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Does God Make Mistakes? Addressing the issue of Gays


April 4, 2013 marked 45 years after Martin Luther King’s assassination. During King’s time, blacks were an inferior race. King, like other religious leaders had a choice – protect the status quo or change it. He chose the latter, and it cost his life. His name is now celebrated, in his time, however, his fellow pastors where his vicious critics. His “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was a response to his critics who called his activities “unwise and untimely.” “In every situation,” so Dr. King wrote, “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Alas the discrimination against blacks was justified with selected versus from the Bible. I had just attended a Church service dedicated to Dr. King, when I read Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, Executive Director, Pukuta Mwanza’s position on homosexuality. At the risk of being called all sorts of names, I want to respond to his position.
[pullquote]Friends, gays may be sinners but they are humans with rights[/pullquote]

Rev Mwanza claimed that homosexuality is against “fundamental Christian values, as well as African and traditional beliefs and practices,” and that democracy means the “interest of the majority must supersede those of the minority.” I think this argument is flawed. Christian and African values, like all values, change over time. By the way, does democracy mean denial of minority rights? Should Muslim be banned or Bemba become the official language simply because the majority of Zambians identifies as Bemba? From Nazi German to Rwanda, we have seen how such thinking can destroy a nation and people’s lives.

The European Union is not promoting homosexuality but asking us to respect the humanity of sexual minorities – they are humans created in the image of God. In December 2012, I met a Zambian at the United Nations. We spent days speaking and sharing meals until he asked me – “Kapya, do you know that I am a woman?” My answer was, “no way!” He then showed me his passport, and for sure, he was a woman. He followed it with another question, “Do you know what it means for me to live in Zambia. I can’t use male toilets and neither can I use female ones without being accompanied by friends.”

That encounter took me back to the South African Olympic medalist, Caster Semenya – whose gender was contested and raised so much solidarity across Africa. Then I remembered one ZNS officer in Luamfumu, Mansa during the 1980s. We called her Christine cibula mabele (Christine without breast). Everything about her was male and she would cry aloud, asking why God created her a woman when she was a man. All these events led to question whether God makes mistakes after all.
[pullquote]African gays will not get their rights without a fight – and all those who understand their plight will stand with them until their rights are realized.[/pullquote] I believe God does not make mistakes – but we, the people do. Just as discrimination of lepers, crippled, blind persons, blacks, women, and slaves was justified, today we still define who fits our description of the “natural” order of things. Fundamental values change with knowledge and experiences. Not long ago, twins were treated as evil. Kids whose top teeth came out first were killed – finkula. Today, we look back and wonder what our people were thinking. Yet in those days, such actions were defended as fundamental African values.

We have laws against homosexuality and we hold as “African.” The truth is, they are products of colonial rule and Christianity. In fact, early missionary writings show that Europeans were traumatized when Africans considered homosexuality amoral.
I am aware that Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 reads, ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death.” In the New Testament, Romans 1:24 -27 is often used to justify our opposition to homosexuality. But Leviticus 19:19 also reads: ‘Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.” Leviticus 19: 27 is more interesting, “‘Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” Letivicus 20:27, adds, ‘A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death,’ while verse 10 says, “‘If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife — both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.” Well, if you know your Bible, you will understand that Jesus confronted this verse in John 8:1-11 by appealing to peoples’ consciences about adultery- anyone without sin should stone her. You know the rest. Paul’s letters are also clear – women are inferior to men and must remain silent – after all they sinned. As for slaves, they must obey their masters.

I believe the Bible is God’s word, but human knowledge and context affect how we apply and interpret it. I guess the Rev. Mwanza shaves and cuts his hair. He also wears clothes made from two kinds of materials and will never justify slavery or killing of children who disobey their parents. He would not support executing n’gangas or those caught in adultery even when the Bible says so. Under Sharia law, for example, women are stoned to death for adultery – and we Christians oppose such laws as inhumane due to our conviction that every human being, regardless of what s/he has done or become, is sacred before God.

I know that gay issues are emotional but let us face it – gays have been part of human history. In his Zondervan Press published book, African Christian Ethics, Samuel Waje Kunhiyop, Nigerian professor at South African Theological Seminary – which is an Evangelical college, argues that it is factually false to claim Africa had no gays. On page 304, he gives an example of yan daudu (gays) who paraded the streets annually as late as the 1970s in Nigeria. In Uganda, Kabaka Mwanga was gay long before Christianity and he is the reason we have African martyrs of Uganda – they were killed for refusing to have sex with their King upon conversion to Christianity.

Friends, gays may be sinners but they are humans with rights. I may believe drunkards will go to hell and that women are inferior to men but that does not justify the denial of their rights. I may consider smoking evil but to persecute those who smoke is wrong. Nobody is promoting homosexuality – we have gays in our midst. They may be hiding but they are our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends and workmates. They attend church, sing in our choirs, tithe and in some cases they are our pastors and priests. But they also cry, bleed and die.

