Monday, June 17, 2024

Another Zambian journalist arrested in crackdown on news website


Police in Zambia have arrested freelance journalist, Wilson Pondamali, on suspicion that he is linked to online news service provider, Zambian Watchdog. Pondamali becomes the third journalist in just one week to be arrested in what appears to be a crackdown on the news websites.

The other two journalists who are currently under fire for suspected links with the online publication are Thomas Zyambo and Clayson Hamasaka.

Reports say Pondamali, who is based in Kabwe was picked up by Zambia Police Service officers on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 on suspicion he was contributing articles to the Zambian Watchdog.

According to a statement on the Zambian Watchdog website, Pondamali was picked up by police on his way from Lusaka to Kabwe while his family home was raided around 05:00hrs (CAT) Tuesday. Reports indicate police were searching for yet-to-be-named ‘documents’.

The Zambia Chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA-Zambia) attempted, in vain, to get a comment from the Zambian police’s public relations unit.

At this stage, it is not yet clear whether Pondamali has been formally charged with any crime.


  1. Sata’s Police State! Are we all supposed to sing praises of the great man from Chitulika village? Be reminded that this is the 21 st century. And Zambia is a democracy and people are entitled to their views. You cannot force all 14 million of Zambians to like you. Very primitive government!

    • However, democracy precludes sensationalism, incitement and falsehoods.
      Democracy is not a licence for indiscipline.

    • Sensationalism and indiscipline as defined by whom? Incitement to what? Grow up and stop running from your own shadows. It simply primitive. Honestly, how can a govt sweat over a blog website? You people are very childish and backward.

    • Freedom of expression does not equal hate speech. Even internet blogging should have some decency!

  2. Why are you harassing people, why dont you just shut it down all together if it’s an illigal site? Better then if you have enough evidence deal with the Editor for in my opnion he’s the guy in the driving sit.
    What i dont seem to get is, is the ZWD an illigal news site? if yes please save us from more external and internal embarrassment and shut it down, Are you so much cooked up by what they write and the comments? Deal with that once and for all than going round in circles!
    Tom and Jerry? It’s becoming so monotonous and irritating at the same time!

    • The “driver” lives in the EU. So the Zambian government cannot lay their hands on the said. As a matter of fact, the person ran away from Zambia during the tenure of the MMD Government, just to remind you. This matter is not new, nor is it an issues with the PF-led Government only. They are simply doing what the previous Government would have done had they had the opportunity and time.

    • @Grundix
      You are usually objective what is the problem now? The ZWD is not an illegal site and don’t try and fish for dry fish in trying to make it illegal. The Govt can’t do anything about it because there is no illegality in have a web based media and forum. The only wrong ZWD has done is to be anti-PF and it is succeeding in exposing the PF for what they are – that can’t be illegal. As you said even MMD (may) not have been in favour but they never made a meal about it and less people paid attention to it. PF won’t win the battle and if they win, they will also have won the “dictatorship” lebel. The PF should have been working to achieve their promises and that would not have brought much negative attention from anyone including the ZWD. But they have simply failed in everything…

    • Gundixy, i had no idea that the Editor fled, nevertheless there must be a way to handle this issue, in as much as i dont support what is usually published as well as the commentries, i would like it to be left alone accept censor it, this is were strict measures must be taken, last resort.., ultimatum. Ummmmmmmmm am not sure how i feel about it accept it looks like the same game of politics, thats why am emphasising a concrete and clear solution, wjich i believe wont be easy considering it’s not only the journalists making irrational publications but also the bloggers are too irritrate and childish causing unneccessary personal attcks at individuals which should be made a crime. I hope something will be done soon, some journalists you wonder how!

    • So by the minuses you are saying you do not want facts to be told you right? Some of us were among the first few who posted on the ZWD. So nga tamuyandi ma facts it is up to you.

  3. Does ZWD have an editor?Iif it has who is it?Can he come out in the open and defend his publication?The only thing we all know is that the ZWD is full of lies,bitterness and falsewood!!The editor should be arrested and charged not the journalists that write these pathetic articles!!Tthe editor is the one who publishes these articles and he should be answerable!!

    • Sad isn’t it? It used to be a great news organisation. In those days the LT was blog site where a lot of immature people insulted everybody.

      Thankfully, the LT has put its act together very well so that many respectable people come here for news and a bit of banter and entertainment.

      Keep up the good work LT. We are thrilled by your transformation to be a “tell-it-as-it-is” news provider.

    • Even this site wont be spaired. Thats when you puffs will realise you are dealing with scunks.

    • You are really a maggot. The web is free! You don’t need to know the owner or editor. Besides ZWD is one of the millions of news websites in the world. Get a life. Civilised govts don’t sweat over what is written on a website.

    • Iwe chilufya mulenga, offcourse we need and have the right to know who the front runners are of that site, anything concerning our Zambia is public, therefore, who, where, what and how it is operated must be layed naked on the table! What if they are sponsored by Jihad how do you handle that? mind you nothing in life is for free, something gotta give which has consquencies, i think you have no idea what you are talking about! Besides you think these attacks will affect PF only, no ways mwana, all Zambians, why do you think USA is on Snowdens tail? wake up think mwana.

