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ECZ should not wait from instructions from the Court-Edgar Lungu


Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

MINISTER of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu has advised the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) not to shift attention of the on-going debate on whether politicians whose elections were annulled due to corruption must be allowed to re-contest parliamentary seats or not from itself to the courts.

He said ECZ must show leadership and act on evidence of corruption that is already in the domain of the courts and not wait for the courts to contact them.

“ECZ must not pass the buck,” Mr Lungu said, “they must own up and take action to stop those found wanting for corruption to be disallowed to recontest…the same applies to the Anti-Corruption Commission, what are they waiting for?” he wondered.

Conversely, Transparency International Zambia executive director Goodwill Lungu yesterday told ZNBC National Watch programme that ECZ must not condone corruption and illegalities openly because they may suffer a credibility loss.

“If the elections were annulled due to corruption,” the TIZ leader said, “it does not augur well for the ECZ to allow corrupt candidates to contest seats…this debate is important and it is healthy that we continue to discuss this until there is action.”

Mr Lungu (Minister of Home Affairs) specified the candidates that must be “acted upon” by the ECZ following massive corruption allegations as Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale and Mtolo Phiri, who all lost seats at one point or another due to evidence of corruption.

The ECZ has continued to run newspaper advertisements saying they are not responsible for correcting corrupt practices while ACC director general Roswin Wandi has declined to comment on the matter.


    • Everything is pointing to the fact that PF is under very extreme panic and if they won’t win the coming elections next month it will dent their confidence and voters will start to believe that they can send them out earlier than later. Erratic behaviour is a sign of a person under extreme panic and stress . I am not shocked.

    • From childhood, Edga Lungu has a disability called dyslexia which has been made worse by drinking too much beer! Just forgive him – he will forget about the loss within 2 weeks. That’s how he works and lives!

  1. Terrible losers! Lungu was boasting that they were preparing for the Chipata central bye election way before the Supreme Court that all these guys care about with Badwell

  2. Look who is talking – the home affairs minister indeed who was deregistered by the law association of zambia. if credibility ever existed in his vocabulary there is no way he should have taken up a very senior position in government. this is what has killied our democracy because we have leaders who don’t deserve to be called leaders – who cannot practice the very simple tents of leadership i.e leading by example – they have no morals, values or principles. all the are interested in is political survival – but zambians should be allowed to be subjected to this comedy. as for TIZ-Lungu you have no shame indeed and your sponsors must be be worried and wondering whose interests you are serving

  3. PF never complained when they were winning. So why complain now. Just listen to the people and stop being arrogant and let the people enjoy democracy which was becoming under threat from PF. Stop Kabimba becoming another Kamalondo for goodness sake

  4. Wat ar these useful *****s tryn to do now they very wel know that come wat may they ar loosing all the four seats so they ar tryn by all means and they wil use watever weapons and all they got to stop these pipo 4rm contesting forgetn the corruption which is so vividly seen in govt.wynter and the rest of the cartel wil fight nail and tooth to block this wen its them hu shud have steped down.This country is goin to the dogs.Nwe days are numbered.

  5. A Lungu mwewo, you have missed your own boat, check your back and get back on the boat of delivering what you promised the electorates and all this will be over. What yield stick can you use, when you have in high offices appointed by your govt with questionable backgrounds; we are talking about forging documents, serving suspensions from LAZ, holding office without legal backing, the list is endless sir.

  6. Hahaha PF is really scared…..

    Its not yet hot bwana minister…. that was a sucker punch the killer punch is yet to come… watch this space

  7. Stop contradicting yourselves imwe ba PF! What about Masumba and Namulambe? Should they equally step aside? Lungu you’re just bitter you were side-lined to stand in for the President because of your shameful loss in Chipata central

  8. The Ecz ,is following the laid down procedures as stipulated in the electoral code of conduct,why mentioning those seats which pf lost,what about,masumba,nalumamba & others on pf side.its hard to accept that people have lost confidence in pf,but that’s the reality.

  9. sometimes i wonder whether this 1diot called lungu is a lawyer or a low-ya. the duty of ecz is not to listen to hear-say but implement the law. if ecz hears you drink too much, they should reprimand you without any evidence? very stupid thinking from a so called lawyer. loose honorably. people of zambia are not as you are. grow up and read the writing on the wall

  10. Edgar Lungu and Kabimba know they will be fired. Just like Kabimba they both have been lying to Sata about the PF’s popularity, they now have a bitter pill to swallow.