Please let us live to disagree but never sacrifice our common humanity. African gays will not get their rights without a fight – and all those who understand their plight will stand with them until their rights are realized. As for now, let us preach love for God is love. Judgment belongs to God – who will punish those who shave, cut their hair, mix colors, allow women to speak, eat pork, and of course drink and smoke. No wonder we are saved by grace!

By Rev Kapya Kaoma


  1. How does God come into this? does God tell you to stael or kill? is that what you are trying to say? What someone does is conciously decided by them not God, there is always a choice, you choose what you want to do with your life, no one forces you to do anything, no one points a gun at anyone and force them into doing another guy, if you are gay you decided to be yourself, my opnion…., God does not tell you to be gay!
    Maybe you should have asked this question…, Are economical and social vices a reason for being Gay?

  2. God doesn’t make mistakes. Man does and that is because man fell from God’s standard. Homosexuality is there because ‘God gave them over to depraved lusts.’ It is the concern of all humanity, we are in it together. We should treat each other with love and care. Homosexuals must be celibate.

  3. Firstly homosexuals are human beings who are differently abled. They have no choice in the matter just as just as heterosexuals do not choose their gender orientation.
    Why should they be celibate if they can find partners??
    Can you imagine the pain these people go through, knowing that their orientation is not acceptable?
    I can not image same sex intercourse but I sympathise.

  4. Ba @Mwape, when you have malaria you begin looking for drug to be free from it, you donot find ways of living with malaria. Scientists are busy looking for drugs to deal with HIV/AIDS because humanity needs solutions for problems not how to live with problems. Some who have problems of all sorts seek God in prayer and they are delivered.
    Homosexuals should realise they have a problem and they NEED HELP! they NEED DELIVERANCE! if a drug cannot be found to help them change, they should believe God whose word they are using to justify their deeds, to help and deliver them. Surely with HIM, nothing is impossible. It is not an impossibility for a homosexual to be delivered and live as normal as God intended us to live.

    1 Pe nis = 1 Va gi na

    A ss is for poo!

  5. Kapya it appears the Zambian you met at the United Nations who claimed to be a woman that you disagreed vehemently at first initiated you to what you now believe about homosexuality of individuals. To justfy it, you quote the Bible in various places in support and against homosexuality. However, you know what the Bible says (you claim to be christian) about homosexuality and those who practice it shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Your non-commital stand on this matter, leaving it hanging betrays your own faith and false hood before God. If indeed homosexuality has been in existence all these years and allude to Christine while you were at ZNS and that society never raised any issues about it, what has gone wrong today for you to champion for their cause?

  6. They keep confusing us because even the Bible was brought by the colonial masters.Next thing they will advocate for people to marry Animals.

  7. Society has always known about cetain individuals not given to marry or get married and co-existed with the rest of society without hulla baloo. This has been the same world over. Here in Europe literature and research studies proove that fact of co-existence with such individuals. Would like to offer possible causes to change of attitude towards the characteristic of these people. 1- Perception that they do not have rights. 2- People not in this category (gay or lesbian) take advantage and declaire falsely themselves to be gay or lesbian as an escape.
    3- Individuals can be cured from this feeling (evidence exist of those cured and live a normal married life gay and lesbian). Added to this almost all gays and lesbians have lived a married life at one tome and examples are many.


  9. The problem I see with this gay thing, is the huge effort of trying to make an abnormal thing be normal. The moment this issue is accepted, you will get gay marches, gay clubs, gay football, gay this, gay that etc. We are better off in a big way with the current status quo. I would beseech Zambians to fight to maintain things the way they are. Being in places where this gay this is legalised is quite painful actually. I am so glad I am Zambian and that Zambians are fighting to maintain the status quo. People like the reverend here are not helping Zambia no matter how objective he is trying to sound in his writing.

  10. homosexuals are failures(no guts to propose a gal) in life & homosexuality is a disgusting culture. This lunacy behavior is a serious threat to mankind in-terms of reproduction .

  11. Wat kind of a rev are u? Wen u read from the holy bible to Quran u ‘ll not find anything supporting human rights.wats wrong with human being kanshi? Don’t advocate for things that u for things u ve little knowledge about. God destroyed the generation of Noah, gormora and Sodom because of there useless deeds like we are doing, no wonder aids is cases is going up

  12. The Rev Kapya! I have a problem with the set of comparisons you have chosen as a basis of argument on the subject of Homosexuality. From my humble christian understanding as a Lay man. I do know that marriage is sacred and so it one of the sacraments we uphold in the church. Non of the issues you raised is a sacrament. We are looking at this matter from the Eden platform and not the Egypt aftermath.I would be happy if the Rev Kapya can say something on this point of view.

