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Wynter Kabimba is laying a foundation to succeed President Michael Sata-Mulongoti


Wynter Kabimba address a rally in Kapiri Mposhi over the weekend
Wynter Kabimba address a rally in Kapiri Mposhi over the weekend


People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti openly accused Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba of laying a foundation to succeed President Michael Sata.

During a rare National Watch television programme on ZNBC last evening, Mr. Mulongoti said Mr. Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General has been blocking potential successors to President Sata in order to smoothen his way to the top.

“Everybody knows Wynter is a pretender. He is preparing to take over, I know he will deny it but that is what the people in the party are telling us,” Mr. Mulongoti said.

“He is busy kicking out any potential threats to his presidential ambition so that he positions himself to take over, everybody knows that,” he said.

This was after Mr. Kabimba described Mr. Mulongoti and others who campaigned for the PF in the run up to the 2011 elections as political refugees who had sought solace in the PF.

“Our view as the PF is that Mr. Mulongoti and all those that came and sympathized with us were never our members, we view them as political refugees who had run away from a civil war in their own parties and we accommodated them. If refugees at Maheba sympathize with Zambians, they don’t become Zambians. That was the similar situation that Mike (Mr. Mulongoti) and others found themselves in,” Mr. Kabimba said.

The accusations from Mr. Mulongoti will go far to reinforce a general perception that Mr. Kabimba has been orchestrating the recent power battles in the PF to position himself for the big post in the likely event that President Sata does not rerun for office.

“My friend here (pointing at Mr. Kabimba) is a beneficiary of politics of patronage. He has never won an elective political office. He is where he is today because he was appointed Secretary General and nominated as MP by President Sata. He has idea of what it takes to form a political party,” Mulongoti said.

He continued, “My presidential ambitions are well within my right. I have the rights to dream big also. I want to be President. I was a Councilor, MP and Ministers, is it wrong to progress in life?”

Mr. Mulongoti defended his decision to form his own political party saying it was a better option.

“I couldn’t go to the MMD because of the manner in which I was expelled and I couldn’t go and officially join the PF because it has its own problems, not all is well in the PF. I didn’t want to join a house which is on fire.”


    • Th relevance of that statement is hardly befitting of a man who has started his party and is looking to convince the ignoramus masses to vote for him

      Weather this is true or not is irrelevant to Mulongoti, and utterances of this magnitude brings more questions than answers on the feasibility of him leading a party.
      He sounds mentally disturbed


    • Mushota, you sound better (even strange) when you at least try to analyse issues such as you have done here. Not when you rant about Scotland this, Zambia that… Maybe you’re coming around after all. Thanks.

    • @Mushota, thanks for your contribution. Just a slight observation though. There is a difference between “weather” and “whether”.

    • Is This The Manifesto for this new Party or What (Discrediting others)?
      Mulongoti mind your own business.You personally agreed that you parted company from MMD because you could not take anyithing less than vice presidency ! why then are you talking about your friend`s plan.All Ambitions are strategised yours too but for your own information you look like a type that can sell/privatise state house if given a chance.you are worse than HH in this case my brother.the people joining your party are just after you stollen money.

    • Mushota is not in Scotland but in Ukrane come on guys you believe his nonsense!

    • Flag. Doesn’t mean that’s the country where you are. Ubupububa. I am in frrance my ip is vodafone but it shows as though I am I’m uk.

    • @ Mushota. I thought you were doing a PhD? How come you can’t spell “whether”? I don’t mean to insult you but from your previous boastings, this shows you are a below average individual intellectually. You can’t even blame the context.

    • @Mushota…strange as you are, I hope you are not deranged pschologically. If you are educated or erudite as you claim (none of which you are in reality), why didnt you explain how Mulongoti’s statement is irrelevant? Are you jelous and dispossed person? The article clearly states that Mulongoti was responding to Kabimba’s earlier statement that he was a ‘political’ refugee – so why do you think Mike should not have responded? You are not focussed and in fact low grade intellectually – so no one would take your argument seriously but we will enjoy your drama never the less!

