Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Norwegian Prime minister goes under cover to meet voters


Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg dressed up as a taxi driver and took passengers around Oslo in an unusual election campaign stunt.
A video that his Labor Party posted on social media Sunday shows the candid camera-like moments when the passengers realize the man behind the wheel is Stoltenberg.
The prime minister says the point was to find out “what people really think. And if there’s one place where people really say what they think about most things it’s in the taxi.”

The prime minister, 54, put on a cab driver’s uniform and sunglasses and picked up the first passengers nearby his office in Parkveien. “Have you started driving a taxi?” one of them asked after recognizing him. Others just laughed.

Passengers complained about Mr. Stoltenberg’s lousy driving skills, as the automatic transmission made him stop short several times. The prime minister said he hadn’t driven in eight years, as he usually rides in the back seat of a black government car.

The stunt was picked up quickly in social media, with some welcoming fun in a somewhat tedious campaign and others complaining that Mr. Stoltenberg should have done it before if he was so eager to listen to people. One tweeter suggested that in most countries, the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs.


  1. Our president runs from voters.He doesn’t even have the guts to hold a press conference.only shows up for by-election campaigns

    • Uli wabufi mani iwe. You mean you have not seen the president jump onto minibuses on countless time. Mulelandako fimbi instead of lying all the time.

  2. Stoltenberg fyaume sana.I have seen him on two different occasions riding a bicycle without the escort of his bodyguards.He is such an amazing person.

  3. Sweden or whatever is not zambia, so stop insulting Sata. why can’t you tell Obama to do that.

    if Sata was to go to chisokone and start selling ifishimu, will you think it can be a headline in Sweden? grow up people

    • We voted for Sata because he WAS a Man of Action.Zambians would do anything to have that man of the people back.Why is he hiding in State house and having clandestine flights out of the country.no-one cares about Sweden but we care about Zambia and things are not RIGHT. It doesn’t make sense that he fought so long and hard to be president and now that he is,he has become invisible to the people.How do you explain that?

    • At @, that wouldnt be a bad idea, am sure the people would be more than happy to see Sata for one day at soweto market selling ifishimu, or that Barclays ATM as a security guard, i think he himself wouldnt mind.

  4. This is what servant leadership is all about. I would vote for him. Zambian leaders or African leaders should learn something from him.

  5. Would be too risky in the US. Too many crazies here. Even ordinary people have some crazy in them. I can just see some little old granny hijacking the taxi driver, taking him to her apartment and keeping him in a cage while she sits in a rocker knitting sweaters!

    Of course with the Swedes, they recognized him, laughed and went on their way.

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