  13. go to the arab world and advocate this nonsense to them and see what will happen to you.
    you… you… you…

  14. God can never make a mistake; He is perfect and infallible just as his word can not be altered. God said though shall not kill. But people still kill; shall we say then that murder is acceptable? People defile children; shall we say that its acceptable by virtue of it happening in society? people sin; Does God say its acceptable? on the contrary God reproves sin and pleads with sinners to abandon there sinful ways.
    homosexuality truly is rampant even in prisons, like any other vices, shall we then make it legal or acceptable? God forbid. like any vice we should reprove it and correct the ailing brothers and sisters. off course they are human but if we love them lets correct them like we do those who defile, kill, rape etc.

  15. GOD has never, will never & cannot make such an insulting 7 ridiculaous mistake of going agaist HIS OWN SELF, NO! AND IT WILL NEVER BE FOREVER! Man is faithfully & fearfully made in the image of GOD, despite man making a mistake of breaking what HIS MAKER told him not to, as it is today about this unacceptable “ACT” of marrying a fellow man instead of a woman who is a companion of man as given by the maker HIMSELF. Why must man love the gutter instead of the well designed, sweet and very appetising environment? No human being will change what GOD has blessed to be enjoyed! NO! Not even so called United Nations’ wing of “crazy” rights.What they are doing is trying to reclaim or substitute GOD, which is a “COUP” of the waste kind.Let the “wise” in the LORD understand that times are…

  16. Gays and lesbians are no better than dirty pigs! Swines! Bakapoli, mulala kwachenama! I honestly see no reason on why someone should be attracted to his fellow man or woman! This is disgusting to say the least! Some idiets claim that its a mental disease, i vehemently say no! If it is a disease which has manifested itself in nature, we could have seen this in other natural animals but alas, even a dirty pig, swine or kapoli can not mount his fellow male pig! Infact just a mention of gay or lesbian, i feel like throwing up! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Mwana leta castle tulenwa!

  17. We have a shame of a Rev. He must be one of the few men of the collar that practice sex of the sewer pipe. From today , let him also help to fight for rights of adulters, thieves, drunkards & gays becoz its not their choice to have been born like that.
    IF something is going astray, lets try to bring it into the fold instead of pretending that thats hw it was made.

  18. Homosexuality is a sin and and it will always be. Just because someone has some perverted thoughts doesnt mean we should accept them in the name of human rights. Next you Mr Kapya will be advocating for Zoopholia to be legal in Zambia just because its legal in the States. (Yes sleeping with animals in America is very much legal!!) Should we also give rights to pedophiles since some of them are born that way? Should we allow them to come and bonk your 2 yr old daughter or son because they should have a right to practice their perversion? There is no sin greater than the other, and i do not support the beating or killing of homos but what we should do is help them realise the wrong they do just like adulterors, thieves, drunkards, prostitutes should be remided of the sins they commit.

  19. contd from #18: Are you Mr Kapya saying prostitution should be legalised in Zambia since its does not affect anyone but the two people involved in it? Zambia is a christian nation and we should respect our christian standards that we try to govern ourselves by. Some will argue that why dont we jail adulterors? Even though alot of attention is not payed to the more common sins, it still doesnt make it right. yes we have people having sex outside marriage but there consequences for all that. If you impregnant a girl outside marriage in Zambia, you are fined under the customary law to pay damages even though you have accepted the child and you provide for it, so somewhere in our laws we still pay for the sins we commit. Thieves, pedophiles,prostitutes etc are jailed, so should homos!

  20. The a.swer to your question is “Yes God does make mistakes; he made Fred M’membe didn’t he?”



  22. Reading this article, it does not take long to realise that this Rev Kapya Kaoma has clearly missed the plot on the issue of Homosexuality because:- 1.) In trying to draw parallels between a case of Adultery brought before Christ in Romans 8, and Homosexuality, the learned Rev has omitted the most important point. Jesus told the woman to STOP adultery, i.e. Romans 8 v11 – NIV Bible reads “….go now and leave your life of sin.” 2.) Homosexuality is not genetic, it is a choice, just as Adultery is a choice, just as Paedophilia (child sexual molestation) is a choice, just as bestiality (sex with animals) is a choice. 3.) Homosexuality is NOT natural, that is why there are NO gay lions, no gay elephants, not even gay dogs. 4.) Homosexual is a symptom of a psychiatric disorder just as…

  23. animals r becoming beta than some pipo. male dogs don’t have sex with mal
    e dog coz thts not how God made them. no nomal christian can support homosexuality unless the devil himself lives in yu. our God is there & watchng & His time is coming soon.

  24. @mwape. just like it is, thre is no one who was made a satanist, prostitute,thief,etc so is homosexuality. they r like that by choice & it is no ones fault but there. if God was making pipo in that way pipo in sodom wud have not died from Gods wrath.