    • Politics is a game of chances, let Wynter take his chances whilst MCS is still allowing him..Dont be a sadist Mulongoti, u had yo chance, u dint take advantage of it…

  1. really???? if its true that red lips HIV+ kabimba is next president.. then PF is `dead meat`..
    But you also mulongoti have an erratic mouth, one may not know when you are telling the truth or when you are just looking for publicity

    • #Ndubo please watch your mouth and tonr down your language.You produce too much hatred,bitterness and foolishness!!

    • well Mulongoti, kabimba, HH and Mumba can never lead our beloved country, they are tarred with the same brush, so as we watch from the terreces lets also remind them we have our own taste of politicians we would like to lead us such as Prof Clive, Felix Mutati, Alex Chikwanda, Given Lubinda, Chipimo and myself. It must be in that order….

      My names is Big L and I approve this message.

    • I despise Kabimba and his dullness with a passion but i would not stoop so low as to encourage stimatism.Please pipo are still dying from AIDS in their houses because of stigma and the least i expect from someone educated enough to participate in blogging is encouraging stigma.

  2. Who cares whether Kabimba has ambitions to lead the PF anyway! As far as many people are concerned, Kabimba and Mulongoti are not the type of people who can lead a country due to their arrogance anyway. Not many Zambia would waste their votes on these two character after all. We are better off with HH than those myopic characters!

  3. Every citizen has the right to aspire to be anything he or she wants to be. It is at the contest stage that such aspirations are either upheld or dashed. When you make an affirmation to be something or somebody we think it is treasonable in Zambia. What is at issue here is whether or not those that equally aspire are being given a platform to sleep comfortably as they dream (pun intended).

  4. Is wynter thinking of becoming Republican President or just PF president. He doesnt strike me as presidential material. I think we are being taken for a ride. Some of us have not heard of wynter kabinda not as a politician or a lawyer. We know all the lawyers with names in Zambia, but for some reson, I missed out any information about wynter. Going by what is being said about his ambitions, it would be helpful to dig out his past.

  5. Kabimba, HH, Mulongoti and Dr Mumba are all the same and one thing they have in common is that they will never be presidents of Zambia. FACT!!

    • Kabimba is a corrupt man, is also trying by all means to eliminate people like Lubinda who have presidential qualities.Its shame.

  6. Ka Mulongoti kalipenafye.He thinks he is something while Kabimba is just arrogant.But if i had to decide between the two i can go for Kabimba.

    • if you can vote for kabimba then you might as well vote fro mulongoti since you said they are the same , in my view you have not choice because they are both not deserving.

    • Kabimba. Kambwili, Lubinda, you cannot know his true colors, all these people who cheat themselves that are presidentia material are hallicinating. Ba GBM brother wait a minute, its Emmanuel Mwamba or KASEBA firslady to succeed SAATA BASI

    • @kanyembo mapulanga you might have a valid point my brother here, i would also add Muareen Mwanawasa to that list, you never know. These guys are busy blinding us with Kabimba, Lubinda rhetoric while the real thing is happening in the pipe line.Shikulu ni guy alifye ziiii. We might get a shock of our lives come 2016

  7. it’s better to lay a foundation first than to just jump on it like the last man we had people will still have a choice to put who the feel is the right person am sure he wont come on board like RB did

  8. There is no doubt Mulongoti is right – Kabimba wants to be President!

    Certainly, it would be a big mistake to underestimate Kabimba and rule such a thing out. As many people learned (or should have learned!) in September 2011, it takes a lot more than shouting someone will “never” be President for that wish to come true. We also should have learned not to underestimate the capacity of people to elect someone (like Kabimba) who is a danger and totally unfit for the job.

    Meanwhile, Mulongoti should be careful not to OVER-estimate himself. At least he is being transparent about wanting to be President, but is too closely associated with MMD and severely lacks the support base and populist credentials of people like Sata, Kabimba, or even HH etc.

