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Kambwili and others condemn Father Bwalya for promising to support gay movements


File: Father Frank Bwalya addressing a PF rally
File: Father Frank Bwalya addressing a PF rally during the run up to the 2011 elections

Father Frank Bwalya has been roundly condemned for announcing that he will support gay movements once voted as Republican President in 2016.

The Priest-cum politician announced during a press conference in South Africa that he will not arrest anyone engaging in same-sex practices, which is barred by law in Zambia.

Youth and Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili said in an interview yesterday that Fr Bwalya had lost direction and wanted to use his pro-gay stance to raise funds for his political ambitions.

Mr Kambwili said Fr Bwalya should realise that he was losing forecast by engaging himself in immoral pronouncement and assured him that Zambians would not back his political ambitions.

“I told Zambians that there is something wrong with Fr Bwalya and here it is. We had information that he is being backed by gay rights groups to champion their rights in Zambia. It has come out in the open. How can a person carrying the title Father, say such a thing? I plead with you Frank, don’t be misled, go back to the Church and seek deliverance, otherwise, his is losing and infact he has lost direction,” Mr Kambwili said.

He said Fr Bwalya should not be misled into thinking that he could support gay rights as a conduit to gain financial support, because Zambians would not support him.

[pullquote]“I told Zambians that there is something wrong with Fr Bwalya and here it is. We had information that he is being backed by gay rights groups to champion their rights in Zambia.”-Kambwili[/pullquote]

The United Party for National Development (UPND) general secretary Winstone Chibwe condemned Fr Bwalya’s sentiments saying the opposition party felt the clergyman had lost his direction.

“As UPND, we don’t support such a stance. If these are his views, the UPND does not support such,” Mr Chibwe said.

The Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) also said it would stand by Government stance not to support anyone promoting gay rights in the country.

ZEC executive director Pukuta Mwanza said it was disappointing for a person who believed in God and claimed to follow Bible teachings to turn his back on the Church and encourage same-sex marriages.

Reverend Mwanza said Zambia was built on a strong moral and Christian foundation and would not change this for the sake of accommodating gay rights.

“He Fr Bwalya is being used by western groups, who have promised to fund his political career but this is wrong and we will not accept this. We are, as a church extremely disappointed and we will stand by Government and other stakeholders that do not condone such pronouncements,” he said.

The Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) board chairperson David Masupa also shared his disappointment over Fr Bwalya’s statement saying he taken aback because Fr Bwalya who took an active participation in the formulation of the Republican Constitution did not come out in the open to back such a stance.

“I am very surprised that he can go and say such a thing out there in South Africa and not here, because he knows that he will be condemned and we still condemn him,” Bishop Masupa said.


    • @Pompwe, you didnt know that. Catholics support gays. Actually for your own information, ka frank bwalya is also gay. He hits from men’s behind. Ati father bwalya, nika satanist fye aka ka guy.

  1. But someone in pf was seen on an european tv supporting gay rights ask the guys in mmd the ll show the clip this man now is in a high office or just google it just before election someone youall respect went begging for money from homos whats the difference the monkeys will do anything to get into power

    • Fr Bwalya never said he supports gay rights, PF is twisting Fr Bwalya’s position for political expedience. PF is so afraid of this guy, hence they use every little situation to gain some millage.

      PF has important national issues like fuel and maize subsidies, rising cost of living, unemployment, drugs in hospitals, water & sanitation, load shedding, roads, etc that need immediate attention.

      Kambwili has neglected his Roan Constituency and colluded with Luanshya council in a failed bid to turn Roan Antelope Golf Course into his personal ranch.

      We must vote these greedy monsters out and reclaim our country back or we are condemned to perpetual misery

  2. So kambwili look at your camp and your leaders before you speak ill of someone doing what your team was doing to source funds and no one cares about your opinion you dont even pay your workers hypocrite

  3. Actually for your own information, ka frank bwalya is also gay. He hits from men’s behind. Ati father bwalya, nika satanist fye aka ka guy.

  4. With that kind of stance we all know who his funders will be – the West. May be it’s not a bad thing after all if universal diversity laws are to be respected but trading on such sensitive issues in Zambia will get a politician no where.

  5. I dont think the Fr meant it that way… Remember PF was once in the same shoes… This issue is a non stater if you want to finish your political opponents.. Find something better

  6. Fr. Bwalya was on holiday in South Africa, and whatever he said there was not the opinion of Zambians.
    Guy Scott also called South Africans and Mugabe names, while on vacation/ holiday, and you all backed Guy Scott, just because musungu. President Frank Bwalya says something to impress South Africans, and you want to crucify him? When he returns to Zambia he will prove you wrong that he never changed his mind, he will not accept the gays to confess to him.