  25. Rev Kapya Kaoma, my simple questions to you are ‘what is sin? What is meant by the depravity of mankind? What was God’s purpose in creating sex? Was the first marriage between a man and a man? Is man above the law of God? Should sin be condoned just because others are sinning?

    What did Jesus tell the woman who was caught committing adultery? Did he say it was okay for her to commit adultery? Why did Jesus say let him who has no sin cast the first stone? What was the teaching of this story?

  26. Mr Kapaya, I have read your article and somehow right or wrong depending on how someone understands humans rights. You are right on human context to say that homosexuals have the rights in have some sex marriage and they should not be viewed as enemies of our society.But you are wrong to start doubting the concept of God. God created male and female creatures for a purpose and it is for this purpose that durring the time of Noah, God told Noah to go with beast, and beast that are not clean, and fowls, and everything that creepeth upon the earth into the ark, the male and female. Why didn’t God said go males alone? If any of the bloggers have kept dogs or have any kind of pate, you will agree with me that none of these male pates go for sex on fellow male pates or female dogs go female…

  27. This fake Rev. is trying to justify something which is wrong just because it done by a minority. Even serial killers are a minority but it does not mean that we have to legalise murder so that they can kill freely. Hormonal in-balance in people does not make them homosexuals, some women have beards or moustache and some men go through life without any beard. Gynaecomastia is a condition when a man develops breasts and this has nothing to do with homosexuality. Appearance of a person due to genetic defects should not be used as justification for being gay and this Kaoma should know that people do have a sex change operation in some countries and take medications to alter their appearances and drag queens are the last thing we want in Zambia.

  28. It’s very dangerous to speak God’s word if you haven’t been inspired by His Spirit because you end up using His name for your sake like Rev. Kaoma. He is lecturing scriptures as an historian but not preaching the word of God because the Spirit of God is not in him. Who says woman without breasts, big back, thighs like Christine or man without beard, mostache, baldness can’t marry? He thinks God can have his son crucified to deliver everybody from sin and allow sin to continue concurrently. No. You and your fellow homos and lesbians just visit any religion or church, T B Joshua and get delivered. Those pastors, choirs, priests practising it need deliverance first before they can serve God and those that fall after deliverance doesn’t mean that God has fallen. It’s man’s failure only.

  29. No better worlds for the paster.This man is not a rev in christianity but in satanism.All i can say is that he deserves some beatings

  30. If we legalise homosexuality, where does it end? Next we will have paedophiles claiming for their rights to have sex with children, fathers wanting to have sex with their daughters and sisters and brothers wanting to marry and have children. This is all wrong and Zambians have to let these queers know that they made bad choices in their behaviour and are not welcome here.
    Can you imagine a person who like to hump dogs and he start claiming for his share of rights to hump freely since we have legalised homosexuality? If we give them an inch they will want a mile, let them migrate to Europe if they want to indulge in their perverted sexual encounters. Pastors like this Kaoma should not be allowed to promote homosexuality to children in their churches, they are predatory perverts.

  31. I am not surprised by the level of opposition expressed on this posting. Most of the bloggers believe that gays can be cured – which is not true at all. Alan Chambers, the founder of the gay-healing Exodus International or global alliance recently confessed that there is no cure for gays. Please, let us agree to disagree – and has Desmond Tutu constantly say, “Ubuntu is bigger than our sexual differences.”

  32. Mankind is a fallen being from the grace of God, it does not matter whether you are gay or straight the fact is we are all lost without God in our lives. The truth is how can the blind lead the blind and only by the wisdom and knowledge of God can we find the way. The answer is not by how you feel or think about this issue but by God’s final word.

  33. Kapya ,it seems you are good at bible.My little knowledge about creation is that God created man and woman got married and bore chidren.Tell me which verse in the bible talks about men getting married to men or women to women.Plz guide me

  34. Reading these blogs makes me very proud to be a Zambian. We have a moral compass. We may have our political differences and call each other names, but when it comes to serious matters relating to God vis a vis our understanding of scripture and depth of faith and hope (as per Hebrew 11), we have a strong moral compass.

  35. Rev. Mwape I dont have enough time to respond to your well searched article about the gay issue. I totally agree with you and would like to contribute in the positive to what you have written.Tomorrow I will try. Thanks a lot and may God help you a lot to find peace for those oppressed fellows in our midst.

  36. There is a great deal of confusion between homosexuality and homosexual sex. Being a homosexual is is not a sin. It is probably not a lifestyle choice and is not condemned in the Bible. Sexual activity (sodomy) between people of the same sex is condemned by God and is not accepted by the majority of heterosexual people. In England, a bill has just been passed by parliament to legalise ‘same-sex marriage’ despite huge opposition from the public. Let us hope that Zambia does not follow the same path.

