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MMD has information of an impending arrest on Dora Siliya to prevent her filing nominations tomorrow


File picture:Ms Dora Siliya is ushered to the cells at Woodlands police station
File picture:Ms Dora Siliya is ushered to the cells at Woodlands police station

MMD Leader Nevers Mumba says they have information suggesting that Ms Siliya would be arrested in time for the filing of nominations tomorrow 9th August, 2013 in order to stop her from filing nominations in the Petauke central by-elections.

Dr Mumba has since called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ to consider suspending all the nominations if such an incident occurs tomorrow.

Meanwhile one of former Petauke central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya lawyers in the election petition which resulted in her seat being nullified, Lubinda Linyama says her prosecution in relation to electoral corruption is untenable.

Mr Linyama says if those calling for Ms Siliya’s prosecution have read and understood the Electoral Act No.12 of 2006 in its entirety they would reach the conclusion that she cannot be prosecuted because the one year period for doing so has elapsed.

He explained that provisions of Section 129 Cap 5 of the Electoral Act states that “no prosecution for an offence against this Act shall be commenced after the lapse of one year from the date on which offence is alleged to have been committed.”

Mr Linyama noted that the provision is therefore framed in no uncertain terms and that in the circumstances, the aspect of prosecuting Ms Siliya are legally untenable.



  1. If this is true its totally unacceptable.What laws does PF want to introduce in Zambia which they know is only possible if they have the numbers in parliament.I think they are planning something that will be disastrous.Thats why they are panicking like this.

    • But why all this drama ba PF…………….Just for one person , Dora Siliya, even if its Kabimba’s personal revenge!! Please we need a break….Zambia is bigger than PF.

      The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits and is easily corrected. I don’t know about stupidity…….

    • Today’s Post editorial is misleading and crap! Why has Mmembe deliberately and conveniently omitted Section 104 subsection 7 and 8? And Section 129 Cap 5 of the Electoral Act that states ;“no prosecution for an offence against this Act shall be commenced after the lapse of one year from the date on which offence is alleged to have been committed. ” As usual he wants to feed the public on misinformation.

      As Mmembe’s argument is underpinned “on the integrity, honesty and incorruptibility of the personalities we elect to our representative bodies”, PF and Sata’S ascendance to the presidency was through LIES, DECEPTION, CORRUPTION and hypocrisy. How else can one describe the marriage Gabriel Namulambe,Steve Masumba, (Xiever Chungu , DPP Mutembo Nchito, Judge Ngoma- known convicts).

    • @Gumu Gumu. Don’t call your fellow black man a monkey, for you’re one. The term monkey is racist. Find another derogatory term if you really need one.

  2. People who benefited from a just system now want to rape it ,why force the masses on you if it clear they do not want you ?

  3. Nevers Mumba at one time during Mwanawasa wanted to cause war between zambia and congo, don’t take whatever he says serious.

  4. Pf should concentrate on governing & developing the country.this approach which they are taking will land them in a ditch.why fighting Dora & mwale?easterners we are watching very closely.Rb humiliation,Taking advantaged of our illiterate paramount mpezeni,chastising chief Jumbe & dr efrom lungu.now Dora & mwale.we have set a precedent that pf will continue to lose in the east.

  5. Why worry about Dola, even if she wins the by election she has enough incriminating cases before the courts that will send he to jail. Then there will be another by election and the circus goes on.

  6. It’s amazing how some Zambians can hero worship corrupt politicians!!! Don’t they realise that the resources these politicians abused to perpetuate their stay in power are actually meant for the development of our nation? Shocking!

    • It’s because corruption and abuse of office was an everyday occurance in Zambia it became a normal part of life! Ba ma deal, ban beula, bana luma, etc are heroes in our country. It will take ages to reverse this mentality unfortunately.

  7. No wonder some MMD leaders want to out of the presidency position!! You imagine or dream things and you contemplate on them being a reality.

    Or maybe that’s your prophecy!! You’ll soon find yourself in Chinama. And mind you soft bums can never win an election as the previous ones were always rigged. She is a labelled prostitute who can contaminate younger ones.

