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The continued abuse of public funds must be stopped-Chikwanda


Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda addressing accountants during the ZICA annual ball dinner at Zambezi Sun Hotel in Livingstone
Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda addressing accountants during the ZICA annual ball dinner at Zambezi Sun Hotel in Livingstone

MISDIRECTION and misuse of public funds must be stopped so that the resources are channelled towards their intended purpose of promoting development across the country, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has said.

Mr Chikwanda said there was need to stop the abuses of public funds which had continued to be revealed in the diligent Office of the Auditor General.

He said huge resources which were channelled to the districts across the country would require more attention to ensure that there was no misdirection and misuse.

Mr Chikwanda was speaking in Livingstone at Zambezi Sun Hotel on Saturday night when he officially opened the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) 2014 annual ball dinner.

“These abuses of public funds must be stopped to safeguard public resources which must be exclusively used to optimise the country’s development projects.

On our part we think that while sparing no efforts to continually reinforce the Office of the Auditor General, we must at the same time strengthen the Office of the Accountant General and Controller of Internal Audit in Government because prevention is better than cure,” he said.

Mr Chikwanda said the Government would enlist ZICA’s support in the exercise of strengthening the Office of the Accountant General and Controller of Internal Audit to enable them to cope with the challenges of accelerated development particularly as they relate to the devolution of the functions of the local authority.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government under the leadership of President Michael Sata had pursued a transformative and ambitious agenda.

“We are delivering and we will deliver. The backlog of development arrears is massive and the legitimate expectations of our people are high.

We in the past spent a lot of time in the past future ceremonies and theatrics. Now we must all move fast and those of you who have vast repositories of knowledge have a special task to be in the forefront and be veritable role models,” he said.

Mr Chikwanda said the PF was currently spearheading a Government which was a common property of all Zambians which was why inclusiveness was at the core.

“Zambia is enjoying a thriving democracy and good governance. All we ask from the apostles and merchants of malice is that they make the distinction between the individuals they may vehemently dislike and the country as the interest of the country is larger than individuals,” Mr Chikwanda said.

He said Zambians needed to work together to address the issue of exceedingly stalled development occasioned by their inadequate work ethic and an economy with flawed linkages.

Speaking at the same dinner, outgoing ZICA president Frederick Banda expressed concern that there were some people who were illegally practising as accountants without being registered by his Institute.

He said it was unfortunate and sad that the illegal practitioners were conducting their work with the help of ZICA senior members.

Newly elected ZICA president Wesley Moonga called for concerted efforts from both old and new council members to take the Institute forward.


  1. Misuse, misdirection, misapplication, misappropriation, theft, corruption etc have gone unabated because none or few culprits get disciplined or punished. It seems there are not consequences to practicing such vices. So many reports or wrong doing from the auditor general’s reports, year in year out, but culprits keep thriving with their misdeeds. Punish the culprits and the message you preaching will make sense. If zambian airways can borrow so much and refuse to pay back, where are consequences to deter people from repeating same?

    • It is indeed surprising my brother.
      Look at the way He has expressed himself.
      It seem these guys know what goes on but do book culprits.
      Micheal Gondwe and Chikwanda sound like they have an idea of what is derailing the economy but decide to warn and caution.

      They have to keep their findings to themselves because its making no sense in exposing mambalas but no action..

      They don’t even bring back what they stole…..!

    • Perhaps Mr.Chikwanda can advise his boss to stop dishing out brown envelopes to unprincipled people in the opposition like Kafumukache,Siliya ,Chituwo et al….also stop funding the PF militia.

  2. The main people involved are ministers especially those with ties abroad. They have purchased homes and have 2-3 luxury cars in their drive way. Their children are going to private school or college and university is paid for using the economy’s money. Some have wives working and living abroad and no one questions this. What is the job of the ACC and why does ZDA and ZRA get involved? If Zambia needs to find out what’s going on they can do an audit with the help of revenue agencies abroad. These ministers travel as they wish at Zambian’s expense. Some even give their older children money to fund businesses. Please put and end to this.

    • Please stop your hallucinations Chikwanda. Finance Minister since the 19th Century.

      Please direct that to your Nephew, he is the main thief through RDA, and other so called fake projects.

  3. I doubt if ukwa will receive the message kindly,soon chikwanda will be fired as this is an admission that most of the pf cadres serving in high position are not qualified,hence abuse,corruption,nepotism,police brutality,tribal campaign by the post paper and sata ‘s weak leadership is now of great concern to some of the ministers.chikwanda said Zambia is bigger than an individual (sata) .but again its just political rhetoric as he has no powers to fire the people abusing public funds.some time back chikwanda said pf internal wrangles should end but it never materialized.the GBM camp now is strategizing itself.sata is/will be the worst president Zambia will ever have.its time to move to the young generation now.

  4. Chiky chiky chiky shame on you, You dine with thieves and pretend to be holier than thou!
    Clock is ticking. If you and your Paymaster survive next government, you will definitely end up in courts explaining a lot of things. Your nephew and grandson are definitely going behind bars. They can run but cannot hide.

  5. ZICA is the biggest thief in zed.their exams not easy to pass because they want people to keep re-writing so that they have more money. And this sh!t of membership,how do you expect someone not working to keep paying you membership fee which firms are now emphasizing that we must have before getting the foools are now rich because of our money.zica now is becoming expensive as if its not a zedian don’t even have questions of your own,all you do is to steal from acca\CIMA.SHAME!

  6. But pf also, who is misdirecting resourses? is it the same pf useless ministers, Mps & government? Pf is indeed a CNP government.

  7. “He said Zambians needed to work together to address the issue of exceedingly stalled development…….” Chikwanda

    It is difficult to believe this statement when appointments tend to favor one society over the other.

  8. The Fossil Chikwanda is reading a speech even he himself doesn’t understand.. .how someone like this empty tin can oversee our public finances is truly laughable

  9. Charity begins at home ba Chikwanda. You must practice what you preach! Time is gone when you lied through your teeth and hoped for the masses to support you. You are in for a high jump in 2016. Just pack your bags now in readiness to take leave. Simple advise, do not plan beyond 2016 because we are kicking you and your cabal of thieves and incompetents out in 2016.

  10. Is this not the man who single sourced himself the first ever tender PF gave out? The way criminals like making others look bad when they themselves are plundering!! May their stolen wealth be their death traps

  11. A society of double standards we have become. Thieves who still on the job are left scot free. Those who commit petty crimes are given harsh sentences.

    Can the Zambian government conduct a survey on developed countries and see if they will find a single country where public servants steal public funds directly or through manipulation including exaggerating receipts or no-retirement of imprest and are not fired and imprisoned? Infact such stealing has disappeared. They have developed systems which remove all loopholes. What about Zambia? We have tried many systems but because we condone stealing/cheating pillading etc we reject them. Oh, we have no one to blame but ourselves. And the thieves areknown but because of the “natola fye” culture we just envy their mansions and SUVs.

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