    Drunken Master – It’s not about Individuals, the people are simply tired with your lack of Leadership as a party and your DULL colleague is not Inspiring even the grassroots within PF. PF needs Given Lubinda and Secretary General to provide that renewed Leadership, else you drown in your own vomit.

  11. just prepare for the next by elections instead of being bitter for the humiliating defeat you suffered. am sure you are in for more humiliation bwana disgraced lawyer.

  12. Kabimba and Lungu are the PF legal brains! Both are criminals! Kabimba has never won any case in court . Lungu was disbarred for stealing clients’ money.

  13. 2016 Drunken master wont get back his seat in lusaka. The who lusaka non of thse pathetic jokers will get back their seats come 2016. PF and its POST tabloid are heavily capaignin for HH. We are givin HH 5 yrs to prove himself.

  14. Dont look at the individuals. But is what he is saying making sense at law? Masumba and Namulambe are just accused until proven guilty. ECZ is just moribund

  15. You brought skeletone Mpezeni to campaign for and you expected to win when your campaign manager has a huge record of child rape. Why did you not contest the nomination of Mtolo and wait only to complain after you lost. Does it mean the law should only be wrong when you loose ? Shifting goal posts? You are an illiterate govt starting from Sata, Nchito, Malila, Kabimba, and you Edgar. GBM is even worse, full of chicken dung and saw dust his head. Let the people decide who represents them.

  16. sylvia mangolwa or whatever she calls herself, should ve traded carefully on this issue rather than making ecz appear like an under5 party. Ecz has stated its position, so be it.why repeat everyday.
    sylvia mangolwa continues to use her flat flabby matako instead of her brains to sort this matter even her philipino boss (priscilar isaacs) cant see sense.
    I dont recall masumba/namulambe convicted of corruption by the courts or is’t a case of mistaken identity by some small warped brains trading envy and bitterness.

  17. We should not expect anything good from these PamaFi(PF) Leadership.Kabimba just admitted, MORAL LEADERSHIP does not exist in the PF.

  18. eastern province does not vote for candidates imposed on it, it rather votes for credible people. chipata central will not accept another induced by election nullified by armchair . voters walk long distances and spend time to cast vote after they get no recognition, or thanks, but end up nullifying their hard earned vote. they will never vote a man who made poor, paper weight roads in town that need every year reconstruction.

  19. ECZ cannot act on hear say. If the case in court is determined to have been corrupt it doesn’t mean that the candidate was automatically corrupt. It might have been his supporters, agents relatives etc that were engaged in corrupt activities without the consent of the candidate. This is the reason why the court must specifically write ECZ and state clearly that the candidate is personally guilty of corruption. PF appears to have fake lawyers

  20. Honourable Lungu is right.Let ECZ own up and do what they were supposed to do or else they will lose credibility in the eyes of us Zambians who expect them to be non partisan.

    • The judgements in those cases was that there was rampant corruption but the courts did not state who was causing corruption. Law and judgements need to be clear other wise we shall have a situation where an opposing candidate hires people to perpetuate corruption on behalf of the other candidate so that the opponent can be disqualified. Be careful what you wish for

    • @Mr D
      If there is anybody without credibility it is you Mr D. The ECZ is the best professionally run organisation in Zambia. It follows what is laid down in the law. If PF does not like what the ECZ is doing they should change the law. Without the law there will be chaos in the country. Is that what you want or are you a PF cadre?

  21. Bring back Given Lubinda . He is more credible than you and kabimba. Infact Lubinda had predicted that that time will tell and the shit has slapped you in the face.

  22. Citing examples of denied opposition rallies, the court reports have not been delivered to ECZ just like court orders allowing rallies u rejected were not delivered to the DPP in time, despite no conviction has been made.
    GROW UP. When are going to start working to develop this country or shall it remain a fantasy? Too much politicking, people need FOOD and Jobs and right now its PFs responsibility. Y POLITICS LYONSE FYE Bye election this bye election that.. atase.. can y people get down to work please. the only way to win Zambian Hearts and votes to take care of there basic needs – FOOD, SHELTER,JOB NA EDUCATION.

