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PF will ask the court to nullify Chipata Central seat again- Edgar Lungu


Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

THE Patriotic Front (PF) says it will petition the Chipata central seat won by the MMD in the July 25 parliamentary by-election.

PF chairperson for legal affairs Edgar Lungu says MMD candidate Mtolo Phiri did not qualify to re-contest the seat because his election in 2011 was nullified due to corruption as per court pronouncement.

“We are going to ask the court to nullify the election of Mr Phiri because he was not legally fit to contest the seat,” Mr Lungu said.

He said the PF will also challenge any candidate trying to re-contest their seats when their election was nullified due to graft such as Maxwell Mwale of Malambo and Petauke Central’s Dora Siliya.

Both politicians’ polls were nullified due to “massive corruption” allegations established to be valid by the courts of law.

Mr Lungu said the law around corruption is clear for all to follow and not deliberately ignore.

He said the PF was threatened by the MMD when it nominated Darius Mumba to re-contest the seat nullified because of alleged electoral corruption.

Mr Lungu said the PF followed the law and disqualified Mr Mumba and found a suitable candidate to contest the seat.

“They told us that it was illegal for Mr Mumba to re-contest the seat and the MMD said they would petition the election if he won. What has changed now?” he asked.

He said the MMD should find another candidate to re-contest Chipata Central, Petauke Central and Malambo parliamentary seats other than the ones whose seats were nullified because of corruption.

He said it will not be fair for such aspirants to re-contest the seats.

Mr Lungu wondered why the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and even the police are not acting upon court pronouncements of some MMD politicians seeking re election despite evidence of graft.

He identified the politicians as Dora Siliya, the former Petauke legislator, Maxwell Mwale of Malambo and Mtolo Phiri of Chipata Central whom he said should, under normal circumstances, not be allowed anywhere near an election register until they are “cleared” by an ACC probe based on court pronouncements.

“We are still waiting for the ECZ to show courage together with the ACC and act on these cases,” Mr Lungu, a lawyer himself, said. “It is but an academic exercise for the courts to annul polls based on corruption just to have the same people re-contest…it makes absolutely no sense at all and it’s a mockery of justice.”

ACC Commissioner Roswin Wandi has not stated a clear position on the matter even after a written query and direction from Mr Lungu, who is also the Home Affairs Minister.


  1. Guys dont we have better things to do than wasting money on these by elections?? Just forget about that seat and see on how we can develop as a nation

    • mwana law has to followed to avoid constitutional crisis…imagine a country where u and i lose faith in our own constitution…Lungu and PF are right…if we allow this remember it will be a reference point to make even in the future..there is no politiking here..its just the matter of following the law of the land..simple!

    • @ musangu muzaza
      Iwe chikkala,why are you not commenting on constitution breaches being perpetrated by that dunderhead in statehouse,because you are of the same breed

    • But Kwena fipuba ifi ifi a Zambian minister even journalists just sit there and report without asking critical questions? PF is now erratic and shaken and I am enjoying it. It was a good sucker punch by UPND and MMD now we are waiting for a killer punch to end the fight.

    • I agree with you let us forge ahead than wasting money on things that are not worthy. The pf want to follow the law because they lost. Masumba and Namulambe have cases in court they went a head adopted them,and many more guys. Freedom of association (assembly) is an issue and yet it is very clear for people to assemble. Certain laws are followed some no why?The bottom line is that these guys did not expect to loose. The Livingstone, Kapiri and mpongwe seats were petitioned up to now it is quite. Sorry they lost and a people do not want them period.

    • PF will be shocked how time just passes them by and they would have not delivered. Resources are always limited and good leadership calls for prudent use of these limited resources. PF is not showing these characteristics of using resources prudently and this will cost them dearly.

    • f PF is serious about following the rules of Law,let them do the following very quickly:-

      a) Have Mutembo Nchito dismissed as DPP as he has a clear criminal
      record of FORGERY where he forged High Court Judgement.It is also
      on record that he obtained K14b by false presentations.Furthermore
      he gave a nolle to Raja Mahtan who was appearing court and in return
      Mahtani withdrew a case against Mutembo Nchito involving US$4m

      b) Madam Chibesakunda whose ratification for position of Chief Justice
      was rejected by Parliamentary Select Committee should immediately
      leave office where she is masquerading as Acting Chief Justice.

      c) Immediately open an inquiry on the procurement of OVER PRICED OIL
      costing US$500m instead of US$167M.WHO BENEFITED???