  8. Spare our young democracy. If it is true that that if the seat is nalifiied due to corruption, the seat holder should not stand, let the law guide us not only to be against wen it doesn’t suport u or the ruling party. Shame!!!

    • ….you can’t communicate…how about some evening classes at NIPA! You will find then useful for sure…so hurry up while “stocks” last!

  9. PF PF PF PF PF PF PF don’t dare don’t dare arresting Dora tomorrow you shall see how Zambians will react .
    Zambia is bigger than PF
    BO LINYAMA YOU RE A GENIUS THAN THESE FOOLS OF MEEMBE <NCHITOS and the crocodile of a justice minister

  10. PF just accept that the popularity has gone down and Dora will finish you and sabanya you that’s why you are scared of her.Bokosi cha chabe!!Ba chiyopa bane winter!!

  11. Ah, is that supposed to be “gnostic” knowledge? Anyone who is convicted of a crime or in whom the law has interest can be arrested by police. However, if what Nevers has said does not happen, it will dent his reputation further.

  12. How come ZNBC did not talk about or show Ukwa’s return at 14:00hrs today.

    The bafoons line up police all the way to the Airport only to be told, Ukwa cannot travel by Road in his state. Ukwa is wasting our Tax Payers money, was not ready to be President and should be chucked out now rather than later.

    • Spitting hatred, spitefull people are very dangerous and not to be trusted, they could have valid points but if the speak like wizards towards others percieved to be wizards how different are they themselves are?
      Your words are very evil which highlights what kind of a person you are, unrespectfull, greedy selfishbeing who wants nothing but revenge for their enermy, yes PF are wrong for witch hunting, yes they have done some not so good things for the way they have handled the opposition and people outside their camp, yes Sata maybe very sick and who knows time may not be with him considering his age, but your vibe is very vile and poisonous you deserve the same measure of judgement you are calling on your enermies, you are sick in your heard shame on you Fagut!

  13. Its amazing how suddenly Zambians have forgotten what Dora was and what she used to represent. You cannot in no uncertain terms as a country allow someone whose election was deemed corrupt and had an election nullified at the expense of the tax payer be allowed to contest in an election. This can only happen in Zambia where people have accepted corruption and have no issue with their leaders perpetuating corruption. Please Dora cannot stand in this election.

  14. Arresting Dora before tomorrow’s nomination will test Zambia’s democratic institutions. Zambia is not SATA or Kabimba’s farm, these criminals must show some respect to the electorate. If that happens, we have faith that ECZ will suspend the nomination process. Criminals in government should not have the last word in the electoral process

  15. I can honestly consciously say that if they do that, they are definetly breaking the law, infringing her rights amongst others.
    Just thinking artistically and creatively….., is there anyone to play Greasy Dora’s double? The double should go first, immediately she is taken away by the manipulative ZP, the real one will have filed her nomination.
    MMD i keep offering free advice, wake up, Mr Mumba i know you can be so docile it’s about time you pulled up your socks, if you want to be president of Zambia and serve the people, nothing like “sister sister, brother brother, what what” be gangaly for the sake of human rights, i like ba sata, but i dont lsupport what and how his dogs barking!

  16. PF are a sorry sight! They seem to be bent on not having a new constitution until they have two- thirds majority in parley to block all contentious clauses like the 50+1% among others. They are surely tempting the patience of “We the people.” We understand fully all these gimmicks!!!

  17. Dora’s issues must be lesson to all women politicians. You don’t need to be arrogant when in power. The day you leave all hell shall follow you. However, Dora has been like that. Those of us who saw her at UNZA doing her mature age degree would attest to the fact that she likes neck twisting issues. But the lady is brave also I remember her visiting the ruins in shorts despite been heckled.

  18. Arest Dora no wastng time!Too much cases on hr Zamtel saga,corupt campaigns & others.Arest Dora dubiously sold Zamtel & also flouted tender on procurement of radar fr international airport.All these why hestate?

  19. Ba PF, there is a saying in Nigeria that “If you are in doubt, go back to school” and that there is no substitute for the classroom. Kaponyas, illiterates cannot govern well, you need to be educated.

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