  23. Ecz Ecz nulification of lection results is a clear tesimony of electro fraud.What mandamus resolution do u need?So u want to ignore court ruling?Wht kind of thnkng frm Ecz is this.The court is the highest order of jurisdiction which other ruling do u need & wht other findings do es Ecz want?U ve bn givn latitude by govt now u wish to extend afairs to yr previous bedfelows.Lungu take on Ecz to task.

  24. How can pf have all the dullest people in zambia surely someone help them even the guys they adopt are just as dull this mystery is not of this world, theres no way this is natural a group of retards in one group how level ya dullness iyi awe are these guys born like that

  25. Stupidity has gone into the head of this minister. He is forgetting that the same law that allowed the convicted Namulambe and masumba is the same law that is protecting Dora and Mwale. Its just for PF to start preparing to go. He should just tell us where the President is than saying all sorts of foolish things.

  26. Sakeni and Ukwa on death beds outside Zambia. Now the coterie of imbeciles issuing foolish comments for fear of DORA and Mwale thinking it will awake the two sick “leaders”.

    Lelo ba PF. U are squeezed between a dry huge rock and a hard surface.

  27. Goodwell Lungu u should comment on the numerous concubine the guy at plot one has and the bush children and insults he metes out to Chiefs (Jumbe) and Opposition leaders.

    Not this rubbish u have started. petauke Central we fielding DORA.

  28. Shakespeare is an MMD Cadre and you have no right to castigate others.What is so special with your Dora ? Let others debate freely as well and not to sing praises for ECZ and MMD.why are you so parochial in your thinking ?

  29. What are the terms of reference for a court that is tasked to nullify or clear the defendant? Is it in their power to arrest, prosecute and punish?

    If the law says so, then let them go ahead. But if they stop only at nullification stage, there’s really nothing they can do under the circumstances. The case that was initially handed down to them is not criminal but of allegations of electoral irregularities. You wanna make it criminal?

    Then ACC must go ahead and arrest, the DPP will prosecute, then the verdict will be known and then the candidate will be barred from standing or if he’s already in Parliament, the seat will be nullified. I think that’s what ECZ is trying to say.

  30. Court ruling is a mandamus decision upheld fr governance.If the ruling indicates corpt activities fr nulification of electoral votes isnt tht enough evidendence fr criminality & evidedence?Ecz going to bed with old timer partners!League is under play here based on previous iregularities.The court nulification is enough evidence wht else does Ecz want?Madslining at at procedure!Fooling who?Whts wrong with ECZ?MUZ wht re u upto?Reverse yr stance now & quickly tel us wht u want & way forward known lets not work antagonisticaly.

  31. My coment is on moderation?Look at Zed Patriot coment 1st coment & compare my coment & his insults?His insults fr u re welcome not anythng?

  32. ECZ needs to be headed by big brains that are able to understand issues without any need of some one teach and tell them what to do. Let them accept the fact that they were not able to interprate the clouse.

  33. Edgar Lungu is such a bad loser! Would he be saying the same if PF had won the Chipata seat? Certainly No! Also, why did he not raise those objections after nominations before the polls? To cry foul after participating and losing a credible election shows undiluted signs of panic and confusion in the PF camp and in Edgar Lungu’s shallow minds in particular! CNP!

  34. I thought Mr Gabriel Namulambe had issues of corruption, why wasn’t he stopped by the rulling Government? Why should there be segregation when it come to the law being applied? We are all governed by the same law. No one is above the law.


  36. Why is pf making so much noise? Why dont they go to court so that the law is clearly explained,too much barking in the dark.

  37. This is warped thinking by those like Edgar Lungu arguing that ECZ should disqualify those that have lost their seats as MP following court petition on allegation of malpractice. If this is the line of thought they insist on then it follows that all previous By Elections that PF has won in the past and contested by such MPs are also null and void. In short all of them must be recontested and will see if PF will win them again. ECZ are correct and covered by the constitution on how they should proceed with regards to who qualifies to stand as MP. No one MP has been convicted for corruption following a successful petition of elections and it is not incumbent upon ECZ to bring charges of corruption to the offending MP – that is the duty of Mutembo Nchito as DPP, police and Anti-Corruption.

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