    • A day can not pass without hearing annoying statements from government. You people this may cost our presido his job. Zambia may start impeatchment process.
      Let just forget Chipata central.
      So many Mps in our camp have issues, Mpongwe, Masuma, Winty, Muyama ZRL, Icasa Lou, Sampa ZRL, GBM beating a wife is criminal case(asort), 2 billion issues,etc Chibesakunada

    • @ Pandamail Juma…even yo name could tell of what poor material and quality u re made of…most of u commenting re neither zambians nor live in zambia…get me clear, we re a country of laws and we believe law has to be followed by all meaningful citizens..simple u may luk at this issue it can result in to constitutional crisis which we don’t want to see happening in zambia..its not something worth wasting time on..ECZ did not abid by the provisions of the constitution of zambia…remember there re 2 conditions to be convicted or to be reported guilty…court nullifies a seat upon proving beyond the reasonable doubt that some one engaged in serious corruption to win…simple and straight forward…only uncivilized persons like u wud waste time understand civilized man!

    • Lungu Dont waste our Money, in the first place you knew about this issue, why did you wait until you lost the Elections, this is stupid.

  2. In Africa and other immature democracies, we are too obsessed with power and not governance. We speak very little of maturing our governance systems. It was murder (through all means including witchcraft) and pillage before, now it is elections that have become the means to power, power, power. Power for what?

  3. *****s u allowed the guy in Kapiri to stand.Lungu as a lawyet u kno the law of precedence.Please u ***** dont waste our money

    • awe sure ukwa!! this is bitternes at it worst and they want to apply bitter law to all seats the lost. These bitter moves will surely make PF unpolular

  4. Wy ar we kiping on waisting money lyk dis lungu jst 4get.where were u wen he ws campaigning jst cz u hv lost.wy ddnt u observe dat b4 the elections. Jst concentrate in yo constituancy their is no development in chawama

  5. shi.t-face Lungu – that is IMPORTANT? Jesus Christ, stop lulling and drooling! What about the REAL constitutional mess? Chibesakukunda, DBZ loans, unconstitutional Mrs Sata office, detention without trial of journalists, oppositionites, nepotism in the SECURITY WINGS tec ad andum? Shi+++t face, ask David Hasselhof, he knows a very good clinic to help you lose the spirit from the bottle1


  7. Today we should follow the law? And obey a court order? Aren’t these the same courts that have granted one individual permission to travel out of the country several times only to be overruled? Am getting confused here, I thought we were done with laws and courts, Mr Minister.

    • Well put, it seems laws only come to their minds when it suits them. Summer refused to be interviewed by the same ACC, Bwana Lungu is referring.

  8. You are very dull to support what lungu is saying how many people does pf have who are thieves gabriel masumba why were they allowed to stand be objective thats childish and very dull for someone to set double standards

  9. On one hand, the election results cleary show that we still have Democratic tendencies in this Country, on another we will pertition the results.

    Drunkard Lungu, while you were still in your drunken state, your HONEYMOON had elapsed. It’s time for your boss and all you minions to work, else you are gone into oblivion.

  10. Bwana Lungu its clear that in zambia we live for politics,we’re in govt for politics of the belly and any real effort at development work is just a side dish.I cry for my country.

  11. What about Mpezeni campaigning for PF? Is that okey Bwana Lungu. So you guys want to spend more money on By elections when there are no ARVs in Clinics?

  12. The pf gov’t need to cross the bridge and realize that they are now in management,their mentality is like they are still in opposition ,the truth of the matter is Zambians have been awakened by bufi campaign slogans of will be hard for pf come 2016,because they’ll be not much to show to the people.
    Mr lungu should realize that,the likes of Gabriel nalumamba ‘s seats will be nullified too,so how many seats will left?some pf seats were won on corruption too and they can be challenged as well.then Zambia will be walloping in courts rather than development.this is very sad for my country because mr lungu is behaving like a kaponya too,why are learnt people in pf not know that the party is sinking?mwanawasa and kk are a model of patriots of our nation so far.
    Stop politicking &…

  13. I think people are able to see who PF can be, today the electrol commission is baised.Chipata seat was never un issue when they were campaing but just because they have lost today they can petition.they are really scared of Dora and Maxwell.MMD and UPND dont compete against each other in these by elections.Moreover, Nevers if he picks 2 out of the 4 seats this time around people will realise your strength but if you go for 4/4 chances are that you may lose all because of concentration

  14. Please Mr. Lungu dont take Zambians for granted. You are wasting our time. Why are you everraing ourself. Come to Chipata you will lose again.