    • @Nostra
      Very good and important point!!!..yes as followers of father we say he was on holiday in RSA,, Therefore what he said was his own opinion,,, doesnot represent the opinions of his followers.
      What PF must understand is that their time is up.. we will support any political group to take over power from them..hahahahahah

  7. “Reverend Mwanza said Zambia was built on a strong moral and Christian foundation and would not change this for the sake of accommodating gay rights.”

    I wonder where this strong morality and Christianity is when economic subsidies are removed without explanation disproportionally affecting the poorest among us.

    • So its poverty which made you start fulamina your friends, and to allow your friends touch your ka short kabwimba?

    • Awe……It was the sweetness mwana. And it doesn’t matter the size. All it needs to do is be able to get you from point A to point Bliss

    • You will have to answer to God Almighty one of these days for your lack of self control and extreme lust !!! When God created the world, he then created Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve, you MORON !!!!!! How could you allow your self to go back to SODOM and GOMORRAH !!!! God is a loving God but like any other loving parent, he also believes in discipline !

  8. this man u call fr bwalya needs delivarance he is possed with a spirit of rebellion in the period of 3 years he rebelled against big organisation such as the catholic church ,the mmd & now the pf .if left unchecked he has a potential of puting this country on fire

  9. How many grown up men today in Zambia, especially married priests out there, would swear on the bible that they have never ever landed in the ‘wrong hole” during a se-xual encounter with the feminine species, pulling out joyously but fully oblivious to the fact that their “war head” is smeared in excrement and stinking? I mean, p-ussy and “munungu” are very close neighbours, it’s very easy to stray into the other, and for PF chaps who missed all the 90 days ten electoral promise targets, I doubt they are p-ussy snippers, they wallow in “minungu” of girlfriends and wives often. They are the most gay lot in Zambia, these rants are just a cover up!

    • No.10 you mist be an amateur, probably you are still a virgin. You can’t miss, man.just tell us, confirm that that is just your orientation

    • You are sick, you just confirmed what you prefer, you do your wife or partner in the wrong hole and claim you went there by mistake? Ulichipuba stop pretending here! you are either bi or just homo!

  10. So this hopeless father thnks gay rights wil bring development in Zed? let him bring developmental issues wat has gay rights got to do with wat is going on in this country? you even go to SA to make such useless pronouncements *****.

  11. Lusaka Times do some research before reporting, blogging (whatever). Rev Pukuta Mwanza is from the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and not Zambia Episcopal Conference which is a Catholic organisation

    • Am also very disaapointed pukutu mwanza is not a catholic bishop,how can he be an executive director of zec?

  12. Didn’t Sata say our constitution supported Gay rights when he was soliciting for votes whilst in opposition? He had to be reminded by the late George Kunda on the Laws of Zambia on homosexuality? Bwalya is hitting the PF with their own tactics or deceit and lies. Our politicains will go to any lengths now to deceive voters. Voters should realise that they hold the key to stopping this madness. Vote on principles not hand to mouth.

  13. From the onset, i will point out that i am not in support of gay marriages, or acts of homosexuality in public but I have to say that i never seen a nation that is so full of hypocrites masquerading as Christians. Look at Fr Bwalya! He has sold his soul to the west for pieces of silver over values of his own culture. On the other hand look at the ministers, defecting in numbers for the same pieces of silver and yet embraced by those in power (including Kambwili who is now condemning Fr Bwalya for doing the same). Look at the Clegy condemning Fr Bwalya yet embracing Sata who’s adulterous life is evident and there for everyone to see. If being gay is a sin, so is adultery, fornication, selling your soul etc and no sin is greater than the other (according to the bible teachings).

  14. kabwili and his stone throwing gang must leave Holly father bwalya alone..
    There are MORE important issues for kambwili and his zombie godfather which they need to address, not father bwalya he is a not a big deal,,

  15. Kambwili sometimes you dissapoint me……why should you put words in yo friends mouth?Did anyone on this blog hear the interview for father bwalya in SA?
    The thing is that Fr Bwalya has seen something wrong in the way “some” PF governmnet members are doing things.
    Let him speak his mind and dont try to use tactics like GAY bla…bla…bla….to denounce him.