  4. #2-5,very useless folks,with this kind of mentality,Zambia is headed for doom.
    No body is forcing any person to read the ZWD.if most of the ZWD news were lies why is the govt panicking?free speech and free will to make your own judgment.

  5. gents and ladies, watchdog is far from giving balanced news. its a political tool that is meant to misguide people. pure propaganda (same level as hitler’s). it deserves to be closed for its imaturity. media should be controlled by mature people because its a very powerful tool to mess with, ask the media moguls of CNN, BBC, ALTEZZA.. or sorry AL JAZEERA.

    • So are the Post, Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia who are in the PF camp. Learn to live in a plural society!

    • S.jain
      With such knowledge, can you give us a list of the media in Zambia that you KNOW are giving balanced news so we can join in to be well informed.

  6. Those keyboard tapping watchpig clowns don’t follow any media ethics the ***** are a danger to our national security. The under5 partisan ***** post any nansense without double checking.

    • What media ethics? Why don’t you shove that nonsense at the POst, Daily Mail and Times? Learn to live in a plural society. FOX News is Conservative and Pro Republican Party. MSNBC is liberal pro Democratic Party.

      In the UK the Daily Telegraph, Express, Daily Mail are right wing papers and pro Conservative Party. The Daily Mirror and Guardian are left leaning and pro Labour. This is what pluralism means. Not everyone is a fan of whoever is in government. It is high time you primates understood this simple fact!

    • @Chilufya Musonda you forgot to categorise ZWD. Comparing ZWD to an established newspaper company with a physical postal address is feeblemindedness of the highest order!

    • @Maxwell, and yet here you are posting rubbish on a website which is not an established newspaper with a physical postal address! Ubututu!

    • @Chilufya Musonda click on this website’s about us section these chaps tell you everything about their website not the laptop tapping ***** at watchpig who use pseudo names and no names to publish articles.

    • Please stop reading ZWD if in your pf cadre mentality you think its full of lies. Some of us have stopped reading pf propaganda newspapers such pfPost. Pf times. Pf daily mAil including pf Znbc which are biased. Its common nowadays to one so called have similar headline the above mentioned papers.

  7. Why sympathise with those watchpig clowns and their bogue website that bans bloggers for criticising their under5.

    • You Fat albert. Lt is next to be shut. The chinese are on the ground doing their stuff. But let me say that Sata is skirtiing on thine. If he thinks being holed in State House is ‘ acting-safe.’ he is wrong because we shall smoke him out like a rat.

    • Why? Because this is a threat to EVERYONE’S freedom of expression and right to information!

      Yes, Maxwell even yours. Look at it this way, even though you usually speak c’rap, I’m glad to defend your right to say it (never mind I imagine you must be on crack to write above we are “headed to prosperity”.)

      It also sets a terrible precedent for any government to be so bothered by criticism. Does PF really think ZWD is the main thing making it unpopular? That’s about as realistic as your prosperity thing.

      Simply put, I don’t want a government limiting my access to information and neither should you! If you don’t like ZWD “blocking” your posts, you can (and do) post elsewhere so is no reason to block the information YOU don’t like. This will only make PF more unpopular!

  8. Where is development in Zambia, everyday news of harassments
    Are we losing our minds, we are in a democracy if you don’t like
    ZWD don’t read period find the post to read instead, and these clowns
    We have in power should know power comes with responsibility they
    You abuse it, you make the country unfavorable for a lot of things, the
    Country is in dire need of a lot of things but the politicians have all the
    Time to chasing petty things,

  9. @ Chilufya Musonda, go and open ZDW in an American version and start insulting Obama left right and centre you will see what will happen to you and your family in choma or monze

    • Shut up!. There’s freedom of speech in America. Go to any USA political website or political news website of the major news and cable networks; then come back and tell us what they are calling Obama in the comments sections! By the way try watching Fox News! It seems a whole lot of you PF cadres are unexposed and semi illiterates. There’s no law in America that forbids anybody from insulting Obama or any President. American citizens or foreigners don’t get sued for insulting or calling the President names. Oh dear you are such an ignorant tool!

    • who are you to shut me up? don’t be driven by emotions DADA, but try to use your brains if you have any.

      i know you niwe chi GONCALVE

  10. I just want to congratulate the Lusaka times for your proffession coverage of News items.You do not side with anyone unlike other news agencies.Keep it up and please do not be swayed by political band wagons.

  11. Ba chilufya Musonda dont cheat people where on earth insults are allowed.civilization or educated doesn’t mean to allow insults EBU FONTINI UBO. Don’t just copy what other country is doing you will end up now insulting your own father because in America you can insult your parent and you will end up marring your mother, you blood sisiter , brother and your grandmother.

  12. BaDala Jairos he can be Bemba and civilized when criticing but the amount of venom “Chilufya Musonda” has points to Jeres or Jairoshi who have been humbled!

