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Mayuka Southampton Exit Looming


Just 48 hours after making a two-minute cameo for Southampton for the first time in 2013, Zambia striker Emmanuel Mayuka could be heading for the door at the end of the season.

According to, Mayuka is one of 15 players Southampton coach Mauricio Pochettino plans to offload at the end of this season .

Mayuka has failed to spark in England since his highly-publised Euro 4 million move from Swiss club Young Boys last August.

The 22-year-old striker has played only eight times for Southampton and has yet to score for the English club.

Mayuka last Saturday made a rare appearance on the pitch when he came on in the last two minutes of Southampton’s 0-0 away draw at Swansea.

The strikers’ appearance was his first Premiership action since December.


  1. Sad development.I have a regular first team position for you in my team Kashikishi united.Awe chabipa yama.I think England premier league temunobe if you are Zambian.Mbesuma now you.All the best bro.

  2. Sad development.I have a regular first team position for you in my team Kashikishi united.Awe chabipa yama.I think English premier league temunobe if you are Zambian.Mbesuma now you.All the best bro.

    • Racism? You have no idea what you are talking about. The English Premier League is what it is partly because of black players and this is also true elsewhere in Europe. They do not look at the colour of your skin but your suitability to deliver bearing in mind the huge wages they pay.

  3. Mayuka has the experience of playing in Europe and he will stay and be playing either in the EPL or in Europe next season!!

    • Jay Jay you are the same people that misled Mbesume and forced him to go to England, we all know what came out of the guy reduced to alarming levels of unfitness. Can you compare what he did while in Engy and and what his doing at Orlando pirates? Kaiza chiefs are crying and regreating for selling him in the first place. Let our brother Mayuka come back home and start afresh EPL teinobe

    • And you think Europe is easy as your national team where you are guaranteed of a place even though you don’t play football like Sunzu.

    • Well he should go back and compete for a place with our local clubs like ZESCO and ZANACO if it all fails then i will see to it that he is welcomed at City of Lusaka pa woodlands teh pressure. Warming the bench in EPL just for the sake of being in Engy wont help build his career. Bola ma goals and unfortunately there is no formula for scoring while on the bench

    • If ZANACO has £3 million cash they can have him…Mayuka is private property its not him who decides where to go or your empty suit Kalu or your school coach Renard. Its Southampton FC.

  4. Gentlemen please, you must learn to support our players even in their bad times. These are the boys that put a smile on every Zambian last year and today you uttering some stupid words about them

    • Aweh naimwe ba Juju what we are saying is let him come back and regain his position in a first team, that way he will improve his performance. Practical example is Mbesuma, he came back home and now his back on the top. Warming the bench in England wont do him any good. ZESCO united is waiting

  5. Mighty Mufulira wanderers are desperately in need fo his services. We need to Play Premiership football next season. Mopani have pumped in alot of money for his signature

  6. Unless there are takers in the lower leagues he is gong nowhwere. They cannot pay him whats left on the contract for nothing ! Lets hope he get loaned out.
    EPL – is for high profile African teams Ivory Coast , Ghana , etc which is really unfair

    • I agree. He should just be loaned out. Only when he is having game time will the new coach make a proper assessment of him. I am sure Tottenham are quite pleased with the performance of their on-loan players Townsend (QPR) and Rose (SFC). Mayuka is a determined boy and he is going to make it!

  7. Another bunch of pull him down clowns with their usual *****ic comments. I wonder why there’s always this animosity directed @ people who leave Zambia to go & make a living elsewhere.Its high time some people came out of the box c what goes on across the oceans. Mayuka has a better chance of being seen by scouts. The league in Zambia currently is in shambles from admin. to coaches, players and facilities.Leave the boy alone. GET A LIFE!!!

  8. instead of encouraging him to work hard,mwa condema! sad. Ba Zed nabo.After all there are a lot of teams he can go to, if he can work hard.Pa France fyani.One day they will miss him.Look at Mbesuma he is doing very fine in Pilates.As for me,i wish him the best blessings.

