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Rate of deaths at U.T.H alarming


University Teaching Hospital
University Teaching Hospital

Dear Editor,

I went to the bed side of my sister at U.T.H, I am telling you I cried. What is Sata doing to Zambia? People are dying like ants. Just imagine three wards being managed by one nurse! To make the matters worse a student nurse.

Just last night I spent a night at the hospital, in one ward about 20 people died.It even became worse in the early hours of today around 01hrs.

Please Mr Sata why fire nurses if you know you have no plans ,just to make the people that employed you suffer.Remember for you to be in state house its because of the same people, respect them they are your boss.

If you feel you can’t manage ba Sata step down before you land the country in more disaster and what you should remember is the same way you were brought to state house that’s the same way you will be sacked out. When you are sick you go to India using tax payers monies but you don’t remember to make happy the people who employed you.

Please I said PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Ba Sata work for the people,don’t just sit in State house and eat tax payers money!



  1. How can PF and Sata in Particular Care about UTH when his urine Bag is always drained in UK or India?
    Balimigong’a ba PF bane

    • Merely complaining is not enough, we need to do something, demand that which belongs to us.

      Zambians are good at just talking but are cowards when it comes to doing the real job

    • Only when Zambians know what their rights are will they wake up. We are sleepy and lazy people who can’t fight for our basic rights, giving these politicians an upper hand to mess poor Zambians. It is because we are corrupt and vote for Wrong People. So don’t cry live with these consequences. Let alone SATA and his family enjoy while you Suffer. He has a wife who is a Doctor?? You mean he does not know. Let main Die, maybe we will wake up then. ZAMBIA IS MESSED UP

  2. The author of this article is right.
    UTH is just a conveyor belt to the grave. I lost one family member 2 year ago at UTH. Before he went for an operation, he was OK. Just after the operation his condition worsed and passed away a few hour later. I dont like the name UTH. Actually I hate that UTH institution. Cant say more.

    • Sata is the same person who used to critical of MMD politicians going abroad for medical attention when they were sick. Today he is at the forefront of going abroad for medical attention even to drain his urine bag.
      Fun how people easily change. Thats why I dont sympathise when these stup1d politicians “check out”. People indeed die like flies eveyday and no one cares about it.

  3. We have weak unions in Zambia. And surprisingly the learned Zambian doctors are mute about this like it doesn’t affect them.It reminds me of the story of how to kill frogs.Put them in water and heat it up slowly.the frogs won’t jump out because they grow accustomed to the heat and before they know it the water is boiling and its too late.
    Reinstate the nurses this is madness!

    • May be u haven’t followed up events. Resident doctors association of Zambia (RDAZ) and Zambia medical association (ZMA) have talked about it at different forum condenming the gvt to an extent that the monister of health was upset about it. ZMA even wrote to the president who refused to meet them. what do u expect them to do when state house cant listen to anyone. how many organisation has spoken against the firing of nurses and the impact it has? what do u want doctors to do when u yoself has been dormant. research b4 u show ignorance

    • Forgive me donchi I thought doctors where very intelligent beings endowed with great analytical skills and thinking capabilities. One would have thought if any one can find a solution its the nations creme de la creme- the doctors from UNZA. Alas you are just the same as Kaponyas.How can you live with yourselves seeing patients die like flies? What kind of doctoring are you doing without nurses to assist you? I’m sure a witch doctor would have come up with better reasoning than you- Dr.Donchi

    • Sorry to differ slightly

      My understanding is that workers unions fight for the interest of their members. i.e nurses union for the nurses and RDAZ for the resident Doctors. It is not their direct duty to fight for the welfare of the patient probably except to the extent that the Government is failing to provided them with basic needs to do thier duty and live a reasonable life.

      We the people, the potential patients, must fight this battle. The PF is killing the people by pretending that people are not dying at UTH when infact they are.

      It will be too much to leave this battle to the unions and their member who are working in dificult conditions saving lifes at least of some patients.

      WE must do something ourselves to stop the deaths.

    • @ Mulenga don’t abuse the word learned. For God’s sake those “Doctors” you meet most of the time in our hospitals are undergraduates!! They graduate with two undergraduate degrees (MB ChB). Thats the reason why politicians trample on them.

    • Sorry Mulenga!! You are the disgruntled nurse who was the ring leader of the nurses strike. You are a very lazy chap who would use every excuse to stay away from work and this case it is the strike that you used for your selfish ends. Now you want the doctors to fight for you to come and continue inciting the good humble nurses to be murderers. I want you to know that you are a seed of decay and an undesired element in the nursing profession. While the others may be re-instated you will not. We will make sure you do not come back. Your photos are there everywhere for all to see. Leave the innocent docs out of your newly found misery.

    • @ Cycle Mata
      If the delivery of medical care to the people of Zambia does not have to be of the concern to the head of this Government, then why the people of Zambia need to have this Government?

    • Exactly my point, thou mambala has not gotten it, my posting meant to challenge those hooligans who want to support PF even when they see wrong things, so pipo lets be objective even when we are cadres…

      @MAMBALA learn to read btwn lines before u call names and expose your shallow analytical skills….

  4. this article would have been better with statistics. Then We would take it serious. but ya, peole die at the hospital.. we need statistics to acertian the incease. whether;

    a) its incease due to increased number of patients

    b) its increase due to negligence

    c)its PF firing workers

    • Academicians! You can’t see beyond your classroom and home work. Be practical. Analysing figures won’t save lives but proper action will.