  16. Prophecy will surely be fulfilled. No matter how much we will fight gay issues, it will surely come to be in Zambia. The bible is very clear on this issue that there will be lawlessness in the last days and sin will increase. What we need to do is to pray to God that we should not be part of this sin. Neither force no any country laws will stop prophecy from being fulfilled. I do not support gay rights and I dont even like the idea (I cant afford losing the beauty bodies of women that the Lord blessed us with in Zambia).

    My Grandma told me that it was a taboo for a woman to wear a trouser in her days such that no one ever thought women would wear them in Zambia. Here we are now and it is very much common to the point that women who do not put on trouser look abnormal.

    Lets watch and…

  17. am just wondering when we are going to improve our journalism in developed countries where journalists are properly trained and without political intereference,they could have asked for a clarification from father bwalya..father bwalya has just clarified that its not true he never issued those words and he has maintained that he does not support gay rights..this is just a smear campaign which wont work against him

  18. Bwalya Bwalya……this is what you will bring in Zambia if voted in? Waitaya guy. I was thinking of voting for you, but awe kaya bane.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  19. MAIKO sata also used the same formula to raise funds for the party, do not forget easily you stupid Zambians, Leave Frank alone *****s

  20. am not suprised that Bwalya has gone the way of sodom n gomorrah. kanshi its true that gayism began with these so called priests n fathers. wasebanya church yako iwe gay

  21. People we need to read between the lines, so u don’t know that this PF government is afraiding of Fr. bwalya so they can do anything to bring down this man becouse they know how impact he is and he will be in the coming elections. lets be more logical and philosophical when analysing this political arguments. Thanks!

  22. Anyone with a recording of what Bwalya said? I am wary of soundbite news reporting style. It sucks… and when you have a population that mostly neglects research and further reading it is gallery time all the way.

  23. Stop posting “Ndeloleshyafye” – Your passiveness is unproductive – and you are making the blog BORING! That’s why you are taken advantage of. It’s not clever to just write “Ndeloleshafye”. You are mentally lazy and relying on other bloggers to discuss issues for you.


    Stop it! You are mental parasites.

  24. Typical of Zambians. Pouring scorn on a guy based on unconfirmed news items. If really that is his stance, why not hear it from the horses’ mouth. Post the interview online for people to see and form sound judgements. This disease of always commenting on half-baked issues is what has led Zambia and Zambians to be what they are. We are truly a backward nation and there is no hope of any redemption at all. I would like to believe that the majority of bloggers here are the youth. If this is the level of reasoning, then we might as well forget about a future for Zambia. Shameful.

  25. If we find a homo mwa kanyama, uzaona matako ya njoka! If a wh0re can be beaten like a d0g, what of a hom0!!!? There r certain things that will never be accepted mu zed despite of our different political affiliations, one of them is anal behavior such as homosexuality. Once we find u wanya!!

  26. Come on Lusaka times, don’t lie, Rev. Pukuta Mwanza is not executive director of ZEC (Catholics) but of EFZ (Evangelicals). all the same Fr. Bwalya has committed a capital mistake by taking a position to support gay rights. he won’t have it easily anymore in Zambia. What a silly father, just like his grand father CNP and pf.

  27. Stupid father! From father to an a5s activist!!! what’s next, a defiler?? The catholic as an organisation is well known for anal fcukers like u. I wonder how ur homo pop survives?? Any way, u r such a disgrace to Zambia. Fukc U!

  28. What we need in this country is instant justice by means of burning tires-thats hell for homo’s! Otherwise homo’s like father butt bwalya will scrw everything with a hole.

  29. Gay people are *****s bt the bigger *****s its us wo think gay is a bigger sin than others.christian my ass u people fornicate,adautery is the order of the day,they many sins out they and no one is locking up these people.let’s arrest gays and place them in a mental insitution for help…..they need help otherwise locking them up will just give them unnessary attention

  30. All sins are sins? Not every where, particulary not in Zed!-thats a western view of sin. If u are a homo in Zambia, ur days r numbered pano ziko! We will not wait 4 cheap or questionable justice 4rm the courts, we will administer a fair share of our wrath (towards homos) to u!

  31. Father Bwalya has lost direction. Being a priest he understand what the Bible states in Romans chapter 1. This is the starting of down fall of father Bwalya. I am think both Dr. Mumba and father have heard God telling them that they shall become presidents in 2016. I wonder who is telling the truth. How about other candidates like HH, Chipimo, Nawakwi, Milupi, Cosmo Mumba & current president. Some people over rate themselves & under look others

  32. Ni bambili ba Gay.
    The President of GAREP( Gay Restoration Party ) is homosexual.
    The MD of a popular Newspapaer in Zambia is also Gay.

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