  37. The responses on this forum is overwhelmingly enough to classify homosexual as sin and a great deviation from human nature. This Rev Kapya Kaoma, I am not sure which he ministers to, has both theology and doctrine mixed up. Probably, he is ignorant or he is bought to say the things he writes. People are not saying homos or lesbians don’t need basic needs to the contrary they just need help, mostly spiritual help to get them out of the evil situation. from Genesis to Revelation the word of God is very clear – Love the sinner and not the sin.Rev Kapya whoever the hell he is should not crucify Jesus again.Jesus came to redeem the sinner and not to condone sin.Rev Kapya stop worshiping Satan Fear God and give him glory. Read 1 Cor. 6:9-11, Rev. 22:15, SO that is the Bible Rev Kaponya get it.

  38. Rev Kapya, even a dog will knows were to put it’s penis.The ass is simply meant for defecating.Huff & puff all want,we have good laws for that in zambia.What type of a Reverend are you?Same sex marriages will never be allowed here.

  39. Rev Kapya Kaoma: I have no doubt you need serious deliverance, and are not fit to stand on Pulpit to preach/ No doubt an agent of the king of the HELL (devil) is living in you. need to be treatment. I recommend that you go to Chainana and be treated cause you are a danger to Innocent Zambian. Gods word is very clear and please do no use his name in vein.

  40. It is interesting to see how some Christians respond to people who disagree with them. Nobody has critiqued my argument but my personality and character. If all what the bible says is to be followed, then why do you select what to obey and what to leave it? Please argue on the merit of my argument after all, you are human and not God to determine who goes to hell and who goes to heaven. Gays may be sinners but they have rights to be protected. As with the slogan love the sinner and hate the sin, it has no biblical or theological justification.

    • Please Rev stop, Pray and seek God’s guidance. Stop misleading the masses.
      Homosexuality is an abomination in Gods sight period. Make your stand clear and help those who are gay by telling them the truth about there vice. only the truth will set them free and Gods word is the Truth.
      We correct ailing friends, brothers and sisters when they steal, kill, defile, bribe etc, i don’t understand why we should treat gay people with “special right”.

  41. Let me make it clear – I am not apologetic about this article. God is bigger than our simple minds. Call me whatever, but the truth is that God loves all creation despite what people think. Gays are not worse than most of us – we are all sinners after all.

  42. REV. Kapya’s argument is flawed. Marriage has been defined by God, the union of a man and a woman, period. God created man in his only image and did not create homosexuals. Some women exchange natural relationship for unnatural ones. in the same way some men also abandon natural relationship with women for fellow men. The godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth has defined marriage as union of two people and has promoted gay rights. In near future it is likely to be defined as a union between two people or between a person and an animal. So to say that we should fight for the rights of gays is not right just as we do not fight for the rights of thieves. It is a choice to be a gay. Read Romans 1:18-31. Doctrine of devils is real. You either obey God or the devil’s…

  43. @ I thought I cited this verse. What do you about people who are born like Semenya I cite above. Gay rights are human rights too.

  44. Kapya, , DO NOT USE Semenya’s name in vain!!! SHE IS NOT A HOMOSEXUAL – she just has masculine features & abilities!!! This is one quote that truly exposes how lost you are!!! Imagine a world full of homosexuals – THE EXTINCTION OF MAN!!! Argue this one through all you like – we wouldn’t even blame N. korea for starting the third world war leading to our extinction!! Yea, I have no problems with people who chose such desire, JUST DON’T TRY TO JUSTIFY IT – IT IS UNNATURAL!! If your parents were homosexual – YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER EXISTED TO BE ARGUING THE WAY YOU ARE!!! Am i wrong on this assertion?????

  45. Rev God does not compromise with the sin of human being and with God the is no human rights.don’t use semenya here coz she is not a lesbian or gay and she was born like that,in this world so many people have born like that and the are not gay’s or lesbian, ur argument rev lacks merit- i wonder the people u lead. Don’t compromise with sin! sin is sin weather killing,stealing,fornication lets seek God to help us. no human being has ever born a lesbian or gay,we are all perfectly made but sin has destroyed our minds, animals are better than us.Rev read Genesis 19: 1-14 and Genesis 6:5-7,God regrets ever making man on earth coz of sin like wat u and i do,wat u are advocating. Rev don’t advocate things which u ve little knowledge.God does does not and ll never make a mistake.