  15. Zambian politics and Africa as a whole are just full of sh*t. These roaches act like little children spending a lot of energy bickering about little nothings. You people won’t live to tell the tale once people revolt. Mukamona kwati fyakubantu. Frankly I’m tired of giving a f*CK about these punks we keep voting into power. May the wrath of God deal with you through the people you take for granted. Yes, this is a call for your blood. Maybe after cleansing the land with your dirty alcohol saturated blood we can transition into an era of governance. Kill ’em all!!!

  16. The court will not save the boat. U ve outlived yo usefulness. It has been easy fo u to create bye elections than employment. The next bye elections u get nothing. Ask Chuumbwe to help u understand. Dora Siliya has given u sleepless nights. When was Dora and Mwale convicted of corruption? U ve 4gotten law so fast Acting President

  17. By the way if this was said the time RB was ruling,Sata would have stood on an anti hill unleashing bad words.Please Lungu just shut up and enjoy your tujili jili.Makaka iwe

  18. PF is playing with peoples life. They are not serious with national development. How can you be electioneering all the time. Sadi

    • Imagine!! Surely there is no sober and objective mind in PF??
      The most enjoyable work is campaigning cos you can even drink openly whilst at it??
      Give us a break you PF guys . Actually you have to loose all the coming elections !

  19. The court will not save the boat. U ve outlived yo usefulness. It has been easy fo u to create bye elections than employment. The next bye elections u get nothing. Ask Chuumbwe to help u understand. Dora Siliya has given u sleepless nights. When was Dora and Mwale convicted of corruption? U ve 4gotten law so fast Acting President. Lets follow the law beginning with the Acting CJ removal. Set the precedents!

  20. edgar very dull,if he didnt qualify why didint you petition before your erections?you are childish baby cry with bad dont make sense in your sdaying i think your children even think better than you.

  21. Yes Hon. Edgar Lungu is right, people with quetionable standing should especially those that involves corrupt activities, they should not be anywhere near the register and the ballot box.

    • If all politicians with “questionable standing” are barred from electoral process, there will be no elections.

    • Hamiyanze just shut up you paid, shameless cadre! Why did PF adopt the corrupt Namulambe and fake certificate Masumba?

    • Hamiyaanze you are so dull,worse than faeces, faeces are better than u bcoz a dog can eat them,how special is namulambe?and y ddint u say so bfo elections?our time is now muzanyaa.i ve no kind words for u and u will die poor in yo thinking *****.

  22. Hon. Lungu, no single candidate was judged either for corruption or corrupt practices. The matter was judged by the Civil Procedure and NOT by Criminal Procedure. Therefore, PLEASE go back to your old books and refresh your limited legal knowledge otherwise you might sound bitter and incompetent.

  23. this is a stupid drunk ***** minister in a stupid ***** pf government. you waste money on bi election and you don’t obey court orders. what law are you talking about?

  24. Cut this crap Edgar..get a life, in the real world we live in, and sweat your ass to make a living. I am really fed up with the crap coming out of you lot! We can not eat bye elections and developing a nation should not depend on which party the seat belong to.

    • I agree entirely. Kaminamisa needs to get a life. We are tired of by-elections and how many times do the wise people of Chipata need to beat Mangani before PF completely surrender.

  25. Wise Men came from the East, bamene banasala, ni type yaba Drunken Minister Lungu.

    Drunken Minister – Please tell Ukwa that the honeymoon is over, and will continue loosing these Elections. You keep leaving in denial, in 2011 glory.

    Elections are won on the ground, not in the Courts of Law, Drunken Minister.

  26. Imwe please ba Edgar. How is this waste of public funds going to develop Zambia. I wish U politicians would put such urgency into issues that will develop the nation, & help ease the suffering of the poor. Less money in Politicians pockets should be your new mantra, since the electorate gave you a Bloody nose.

  27. Drunk Lungu. I don’t remember the court convicting Dora, Maxwell Mwale or Mutolo. Edger, please be informed that there is no chance on earth for your PF to win any election in Chipata or anywhere in Eastern Province. Ka Mpezeni is just doing donch kubeba on you. He did the same to KK, FTJ, Levy and RB. By the way, he is not a political factor and no one lister s to Mpezeni in Eastern Province. He is like a finished under pant.