  9. the mistake pf has made is giving jobs to pipo that never suffered for the party. Of all the pipo appointed to this or that, only 5% voted for mcs and pf in 2006, only 27% voted for pf and mcs in 2008, only 40% voted for pf and mcs in 2011. 60% of those enjoying the sweat of us true pfs never wanted to ve anything to do with pf and mcs but are mare opportunists. Give jobs to pipo who suffered for pf all those years.

  10. Every politician would like to be president!! So wat Mulongoti is saying is nosense,why has he formed a party?He wants to be a president which he will never be.
    Between the two,Wynter is better.Mulongoti is a failure,can we surely have Mulongoti to be president?

  11. @ least some one had the courage to tell Kabimba right in his face what he was up to with his perceived competitors for the PFs presidency. I also hold Mike’s theory regarding Wynter. He wants to silence people like GNM (aint saying he is presidential material here) and Given Lubinda (Very good potential)

    • is lubinda eligible to stand? unless they change the constitution. but hes a sellout also. he might sell zambia.

  12. President of the Republic of Zambia…..eeeeeehhhhhhh a Mr Wynter Kabimba, must be a joke on April Fools Day. Or may be just a bad dream. If that day came to pass, I, the Kimbanguist, will surrender my Zambian passport and retrace my roots back to the LUBA/LUNDA Kingdom and probably end up in Congo DR.

    • I dont believe this issue of Chikwanda’s name coming up. My question is, “How old is Chiwanda?” Why is the Zambian mentality so fixated with the generation of grandfathers as the only capable group that can be president in Zambia. Dont tell me we haven’t got suitable young politicians who can advance the country with fresh ideas and a competitive entreprenuerial mind set. Its this attitude that gives leaders of parties urges to surpress up coming young politicians. I for one, I am tired of being led by the old who do not fully understand the technological trends that a young country like Zambia needs to be investing in.

    • Komboni & Mfumu i respect you opinions, but with the current crop of politicians we have kindly name those you feel can do the job. Chikwanda is my preferred candidate, his mature, focused, good planner & implementer. For Zambia to get out of the woods we need a president with such qualities not those who just talk & it ends there

    • Its not about AGE but SERVICE DELIVERY.
      A youth for a president hope the chap wont be moving from country to country in-search of fun (clubbing)

    • Old age is not a problem but delivering to the needs of the people.Young chaps will just destry this country and will just be moving up and down…..Look at chaps like Masumba,Taima etc do you think such can make a good president?

    • Am not sure about Prof.Chirwa, i doubt his managerial skills. He is more of an adviser & researcher. Look @ what is happening at ZR the financial director has been put on forced leave due to board members demanding allowances of which the Prof should have addressed rather than let the poor lady be laid off. May i ask who big L is??

  13. Kabimba really likes that “Skipper” of his. Every time he is in casuals the “skipper” never goes missing!

    • kikiki ati skipper, he has 6 of those skippers, he also has a yellow-black strips. But in general PF are worst dressed team. Even Mulongoti learnt how ho dress good under MMD.

  14. Why should Mulongoti be concerned about who takes over from Sata? That is a PF matter. Kabimba too did not think before using the analogy of refugees. We learn that one minister in the current government came to Zambia in the late 70s with the mother after running away from Rhodesia. If it is true is this minister (a refugee) not more Zambian than the real Zambians?

  15. When you set the bar too low on presidency, it becomes natural for every Jim & Jack to see themselves fit for such office. Despite being a crook himself, Chiluba did not see Sata as good enough to succeed him, and from the circus currently going on I think he had a point – crooks know each other. It is also common knowledge that Mwanawasa detasted the name Sata and did not see either an equal nor presidential material in him. Now with the Cobra in office we are a total laughing stalk on the international arena as he is very incoherent in most of what he says and does. Now, here comes another one!….this time it’s an educated THUG called Wynter Kabimba who in the picture above looks like a musician signing an ugly song that no one would dance to, GOD HELP ZAMBIA!!!