  46. what a Reverend shame upon urself, u must repent for bringing the name of the lord in vain, i wonder the god u serve coz my God does not compromise with human rights, 1 advice i wish ur child to start sleeping with animals and i hope u ll not rebuke him coz it’s human rights. total madness in this world.better keep quite than embarrassing my God in this manner,shame upon urself with ur human rights.they are three things that are holy on this earth,married(male and female),sabbath and God Himself.human beings want to help God with their ideas. u must apologize to God. what a shameless Clergy

  47. ask ur self is semenya or ur close ally u meant at the general assembly gays or lesbian,the are born like that period.some one may look like a man but is a woman and vice versa and that has being ur piont of arguments, what u are trying to say is prostitute should be left like that coz the are born like that,even thieves are born like that,just from childhood some 1 doing prostitute,stealing,killing and they are people who are born like that and so we should leave them coz it’s human rights. U BETTER ADVOCATE FOR WEED COZ IT’S MEDICINE THAN GAYS AND LESBIAN.IT’S ALSO HUMAN RIGHTS TO TAKE GANJA(WEED) BUT THE WORLD IS ALERT ON THIS COZ IT’S DRUGS AND WE SAY GAY AND LESBIAN IS TOTAL MADNESS

  48. ba rev! Your arguments are shallow & disgusting! what kind of a church do you lead where you promote sinful acts? Gay? No stop masquerading as a Rev!

  49. In Mathew 23, Jesus warns against the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees, “The Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees are the authorized interpreters of Moses’ Law. So you must obey and follow everything they tell you to do; do not, however, imitate their actions, because they do not practice what they preach……vs 27.” I see a lot of contradictions in the pastors arguments which leaves me with some questions about his real faith.
    It is inconcievable to see a Rev. fail to recognise the fact that sin has been in existence since Adam and Eve fell out of favour with God. God has given all of us the free will to choose between either evil or good, and if the majority choose evil over good, that does not imply that it is accepted in the eyes of God. You are what you have choosen to be!!

  50. Rev Kapya Christine you mentioned at Lwamfumu ZNS Camp did not practice homosexual but had a boy friend,, and how did you find yourself there since that camp was for female school leavers!!!Where you an instructor


  52. Homosexuality and lesbianism is sin and unnatural! It never even happens in animals and therefore is against the ordeal of nature. God made Adam and Eve and told them to be fruitful and multiply.He never stated Adam and Steve. These weird issues which we bring up under the guise of rights are just evil! I am 100% in support of the ban of such rights in Zambia

  53. We have to go back to the basics.Surely God created Man and Woman for a reason.If he had gay people in mind,why create man and woman and expect them to fill up the world???
    Why not did he not create anither two humans one male or female just in case adam or eve where not straight? He was sure and he still is that man and woman are straight.That`s why he created only the two to reproduce and live as man and wife.
    Surely,gays are the new social misfits and we can`t allow them in our country.Unless christianity is a total lie used by whites to colonize us,then let`s do away with the tag of Zambia a christain nation to Zambia a social nation.God forbid.The next thing scientist should brain storm is the cure for gay people seeing that the cure for aids is almost found.

  54. I just can’t believe I’ve read this, written by a Zambian. Rev, please tell me which church you pastor and I’ll come and worship you personally. You’ve nailed it in this piece. Thank you for using common sense and wisdom. You sir do deserve whatever job you do in your church. Well done.

  55. Every human is endowed with the capacity of choice. The Devil will do NOTHING without your permission; neither will God. What is of fundamental significance here is what we do with those who make choices different from the ones we make AT INDIVIDUAL LEVEL.

  56. One of the best articles ever written on this forum…it is objective, nowhere near subjective. I applaud you sir for the well thought out examples and explanations but the bad news is that very very few will understand this all inclusive point of view. Kudos for trying!

  57. Reverend Kay Kaoma suggests that the view that homosexuality is against the Christian culture is flawed. The Rev says because there are confusing passages in the Bible, Christians and men of culture ought to follow the rest of the “free” world and accept those whose “sexual orientaion” is different as this is simply those people’s rights.

     We must accept that some passages of the Bible may confuse most of us. However, we must be careful not to then throw out everything else that is very clearly stated on a matter by the Lord. God very clearly speaks on this subject in at least six passages of the New Testament produced below with the highlight being mine:

    We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy…

  58. We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for the sexually immoral, FOR THOSE PRACTICING HOMOSEXUALITY, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine (1 Timothy 1:9, 10)

    Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. …..Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for UNNATURAL ONES. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were INFLAMED WITH LUST FOR ONE ANOTHER. MEN COMMITTED SHAMEFUL ACTS WITH…

  59. MEN COMMITTED SHAMEFUL ACTS WITH OTHER MEN, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. ………Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things BUT ALSO APPROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE THEM. (Romans 1:24, 26-28, 32)

    Or don’t you know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Don’t be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, THOSE WHO PRACTICE HOMOSEXUALITY, (1 Corinthians 6:9)

  60. Here, the Lord very clearly says He will bring such acts and those who approve of them to judgment. Therefore, even if one does not understand the Levitcus and Deuteronomy passages on the subject, it were better if one professes to be a Christian to err on the side of caution and listen clearly to what the Lord says in these New Testament and other passages on this subject. 

    The Lord will bring into judgment those that sin in the many ways Rev Kaoma has said, AND He will certainly bring homosexuals and those who approve of them such as Rev Kaoma to eternal judgment. God is very clear about that.