  28. Is it possible for the citizens of Zambia to petition the appointment of DPP Nchito because he is corrupt and lied to parliament.Can the citizens also petition the appointment Chibesakunda as chief justice because it is unconstitutional.Please Lawyers or civic organisations we need to do this. PF is wasting our time and resources.They are bent on getting numbers in parliament so that they plunge this nation into chaos but bringing in dictatorial laws

  29. Hon Lungu is still thinking as if they are in opposition seeking public sympathy, forgetting the many lawlessness activities they have committed as PF; not respecting court orders for opposition to hold rallies, RB’s travels, pf corruption in all held by-elections so far, silencing cases of its sympathisers in courts, like Masumba, Namulembe the list is endless………..
    Article 22 refered to, talks of conviction of the person and guilty person not process. E.g. if Dora’s election was marred by violence and vote buying, did Dora as an individual fight anybody or buy any vote? If other people in her party did that not herself, why should Dora be convicted or by guilty for crimes committed by others? what was guilty and convicted is the process of her election not Dora as a person. Shut…

  30. Yes that chipata central seat should be petitiioned and if possble the courts of law have to nullify it in favour of NAREP i heard there was too much violence and gun shorts. NAREP where are you?

  31. Additionally, the elections were nullified because the party (MMD) was found wanting not Dora or Mwale. After all the credible High Court did not nullify these seats, but the HIGHLY compromised supreme court did that. With the Cadre in the Name of Chibesa K at the helm, the Dogs have entered the justice system. All cases taken/appealed in the Supreme Court which political in nature go the PF way. Why not questioning that???????……………………….

  32. Expect the same where you nominated people who have issues. however, I concede that the law must be followed, although the PF should not sue as a party, but an institution may be.

    if they sue, they will be punished big time for wasting time

  33. Is PF scared of the outcome in the event that DORA SILIYA contested the upcoming Petauke Central bye-election?Why block her?Let her contest if ECZ has not raised a red flag against her.If her people want her back in parliament so be it.What is important is her doing a good job as parliamentarian.The issue of corruption be dealt with by considering whether the court nullified the seat because of the alleged corrupt process or the candidate`s corrupt activities.This is what Mr Lungu should have addressed in his speach.

  34. Two things are the legacy of Pa Fishimu (PF):
    1. Elections, which they have started losing.
    2. Witchcraft, where the president’s witchdoctor told him to keep hair and would die if he became bald.
    3. No governance plan apart from by-elections. This is the only thing they planed for and have money allocated.

  35. Bwana minister get real get in touch with reality. Live today not yesterday. You are no longer a factor in zambian political arena. Try how dip the waters are by resigning and re – contesting your seat here in chawama, may that’s when you will wake up from your slumber. Here in chawama the clinic is in problems of lack of funds to buy a generator worth k2,500.00. Then there you are talking about nonsense instead of talking about chawama clinic problem. Out of that money you are wasting how many of chawama clinic problems you were going to sort out? Dear sir we are very sad with you and your lack of humour. Can you have pit on a poor youth,man,mother who. Does not have anything to lay their hands on to fill their empty stomachs.

  36. Ba PF there are NO ARVs in clinics and u want to continue wasting TAX payers money with your induced by elections. RUBBISH!!

  37. Is he speaking as the “Acting President”, the “Minister of Home Affairs” or as the “Minister of Justice”? George Kunda, M.H.S.R.I.P, would have given direction on this issue and put it to bed. There are a lot of unco-ordinated utterances from these guys; it is time they started speaking as a group rather than as individuals.

  38. Can a neutral lawyer clarify issues here. What does the constitution say? If so let it be. If not, then let us clarify the issue and make it clear for future elections. Both have valid points, but what is the correct version. If the law itself is unclear then let parliament correct it.
    On the other hand people should not forget that democracy is an expensive venture. My be we should go back to UNIP days of one party rule, though it also has its own problems. Just thinking!!

  39. Guys, even Masebo is in parliament bcoz of corruption. Ka Japhen Mwakalombe was bribed with a Di[plomatic job ku Mozambique to pave way for Masebo…..

  40. We have far more important things to be spending tax payers money on than by elections we are tired on this crap how many times . This is no sense you PF people should get serious this is unacceptable.