    • who told you we are not concerned citizens? and what proof do you have that this letter is from a ‘concerned’ citizen? we are not saying things are perfect at UTH .. they have never been.. what we need to establish is the trend and acertain the cause.. its that simple. tekubuka fye kwati ni witch doctor.

    • My bro people are dying. No need to start justifying and always supporting your PF. Next it will be u or yo relative. Stop that blind and tribal support

    • The Matrix. Wake up from your academic slumber. At least one death is all you need, starting point, to take action and not wasting time on figures. These are human lives at risk.

    • have lost relatives there before and after. this is nothing political. all we are saying is no need to politicize death. this equation still holds for many of you put simply;

      if you are out of power, reality = anything progressive is bad provided its not coming from your side,
      therefore :
      any bad news multiply by media dramatization of stories = good news for you and a hope for turnin political fortunes
      Facts to you = I support MCS and PF
      were :
      MCS = state house and PF= governmnent

      Therefore given the above formulas we can deduce that
      your opinion is not equal to my opinion

      given both opinions are to the power infinity.

    • @ The Matrix
      Statistically you are genetic error of a humanoid existing for a sole purpose of back side licking and hoping that your contribution will result in a few pieces of silver.

    • I dont need the pieces. I make enough of my own.. al I do is back up my arguement. not following based on emotions with no real facts. Numbers never lie. If you give me proof of your arguement I will give respect were due, otherwise if its just talking, talk is cheap, even Sata and PF now understand that very well…

    • @ The Matrix

      If you can afford simple calculator, just make calculation of how much money was spent on “leaders” overseas medical care and then compare it to the investment in UTH over the same period.
      I am anxiously waiting for your expert statistician answer.

  5. Egyptians did it, they kicked an arrogant elected government out. Ukraine has just done it, they have kicked an arrogant government out. But us we are still waiting and it seems we shall wait until we all die. Yet we acknowledge that this government is led by animals hence we have an animal driven constitution. And we are happy.

    • kick yourself out! tell me one succesful revolution that has led to peace recently? take your rat driven constitution somewere else.. cause it see thats were your are diriving those ‘rights’ …

  6. Media sensations are not enough. There is need to work together as a team. That includes proper reporting of any strange behavior. It is not like yo wake up and patients are dead. That is impossible. Sick to the truth, n matter what. Building the nation is calling. Support government’s efforts.

    • well said private citizen. the media should start been proffesional but i think making money is more important for most people. thats why i agree wit Munkombwe.

  7. Blaming Sata is not the solution. Creating a good health system has been and will always be a massive challenge which cannot be solved by government alone. It takes partnerships with private sector, businesses, NGOs and other enterprises to improve people’s health.

    • Ba Chale someone is to take blame for thoughtlessly firing 500 nurses. And that person is non other than…. . Bad is no medicine and equipment, worse is no personel to administer the little there is. One can start to think there are satanists in Zambia benefiting from the death of more Zambians everyday.


  9. PF said they will make UTH better, what statistics were they basing this on? Have things at the hospital improved? or was everything covered in the 90 day theory? Maybe the days were supposed to be 90,000 before re-based to 90.

  10. Am just from UTH, I had an appointment to see the doctor dealing with throat, ear and nose. I was told last week to come today before seven hours, to my shock I kept waiting in the line upto 10 hrs when someon who frequents that clinic told me that it was even possible for me leave the hospital at 16 hrs. I got discouraged and decided to go to BET CURE hospital, were I was asked to pay a two hundred kwacha. A least I could pay but I don’t think most of those brothers and sisters I met at UTH would afford to pay.

  11. @ Matrix, I might not have all the facts but fact one: Combined burials at Chingwere, Old and New Leopards Hill cemetery are almost 300 to 400 per day. A look at the burial permits, which are only issued with a certificate of death indicates UTH as the place of death for over 90%. You will note that I have left out Leopards Hill memorial park and Mutumbi because majority of burials there indicate place of death as private clinics and these are less than 100 burials daily. If one looked at trends, you will realise that the figures for burials are higher now than even a year ago. If we broke it down, you would see that there has been an increase in last couple of months is clear.

    • You have to take into account that the zambian population is has been increasing by 5% per annum .. there can be many factors leading to the increased deaths. fact is people did not start dyin the day nurses were fired of PF came in power. but certainly the rate may have increased..

  12. So PF, without being asked, promised a lot of things to nurses; they demand what they were publicly promised and they get fired for that, saying they are criminals for letting people die. Now people are dying enmass due to lack of nurses, are the fired nurses still to blame?

  13. @ Nine Chale – this government has made a bad situation worse – the buck stops with them and they are to blame. Do not forget your president almost moved into UTH during MMD reign highligting the plight of the poor people who have no choice but to go to UTH. What has changed since? Furthermore, when your president was campaigning why did you his loyal supporters not advise him to tell the electorate what you now propose?
    It is the responsibility of government to provide these poor people with basic facilities. I bet your blog would have taken a different tone had it been you or your loved ones affected by the pathetic mess at UTH exacerbated by non other than by your beloved Sata.

  14. Just from the comments above there is no doubt that things are drastically bad at UTH. The sitting government needs to take responsibility and do something to reduce the deaths. Details aside. Citizens have lost patience.

  15. @ matrix your comments are really annoying but they are interlectually convincing. How I wish I could make myself believe you but the massive complaints from opposing bloggers have won my heart.

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