  61. We must love them as we must love all men. But in loving them, we must be truthful to bring out what God clearly says on the subject. To do otherwise is to in fact not love them and to wish them eveil knowingly.

  62. Rev Kapya Kaoma, have you ever for once thought why the book you believe, the Bible, in the book of Genesis, why God brought Eve and not a fellow man for Adam? Do you know that the right to do something does not mean that doing it is right? You seem to support homosexuality and accuse Christianity for the opposition of homosexuality in Africa. Out of interest, which church do you pastor?

  63. It seems to me that most people have a phobia for gays, maybe they suspect they could be gay themselves. why bother if you are straight. Come to think about it. Iam straight and proud if one is gay thats not my making so be it.

  64. We are all born sinners but Lets not sin & accuse God having made us like that.
    Lets admit that we are sinners & repent.
    Lets not pretend by saying that God made me a gay, habtual drunkard, prositute & any other deliberate pervertion and call it nature.

  65. How on earth do u question God? Read Job 33 and 34…and ask the right Question…secondly, how come all the names that i have seen supporing Gays are Bembas, already here there is a Mwape, or Radio there is this Kaluba lady ranting and seriously lobbying attention… Guys lets be real!! Whats so intimacy about poking were some1 nyelas from….

  66. I don’t have a problem with gays. I know they are there and two of my classmates at the University of Zambia were gay. I have a problem with them wanting to legally be married and registered and couples and be allowed to adopt children. This I have a problem. They can do their gays things in the homes but them parading themselves in the streets I have a problem.

  67. bane ba kapya , have you ever seen a male dog having sex intercourse with male dog? or a cow with another cow, or hen with a hen? the list is endless.
    mine is a warning dear bemba boy. no matter how much they give you to propagate the issue the end result is you will be answerable to your maker one day.
    you may pretend to be a pastor or any body but the truth will still remain and you will answer. your writing is good but filthy to the core of it.
    turn to God the author and finisher of your life. I pity you my bemba friend due to that if you do not repent, yours and those you have misled and your converters is hell

  68. Having read through the insulting messages regarding this article i wonder if all the socalled christians replying agree then that it is their value to insult and degrade instad of having a constructive debate about the issue at hand. I also feel safe being a gay, black Namibian and feel really sorry for those who have been born as homosexuals in Zambia.
    I hope that one day in Zambia christians will realise that God is love and that jesus says ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’. Only God knows why he made us different from each other and having been raised in a christian home, extending God’s love does not depend on your sexual orientation. Loving someone of the opposite sex does not make us greater in God’s eyes. May God’s light and love guide your discussion. Peace, Love &…

    • 2Timothy 3: This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

      2Timothy2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.
      Friedel Dausab sure Jesus said Love you Neighboor . What is Love? Jesus here meant agape love and one critical attribute of this love is correction. Thats why he died; to correct our sinful nature. New…

  69. I also remember how the scripture was once used to defend slavery and colonialism…with vehemence and mostly and tragically the death, excusion and disowning those who were victims of the vitriolic hate.
    As an African coming from an apartheid state judging someone on the basis of a differnce they have no control over, in this case their sexual orientation or gender identity is no different from racism and sexism/ chauvanism. Would you rather have a homosexual having a loveless marriage to please you or have a loving companionship that pleases God. Let us leave it up to God to judge. As for marriage, should everyone not have the rights to legally recognised relationship for obvious reasons such as joint finances, inheritance and taxes?

  70. I normally let matters that include religious views pass without comment but the bulk of the comments suggest that many consider what the holy scriptures say to be absolute truth. I have problems with most sweet stories of the holy book, the garden of Eden, the original sin, the flood and the physical ark, the accounts of Jesus’s resurrection, the professors that contributed the most to the holy book i.e Moses and Paul and the Christian silence on dinosaurs and the documented fossils.

  71. @Alfred I certainly agree that he spoke about agape rather than eros. And in this instance I am referring not to same sex relationships but the relationship between brethren in God. In a sense what I call the christmind and the bond between us regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity. We express this in african culture through the concept and practice of ubundu…we are human because our neighbour is human i.e. treating each other with humanity, respect and dignity besides the fact that we may carry different names or creed. I believe it cannot be so difficult to create a space for tollerance. No one iis being asked to be gay if this is not intrinsic to their nature. That would indeed be as sinful as asking a homosexual to pretend and live a lie.

