Monday, May 20, 2024

Mayuka- A Renard win will spark Sochaux


Emmanuel Mayuka believes coach Herve Renard’s first league win in charge at Sochaux will be the catalyst to their revival.

Sochaux current sit bottom of the French Ligue 1 table with just one win all season.

Renard has picked up three draws from his last five games in charge since his appointment in October.

“Once we get the first win under him we will be up and running,” Mayuka said who has found the target at Sochaux in his last two games.

“My main goal was for me to play more games, for me to do what I can do, score more goals, help the team.

“The more games that I play the more I become sharper and sharper.”

Socahux are on the road on this weekend when the visit Toulouse on Saturday evening in round 15 of the French Ligue 1.


  1. Just get scoring mwaiche Mayuka. All will be well with your club. Herve Renard should also get Sunzu, Sinkala alongside Khondwani Mtonga whose rumoured to be wanted by Sochaux. All the best.

  2. Renard WILL do it !!
    He’s a quality motivator, even when not having the best players @ his disposal. He will get a few win’s, then come January transfer window, he can beef up his team with players of his choice, who can work along his vision, & turn Sochaux’s fortunes to keep them in the Top flight.
    Mayuka will keep getting better with age, like a Quality French wine.

    • HR will be sacked by then this is club football talking about here very expensive not the Zed national team which unashamedly funded by poor taxpayers.
      That principle doesn’t apply in sport; ageing is inevitable and as such pace drops, you just need to look after yourself and adhere to a very strict diet provided that you have given your sports dietitian your true age.

    • HR is a proud Frenchman…why do you make it seem as though he was working in Zambia for Free as a volunteer from a French NGO.

  3. Mayuka you just worry about your employers Southampton who are doing very well without you UP YOUR GAME. Only naive Zambian fans think the PE teacher was a good manager…. you should be more than smart enough to know your boss by now, he LAMENTABLY FAILED to record a win when he was head coach of national team where you have the luxury to pick any players from a vast pool of talent and you have time to prepare before the next match. YOU honestly think he can cut it at club level where you have days to prep for next match..not even January transfer window will help him. You will definitely record that win when you are already relegated.
    The French are not stup*d like Buffoon Kambwili and Kalu & his corrupt empty suits at Football House; its results that count NOT past glory.

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