    • When i read “laughing stalk” i get suprised, who is this same international arena busy laughing at a small copuntry trying to achieve greatness? I think their is more drama and comedy in the arabic countries that your so called international community can entertain itself. If Zambia was so much of a laughing stalk i dont think we would have been getting Kudos from IMF, World Bank and most importantly China. If these in your view dont make part of the international Arena i beg to be educated on that point. Danke

    • @Musokonjinga, depends on which Arab countries you are refering to. A handful of them are rich (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait…) unless you are refering to the ones on the African continent. As for the rich ones, the organisations you have cited have nothing to say given these countries have mega bucks and the Chinese arent welcome either. Yes, its true any critically minded analyst will come to the conclusion that Zambia’s political advances in the last few years have regressed.

    • @Musokonjinga – if your flag confirms your locations then you are the new spoilers of Europe because the Germans are now setting up camp in the very region you are talking down – THE MIDDLE EAST. Open your eyes, look around, and watch where the rich are fleeing to… poor you! By the way I do regular business in the Middle East and it is the PLACE TO BE in more respects than one!!!

    • @Musokonjinga, my brother (or sister) try and talk to other nationals that have been to any international summit where this PF govt has represented you to understand how our once so respected country is now viewed. And Don’t expect to hear the horrible truth from those foreigners who are seeking economic opportunities in Zambia unless you mingle with them outside our borders disguising yourself as non- Zambian. They are making a serious joke of our country – which is why it most likely appears to them like “fyaliboboka pa Zambia”. We should start choosing the right leaders and exercise our right to proper representation. There can be no doubt that today’s governance, Economic and other developmental challenges are beyond our Pre-independence politicians.

  16. This reminds me of Shaka,s consern. We really will have a leadership vaccum after Sata. Lubinda was going to be a better choice in PF but he is out, HH is heartless, Mumba is a crook. I wish Magande had not formed a new party, he could have been adviced to join PF and eventually take over from Sata. For a change please fellow Zambians let us try a woman. I have a name in mind Dr Kaseba Sata. She is sober minded and already other sections of our society are enjoying the fruits of her reasonableness.

    • @ paolo its not that us zambians dont like intellectuals its what HH is doing or does…he will never rule…do you perhaps think that Kabimba or Mulongoti will rule zed.? if your answer is yes then HH will also rule…because the 3 have a lot in common.

    • You don’t need rain or sunshine in Zed for anyone to rule. The electorate treats history instantaneously and so forget every little bit of history about a candidate. If we can forget utterances that were made barely a year ago – what keeps the same dissenting voices against HH from voting for him UNANIMOUSLY come election day 2016??

  17. Oh Dear Kabimba is a wimp! You should have watched the programme on ZNBC. Kabimba was made to look foolish. Kabimba is not one of the bright crayons in the box! Wynter has no stamina…….and he is dull.

  18. @kanyembo mapulanga you might have a valid point my brother here, i would also add Muareen Mwanawasa to that list, you never know. These guys are busy blinding us with Kabimba, Lubinda rhetoric while the real thing is happening in the pipe line.Shikulu ni guy alifye ziiii. We might get a shock of our lives come 2016

  19. I see nothing wrong with Wynter calculating his chances to succeed as president, realistically, he is the most loyal to Sata. That said, I do not think Wynter is the right person to rule the country, however, knowing the calibre of the electorate, you might be unwise to doubt the fact that he can be president. Mulongoti on the other hand, missed a genuine opportunity to highlight developmental problems facing the ordinary Zambian and focussed on political problems, quite selfish.

    • Loyalty to Sata? That’s where things have always been so wrong in Zambia. Loyalty must be first and foremost to the people not to an individual.
      This loyalty to an individual turns them into tinpot dictators, a good example of this is KK who thought he was a god. The people and country first. Winter Kabimba has no presidential qualities.

    • @The London Eye- As much as you have written your article to contradict me, I assess that we are on common ground. Wynter Kabimba is not elected and hence has no loyalty to any cross section of the population and he owes his mandate to carry out the agenda of the President, just as is in the United States, a Secretary of Treasury does not even sit in the House because he does not carry out people’s agenda but the President’s.

