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Police apprehend man from known party buying votes in Kapiri Mposhi


Kapiri Mposhi police count confiscated money
Kapiri Mposhi police count confiscated money

Police in Kapiri Mposhi apprehended a man believed to be from outside Kapiri Mposhi who was allegedly giving out cash to some voters in a bid to woo them to vote for a ‘particular party’, district electoral officer Mpande Hamwende confirmed.

He said the man was apprehended after he was found with KR13,000, five national registration cards and five voters’ cards.

Voting in Kapiri Mposhi Constituency parliamentary by-election yesterday was marred with widespread apathy.In Lukulu West, voting closed at 18:00 hours and most of the polling centres were not reachable by road.

The choppers that were to carry the ballot boxes from 39 polling stations could not be used at night.

Lukulu has a total of 11,889 registered voters and at Mitete Polling Station, the only one ballot boxes was ready, 306 had cast their votes as at closing time out of the total registered voters of 450.

The Lukulu West seat is being contested by Patriotic Front’s, (PF) Eileen Imbwae, Misheck Mutelo for United Party for National Development (UPND) and United Liberal Party’s (ULP) Mubita Sikwa.

The seat fell vacant after the Supreme Court nullified it following an election petition.The voter turnout, however, was reported to be encouraging, unlike for Kapiri Mposhi.

Kapiri Mposhi District has 84,000 registered voters with 89 polling stations.But a check at most polling stations after 10:00 hours found widespread apathy.

In some cases, electoral officers had to wait for people to walk in and cast their votes but most electoral officers were optimistic that more people could turn up later in the day.

A check at Railways, Fire Brigade, Old Civic Centre, Hill Top and Kapiri Mposhi basic schools found no queues, while the electoral officers, monitors and observers found were patiently waiting for voters.

And District Commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe, who was found casting her vote at Kapiri Mposhi Basic School, was not happy with the turn out, saying voter education was needed.

The Kapiri Mposhi election are being contested by PF’s Eddie Musonda, Francis Mwape for UNIP and Lawrence Zimba on the UPND ticket.

Unconfirmed reports put PF in the lead in Kapiri Mposhi.


  1. By Roy Clark

    It was a warm afternoon in the village of Baluba. The men were dozing in the nsaka, and the women were away working in their fields. Suddenly children began to skip and dance and shout, pointing to a rising cloud of dust on the horizon. A vehicle was approaching!

    How could this be? There was no by-election. Perhaps some tourists were lost? They were still wondering when the Pajero drove into the village and stopped at the nsaka. Out stepped a man

  2. in a striped suit and tie, and started to shake hands with everybody. ‘Who are you?’ they asked. ‘Where have you come from? Are you a minister?’
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    ‘Ah ha,’ said one grizzly old mudala, ‘that was many moons ago, before the year of the locusts.’
    ‘Yes,’ said another, ‘So what have you brought back for us? Will you build a new church? A new road? A new school?’
    ‘Much more than that!’ said Chiwa, making a grand expansive gesture toward the horizon.
    And so, within the hour, after the indunas had been disentangled from their conjugal duties with their younger wives, and the Chief had been roused

  3. And so, within the hour, after the indunas had been disentangled from their conjugal duties with their younger wives, and the Chief had been roused from a drunken slumber, the Indaba was ready to meet their long lost son.
    ‘My son,’ began the Chief, ‘It is thirty years we have been waiting for you to come back to this village, to reap our reward from our investment in your education. We are now assembled to hear what you have brought us.’
    Dramatically Chiwa pulled out his pocket a bundle of papers. ‘Here,’ he cried, ‘I have brought you my CV!’
    ‘Your See Vee!’ shouted the Chief, ‘What’s that! I wanted a Tee Vee!’
    ‘A CV is much better,’ explained Chiwa. ‘CV stands for Celebrated Victories! It lists all the marvelous things I have done in my life!’

  4. ‘A CV is much better,’ explained Chiwa. ‘CV stands for Celebrated Victories! It lists all the marvelous things I have done in my life!’
    ‘Oh Dear,’ said the Chief sadly. ‘Things like failing to come home for your own mother’s funeral. Anyway, please read this See Vee to us because we have forgotten our spectacles.’
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    ‘He could have stayed here to study the cow,’ muttered one of the indunas.
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  5. Zambian Times Today I stand and Say you Are a disappointment to the people of Zambia in Your reporting, how Can you say the Man is from known party when all the Online News papers are reporting that his a Pf Carder this News Come to The people of Zambia yesterday before the Sun come down,we as Zambian we Are Tired of your Useful *****s type of reporting pull up your Socks and you are there As propaganda reporter the Inter Zambia is bigger than Government and plus the Picture you used was taken from other Online News papers either watchdog, Zambian eye and Many More Times of Zambian you are better than The post news, daily Sun please Stand for the People.

  6. The man should be quizzed very well and results known public. he should tell us who sent him and what he did on that material day

  7. Ba LT,call a spade a spade.
    From a known Party,which Party? You are leaving us your blockers in suspense.

  8. Once voting has ended,the votes are counted at the same Polling Station.What is taken to the Totaling Centre are Result Sheets or record of Count which indicates votes each candidate has got.The only job done at the Totaling Centre is to add together votes from all Polling Stations each candidate got.Why are we being told as late as this time that counting of votes from a certain number of Polling Stations has not been completed?

  9. @ # 8. You have lost me… ati; ‘…leaving us your blockers in suspense’. What exactly are you trying to say mate?

  10. My goodness! If people can’t figure out Patrick’s typo, no wonder they can’t see LT is talking about PF.

  11. I have now ‘shininkishad’ that this circulation has cowards at its helm. How can they fail to name the culprit’s party when the watchdog and zambianeye have hit the nail on the head. The guy is a hardcore PaFyamba member from Ndola. . . . Clear???

  12. This is a new breed of cadreship, no relish nor ufa at his home, he is busy dishing out 13000 rebased kwachas? Ungadabwe.

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