Process to bury the late Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has commenced

FILE: Chief Chitimululu in hospital
FILE: Chief Chitimululu in hospital

THE process to put to rest the late Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people who died last year has commenced with a church service held yesterday at the late Chief’s royal palace (kulubemba) in his honour.

Kasama Central Member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba confirmed that the burial rituals started yesterday.

The Chief, who died on April 3, 2012 in Lusaka, would finally be put to rest on July 21, 2013, in Chinsali at a place called KuMwalule, where paramount Chiefs are buried.

Mr Mwamba, who is in Kasama to attend the burial, is accompanied by his counterpart from Energy Energy, Mines and Water Development Christopher Yaluma and Home affairs deputy minister Alfredah Kansembe.


  1. Let him go and rest. Ati abena Sosala refused to be initiated and so he lost out on becoming the Chitimukulu ka? Anyway, one has to know what this initiation entails.

    Chitimukulu go and rest in peace.

    • I love that ba Mushota. So you are not Scottish after all. Oooh, machona fye ku Scotland. Ala tabaponta mukaya ku Zambia nga mwakota. First enjoy your youth.

    • OK, twaumfwa ba Mayuka you are not coming back. This is Fwaizo but Kanizo. Mulefwaya but mulekana pa public. Kumwenu nikwibwelelo. Inside your heart you know that Ichimutoto washile pa Zambia kikikikikiki. Why do you even open Lusakatimes, Zambianguarddog and all. It is because you know that zambia rocks! kikikikikiki

    • Ala, Mushota! You hail from Bemba land? So you understand what icinkula is? Avoid being construed as such then.

    • @ Jules: Just for a minute, reflect before you write disrespectful nonsense which is offensive to so many people… Probably you even call yourself educated! Sham of a person you are.

    • people take breath you are too asss up tight,,, understand him,,, ni chimbuya!!!!!,,, dont hang @jules by the neck

    • Bemba chiefs are preserved using umuto we landa. do you know ilanda? imagine how clever our ancestors were. They are able to keep chiefs for even more than five years without loosing form.That is why we say Education is good but don’t discard some of your good traditions.

    • @Kwekwe, you can actually do some research to isolate the active ingredient in the Ilanda. then you can go into commercial production of ilanda and the same soup. try it and you might just mint Gold. Kikikikikiki

    • @chindakwa Galileo

      Seriously, that is exactly right. Just because our ancestors didn’t have fancy packaging and ‘Use By’ dates doesn’t invalidate their knowledge.

      Bwana used the very MO you describe – built on what they observed from ifikolwe and at the same time calling them ignorant/primitive.

  2. @jules….
    if aromatic aldehyde is that effective on the dead,,,, what more on the living who were eating it,,, the might just live forever…kekekekekekekekekekekek

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  4. Running river with clear silver waters, blue skies decorated with green full bloomed tall trees, birds signing joyous songs, Boys and Girls playing in the dusty thorned roads bare foot, accompanied by their mans best friend, the village thin dirty dogs never giving a care singing traditional village songs.
    The women wrapped up in chitenges and head wrappers with babies on thier backs collecting fire wood, wild fruit some with water buckets on their heads, singing choir hyms, the men cutting trees for fire, others fishing in those clear waters of the mighty rivers or Zambia whilst gulping chunks of katata or chipumu village brewed achohol, Life goes on, oh how i miss Mother Zambia, what a country rich in tradition, Zambia beautiful country beautiful people.
    RIP Chitimukulu.

  5. lol, nice one Cindy:) Thats my homegirl right there, dishing it like nsima yapa market! lol. lock and cload, baby!
    RIP Great Chief of The Bemba!

  6. Libations galore.
    May umupashi wenu preside over the selection of your successor.

    Your lost subject far far away from home.

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