  20. Nothing wrong with being ambitious. In fact, that makes the two of you. You formed your own party in the hope of becoming president one day. Look who is talking!

  21. Good for Kabimba; too bad for PF because Kabimba is unsaleable to Zambia – at least in the near future. As a PF sympathiser, I would be happy if Professor Chirwa is brought in to lead us. Second choice for me is Nawakwi simply because I feel mama Inonge might not be happy to go for it, but if she did I would support her. Kabimba and GBM = end of PF. But in politics even a day is a long time; and for as long as 8 out of 10 people live below the poverty datum line, Kabimba will be end up being a President to the disgust of the educated.

  22. I can see Mulungoti’s strategy. Make as much noise as possible mostly thru wild allegations so that you are in the news all the time. That way the people will remember you on polling day. He saw it from Sata. But remember Chama Chakomboka? With a similar strategy, he just dissappeared into thin air

  23. In my opinion, Zambia deserves better than all these clowns calling to become future presidents ! Look at all the other African countries around us…don’t you think it is high time our motherland started on the real road to economic development??? How about a president with a background in economic and/development studies !!! If I had been in that convention, Zambia deserves a modern, educated person who cares for our people, not to fulfil his own ego and pride.
    How about a president who has a Master’s degree ?? somebody who can never be scared to surround himself with other educated people as his members of the cabinet !! Only then would we know that Zambia is on its way to economic development….

    • Prof Chirwa is one such good candidate…
      He is way better for the job than all these other aspiring ‘presidents’…

  24. Truth be told: Winter kabimba nurses grave hate for sata just like sata loathed chiluba’s discredited 3rd term bid.Kabimba wishes sata death so that he can quickly ascend to power and consolidate his already firm grip on pf.But he’s far from being presidential leather.

  25. Anybody taking honorable mulongoti lightly is in for a rude awakening come 2016. the man is already relevant and he will be a force to reckon with.

  26. What can the so called kambiba bring to the office of the presidency.The chap lucks presidential attributes.
    How can he convince the zambian people to vote for him if he can’t even win the ward from where he comes from.

  27. i agree with pooor Mulongoti i know Winter is just seating waiting for Sata to expire and take over….Sata wake up that Kalubale Boy is just using you.

  28. i watched the interview and i enjoyed it. kabimba ended at a lose no wonder he requested franklin 4 another interview. mulongoti u made my day coz u described kabimba correctly. nazo nazo nkani

  29. we shall have a joint presidency of kaseba, winter, gbm, mumembe, given, hh, mumba and KK and mike, how about that for imagination?

  30. There are young zambians with brains and are well educated . People like Alisand Singogo, Valentine Musakanya, Elias Chipimo and a whole load of others can leadZambia to prosperity .Identification of such people should start now.

  31. @32 kalikeka, if the developed world was thinking with their butts instead of their brains,they would ve not developed. Why this nonsense talk about degrees to be president. In the western world they follow ability to perform not a useless tissue paper of a degree which in zambia is only given to apamwambas kids, nonsense! Degree, degree yet these degree chaps cant think or be productive for mother zambia.

  32. Mulongoti and his Peoples Party has already started loosing direction. He has not yet laid a strong foundation to consolidate his Party growth. Therefore it is too early to start jumping into conclusion regarding Kabimbas intention to succeed President Sata, This is not your business though it may be a concern but not to you but PF members. As of now this is not your P 1 and you do not seek support or sympathy by character assassination. This has nothing much to do with you and in actual fact by so doing you are just campaign for Winter.
    Advice is to sit down and choose what to say in order to convince Zambia People
    that this is what you can do and achieve. Not issues of ones ambitions just as much as you would like to become the President one day.

    Paul Poda
    Orapa- Botswana

  33. Mushota Mushota Mushota, are you real or a fluke? Whatever you do,whoever you are, wherever you are, you only evoke a feeling of impersonality.

  34. Masebo is a political refugee according to Wynters logic. Can wynter show us how many refugees are in pf?
    The whole party is maheba refugee camp because sata himself sought refugee in pf after his failed presidential bid from MMD.

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