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Minister questions the RDA 6 months payment delay to Chinese firm constructing Isoka- Muyombe road


 Muchinga Province Minister Colonel Gerry Chanda ( l ) with
Muchinga Province Minister Colonel Gerry Chanda ( l ) with

Muchinga Province Minister, Gerry Chanda, has questioned Road Development Agency (RDA) why it has delayed paying China Jangxi cooperation for over six months.

Col Chanda learnt of the delayed payment when he inspected the 90 km stretch Isoka- Muyombe road to day.

He said it was sad that the contractor had not been paid by RDA for over six months resulting in delays of finishing the project.

The minister lamented that six months is too much for the road project to move.

Col Chanda said the PF policy on development issues is to start and complete.

‘’RDC must explained why this let down on this project,’’ charged Col Chanda.

And China Jangxi Site Agent, Sichan Huang, told the minister that the project has faced so many challenges starting with designs which were redone and delayed the process and currently it was funds which are not available.

Mr Huang revealed that in November this year his company went ahead to get a loan from Chinese bank of US $10 million to see that the road project progresses after seeing delays in funding from the Zambian Government.

He said so far the 40 km stretch of the road has been upgraded to bituminous standard while 50km is being worked on.

Mr Huang explained that the redesigned road on the mountain cut is on schedule and his company is making frantic efforts to tar the area that has become suitable for heavy trucks to use.

The 90 km Isoka – Muyombe started in January, 2011 at an initial cost of 42 million USA Dollars but due to delays it is now pegged at 64 million USA Dollars.



  1. ALSO question your boss satana because he supervises RDA. don’t be surprised when you are fired. PF indiscipline as usual how do you question your boss in the media. wait for the cobra to spit in your eyes

    • You and your entire family are chief satanist.Wait for the end of the world and see where you will find yourself.Dont say i didnt remind you when you will burning in HELL.

    • Bane, I am quetioning the amounts involved. Surely those with PM skills (Project Management), can a 90 Km stretch of road cost $64 m sure? I think this is a lot of money. Now I know how Zambia and Zambians are poor.

  2. does the RDA now has a board in place or it is still a one man show overseeing all these funds? Where is the opposition… this is too much money to be under the signature of one man only.

    • This lack of planning and imprudent on the use of our scarce money by PF annoys a lot. Why embank on major road construction projects in the country when you do not have money for these projects but depend on borrowed money to finance the projects. There is no way we can pay extra US $ 22 million on this Isoka / Muyombe Road project. That’s a lot of money that would have gone to other need areas like building up a senior secondary school and a modern hospital at either Tendele,Muleka Tembo or even Muyombe itself. For instance the road works of the Kitwe/Ndola road was not a priority, money from this Kitwe / Ndola road project would have been channeled to complete the Muyombe/ Isoka road. The US $ 22 million can go a long way in doing some township roads in places like Mufulira,…

  3. RDA is headed by His Excellence the President Micheal Chilufya Sata there he is the one who can give the reasons why RDA has delayed in paying this Chinese firm.

  4. No problem let the chinese finish the road with borrowed money and we shall terminate the contract based on corruption used on award. This is a working government , we find any means to see roads being done

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