  72. To Rev Kapaya and all those that are supporting his position, would like to say that you should first pause a bit and reflect on what the majority of the people are saying here. Already, Friedel Dausab appears to have changed his position because he has taken a bit of time to reflect on his beliefs about homosexuality. The best thing that this Rev should do for now is to drop this title of reverend and the christian doctrine. If he wants to continue advocating for gay rights he should migrate to Europe and canvas from there. Straight people have rights not to be forced to believe that homosexual sex is normal. By insisting and trying to force the issue on christians and straight people is a seriuos violation of our rights. We do recognse the fact that there people who are born with sexua

  73. sexual abnormalities. However, that recognition ends just there. Our next task is to make an attempt to assist those that have this abnormality. The first thing we can do is to try to make such people realise that they have a problem. (acceptance). With God no disease or abnormality is incurable if one comes before GOD and prays for salvation and deliverance. Remember most abnormalities are curses inherited from ancestors that had those abnormalities(Genetics, ba Reverend). If these curses are broken by true men of God, such people will be delivered and saved and will lead a normal life. Homos do exist , yes but homosexual sex is a sin. Please, Kapaya move to Europe before God punishes you and your generation.

  74. The Reverend doesn,t know how to put his points across succinctly. He rambles from one example to another without telling us the point he is making. Thats why I didn’t finish this article

  75. @ Simple please read my post again or rather let me paraphrase for better clarity. God has created everything in this world with intention. He created me and he created you. Now the two of us are quite different but we are both children of God and thus brothers and sisters in Christ…we share the christ mind. Sin would be that a heterosexual is forced to be gay as it would also be sinful for a gay person to be forced to live a heterosexual life. I hope that is clear. pretending to be who or what you are not negates the creativity of God. Lest also be clear that hatred is un-Godly and so is homophobia. No one is forcing another to be gay but tollerance is required for all God’s ccreation to live in peace with one another. If God is love, what is love according to be bible? Love&Light

  76. Zikomo Reverend.

    Whilst I do not agree with everything you say; it is clear that all sexuality is something you are born with just like your race and your hair type. But I want to applaud you.

    You make me proud to be a Zambian. This is the most rational, objective and Christian response I have seen to this debate.

    I will be sharing this with other activists and remind all of the people who have commented so far to look back at Dr King and what he said about homosexuality. I quote his wife:

    “We have a lot more work to do in our common struggle against bigotry and discrimination….Freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation is surely a fundamental human right…. as much as freedom from racial, religious, gender, or ethnic discrimination.”

  77. Rev. Kapya, you have personally decided to stand with the people who support homosexuality. Take note that if the human rights conflicts with the Word of God, the Word of God prevails. Failure to understand why some people are wired the way you have described lead to make wrong decisions. Does God Make Mistakes? God has addressed the issue of homosexuality and gays. Homosexuality practice is forbidden by God. All who practice homosexuality whether a homosexual or not shall not inherite the Kingdom of God. So there are no rights to practice homosexuality period. I have never seen in the Bible where it states you should throw twins, or a baby whose teeth starts growing from the top. We are not saying people wired that way are sinners, but the practice. Rev. Kapya what have you to say.

  78. Not apologetic about this article. Most of you missed the point of my article. Semenya appears male but she is a woman. So did God make a mistake to create her like that? What is easy to be created with masculine features, or to be wired differently? I guess you will be shocked when you get to heaven!

  79. See, it is noble choice I had to make. Our humanity is determined by who we have sex with, but by who we are – human beings. Again I am not apologetic about this article. Call me whatever, but I believe that God is bigger than our theologies. by the way, why are Christians going to heaven full of insults? So much for saints.

  80. See 91, it is a noble choice I had to make. Our humanity is not determined by who we have sex with, but by who we are – human beings. Again I am not apologetic about this article. Call me whatever, but I believe that God is bigger than our theologies. By the way, why are Christians who are assured of going to heaven full of insults? So much for heaven bound saints.

  81. I agree on the humanity part….

    However, as humans, we must find a way of helping our gay friends and not just insult or put them down.

    However, the gays themselves must realise that the ‘condition’ they have is not normal. They must accept help.

    I propose we have one big ORGY at one of these stadiums with naked women all over the place, and show them how it’s done.

  82. I am flabbergasted and appalled at the majority of hateful anti human rights knee jerk reaction of the majority of posters here, most of whom appear to be Zambian. Shame on you for representing your country in such a small minded and hateful manner.

    I have found in my life experiences working around the world in many cultures and countries, including Zambia, that most people who beat the drum the loudest about being ‘real Christians’ are usually the ones who are farthest from living out Christ’s teachings. How conveniently most of you seem to have forgotten the “treat others as you would want to be treated” and that living a Christ like existence also means loving ALL your brothers and sisters REGARDLESS of their skin color, their religious beliefs OR their sexual orientation.

    • @ Petunia you can be appalled or flabbergasted, but simply Zambia has refused to recognize homosexual rights period. its vexing to say the least when people try so had to impose evil on a people who are not willing to receive it.

  83. @ Rev Kaoma Jesus on Earth was about His Father’s Business (Salvation of souls for the Kingdom of God). Whose business are you about?

  84. first of all, marriage should be between a man and a woman. and for many of us straight men looking to meet a good woman today, i can see why it is hard with so many gay women these days. very sad.

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