective 🙂

  16. “Shortly after his election, The Guardian quoted Scott as saying: “I have long suspected Zambia is moving from a post-colonial to a cosmopolitan condition. People’s minds are changing: they are no longer sitting back and dwelling on what was wrong about a colonialism.” Of his recent introduction to former US President George W. Bush (who was passing through Zambia), he said, “when they introduced me as vice president, he thought they were kidding”

    He calls it silent campaigning. I call it taking advantage of the inferiority complex some of our people suffer from.I find it hard to understand why this man refuses to champion democracy in his adopted country Zambia. As a Cambridge graduate he’s one of the most qualified people to guide his party and the country as VP but chooses to…

    • As the republican vice president, the people expect more from this man but so far we only see him during campaigns or ceremonies. If Dr Scott really means well for our beloved country, then he should guide the president as his trusted confidants to restore Zambia’s slowly eroding image on democracy. Scott should be tasked with creating effective and efficient structures in government. We want to know what he thinks of our current state of affairs with regards to policing and if it exceeds his expectations. Without a doubt he’s silent campaigns helped the PF party secure victory in the last election. However silent campaign time is over, your party is running the show and we want you to tell us how you will be delivering your promises. Unless you’re calling it “silent delivery” of…

  17. am just concerned of my fellow zambians who still dont see that pf is a party with no in livingstone and of today all the ministers are here in livingstone wasting govt money rather than go and work.the only person not there is sata may be he is in india.let them neel down but they wont get any vote from any one with five sense.what is happening mu zambia ma basila nanga?

  18. Lusaka times.Who are those kneeling? are they Zambians bleaching their skins or what? Please show us pictures showing Zambians doing politics not those tourists. Im told the bleached man kneeling insults un printables and wants to become MP so that he can insult more. Please people of Livinstone do not make another mistake like Zambia did to vote for a lying president who has failed to deliver all promise in 90 days. The kneeling bleached guy is better at his dirty brewery and not representing people. FORM THREE FAILURE or GRADE 10 FAILURE. WAKE UP Living stone!

  19. But if pf win this election then practically UPND will have finished. .PF will win since votes will be split among UPND,MMD and PF. Its unfortunate 90% of those who post here are opposition so this place can’t be ideal to measure which party is losing popularity. Some of us can’t see the wrong that pf is being accused of. Firstly let’s accept that African democracy is in infancy so to me what is happening is normal as any party can do that. let the best STRATEGICAL party take the lead.

    • Thank you for your honesty DK PLANET: ‘Some of us can’t see the wrong that pf is being accused of’.
      Even in Uganda,Iraq and libya ,some people did’t see anything wrong until the situation blew in their faces.where is Idi Amin,Saddam or Gaddafi?

  20. Once upon a time I held Guy Scott in very high esteem, I thought he had some integrity and virtues which the rest of his team would emulate but alas how wrong I was. He is one of the most ‘defective’, what comes out of his mouth is unbelievably hollow and it seems he is let down by his poor memory.

  21. The point is the opposition are a bunch of pathological liars dat dey don’t deserve 2 win 4 they can’t b trusted. They have a very criminal stratage: steal,abuse,insult,scandalize,cheat,deceive,break the law and cry to the world that u are abused.

  22. Even de cadres here r insancere in dat they are not argueing according 2 wat Scott has said .Anyway Dey are possesed with a demon of falsehood and RB IS achtect FOR DIS. THRU OUT HIS LIFE ITS CROOKEDNESS. CAN PF HIT DESE EMBACILES BELOW DE BELT PLS!

  23. PF will scoop Livingstone seat with ease. Livingstone is cosmopolitan and most people are well enlightened. They can’t swallow the cheap lies of HH and his kantemba party any more. MMD has disintegrated and people have no interest in it.

    • hope so.i think let them use the donchi kubeba and more money in peoples pockets within 90 days,then we wait and see if people will buy that.


  24. The kneeling is bad for them. Its a smoke screen for something un real its laughable! Remember those muzunguzu that tricked King Shaka out of his land in the movie “Shaka Zulu”? They knelt and crawled on their bellies to honor the King just to deceive him. Watch out Livingstonians especially from people of color. These goons don’t mean well.

  25. i wil only believe that if the new constitution is out.secondly,the oposition and chanda chimba iii have proved to me that pfs are liers and clueless.90 days was a lie,fighting against coruption lie,increased their salaries,no money in the pocket,no drug in hospitals,we were beter under rb.

  26. Scot, it’s not the opposition that said PF would legalize gayism. It was your president that told European journalists that Zambian laws allows gayism. You remember Chanda chiimba’s program which had captured Sata’s voice and aired on tv. Upto now you have never refuted that was Sata’s voice.

  27. Those hands careful *HITLER GRUß* you aren’t far from it am just saying there was another I swear it was the *HEIL HITLER *

  28. This is when ZUMA would want to be given his machine gun to blast the heads of these lunatics like the way they did to the Boers. How does this white old boy called Gay Scot behave like this? Even his ancestors never begged when stealing our ivory.
    Chase the white witch out of Livingstone. Where are the Generals to let a White man cheaply cheat us in the 21st century with his ugly wife. The man just moves with the wife but in the night he goes to bonk the Zambian reporters and Ukwa even helps his old friend with ‘mutototo’ from Dr Manda.

  29. yaba..these guys are all very dull..where is development here in Lusaka..?all the places are flooded and roads are bad..people of Libingi..don’t be duped..they are for the opposition..they should not cheat you..we know how co=rooked they are and chameleons..


  31. I thought the PF Chitenge with the effigy of the incumbent is sacred material. How come one can sit on it and secretely fart on it. The “white lady” is actually using it to cushion her fragile knee from the hard soil, this is sacrilege. An angry person has just been arrested for tearing the same material, Where is justice? In other words, CHITENGE fye not so! Some even use it to wipe themselves after the so-called … ! Africans love hero worshiping! through Fitenge effigies!

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