  13. BaDala, you mean you can’t tell that Chilufya Musonda has the same disease as Mushota? It runs in families of Jairos!

  14. One thing I know for sure; there are very few sensible cadres that you can debate with; and this includes Ministers, so shallow like the kaponyas that they are.

  15. Who’s editr-in-charge fr ZWD?Al those falsehood publictions re produced by ZWD.Butshud falsehood & alarm agansst national interest & sensitve maters be tolerated at the expense of democracy?Does it mean anarchy & falsehood must be tolerated at the expense of decracy?Where on earth?

    • ones man’s man poison is another mans cup of tea, you have never heare even from the boring larry maluma,ifwe ZWD ni soup yekayeka

  16. Ubukopo bwaba PF , uwutuma ilyashi abafye ziiiii! Ikateni Chanda Chiimba the third ninshi mwa solva! kikikikikiki!

  17. For your information zwd has been in existence for some time now even during mmd rule and used to report against the mmd govt but mmd govt did not colossal money And time trying to cloSe it because mmd was a democratic govt unlike pf govt

  18. BA Cindy ngatamwaba mu zed this time Ikaleni tondolo. Ala ifintu nafibipa muno. BA zwd ebaletwfwa. When a country deteriorate in a matter of months everyone should get concerned. We voted for p.f to give us some kind of breather but even the misepela (educated ones) we convinced to vote mass have come back to haunt us. Takwaba! Zwd is the only news sight that you get what is really on the ground (they exaggerate sometimes) but at least you get a hint. All public print and electronic media have been turned into vuvuzelas. Icho twabutwike mu mmd. Ala kushelefye Egypt style BA Wesu . And we are pushing hard.

    • Mwansa Kapeya, dont get me wrong, am not supporting anyone making my relatives, friends, friends of friends in short my Zambia come down like a house built on the sands of the beach by the sea, all am saying is lets be mature in how we handle things so that we dont find ourselves in Egypt’s shoes! Bane lets grow up and raise matters at hand with confidence and visciuos like the vikings, bearing in mind that we have one Zambia, when things go Egypt we will have no where to run to, ZWD is not a bad idea, only those insults and the biasness sometimes get out of hand, dont forget that i have family in Zed; i have friends and zambia is my home nomater the red passport, it is in my heart, when you guys go down i go down,Zambia is my pride, thus, if things cramble my heart will sink.

    • The fact is it takes two to tangle, if the people revolt against their leaders, then there must be a reason why, the government must then check itself and make it personnal to make sure that they find solution to bring peace to both parties, how do you make your leaders listen to you? I also am not happy with the man handling of opposition leaders, just read somewhere how they mishandled Ba chipimo, those men who did that must be in jail today, they are infringing ba Chipimos rights, who are they policemen? They are just citizens like any other, the fact that they affiliate themselves to a political party doesnt give them the mandate to abuse anyone, this is wrong and it should be stoped. All in all i hope things get better which i doubt cos it’s happening everywhere.

    • Bawesu Egypt style shouldnt be encouraged! it’s a curse ba wesu tekwesha, do something else not that, i dont encourage, it looks right from afar, but please dont even dream about it, awe i wouldnt think of that, Arabs are Arabs, that is like drinking water to them, to us, awe bawesu we are to Jesus for lack of a better emphasising word, we are too humble, too human for that!

  19. Ala Cindy Wesu, umuchele wakwa puta ukufina, bomfya ku utwikile. Imikoshi yalatulikaa ifwee kuli salt ya p.f. . My dear there is untold misery here, uwati alandopo at I Leta iminwe tukusume, wat do we do? I too wld not subscribe to Egypt style but do I have choice? The orphans I have toiled for to educate in my struggling of not leaving them behind, balaya kwi? Abakote bekatefye inchito shone, surely? Egyptians are humans too and they just had enough.

    • Some how i get you, but just insults and biasness in reporting matters wont ease things, running to the outside world out loading dirty laundry about our country wont develop our country in any way, these are the things i dont agree with, no mater how right one may be, the manner in which they convey thier story will determine the outcome of the response. What make me wonder is, how those biased and unrespectable commentries of some of the published stories will help solve the problems that Zambia is undergoing, both you and me know that the west will at no one time bring down the price of mealie meal, fuel, bread or rentals, they will just barnish and stamp a bad name on zambia there by abondoning it even stop the little aid they give, foreign investment reduced or stopped.

  20. let’ s remember that , where there is a will, there is a way and woodrow wilson is quoted as having said that; ”suppression is the recipe for revolution”

  21. Stop lying iwe .Demonic ZWD never supported pf and will never succeed in their evil works. Can what zwd reportes be journalism? far from is an online of criminals and tribalists.THOSE ARRESTED ARE GOING THRU BECOZ THEY ARE RIGHT BUT EVIL.


  23. I feel like I have not eaten for the past 3 days.I miss my food.ZWD.Abash media suffocation.Abash DICTORSHIP?

  24. 202089 87774Intriguing point of view. I?m curious to feel what type of impact this would have globally? Sometimes men and women get slightly upset with global expansion. I?ll be about soon to look at your response. 793218

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