  9. Germany, France or Spain second league is not that bad. What is happening to Evans kangwa’s move into the Spanish division two league?

  10. I suggest Mayuka should seek to be loaned to an even lower team such as a Division One or Two Team in England so that he has more game time. Otherwise he will end up in the trash bin.

  11. Mbuya Mayuka, Just come & join Barotse Royal Paddlers. We’ll soon have a new stadium in Mongu built by the Pama-Fi Govt. For now, you can train in the Mushabati (sand).

  12. Whether they off load him or whatever. We remain proud of our boy Mayuka. We love you young man and you have fought a good fight for mother Zambia and we got the Africa cup for the first time in our history. Well done boy. Keep in mind that in life. Not all days are “Sunday”.Everyday we open a new chapter of our life

  13. It is sad the comments people are making about Mayuka. Just because you have access to a computer does not mean you are free to insult anyone. Ignorance is not even allowing people to acknowledge that Muyuka left England to serve his country at the Africa. Do you know how many players choose not play for the nation team until they establish themselves. Mayuka being away on national duty coincided with the two strikers playing really well, so it is only logical that the coach sticks to what works. That says nothing about Mayuka, say whatever you want the truth is he is a very talented footballer and may not fit in the new Manager’s plans, but he will succeed the fact that someone paid that kind of money for him tells you something.

  14. Boyi Mayuka come back or go some where in Europe but not EPL it will be good for you mwana you have such a great talent and you still young you can make it some where else. Moreover EPL is not even competetive like Laliga, Series A or Bundeseliga. EPL is just about too much publicity thats all.

  15. I knew this would come! The very fact that he was not being given time to play this was definitely coming, how else can one improve minus practice? I feel sorry for you but I believe you will fight on to prove them wrong.

  16. uku temwa “pa UK or pa London”. why did this chap leave Switzerland?? Did he learn a thing or two about how Ntonfu ntonfu was treated by that club?????

  17. Imwe bantu dont be silly. You expect Mayuka to come back to Zed? There are many leagues in Europe that will want him so stop your over ambitious hoping

  18. Loan move within England is the best for him to have game time ! There are a lot of players in a similar position to him ! All he needs is game time and that chap ( coach ) will see !

  19. Ba Nkana zanaco Zesco kwateniko insoni Mayuka is from kabwe warriors ,you have never produced any player who played in English premier league ,,,,,

  20. Ba Nkana zanaco Zesco kwateniko insoni Mayuka is from kabwe warriors ,you have never produced any player who played in English premier league ,,,,,not even a striker who lifted the Afcon

  21. We need to start having sports psychologists to help our players understand themselves as worthy of every kind of success as any other player out there. Mayuka hasn’t shown enough belief in himself since he moved to Southampton. His style of play is also very poor in that he is a very easy striker to tame whether in Europe or as we saw at the Orange AFCON SA2013. Mayuka must be mobile and be able to slip away from his markers!

  22. Europe is not a place for uneducated people like MAYUKA who cant speak english, let him go were he belongs,,,BAROTSE UNITED FC

  23. just like ba mbesuma did why is it that these chaps when they go to london they forget about thier mission . frank speaking its very dissapointing . fight had u remain in london .

  24. Pipo are not good mayuka has done alot for our country so the best we can do is to encourage him not the nosense comments .please let us critise postively viva mayuka u wil pull thru younger man.

  25. I see a lot of jealousy in the comments above. People need to remember that Mayuka was not bought from Zambia to Southampton. Hewas already in Europe, so all you jealous people thinking this is the first time he is seeing europe are wrong, the boy was already exposed to european life. he was even the top scorer last season at his former club! Watch his game with his former club against barcelona and tell me if thats not a world class kind of a player we have in him! Lets stop this PHD thing in zed. The boy just needs more play time and i blame the coach not him. His last game over the weekend the boy almost scored had he had more time am sure we would have seen sparks! Go Mayuka mufana watu wapa lsk

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