  41. Mr Lungu sir, with all due respect, can we kindly focus our energies and resources on things that will benefit all Zambians. You have won several by elections in the past couple of months. What has changed in the daily lives of the people of Mpongwe, Mufumbwe and the many other seats you have grabbed by hook or crook? What has changed for those constituents? Other than filling up Government positions with Deputy Ministers, there has been nothing positive about the by elections. Please rethink your strategy and learn from the dwindling fortunes of the ruling party…even the September by elections will show the same trend of dwindling fortunes yet you are busy inducing the by elections. To what end? Please uplift peoples lives…

  42. Kaminamisa Lungu, if the only kind of development you know is bye-elections, then you are a totally wrong govt. If you are suddenly so concerned with the law, then start with that old woman masquareding as Acting Chief Justice-let her go. Then you should also get rid of Mutembo ‘Magenke’ Nchito for forging a ruling and entering nolle prosequi to get debt relief from Mathani. Finally Masumba the dancer should be thrown out of parliment because he is not holier than Dora and Maxwell Mwale. I should also let you know Mr. Failed-lawyer-turned-drunkard that ECZ did not receive official communique on the rulings against Mtolo Phiri so the could not act on rumours. As for ACC, your boss clipped their wings when he told them to obtain permission before summoning criminal ministers. Their…

  43. Edgar Lungu is an hypocrite. Why is he not talking about a PF minister Masebo to be specific and Scot who as Zambians know ,took chanting PF cadres within a prohibited area of a nomination station? He is now trying to coat a bitter pill with sugar instead of correcting his party’s mistakes. The man with a catheter is protecting criminals from paying 18billion Kwacha tax payers. Talking about protecting criminals, the ACC now need permission from the man with a catheter to investigate corrupt ministers.Masumba and Namulambe do have court cases hanging over their shoulder yet they are closer to the heart of government instead of being suspended till the court cases are over.


  45. The Monkey medicine has back fired big time and the baboons are now jumping trees… its become HOT in the kitchen.

    Lungu its even going to become hotter towards 2016, just get ready… by the time you finish with your by-elections it will be 2016 and
    Kuya bebele ba tata.

    Am bemba and i went to boarding school in Southern Province they used to say

    Imbindi yafika basa…

  46. This is sour grapes. Instead of spending their energy on planning how to win the forthcoming by-elections these chaps are busy crying over spilled milk. I can assure them that with this kind of mediocre leadership they are losing the x=next by-elections.

  47. Bullsh*t ba PF, talk development instead of these stupid elections……will these elections ever end in Zambia?

  48. I am leaving this party because it is full of danda heads, people who can’t use their brains. The ideas of PF have been short leaved bellow to what we expected when supporting them. It is HH now and no one else. Impeach the president before it too late for Zambia. I foresee another Zimbabwe here.

  49. Edgar Lungu must be possessed by a DULL LEGAL MIND. Taking into account that Mangani publicly conceded defeat in the Chipata Parliamentary election, from which platform will Lungu launch the election petition? If his drunken state drags him to Court on the Chipata election, then massive PF’s illegal activities will be exposed in Court – misdirection of Chief Mpezeni to break the electoral Law.

    Edgar Lungu is best advised to initiate probes on the innermost motives of Kabimba who has been attacking senior PF leaders (GBM, Kambwili, Judith Kabijimpanga, Mangani etc). Kabimba’s actions prompted Hon. Sakeni to warn him that he was merely nominated as SG.

  50. Edgar Lungu z useless ,he has failed 2 take any development in his constituency.the roads full potholes,in fact chawama constituency is the least developed in lsk.Edgr is the most underperformng Mp in lsk cme 2016 u re going.we want mp like Given lubinda,miles sampa,nkandu luo nd jean lungu stop talkng abt chipata.

  51. edgar needs to concede so the country moves on that’s what mature people do for
    the sake of peace and betterment of the country don’t forget the MMD MP has a right
    to defend himself and appeals so that means months and months will have gone by with people not being represented, with so much apathy PF needs to know people
    are now fed up of bye-elections they want to assume their normal activities

  52. Lungu and Wynter should concentrate on strengthening the party and NOT seeking to destroy the opposition. When opposition MPS are resigning from govt and the PF is losing by-elections, it can’t be business as usual. The government must be seen to be delivering on its promises and NOT wasting money on self inflicted by-election. The


  54. Akamina Misa lung please wake up! Ala u are not in opposition please! Muli mu government tata. Time is running out on you guys soon it will be 2016 mukali running around like headless chickens. You a so pathetic. We gave u chance to rule but mulenya fye amasushi atase. Every time you sit as cabinet mupandana fye amano yabukopo no bupuba Imwe? SHAME

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