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Dora Siliya appears before the Government Joint Team of Investigations, but refuses to speak

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya
MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

Former transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya was yesterday summoned to appear before the Government Joint Team of Investigations team .

In a statement released to Qfm News, Ms. Siliya confirmed that she exercised her constitutional right to remain silent on the issue relating to the engagement of RP Capital Partners of the Cayman Islands relative to the sale of ZAMTEL.

Ms. Siliya said she was therefore advised that the Joint Team of Investigators would contact her in due course.

She stated that the matters relating to the engagement of RP Capital Partners on the sale of ZAMTEL are all in the public domain and were subject of the proceedings of the Tribunal constituted by the Honourable Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia whose findings are contained in a Report submitted by the Tribunal to the Republican President.

Ms. Siliya further said when the Patriotic Front took over Government, a Commission of Inquiry was constituted to investigate the same issue and that the findings of the Commission of Inquiry are yet to be made public.

She added that she was absolved of any wrong doing and duly exonerated of allegations of Abuse of Office even after the matter was subjected to the High Court and the Supreme Court of Zambia.

Ms. Siliya further said when the Patriotic Front took over Government, a Commission of Inquiry was constituted to investigate the same issue and that the findings of the Commission of Inquiry are yet to be made public.

She said the engagement of RP Capital Advisors and the final transaction for the sale of ZAMTEL have been subjected to various approval authorities inter alia; Cabinet, The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and the Ministry of Justice.

Ms. Siliya said the matter has been settled in the past but that it appears the matter has a tendency of being rekindled over and over again.

She expressed hope that State Agents will consider the abundant material at its disposal in a professional manner so that a full inquiry is made and not just to embark on a witch hunt designed to persecute what are deemed as political opponents

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  1. Does this Government Joint team of investigators get allowances per sitting because methinks its lucrative for them to call up cases that have already been investigated.

  2. Siliya i cant blame you for exercising your constitutional right of remaining mute when those *****s where trying to interrogate you over an issue which the honourable courts have cleared you about. these holier than thous think they rae innocent when at night they are busy defiling other peeople’s duaghters. imwe ba chimbwi, Siliya na myeba go chekc with the COI chaired by fired Sebastian Zulu anything about RP is there. now Sata knows that Siliya aint much more dirty that Masebo. what Masebo has done about ZAWA is exactly what Siliya did, but in the latter’s case she didnt council the already awarded tender. Siliya is clean Masebo is dirty. its only that Wynter ale lala ka Masebo so every one is scared to act on her whorish and prostitution acts.

  3. A group of fool with no unit of purpose. A tribunal was constitited & findnings are there tables. What then dom they want that was not found by the group of the learned men.

  4. They just want you to join pf. Look at Namulambe.Taima.Masumba. They dont seem to realise that you an intellectual who can see through simple minds. You are not at same level with fellows i have just mentioned.

  5. If they push you further then just disclose to the world what what Sata wanted from you behind closed doors. spill fhe beans

  6. Jele is coming remember the words of the former zamtel board chairman when u disolve the board due to him refusing to sign the letter of sale am sure u do

  7. Dora, just tell them who brought RP Capital, earned money from the sale, in short cut a deal and become state witness and relieve yourself from pain. Remember many Zambians suffered over that deal some are even dead.

  8. Good to remain silent and let them proceed with what they have, as anything u say now may be used against u. If they are questioning u on any breach of the law they have to be clear unless investigators are now holding public commisisons as a way of interviewing suspects?. Maybe this a sign that the waited report says otherwise.

  9. Please decline to join PF thats what they r upto. Be strong and focused for the battle is the Lord’s.

    • The battle indeed is the Lord’s, but does Dora play by the rules of the Lord? Which Lord, by the way? Lord Soames or Lord Carrington?

  10. Precedence has been set by Masebo. So why now persecute your brother for that which you yourself are doing? Double standards in this govt!

  11. Dora has become an intellectual today? Some bloggers never seize to amaze me on here. Where is the consistence in our culture or we just follow blindly? When MMD was in power Dora and the others where everywhere exposing their selfishness and lawlessness and insulting at will. I doubt if Dora qualifies to be called an intellectual going by the way she handled many governance issues. Well maybe she has just become one in the opposition. This talkative peeing woman is refusing to speak now when she spoke even in her sleep during the MMD reign. Things change indeed who thought ba Dora kuti bamoneka kwati ni chimbwi lelo!

    • Iwe jacal ka Fred post news was manupilating everyone to think that Dora Mmd régime was bad.Sata should concentrate on the economy than fighting the past administration.

    • Kwena ka Jackal uli na data! {round of applause}..Chirwa found Dora Sillier guilty! we ask all you mmd cheerleaders to know that prisons were made for all offenders. rich or poor . famous or ordinary. Including drunkards and mmmmmmm bed-wetting politicians. The citizenry will laugh last.

  12. Talkative dollar go mute. You were advised to invest in jele so that when you go there you’ ll even be able to drink coco and wine at chimbo kaira hotel… but… Kaya man or sorry kaya woman

  13. Dora is a zambian excercising her constitutional right ( hope NM, HH have seen). In this regard she is also allowing due process not fighting it.

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